Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 2013 Bodacious Baddie!

Dear Diary,

These interviews just fly by, don't they? I can't believe it is that time again. It feels like it was yesterday that I was interviewing the Riddler and plotting with him to get Franken Berry and Elsa hitched so they'd experience nothing but boring bliss. On a side note, Franken Berry and Strawberry Shortcake are actually dating! It just seems so odd to me, why didn't I introduce them sooner? I'm really hoping they bake some yummy strawberry desserts for Thanksgiving. But enough of that, I need to find out who I am interviewing this month.


Miss M: April, who do we have scheduled for this month?
April: I don't know, I thought you had it figured out?
Miss M: No. I don't. (looks at April's outfit) I take it you are getting ready to work out?

April: Of course I am. I need to be in fighting form for Thanksgiving this year. The food that we are going to be eating, it will be crazy. Are you and Michelangelo gonna be celebrating with us?
Miss M: Yeah. It's our first Thanksgiving as a couple. I mean, I was invited to the Crystal Castle for a royal Thanksgiving, but then I realized that She-Ra just wanted to throw a party. I don't think Etheria's Thanksgiving is the same day as ours.
April: Do they even celebrate Thanksgiving?

Miss M: The Great Rebellion will celebrate just about anything. I mean, come on April, they were oppressed.
April: Ok clueless. Let's figure out who you are supposed to be interviewing. I feel like Catwoman or Emma Frosta were on the list for this month...
Miss M: Are you sure? I thought I was interviewing Hordak?
April: That's next month.
Miss M: Well, I'm really confused...

Just then, an explosion is heard from the other room.

Miss M: What was the bang?
April: How should I know! Damn it, I'm missing my work out.
Miss M: Well, go work out. I'll investigate.
April: Oh, will you? That sounds great.
Miss M: Gee. Thanks April.

April: Please. I've seen you fight. You can handle your own.
Miss M: I've never fought a day in my life.
April: (shrugs) Whatever. I'm out. See ya.

Miss M looks towards the noise.

Miss M: Guess it's just me now...

Stepping into a grand room full of opulence and sparkle, Miss M looks around for the noise.

Miss M: I didn't even realize this space was a part of the office. Is anyone here?

A loud noise crashes behind Miss M as a trio of terror magically appears in the room!

Miss M: Who are you?
The sisters: We're the Trix!

November 2013 Bodacious Baddie!

Miss M: Tricks? Who would order some tricks? Oh my goodness, I didn't realize April's Guy Friday was into weird stuff.
Icy: No you fool. Not tricks. Trix, with an 'x.'
Miss M: Oh, you must be from the cereal brand. I'm surprised the rabbit sent you. I'm sorry to report, but, the Diary has already met it's quota for cereal mascot interviews for the year.

Icy: You really are dense. We're the Trix sisters, the villainous three. Witch bitches bent on the destruction of Bloom and the other members of the Winx Club.
Miss M: I'm sorry, I've never heard of ya'll before.
Stormy: Really? You've never heard of us?

Miss M: No, nothing is really ringing a bell.
Darcy: We're part of one of the highest selling doll lines from around the world. We're huge in Italy!
Icy: We're even on Nickelodeon in the States.
Miss M: Sorry. You all seem rather nice though.
Stormy: We're evil. There's nothing nice about us.
Miss M: Um ok. So, explain to me who is who?

Icy: Even in the hottest of heat, everyone likes things to get: Icy...

Stormy: I have a bad knee that tends to act up when it gets: Stormy.

Darcy: The darkness in your heart is courtesy of me: Darcy!
Miss M: Look at you three! Full of so much energy. Now, why are ya'll here again?
Icy: We want to be interviewed for the Bodacious Baddie spot.
Miss M: It's usually one person per interview though...

Stormy: Ha! We keep up with the Diary. We know you've interviewed numerous people before, does the 2013 January Heroic Hottie ring a bell?
Miss M: All right. You got me. Well, since you are all here, let's start with the interview!

Miss M settles in to talk to the sisters, one on one.

Miss M: So you are Icy, the leader of the group?
Icy: Yes. Though we are all sisters equaled in our own evil, I prefer to think of myself as the ringleader of the mayhem.
Miss M: Why is that?

Icy: Duh. I look the meanest. I'm known for having a heart made of ice. I can also create the sharpest daggers of ice right in my bare hands. I could create a snow storm at this very second and take down this silly little town, all while watching a soap opera.
Miss M: Oh. You should totally meet Frosta. I think you'd both have a great deal in common.
Icy: I don't require other friendships. I have my sisters.
Miss M: So you are all witches? Do you have any favorite witches from pop culture?
Icy: Not really. I am my own favorite witch. Though I do get a kick out of watching The Craft. Teens from the 90's were strange.
Miss M: I was a teen in the 90's.

Icy: Really? You look older, like maybe you were a teen in the 30's.
Miss M: Wow. You are a witch bitch.

Moving her attention to the next sister, Miss M introduces herself to Darcy!

Miss M: Now you are described as the Lady of Darkness. How did you get that distinction?
Darcy: I earned it, by being as devious and manipulative as possible. My victims crowned me with that title, among others, such as Queen of Darkness and Queen of Dark Magic.
Miss M: You must love a lot of moody rock.
Darcy: Actually I'm a fan of Katy Perry.
Miss M: So your sister Icy has powers over ice with the ability to create all kinds of dangerous weapons or other weather problems with the cold, but what about you? What does it mean to be the Lady of Darkness?

Darcy: My power is more mentally based. I enjoy exploiting the weaknesses in others. I thrill in hypnotizing fools while creating darkness in any room or space. I'm the epitome of darkness.
Miss M: I hear ya. Queen of Darkness, go you! So since you are a part of a girl group that is evil, you are certainly a rarity. There aren't many shows and toy lines these days aimed at girls with villains. What do you have to say about that?
Darcy: It's about bloody time villains return. Can you imagine how boring a show would be without stylish villains?
Miss M: Do you have any favorite villains from your childhood?

Darcy: But of course. I think Catra set the gold standard for wickedness. Sour Grapes did a pretty good job too. I think it was her hair. Or the grape scented snake. The best villain though from a girl's line and basically any line ever, is Pizzazz. No one could be more evil.
Miss M: I think I can agree with you on that one...

Finally, Miss M turns her attention to the third and final Trix sister.

Miss M: And now we have Stormy.
Stormy: You're damn right! The toughest Trix of them all!
Miss M: That's not what I heard. I was told you were the youngest of the sisters and quick to get angry at the drop of a hat, thus making you a liability.

Stormy: (snaps her lips) Whatever. I could kick your dorky ass from here to eternity and you wouldn't even feel it!
Miss M: You aren't the first person to tell me that.
Stormy: Look strange dork girl, I have the powers to manipulate the weather. Like Storm from the X-Men, or Raiden. Raiden can control storms right?
Miss M: (shrugs) I don't know. I've never met him.
Stormy: Whatever! The point is, I am far superior from my other sisters.
Miss M: Why do you think that?

Stormy: Have you seen my hair? I look like I have a cloud on my head and my bangs look like lightening bolts! Icy has old white lady hair and Darcy, well, her hair looks like the color of baby poop. I'm far superior!
Miss M: And just the slightest bit obnoxious. Something tells me you must get into fights all the time.
Stormy: (looks smug) Damn straight.

As the interview winds down, Miss M tries to understand who the Trix really are.

Miss M: So, let me see if I understand this. You three are sisters hell bent on destroying the Winx Club. And the Winx Club are scantily clad fairies that attend a college and date dreamy dudes while trying to harness their magical abilities. How is it that I have not heard of this odd sounding show?
Icy: We have no idea. Which is probably why we will be cancelled by the end of the year. You silly fools never know a good thing when you see it.
Stormy: Whatever Icy! The reason our show and line are failing is that every Winx doll made has wonky eyes and not enough dolls of us: the Trix!
Darcy: Yeah, there clearly isn't enough of the Trix dolls in stores. Who wants another Bloom doll? Everyone wants an evil Trix in their collection! We're being left out in the dark, and that's usually something I excel at.
Icy: (rolls her eyes) We get it Darcy. You like it in the dark.
Darcy: I didn't say that!
Stormy: Oh gawd, why am I seen as the impetuous one again?
Miss M: (steps away) Well, this has been nice. Slightly weird, but nice. Good luck with the future of the line. I'm sure the Winx Club will still have many more years left. I've gotta get going though. Take care you three!

November 2013 Bodacious Baddie! 

Miss M quietly walks away as the sisters continue to bicker. Sighing, Miss M shakes her head and whispers, "I need to get it together."



  1. Wow, I've never even heard of this. coincidentally I had just made the decision to give my character Sateena Desade a backup crew of other girls-sort of like demonic sailor scouts. I figure, since she is a demonoid, but a demonoid who is trying to do good, she could sort of control a group of other "bad" girls, maybe if they help her fight the bad demonoids they will work off all their sins and badness and will not have to go to hell when they die. Plus then Sateena could get her jollys by torturing them whenever she feels like it, so she doesn't take out her sadism on any innocent individuals.
    As rare as a group of bad girls in a girl cartoon show is (like you said in the above interview)- it's even rarer to have a group of bad girls fighting on the side of good, and be the main characters of the story! Problem is, I don't have a name for her backup team. I liked Sateena Desade and the Damsels of Damnation or the Damned Damsels, or something to that affect. But googling it makes it seems like those might be taken.
    I might have asked you this before, but do you really say "y'all" in real life when you are talking?

    1. Oh I love this whole Sateena Desade backup crew! I think that is awesome. So if those names are taken, I am sure you can figure something out. That is just a really fun idea.

      And I do really say "ya'll" in real life. lol I mean I don't always say it and I work on saying 'you all' but yeah, folks say ya'll in Texas. lol Part of it is based on charm, but also on just being lazy. lol

  2. I know the Trix are the baddies here and all but they sure look awful cute.

    1. lol Yeah, they don't really look menacing. But, they are kinda villainous -looking in the cartoon. lol

  3. Ah Wynx Club, I constantly got that confused with "W.I.T.C.H." on the Disney Channel.

    Though Ice Queen here is reminding me that I may need to see who is going to be in town this next week, as I may want to get a posse together to see Disney's "Frozen".

    1. So wow, I feel so weird, because I have obviously been a dork my whole life and there has not been a time where I was not collecting at least something, but I really don't recall W.I.T.C.H. Upon searching for it, I am just finding myself at a loss. I do not remember this at all and it is very similar to Wynx. I didn't even realize this! How funny is that.

      And you better be for real on going to see Frozen. I am so excited for this movie. It looks hilarious and I like the premise. (I also love the Frozen castle play set because it looks like the perfect set up for a makeshift Castle Chill for Frosta. lol)

    2. WITCH was an animated adaptation of an Italian comic book series that ran at odd hours late at night on the Disney Channel from 2004 to 2006 so I don't know that it had much of a strong fanbase. I only saw parts of it while flicking channels during school breaks, but even if I haven't seen any full episodes, I doubt I'll ever be able to get that rockin' theme song out of my head. Recently I learned that "Gargoyles" creator Greg Wiseman was the show's head writer and producer during Season 2, so thats bumped it up to my "Nerd To-See List".

      You'd better believe I'm for real about Frozen. Theres just something about growing up in Michigan that makes a movie about the frozen tundra so identifiable and appealing. I'm also kind of a sucker for Disney animated features in general. Aside from just the sheer level of quality, the animators often throw in some art history in-jokes.

    3. So that is very interesting about WITCH. Because Winx was created in Italy too around the same time as WITCH. How interesting! I had no idea about this. I will need to look into more of it. I also love Gargoyles, and that is so cool that the creator was the head writer for the WITCH show!

      So did you see Frozen yet? I haven't had the chance, but I am totally excited to see it. I agree, I enjoy watching Disney animated films. They are just always really good. You can't go wrong!

    4. Greg Weisman seems to cursed to create/run animated superhero shows that are smart, quality and cutting edge that only last two seasons. Gargoyles ran two seasons before he was fired and we got the less-than-stellar "Goliath Chronicles" as a third season. He got onboard WITCH, which likewise only last two seasons. He went on to do the appropriately named "Spectacular Spider-Man" animated series for Sony before the Disney/Marvel deal axed that show after two seasons. He bounced back with DC Comics with the "Young Justice" cartoon before that was canned after two seasons as well.

      I remember making this ridiculous schoolgirl squeal when I learned he was going to be the head writer for the new "Star Wars: Rebels" series, perhaps the combined power of Lucasfilm and Disney can break the cycle!

      I have not seen Frozen yet. I refuse to go out after Thanksgiving. Even in our tiny town, the mall is packed to the gills. My brother and his girlfriend braved the crowds and for all their purchases, it sounds like there were a couple near homicides over iPads.

      So yeah, I'm going to wait a little while. Maybe drop some hints to my friends tomorrow to gauge interest.

      Like I said, I'm a sucker for Disney's animated features. I actually had a mini-marathon this past summer to play nostalgia catch-up. What would you say are some of your favorites?

  4. interesting having all three badies of the wynx club at once espicaly love toy miss ms.s joke when they said they are the trix sorry we filled our cereal mascots for the year..

    1. Yeah, I wasn't sure who I was going to have in the spot of Bodacious Baddie this month, but all three just felt right. And there was plenty of room for some good jokes! lol