Sunday, July 12, 2015

Date a Dorkette: Mini-Stories!

I shared some of my horrible dating experiences now it's your turn! As I mentioned in the post located here, this is the spot where you can find the mini-stories that other people have posted to participate! So click the link and revel in the reality that we all have some dating doozies.

The first submission to this collection of mini-stories from readers of this Diary comes to us from a friend of mine named Omar. His love of toys is ecstatically awesome and he is someone who I have enjoyed getting to know. So now I present his own story and images that I am posting here...

Omar Presents:

Maybe Baby?

We met in grad school. We were in the same psychology class. She had awesome hair.
That's me in the gray shirt and OD green pants. 
Doesn't she look awesome in that peasant blouse and red bell bottoms?

We talked a lot together. I was getting over a previous breakup, so I didn’t want anything serious. 
We made plans and went out to a highly popular chain restaurant.
Cars didn't hit us as we walked to the restaurant because they (or we) were going the wrong way.

As we were talking, we found that we had a lot of differences, but nothing that was really a problem- we liked different musical styles, and grew up differently, but we still enjoyed being together.

Then, she said, “I want a baby”
“Um, ok”
We talked some more, about the food, I had a pizza slice and she had a burger. 
We tried a little of each other’s food. 
“I really want a baby”
“Uh, I can go steal you one” I joked.

She smiled and laughed. I don’t think she was joking though.
Eventually, she married someone else. I guess she finally got her baby.

Maybe Bay? written by Omar, pictures and toys belong to Omar as well.

Thank you for contributing Omar! This story packed a lot in it and I liked how the pictures almost create a faded effect as it reaches its end. Thank you for sharing. 

Be sure to check back for more entries into the Date a Dorkette: Mini-Stories event! Also, get ready! I've been working on a large sized Conference of Evil to coincide with the epic-ness of San Diego Comic Con like I do every year. I'm a bit behind but it will be ready soon and it is hopefully going to be the best one yet!

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