Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Miss M Presents: A Ball to Remember

Dear Diary:

I just moved into a new place. It's totally adorable. It is kinda strange no longer having Irma and Guy Friday as roommates, but what can ya do? I do feel like there were plenty of stories I could have shared living with those two lovebirds, but maybe for another time. So here's what you may have missed Diary. Back in December the old offices of Diary of a Dorkette burned down in a terrible fire that nearly killed my best friend and mentor April O'Neil and one of her many enemies. Now that April has regained control of her company again and leased new office space for a totally new and shiny Diary of a Dorkette, she is throwing a ball to celebrate. However I haven't really been in the best of moods. I've been through heartbreak (my love Michelangelo married Mona Lisa and my other near romance with Bruce Wayne fizzled faster than some Pop Rocks.) So I have been going on countless dates with the weirdest men imaginable. My dear friend Glimmer has found herself in rehab. My other dear friend and personal hero She-Ra is missing and no one knows where she is. On top of that mutants are missing everywhere. There's someone stalking Sydney Rutledge from Swans Crossing. I mean come on Diary! There's so much going on that it's just a bit hard to keep up. It feels like just yesterday though that I wrote my first entry. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't have much to write about, but goodness, look at all that has unfolded 500 entries later... Maybe I do need to go to this ball. Now if only I could find something to wear...

-Miss M

And now with just over 10,000 photos and 500 posts later, a toy story you won't dare want to miss begins now!

Miss M Presents...

A Ball to Remember

At Miss M's posh new pad in the city...

Miss M: (smiles at her dog) Chewie, we're home! I think I'm going to like this new place. Oh wait. Crap. Why oh why did I have to pack everything up? I have nothing to wear to the ball!

Miss M: Oh come on M, mutants are missing and She-Ra is lost in space. Having nothing to wear should be the least of my complaints. Right Chewie?

Chewie: Bark!

Miss M: I'll just wear one of my usual lil numbers. Can't be that bad. I'll be at the ball in no time.

Miss M: (heads to the bathroom) Ok, let the beautifying process begin!

Miss M: This is going to be the best ball ever.

Chewie: Bark!

Fairy Godmother: Did someone say ball?

Miss M: AHH! What in the world are you doing in my bathroom?!

Fairy Godmother: Well my dear, I've helped a lot of girls in my day. I assumed you needed my services.
Miss M: So you just appear out of nowhere? How about a knock on the door?

Fairy Godmother: Pish posh, now is not the time to worry of such things. You must be attending a very prestigious ball this evening and I can help you. I'll be your Fairy Godmother.

Miss M: But I already have a Fairy Godmother.

Fairy Godmother: Who? I'm the only Fairy Godmother that works in this zip code.

Miss M: Maleficent is my Fairy Godmother. We met in the After Life.

Fairy Godmother: (looks at Chewie) Oh Heavens to Betsy! That woman is hardly a Fairy Godmother. She uses and abuses the bounds of magic. No, no, no, we must tread carefully with magic lest we anger the universe.
Miss M: Anger the universe?

Fairy Godmother: Of course. Everything is in balance and when magic is used to tip that balance, great forces will come together in the form of villains from the 90's and they will restore that balance at all costs.
Miss M: Are you sure you are a Fairy Godmother and not some homeless lady on LSD?

Fairy Godmother: Look, what do you want? The "Time Will Run Out Eventually" package or the "Baller on a Budget?" The "Time Will Run Out" package is the sure fire way to go, you'll get an upgraded gown, carriage, and glass slippers but only for a limited time. It's a rather popular selection.

Miss M: What's the "Baller on a Budget?"

Fairy Godmother: Well let's see, you get to attend the ball with no time constraints, but there are constraints in other areas. You do get a dress, but you'll have to take a cab and there are no glass slippers, only the kind that are made from man made materials.

Miss M: Well that's no big deal. I don't like being on a time schedule and the idea of wearing shoes made of glass just sounds like an accident waiting to happen, I want to enjoy the ball all night. I'm a night owl. So I'm going with the Baller package.

Fairy Godmother: Are you certain?

Miss M: Yes. Now come on! I'm ready!

Fairy Godmother: Very well. Bibbity, bobbity, boo!

Miss M: Holy cow, this dress is stunning! And for it being on a budget it sure does look expensive.

Fairy Godmother: If you say.

Miss M: Hey, wait a second, I feel a cool draft.

Miss M: (realizes there is no back to her dress) AHH! Where's the back of my dress at?!

Fairy Godmother: I told you there would be constraints in other areas when dealing with magic.
Miss M: I thought I was just getting some shoes made out of man made materials! I didn't know I'd only be getting half a dress!

Fairy Godmother: I told you, there had to be a balance. You could have picked the extravagant dress but for a shorter time, or pick longer time and half the dress. The good news is you can keep the dress. It won't go anywhere after the stroke of midnight.
Miss M: Lucky me. I get to keep half a busted dress. What do I even do about walking around?! People will totally be able to see my ass!

Fairy Godmother: Stand against a lot of walls? Never let anyone see you walk off? You're a smart woman, you'll figure it out.

Miss M: This ball is going to totally suck.

Meanwhile in the cold brutality of space...

She-Ra: I have been a prisoner for far too long. I must get back to my friends and family. Miss M must know that forces of universal evil are after her. I shall escape, find Swift Wind, and fly back home!

Soon the biggest party unfolds at the grandest ball in the history of All My Toys!

April: I can't thank you enough for agreeing to let us use your mansion for this ball.

Belle: Of course. The Beast and I are more than thrilled to open our doors for you and your guests. We have long been fans of your work. Please, be our guest!

April: Thank you. Now, when you say the Beast, are we talking the Beast from the X-Men?

Belle: No, though my Beast is on the hairy side. He lives up to his namesake. Well, his bark is worse than his bite. We're actually trying to figure out how to break this long standing curse of the sharp teeth and fur... everywhere...

April: You could just get laser. Men are doing it too these days.

Belle: Well that sounds like a lovely idea! Haha. It's always nice to talk with you April.

April: Likewise.

More and more guests begin to arrive...

Mermista: I feel like I'm in a movie.
Aquaman: Or just a really convoluted comic.

Mermista: This place looks amazing. April really went all out.

Aquaman: I think you look amazing. This dress looks spectacular.

Mermista: Thank you. You're making me blush.

Perfuma: Mermista!! You are here! And you can walk again.
Mermista: Ta da! It's something I've been working on.

Perfuma: I'm so happy you are walking again. And who is this dreamy man on your arm?

Mermista: This is Aquaman, my date for the evening. Aquaman, this is my dear friend Perfuma.

Aquaman: Nice to meet you.

Perfuma: (whispers to Mermista) Holy rose bush that man is a hunk!

Mermista: He's also very kind. I think he might be real dating material...

Sydney: My goodness would you look at all this?
Mona Lisa: It's breathtaking. I almost feel out of place.

Sydney: You shouldn't.

Mona Lisa: Yeah, it's just I'm not used to events like these.
Sydney: I get it. I grew up in Swans Crossing, so these kinds of events were like every weekend. Is Mikey here?
Mona Lisa: He's supposed to be.

Mona Lisa: Oh, I see my husband. Sydney, we'll catch up later.

Sydney: Sure thing.

Mona Lisa: Be careful. Trouble just arrived. 

Mila: Well hello Sydney.
Sydney: Mila.
Mila: You know Luigi.
Luigi: Hello!

Sydney: Wow. You are here with Luigi?

Mila: I know. I always said I'd date the face of Nintendo.
Sydney: I think you got the wrong face.
Mila: Excuse me?

Sydney: Nothing. I'm actually glad you are here. Maybe you can help me understand why you've been trying to kill me for the past few months.
Mila: Oh please, what grand delusions are these?
Sydney: I have been stalked for months by someone dressed up as the killer from Scream. Now that's either been you or you have been paying someone to torture me!

Mila: That's impossible, because I was attacked by the ghost face killer too. You can ask Luigi.
Luigi: She speak-a tha truth.
Sydney: Well if we've both been attacked by the same person, who wants to hurt us?
Mila: That's a good question. Don't get me wrong, I'd love nothing more than to take you down and topple your media empire. In fact I tried doing that when I was in charge of Diary of a Dorkette, but I lost it all. Trust me though, you have it coming.

Sydney: Would you stop for a second. Enough of our rivalry. Someone is trying to harm us!
Mila: I'm dating one of the Luigi Brothers now, so I think I'm safe.
Sydney: Wait a minute. Our attacker looks like the killer from Scream. Garrett loved Scream.
Mila: Sydney, quiet! I don't want to talk about former high school flings in front of my new boyfriend.

Sydney: Oh get over yourself Mila. Garrett Booth was obsessed with Scream. When was the last time you spoke to him?

Mila: Ugh, like awhile ago. After he rebuked my request for a lunch date I kicked him to the curb. Why? Have you been secretly dating him? That's totally something you'd do.

Sydney: Calm down. I haven't talked to him in awhile either. In fact the last I heard of him was when I saw his sister Glory at a previous event. What if...

Mila: I'm getting bored with this. What if what?
Sydney: What if the guy we fought over in high school has been trying to kill us?

Mila: Dun-dun-duuun!
Sydney: Did you just hum something?

Mila: Maybe. Ok, enough of this stalker business! We're at a ball. Let's let bygones be bygones and just enjoy the night. What do you say?

Sydney can just look on, unsure what to say...

Bruce Wayne: Hello Selina. Strange seeing you out of costume.
Selina Kyle: I could say the same thing Bruce.

Bruce Wayne: You look lovely.

Selina Kyle: Not as lovely as her.

They both turn as Miss M walks in.

Selina Kyle: Careful Mr. Wayne, your eyes are looking bigger than your... stomach.

Bruce Wayne: I don't know what you are talking about.

Selina Kyle: Keep playing the fool. You love her. You should talk to her.
Bruce Wayne: She wants nothing to do with me.

Selina Kyle: All lies I'm sure she keeps telling herself in the hopes that they'll be true. Have a nice time at the ball Bruce.

Miss M: April! This place looks amazing!
April: Oh thank you. You look pretty amazing too, but come on, step away from the wall. Give this dress a twirl!
Miss M: I can't do that.

April: Why?
Miss M: I only have half the dress.
April: How many times have I told you to stop buying off the bargain rack?

Miss M: No, this wasn't on clearance. It was either "pick the fancy dress and have a short time at the ball" or "have half the dress but the whole night" sort of choice.
April: Oh you girls and your fairy tales.

Miss M: I know.

Link: Wow. Miss M looks stunning doesn't she?
Zelda: (sighs) Of course. I guess now you'll want to go on and on about how lovely she is huh?

Link: What's that about?

Zelda: Nothing. She just isn't the only one that looks nice this evening.
Link: Well Excuuuse me princess.

Zelda: I really hate it when you say that.

Frankenberry: Wow. So much awesome is happening in this place I can't even keep things straight.

Bride of Frankenstein: Frankenberry? Is that you?

Frankenberry: Gulp. What are you doing here?
Bride of Frankenstein: I was invited. This is the event to be at. You look good.
Frankenberry: As do you.

Bride of Frankenstein: I heard that Strawberry Shortcake and you ended things?
Frankenberry: Yeah. After our wedding didn't happen, she and I got together.

Bride of Frankenstein: Look, I'm so sorry I didn't marry you. Would you like to get together for coffee sometime? I'd like to make it all up to you...

Frankenberry: Really?

Jasmine: Actually, he can't. Hi darling. (kisses Frankenberry on the cheek.)

Bride of Frankenstein: What?

Frankenberry: Yeah, what?!

Jasmine: Hi, I'm Jasmine. Frankenberry and I are dating and are so very much in love.
Bride of Frankenstein: (looks shocked and ready to scream) You sure do find the ladies. I'm sorry. I wish you the best. Good bye.

Frankenberry: Bye.

Frankenberry: What are you doing here?!
Jasmine: (smiles) My uncle lives in the city. He owns a night club. Since I'm new to the city I thought I'd attend this party. I had no idea you'd be here.

Frankenberry: What a small world.

Jasmine: Yes. And since we got to know each other in Vegas, I remember you telling me about how the Bride made a fool out of you. She doesn't deserve to have coffee with you. I hope I didn't overstep my bounds.
Frankenberry: No. You were great. I would have been making a mistake. I can't believe you are here.
Jasmine: Well believe it. Wanna hit the appetizer bar? I heard the sliders are amazing.

Frankenberry: This is the greatest night of my life.

Irma: So what are some of your favorite memories of Diary of a Dorkette?

Gambit: Oh chère, I have the best memory ever. I was the very first Heroic Hottie. Everyone remembers their first. No?

Irma: I actually kinda forgot that. But thanks for the reminder!

Selina Kyle: What are you doing?

Cheetara: I'm slipping some food to give to Velvet Sky later on.

Selina Kyle: Do you know how sad that is?

Cheetara: Well we are charged with protecting her, so I don't really see what the big deal is bringing her food from the party. It's not like she'd ever be allowed in here. Not after all she has done.

April: Casey, what do you think? Has it been a hit so far?
Casey: I think so. How could it not be?

April: I just hope people enjoy themselves.

He-Man: Sorry to interrupt you two. April, I'm heading out.

April: But the ball just started!

He-Man: I know, but I just got word from Man-At-Arms. He thinks we've narrowed down the location of my sister.

April: Oh, you must go! Bring She-Ra home.

He-Man: For sure.

Back in space...

She-Ra: I've got to find Swift Wind!

 Soon Jana enters!

Jana: What are you doing? You're a prisoner!

She-Ra: I'm done being a prisoner. I'm a woman of action! Now out of my way!

The two struggle, but Jana is no match for She-Ra!

She-Ra: Enough of this. I'm going home.


 She-Ra: Oh Swifty, am I happy to see you.

Swift Wind: As am I She-Ra. Is it finally time to go home?

She-Ra: Yes. Come on my faithful steed. It's time to get out of here.

A return trip to the ball...

Irma: So is there anything you'd like to say about Diary of a Dorkette?

Michelle McCool: Oh my goodness, I miss the old Timeless or Trashy articles. Those were always so much fun. I remember being featured on one.

Irma: What was the verdict?

Michelle McCool: I think I was trashy. Something about a cross on my crotch. Oh it was so fun. A shame they don't do those anymore. I heard one of the people that was featured in the article snapped and tried to kill one of the writers! Word on the street is that it was Velvet Sky!

Irma: Yeah. There's a reason we don't have the Timeless or Trashy feature anymore...

Storm: You look stunning M.

Miss M: So do you Storm.

Storm: Thank you. I have to say, I am very proud of you. I remember your first pieces for Diary of a Dorkette, and none of us had any idea you'd be writing so much. I remember just reading your memories and stories about your life. I miss the Night of the Living Roach stories.
Miss M: Yeah. April thought they were too grody.

Storm: Find a way to bring it back!
Miss M: I'll try!

Billy: This is some event. Oh, I see M. Wow. She really looks good. Except, wait a second, she's missing the back of her dress. 

Billy: I'm glad she wore nice undergarments. We really need to find her a man. 

Sulu: Trust me, she will find her love. If she can survive.

Billy: Excuse me?
Sulu: Hello. You may not know me right now, but you will in the future.
Billy: Uhh...

Sulu: Look, this might sound crazy, but I am from the future. Technically from the past, but I am from the future. And in this future our hearts are as one. Our matter is star dust and flecks of soul hot glued together like rhinestones on a denim jacket. 

Billy: Did someone spike my punch?

Sulu: Your punch is far from spiked. I'm here to warn you. Your friend Miss M, she is in grave danger. My colleague warned her a few days ago but I was also sent here because things get bad in the future. For her and us. I know this is insane, but we love each other. I need you to trust me.
Billy: What am I supposed to do?
Sulu: You must avoid anyone from space.

Billy: Aren't you from space?
Sulu: I'm from the future. It's a bit different.
Billy: I'm so confused...

Leonardo: You ok Don? You look gloomy.

Donatello: Yeah, I'm cool. I just wish that She-Dragon gal wasn't working for the enemy.

Leonardo: It's gonna be ok bro.

Mona Lisa: My goodness April knows how to throw a party.

Michelangelo: Totally dudette.

Miss M: Hi Michelangelo, and Mona Lisa.
Mona Lisa: Hi.

Michelangelo: Hey M. It's a lovely ball. You look nice.
Mona Lisa: Yes, that's a beautiful dress.

Miss M: Thank you. I think you both look fantastic. So...

Michelangelo: Yeah. So...
Mona Lisa: I think we need some food, come on honey.

Michelangelo: Yeah, totally. Have a nice night.

Mona Lisa: (walks off with her husband) Well that was awkward.

Michelangelo: It will get better.

Raphael: Is it still weird seeing them together?
Miss M: It hurts less and less. I just want him to be happy.
Raphael: Yeah, you've always had a fair heart M.
Miss M: Yeah. Just promise me something?
Raphael: Sure.

Miss M: I know you guys are involved in some heavy duty stuff with fighting crime in the city, but make sure nothing happens to him.
Raphael: Of course.
Miss M: Thanks. Who would have ever thought this is where our story would be? It feels like just yesterday that he swooped in to save me and profess his love at the 2013 Conference of Evil.

Raphael: You both went through a lot.
Miss M: Yeah. Alas, here we are.
Raphael: And I can totally see that you are missing half your dress. Are those lace?
Miss M: (sighs) Yeah. Thanks for noticing.
Raphael: No problem. I'm here for those kinds of things.

Miss M: Ha.

Jessica: So what's next for Diary of a Dorkette?
April: Well now that we have new offices to work out of again the sky is really the limit. I plan on securing some fabulous interviews in the next coming months. I definitely want to get an interview with that new crime fighting lady who goes by the name WoW. I think she is fascinating.

Jessica: I think we will all be looking forward to that.

April: Yes. I think everyone will. (notices someone arrive at the ball)

April: (stares at Megan Fox in shock) What in the plastic hell is this?
Jessica: Oh, an unwanted guest?
April: Glad you could arrive in your finest bar wench clothing. Now go grab a tray and pass out food.

Megan Fox: I'm not here to pass out food. And this is haute couture.
April: More like haute mess. Now if you plan on causing a scene I'll throw you out.

Megan Fox: Are we always going to do this? Fight in such petty ways? We are both very accomplished women in our own rights, there's no reason we have to fight.
April: You tried to steal my life and took away the chance to play myself in a major motion picture. How else am I to react?

Megan Fox: I don't know. I just know that I've been asked to reprise my role for the Ninja Turtle sequel. I'll be starring alongside Stephen Amell who will be playing your husband Casey Jones.

April: Well now I'm really pissed that I can't be playing myself in the movie based on my life!

Megan Fox: I'm not trying to rub it in. Tee hee.
April: Of course you are. But I'll tell you what, if you can get him to sit down for an interview, shirtless, than all can be mostly forgiven.
Megan Fox: I'll see what I can do.

April: Enjoy the ball.

Jessica: Wow, is this a more mature April O'Neil before me? I thought you hated her.

April: Please. I'm not worried about her, because I will find a way to play myself in the sequel to the biopic of my life, if it's the last thing I do!

Irma: Attention ladies and gentlemen, if I could just have your attention for a brief moment. Thank you.

Irma: Before we hear from our host, we have a few matters to take care of! This is a special evening where we honor and celebrate the new offices of Diary of a Dorkette. To honor this occasion, we are naming titles for the April Heroic Hottie, Woman of Wonderosity, and Bodacious Baddie!

Irma: I will be giving the honors first for the April 2015 Heroic Hottie. The title goes too...

April 2015 Heroic Hottie!

Darkwing Duck: I can't thank Diary of a Dorkette enough. I would like to also thank all the ducks out there. It was a tight race, but I am far hotter than Howard the Duck!

Miss M: Well that's just a matter of opinion.

Irma: And now I'd like to call to the stage my special guy: Guy Friday!

Guy Friday: Can we give a big round of applause to Irma. She's looking amazing tonight and I couldn't be more happy to be her date!

Guy Friday: Now, we are onto the next title. I have with me the name of the April 2015 Woman of Wonderosity. Could Janine Melnitz please come up and receive her title?

April 2015 Woman of Wonderosity!

Janine: Wow, this is such a nice surprise! I'm thrilled and what an unexpected win! I've been coming to these events for so long and been a long time reader of the Diary, so to be named a Woman of Wonderosity... well, it is just an honor. I thank April O'Neil from the bottom of my heart. We used to hate each other! Who hasn't she hated, I mean come on! But, it took my nearly getting jumped in a parking lot by a lunatic for us to finally become civil. Have a nice night everyone!

Guy Friday: And now we name the April 2015 Bodacious Baddie!

A real quick trip back to space...

She-Ra: My goodness Swifty, how do we get out of here!

Lady Kale: The answer is really simple She-Ra. You don't. There is no leaving this place. You are my prisoner.

She-Ra: I am leaving Lady Kale. Don't dare try to stop me.

Lady Kale: Tell you what, stop being coy and tell me what you know of Miss M and I'll set you free. I'm waiting...

The ball continues...

Casey: I must say that was an unexpected Bodacious Baddie for April! But congratulations to the people named. It has been a long running staple for a few years now to honor and review some of the greatest toys out there. Of course none of that would be true without the brains behind this operation. She delivers her toy journalistic integrity to all she does and she just so happens to be the love of my life, I'd like to call April O'Neil forward.

April: Oh goodness, what is this?
Casey: Come on, I think the crowd wants a speech.
April: Oh I'm sure I can come up with a little something!

April: I first want to thank my husband Casey Jones. That was a lovely opening and after all we've been through, I am so thrilled to have you by my side. We married each other twice so I guess we don't want to be anywhere else. I do want to thank you all for being here. This is a big night. We are here to celebrate new offices for Diary of a Dorkette, but we're also here to celebrate each and every one of you. You all keep this Diary going in one way or another...

Miss M: (feeling lost and alone) I need some fresh air.

Miss M rushes off to be alone outside

 Stepping out onto the terrace, Miss M holds back tears under the night sky.

 Miss M: Where are the stars? It's night and there are no stars...

Miss M: What is happening to me? Why do I feel this way?

Bruce Wayne: Hey. You need any company?
Miss M: (wipes her tears) Oh goodness, I'm sorry.

Bruce Wayne: Did you lose the back of your dress on the way to the ball?
Miss M: (laughs through her tears) No. I'm just rocking a new trend that's all.
Bruce Wayne: I kinda like this new trend.
Miss M: Just keep your eyes up ok?

Bruce Wayne: Nice to see you laugh. What's got you so sad?
Miss M: I don't know. Maybe I do. I guess it's a bit of everything.
Bruce Wayne: Talk to me.
Miss M: Oh Bruce, you don't need to listen to this.
Bruce Wayne: But I want to.

Miss M: I just needed some fresh air. There's a lot of love in there right now. Michelangelo and Mona Lisa are so happy. It hurts. I also look at Casey and April or Irma and Guy Friday, and I just... I just want love in my life. Ya know?
Bruce Wayne: I know.

Miss M: I've been dating. And has it ever been a disaster! I have gone on some truly horrific dates. The worst of the worst.
Bruce Wayne: No one special huh?
Miss M: No, not yet.

Bruce Wayne: It will happen. You are far too special to go this life alone. You always have me.
Miss M: I do always find my way back to you don't I?

Bruce Wayne: What else is going on? You are too independent of a woman to have the lack of a man derail you. What's really going on?

Miss M: I'm worried. My friends... they are in trouble. There's so much crime in the city. Mutants are missing. Glimmer can't get her life in order. She-Ra has been missing in space. I feel responsible for that, because I was with her in space. I should have stayed with her.

Bruce Wayne: What do you think would have changed?
Miss M: I'm not sure...

She-Ra: I have told you, I do not know the location of Miss M. She could be anywhere in the universe.

Lady Kale: You lie! You know exactly where she is, why won't you tell me?

She-Ra: I refuse to have you hurt her. She never asked for any of this...

Miss M: I mean She-Ra is my hero, the woman I aspire to be. She is strong, gracious, and kind. Most of all she is loving. She loves everyone and fights for everyone. And I just left her in space to battle against Skeletor.

Bruce Wayne: Well that doesn't sound so bad. She can handle Skeletor.
Miss M: Maybe so, but once Skeletor came back, something had happened to him up there. I fear the worst.

Bruce Wayne: Stop M. You are worrying too much. She-Ra will be fine. Nothing bad can happen to her.
Miss M: You really think so?

Bruce Wayne: I know so. She will return and all will be right with the universe.

Lady Kale: This can end at any moment. It's up to you.
She-Ra: Get it through your head, I have no information for you.
Lady Kale: I'm un-bothered by this. I've been around for far longer than you, I'll wait to find my answers.

She-Ra: What happens now? Because we are both incredibly powerful women. I won't stay a prisoner.

Lady Kale: Oh do you ever shut up? I am tired of this game you wish to play. Very well She-Ra. Refuse me.

She-Ra: I refuse! (raises her power sword to fight)

Lady Kale: (waves her hand) Be gone princess of power. Be gone from existence.

For the honor of a friend...

It happens in an instant, as if the universe was rewritten in a flash of light.

She-Ra is gone, erased from the stars and the hearts of everyone she ever touched.

Miss M: I can only hope you are right. I just miss her and love her. She's been a part of my life for as long as I can remember...

Suddenly, Miss M feels a familiar presence around her, trying to lift her up...

She-Ra: (whispers) You have the power...

Miss M: It's you...

Bruce Wayne: M? Are you ok?

 Miss M collapses.

Miss M: (screams out in pain as every memory of She-Ra is ripped from her mind) Oh!! My head.

Bruce Wayne: M! M! Are you ok? Hey, are you with me?

Miss M: Oh my goodness, what just happened?
Bruce Wayne: I don't know, you tell me...

Miss M: What were we talking about just now?
Bruce Wayne: I'm not sure.

Miss M: (sits in silence as her chin trembles. Tears flow freely) Why am I crying?
Bruce Wayne: Hey, it's going to be ok.

Miss M: I feel like I've lost someone, but that's crazy. Everyone I care about is in that building. I just feel so silly.

Bruce Wayne: Hey, it's going to be ok.

Miss M: We should go back inside.

Bruce Wayne: Yes, I'll go with you. You don't have to be alone...

As the two walk inside, another set of people come out of the shadows looking for trouble...

Vultura: Was that them?
Moth Lady: Yes. That's the woman that was in my body for all those months.

Moth Lady: She is the one who slept with that man in my body and now I am carrying their spawn. 

Vultura: What do we do? It's up to you.
Moth Lady: I just wanted to see her, to see how her life is unfolding while mine is tied to this thing growing inside me.

Vultura: Say the word and she is done for.

Moth Lady: No, not yet. I still have a few months more, but once this thing has left my body, she will get everything deserved. They both will.

In space...

Jana: Did you just erase She-Ra?
Lady Kale: And her little flying unicorn too.

Jana: You know there is a balance to things, are you sure you did the right thing?

Lady Kale: Of course. She-Ra is no more. What happens next is yet to be known. I'll simply let the universe take care of it. For now, we must find Miss M. She must pay for her crimes against the universe! For if she finds out just how powerful she truly is from returning from the dead... we are all doomed.


He-Man: And you are sure this is where she will be?

Man-At-Arms: Yes He-Man. According to the device I created, it is pinpointing your sister's sword here, near the woods.

Teela: What if He-Man's sister was not with her sword? We don't know what we will find out here.

He-Man: There's only one way to find out. We keep searching.

He-Man soon hears a noise in the darkness and calls out, hoping someone hears him.

Someone does hear him.

He-Man: Finally. There you are, my sister.

Out of the darkness, quickly made of star dust and forgotten dreams is a woman anew...

???: Hello. Brother.

The story continues soon!

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  1. This is getting real interesting and quite good!

  2. What a coincidence! I just moved to a new place myself. Unfortunately that may limit how often I'm able to check in with longer posts like this one.

  3. this story just got more crazier and crazier. for would not be surprised sydney and her rvial stalker is indeed garret. plus love how she ra is not gone just now showing up as who i would call despera.plus hope toy miss m does indeed find love once and for all.

  4. I could only get half way through this, because the pictures were not loading for some reason, and a Miss M post without pictures is like a picnic without sunshine! I will check it again soon, see if they load. I loved what I have read so far!!