Saturday, April 25, 2015

And the winner is...

Click the link below and find out the results of the first ever Diary of a Dorkette Giveaway!

Announcer: Live from the Krustylu Studios, this is the first ever Diary of a Dorkette Giveaway Results show! Here is your host, Miss M!

Miss M: Hello everyone! And welcome to the long winded results show of the first ever Diary of a Dorkette Giveaway! There will be costume changes and some of my dear friends are here to help me announce the winners. This was a super fun giveaway, the first one that I have ever done. I had five prize packs that spanned across various social media platforms and I am so glad that you were all interested in some or all of the prize packs. I gathered the names up for each prize pack and entered them in over at the List Randomizer feature from I noticed that my friend Brian the Trashman used that feature for his giveaway on Instagram, and I had never heard of it so I used that process to determine the winners too! Now, let's break down the winners!

Miss M: Our first result will be for the Instagram Prize Pack featuring a slew of random goodies including a mint Jack Tenrec cadillac! And the winner is: John Gaither!!! Congratulations John! You will be receiving a direct message on Instagram for the winning and shipping details! I'd now like to call the mysterious Final Fantasy VII hunk Vincent to the stage to announce the results of the Twitter Prize pack!

Vincent: Isn't Miss M great? She's a bit corny and maybe a little too cheerful for my tastes, but she means well. That must count for something right?

Vincent: Either way, the Twitter Prize Pack goes to none other than @SumEllisOck. Congratulations to SumEllisOck. Be on the look out for a private message on Twitter for shipping and winning details. And now, regardless if you like it or not, Miss M.

Miss M: Oh goodness, isn't he just the cutest thing? I just want to run through a field of colorful flowers in the sunlight with him. Anyways, our next presenter is taking a break from her many jobs to be here for the results of the first ever Diary of a Dorkette giveaway. Please welcome Superstar Barbie!

Barbie: Hello and thank you. It's nice to be here. I spend so much time in my Malibu Mansion that I forget that there is a world going on around me. 

Barbie: I have no idea what a dorkette is or why this event has to be drawn out at Krustylu studios, but I am delighted to announce the winner of the Prize Pack #1 which features different versions of me and some Russian chick. The winner is: Actionman81! Congratulations for entering and winning. Simply email Miss M at for winning and shipping details. Now I must leave before I run into any clowns.

Miss M: Thank you Barbie. It's hard for her to be here because she was once married to Krusty the Clown. It was in the seventies though so I am certain neither remember it. We have two more people to announce and the next presenter has been busy stalking Sydney Rutledge and Mila Rosnovsky from Swans Crossing. Expect to see the killer's identity revealed in May, but for now give a loving welcome to the Ghost Face Killer!

Ghost Face Killer: Do you like scary toys? A lot of you did as Prize Pack #2 or the "Prize Pack of your Dreams" was the most popular prize pack entered and the victim is: TeamHellions! Congratulations and sweet dreams! Email Miss M at for the winning and shipping details! And now the woman I'd love to strangle because she is so damn annoying, Miss M...

Miss M: And then there was one! We have finally reached the results to the final prize pack, and this one is from my heart. I had originally wanted to call upon a dear friend of mine, but I can't seem to recall who I was going to call. So instead I'll announce the winner! 

Miss M: The winner of the third prize pack featuring a vintage Glimmer among other great goodies is Buzz Chuck! Congratulations Buzz Chuck and be sure to email me at for the winning and shipping details! 

Miss M: So that is it for the results of the first ever Diary of a Dorkette giveaway! I thank everyone who took the time to enter. If it were up to me I'd find a way for everyone to win something, but now that I have done this giveaway I hope to maybe do another one some time in the future. For now, congratulations to all the winners and thanks for always checking out what kind of goofiness is going on here.  

Miss M: Have a nice day everyone! (whispers to the Ghost Face Killer) Try and strangle me and I will drop kick you. Now keep smiling for the cameras!

The list of the winners goes something like this...

Instagram Prize Pack: John Gaither
Twitter Prize Pack: @SumEllisOck
Prize Pack #1 Toys Who Love Girls Who Love Boys Who Love Girls: Actionman81
Prize Pack #2 Prize Pack of Your Dreams: Team Hellions
Prize pack #3 From My Heart, To Your Collection: Buzz Cuck 


  1. Boooo! I wanted that Glimmer!! Oh well, Lil' Miss M looked cute in her several fancy outfits anyway!

    Even if I didn't get the California Raisins Valentine set, I will never stop questing for a lil' piece of Miss M's heart!! ( Even though, I do understand, that her true love will always be Ed!!)