Sunday, November 10, 2013

Been a Bit Busy

Hey everyone.

I know it has been about a minute since I posted anything new, but I just wanted to do a little check in. I have been pretty busy. I've been getting together some new content for posts for Diary while also getting something together with NERDSociety (though I am a bit behind on that.)

I've also been writing some stuff for Retro-Daze, if you haven't yet, go check them out here and here. I've been having a really great time with that site too.

So here's the thing. I've also been working on something to enter into a short short story competition. I've never entered a writing competition in my life. I've always been very nervous to do something like that as I feel like I am not really that talented to enter something into an official contest. Shit gets real when it is in an official contest, ya know?

I decided though that it doesn't matter if I rank in the top 12 or not, what matters is that I pour my heart into a short short story and swallow my fears and just submit it. Who cares? Right? So I've been working on something that I hope to send in before the deadline. We shall see!

There have also been other things that have kept me busy. I went to see my friend compete in a Pole Competition yesterday. I've talked before about my friend Patrick and the work he has put in to Pole Performance. He made third place in his division and the performance he gave was pure perfection. Once a video is up I will be sharing it with you all. It is the perfect thing for all you nostalgic lovers. I'm also just beyond proud of him because this was his first solo performance in a competition! We were all screaming for him. I had a grand old time. Later on that night, I also got to experience something with my family that is just pure excitement.

As I've mentioned before my family has always been a movie family. They take their movies seriously and it was only a matter of time before someone tried to make it work in the movie business. My brother was fortunate enough to work on the film the Dallas Buyers Club and he even ended up having a cameo role in the movie! It was a non-speaking part, but it was enough for us to want to rush out and see it as a family. (My parents rarely go see a movie together, and with the four of us seeing something together, that is even more of a rarity.)

So late last night we went to the late showing of the Dallas Buyers Club and we were all nervous, especially my brother, he wasn't sure what he was going to look like or what. But then all of a sudden there he was, on the big screen! And it was just magic. We were concerned that my mom would start screaming in the movie theater because sometimes she just can't help it, but luckily for the other patrons she simply let out a loud gasp and grabbed the both of us. I'm so proud of him. He is making his dreams come true. Also, if anyone is interested, the Dallas Buyers Club is a really good movie. It's sad, really sad, but there are moments of humor and a great deal of beauty.

That's sort of what I've been up to lately. I have some fun things in store this week though, so get ready! Toy Miss M will be partaking in her toy interviews and may or may not end up crossing paths with her arch enemy Velvet Sky! You won't want to miss it! Take care everyone.  


  1. Any hints as to the subject of your short story?

    I have kept up with these RetroDaze posts, but I didn't know if you were going to re-post them here were I could be alerted of any follow up comments.

    Pole Performance? I think I may be missing something here. Is that like Pole Dancing? Google was no help here.

    Kudos to your brother! I'm almost envious of your serious movie parents, especially after my Nightmare on Elm Street essay last time.

    1. Well the subject of my short short story is from a post i did on a blog of mine from ages ago. All I can say is that it involves me driving somewhere with a grasshopper on my window shield. It is based off a real event that happened to me, so I think it would make for a good short short story.

      I do need to link the Retro-Daze posts here so that people know when they are up. I have really enjoyed writing for them too, it has been a fun and interesting process coming up with new material.

      Now the pole performance is a pole dancing competition. But not like anything with nudity or stuff like that. It is actually some performance and pole dancing as well. I have posted some videos of my friend before on here, but I don't recall how far back. I would need to search for them. It is actually very interesting and requires so much strength and dance skills. It's crazy.

      And thanks for the kudos for my brother! I am very happy for him. And yeah, my parents are serious movie people. lol Like not so much with cult classics and stuff like that, but they love older movies and things like that. We just always grew up with a love for movies. lol

    2. I imagine pole dancing would require quite a bit of upper body strength, its just hard to overcome that initial racy stigma.

    3. Oh yeah, there is a lot of upper body strength, a lot. I think the biggest obstacle that this whole event would experience is that initial racy stigma, because once you see thing in action, it is just so amazing and cool.

  2. Short Story eh? Awesome. I have, here and there, tried putting together this story that is in my head, putting it on paper, but it is slow to happen with so much else going on. I look forward to being able to read this, if you feel like sharing it.

    Also, that's amazing with your brother performing in an actual film. That has to be such a strange and wonderful feeling.

    Glad you're keeping busy and having fun Miss M.

    1. Oh yeah, like beyond short! It has to be less than 1500 words. So I hope I can work up some magic. lol I hope you are also able to get the story in your head on paper one day. I know what you mean about things being slow to happen, I hope it can work out though! And yeah, I hope when it is finished I will be able to share it with you all.

      And it is so strange and wonderful to see my brother in an actual film! It is just crazy. He got to work with Jared Leto and Jennifer Garner behind the scenes and in front of the scenes, so I have gotten to hear all kinds of interesting stories. Just very cool stuff. Surreal too.

  3. When I see this movie how will I know which one is your brother?!!!!
    I am sooooo seeing this movie just to find him ;)
    That's a pretty big deal, Miss M. And I like this catchup, I think about you every day and wonder how you're doing and what you're doing.
    Thank you for being so sweet :)

    1. Well, my brother plays a patient in the hospital. The scene starts out with a close up on his legs with sores and everything, and then it flashes out to him on a gurney and Jennifer Garner is there checking on him. He has super long hair. The second scene he is in is later on in the film. The camera is panning down the hospital hallway and his back is to the screen.

      It all lasts but a few seconds, but it is just long enough for people to recognize him if they know what they are looking for. The thing that sucks is that they told him he'd have a credit in the movie, but he didn't. That's ok, he still gets to walk away with a great experience!

      And I am always wondering about how you are doing too! There's always something i will see or whatever, and it will have me thinking of you! I hope you are well and that you also had a nice birthday! I feel so bad that I didn't wish you one!

  4. Your story will be great!! Can't wait to see it! And, also, I think your brother looked like a guy who would be in a movie based on that pic you posted of him that one time. He was the guy with the long hair and the facial hair right? He had a look about him that seemed like he would be a guy in a Tarantino movie or something! It must have been cool to see a movie with your whole family, I haven't seen a movie with my mom since like..I dunno, the Little Mermaid!!
    P.S: how is the working at your average joe job going? Now that you work at a grunt job did you start drinking coffee? Because it would be funny if you started drinking it at 31!

    1. Thanks Nick, I hope it will be a good story. I have submitted it already, and now all I have to do is wait. lol

      And my brother is in that picture with the long hair and facial hair. It was pretty fun seeing a movie with my family, we don't do it that often at all. Usually we will just watch something at their house or something.

      The average joe job is going ok. It has been an interesting experience for sure. I will have to write about some of my experiences at some point. lol All kinds of crazy stuff goes on, but I am very lucky, I work with a lot of people that I really like. So that is good.

  5. that is cool miss m with the writing contest for you should not be afraid of entering them. with your talent. and will have to keep my eyes for your brother in the dallas buyers club.

    1. Thank you demoncat! I hope that they enjoy what I entered into the contest. And you have totally got to keep your eyes out for him in the movie. lol I still can't get over that he was in it.