Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Toy Chest Tuesday! Hodge Podge Goodness!

Well Toy Chest Tuesday is not going to be much this week, all because I found myself in a slight accident this past weekend that has left me slightly behind on getting things typed and posted. Read on for a hodgepodge Toy Chest Tuesday!

So before we start, let me just explain what happened to me and why you should never wear really tall shoes. I have a penchant for wearing super high shoes. The taller the heel the closer to the Crystal Castle is what I always say. Anyways I was in some tall shoes, like beyond super tall and this weekend I learned that being tall has its downfalls. Literally.

I had on these wedge platforms that are just stunningly gorgeous. I can easily walk in them just fine, however I wasn't really paying attention to where I was walking and before I knew it I stepped on some grass in the front yard and the ground was uneven. My ankle folded inward and I nearly fell on the front yard in a lovely skirt with side slit. The neighbors would have talked. So needless to say my ankle hurts and is bruised like all get out and I just don't feel up to rummaging through the archival room for a new Toy Chest Tuesday.

But! I have some pictures of recent items that I can talk about. So let's get this half-assed hodgepodge Toy Chest Tuesday going!

Recently I came across a deal I could not pass up on a Mysteria from the Filmation Ghostbusters toy line. Awhile ago I did a Toy Chest Tuesday on a carded Mysteria. So this deal I had was on another mint Mysteria so I found myself able to open one while keeping the other carded. I try not to do this because I truly am trying to keep my collection from being out of control Hoarders-style, but this is Mysteria! I always liked that figure growing up and I had never seen one loose in real life, so I finally opened one!

She has limited articulation at the shoulders, waist, and neck, and she looks like she would be a bendy toy, but she is surprisingly very light. Her lower dress piece is hallowed plastic.

She has a rooted mullet too. The front piece of hair is plastic and short, while there is a haunted party flowing in the back! The hair holds a nice shape. It may not be the best rooted hair ever made, but this toy was part of a boy's line so its not like the quality was going to be that of a Barbie line or something. But it works.

Here's a side view of her rooted hair.

That face is just priceless. I know Filmation Ghostbusters is either loved or highly loathed by folks, but I like the cute charm of the show and toy line. Plus it is nice to finally see what Mysteria is like!
So after my interview with the June 2013 Bodacious Baddie this past weekend, there was one certain character that really stole the spotlight: the Baby Pony from My Little Pony! One of my friends who is not really dorky and knows nothing about old Ponies thought I had dyed the pony hair to match with Pizzazz's wild locks. Nope! Not at all. This neon green/yellow pony is indeed real.

Her name is Baby Surprise and she was released in 1984/85 as part of the Baby Ponies from My Little Pony. I clearly need to clean her up some more because that white is dingy as all get out, but she would make the perfect pet for Pizzazz, no?
Up next is something I need a little bit of help with. Recently my brother had unloaded some of his old toys on me for the purpose of either refurbishing certain items or finding things that he could potentially want to sell. So I came across this little guy and I have no idea where it came from.
It looks like a Pacific Rim creature inside of a robot shell. There is a piece that covers in the front, but I have it in another box.
The monster guy can come out of the plastic case and here is the body armor flipped around. I am truly at a loss for what this thing is or what it belongs to. Does anyone have any ideas?
And on another toy related note, does anyone have any information on where to find images or titles of Hot Wheels race tracks from the early to mid '90s? I am not even close to being an expert on Hot Wheels and I am trying to find out more information on a race track that my brother had growing up. It is like a beachy track with tiny orange men and woman figures in bathing suits. Anything that any of ya'll might know would be awesome!
So that is about it for Toy Chest Tuesday! It is a short one this week, but once I get back into the swing of things, I will have all kinds of good things to talk about. And if you want to read some more about the new Pizzazz from the Integrity Toys line of Jem dolls, head over to Nerd Society where I contributed to a lovely little piece on the new Pizzazz! I hope you are all doing well.


  1. Check out this vid:

    that should answer your question. And here I thought I was the only one on the planet who owned a "Snailien"! Not one of the most highly regarded TMNT cash ins.
    As far as Filmations Ghostbusters go, I loved the show.I like the "Real Ghostbusters" more-but only because I love the movies so much.(but how awesome are those "Retro Action" Real Ghostbusters toys? I love the Janine and Samhain two pack!) Technically Filmation owned the copyright to GB because of their 70's live action show-they had even come to some kind of agreement to produce the cartoon based on the movies-but that fell through. So even though they put out out the cartoon as a cash in on the unrelated films, it still came out really good. I loved the bad guys. Although my character Prime Eve is not a reference to Prime Evil from that show-but an unrelated play on the same word since "Primeval" -according to the dictionary, means: "of or relating to the earliest stages in the history of the world." So perfect for a cave character.
    Actually I always wished they had made an Aparitia toy from that show because I thought she was hotter than Mysteria.
    Sorry for your shoe accident. Does your fondness for high shoes stem from the fact that you are on the short side? (not that that's bad- I love Snailien sized girls!)you cant exactly tell from looking at your picture, but based on your action figure, you seem like you would be more on the Polly Pocket size then Barbie size.

    1. Ok so Snailiens! Oh wow. After I saw your link, I googled them and came across this guy's cool blog that is about all kinds of creepy cool things, but he has a page dedicated to Snailens! http://www.bogleech.com/blather-snailiens.html I love it! I need to see if my brother remembers this now. I clearly did not.

      And as for the scoop on the two Ghostbusters, I always loved the sordid history between them. I wrote about it on my orginal review of Mysteria, and I remember it being a strange big deal that there were two Ghostbusters cartoons on television. They are both good, I enjoy them both. I have a fondness for each, and it is hard to pick a favorite because they are both so great in their own way. And an Aparitia toy would have been awesome!

      And it's ok about my foot problem. lol I am right below 5'7, so I am on the shorter side. But in heels I'm like 5'11 or a little more depending on the heel. So I am more on the Polly Pocket Snailien size for sure! lol

  2. Be carful on those high heels Miss M don't want you breaking your ankle like my wifey did.

    Jealous on the Filmation Ghostbusters figure I really want to get some for my collection someday.

    That little Monster could be from the Z-Bots line maybe or Mighty Max? Not totally sure.

    1. Hey John! I know, I need to be more careful. When I was younger wearing heels was no big deal. But my body just does not bounce back like it used to. lol

      As for Filmation Ghostbusters, never pay a large sum of money for the line. I have seen prices goes so high and I have also seen them go really low. I hope you will get some for your collection soon.

      And a fellow commentor has informed me that the questionable guy is from a line called Snailiens. I had no idea! lol I need to see if my brother remembers that now. Talk to you soon!

  3. Hi, I have this same figure for review, but I couldn't make it yet and you took over me. It's a nice figure, although mine seems to have more playwear. My figure's hair is not that curly.

    Sorry I cannot help you with HotWheels!, it's the die-cast brand that I like less, and I am not very well informed. I had a race track ("Parachute Track" was the name, I think), in which a dragster car made a looping, and then drove over a parachute to "brake". The car was so heavy, it never made the looping, so it didn't need the parachute either... maybe that disappointment made me dislike all HotWheels! cars for the rest of my days.

    And the figure is also completely new for me... but looks nice!

    1. Hey Gog! Well this is my third time doing a review for Mysteria, lol so I do really like her. But, I really look forward to your review on her too! I think it is great that so many people would want to talk about Mysteria. She is a really great figure and I want to read about your thoughts on her.

      And don't worry about the Hot Wheels thing. I am beginning to think that a lot of people are not that fond of Hot Wheels. lol I have heard from some people that their Hot Wheels toys weren't as promising and cool as they thought they would have been. Anyways, I hope you are doing well!

  4. I have a great little Mysteria PVC figure that I'll probably wait to review until Halloween - when I coincidentally reviewed the full-sized Mysteria last year (yours has nicer hair than mine:: http://www.shesfantastic.com/2012/10/women-of-halloween-part-7-mysteria.html)

    Those Snailiens are kind of amazing. Thanks for the link! I've never heard of them before.

    1. Oh my goodness I look forward to your review on the PVC Mysteria! I knew they made those, but I have never seen a PVC Mysteria before! I will have to check your link out too!

      Snailiens are kinda cool. I never would have collected them back then, but they have a certain charm for sure. Hope you are doing well!