Saturday, July 25, 2015

Eclectic Saturday Morning Cartoons!

I am a part of the astonishing podcast known as Eclectic Mayhem. Our latest episode was recently released and it was all about Saturday Morning Cartoons. Brian Farrell from It's Trash Culture hosted the episode and issued us all a challenge, click the link below and read all about it!

If you haven't heard it yet, check out the Saturday Morning Cartoons episode from the Eclectic Mayhem podcast. The premise of this episode was that we were all responsible for creating a block of Saturday morning programming from 7 am to noon. This was no easy task. I had a slew of cartoons that I wanted to include. I was able to narrow it down though in a way that I felt worked. Brian guided us across a rather fun and enjoyable episode as well. He also issued out a challenge for us; to write a post on our respective blogs where we watch our block of cartoon programming and write about it. That is just what I did.

First thing's first, I have to be dressed for the event.
If I'm watching cartoons like my childhood Saturdays I need to be in my comfy sleep clothes. I wake up and pink swirls of glitter do flow all around me because I'm magic. Actually the picture looked really really stupid without the effects so I tried to salvage something from the picture. I'm too old to be taking pictures of myself in sleep attire.

I also need to have my breakfast for this event, which at this point in my life is just some Ocean Spray Cran-Apple juice.

It's the best.

With everything all set, I was ready to sit down to watch my list. Please note, the way I wrote this was free form based on my live reactions to the episodes I was watching. Enjoy!

First up is the Muppet Babies!

7:00 AM

Muppet Babies in Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Dark?

This was one of my favorites to watch as a kid. The episode I am picking to watch was the second episode of the first season entitled Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Dark? The opening theme song is just perfect. Totally belongs in my list of favorite theme songs ever.

That glowing light behind the heart and logo of Muppet Babies makes me feel so alive.

Episode opens up with a nice solid start. The Babies enjoy playing around with Scooter's light pin. Fozzie cracks a crappy joke but it's crappy for kids because it involves psychiatry and is more likely something that an adult would get. Nanny arrives and the Muppet Babies scramble to put away their light pin creations, which is fun. This just brings me back to being a kid again. I loved the combination of animation with random live black and white footage, like with baby Gonzo putting his light pin tank in the closet and seeing the real life film clip inside. This show was so creative and fun.

Of course now the show gets a bit annoying. Bunsen and Beaker are introduced and Beaker is freaking out about the dark. His whiny mumbles are endearing at first but already my ears are getting annoyed. It's sweet that the babies want to help Beaker and share why the dark can be a good thing. However this Slime Monster that is after them in every scenario won't stop. The Slime Monster looks like a giant booger, so I'd be scared too. I also love Animal's voice. Howie Mandel is a delightful man with a voice that is pure perfection.

Rowlf now busts into song, "Good Things Happen in the Dark" and it is great. They are all singing about the virtues of the dark. The song is catchy. Oh my goodness I so loved this show! The song is also working, Beaker seems ok. Wait. Never mind. Fozzie just screwed it all up with talk of Haunted Houses. Damn Fozzie.

This whole scene is really nice though.

The babies are inside a haunted house that looks like a painting, so the whole effect is really cool with the colorful Muppet Babies running around. Fozzie also tries to deliver a joke to the Slime Monster, which does not work. I love this gag. Of course everything falls apart and Nanny arrives. Her whole idea to help Beaker with the dark is lame though. An eye mask? Really? What does that even mean? I like that when they put it on there are evil eyes on the other side. Perfect.

Holy crap I remember this! The babies go into the closet to conquer the fear of the dark! Oh my goodness! I am so loving this. Piggy honking Gonzo's nose and rebuffing his flirt! This stuff is timeless. So Beaker saves the day and vanquishes his fear of the dark. They all go to sleep. What a great episode. I love the interactions with Piggy and Kermit too. There is that hint of diva in her, but they both are content around each other. I guess it all just falls apart when they get older. I highly recommend you all to check out episodes of Muppet Babies. This cartoon holds up as a great piece of entertainment.

7:30 AM

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3- The Beauty of Kootie

Up next I'm watching The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. This was one I enjoyed a great deal as a kid because it had the Koopa Kids in them. Opening scene is nice. There is no theme song (because I'm watching it edited on YouTube) but it gets right to the point, King Koopa is back with the help of his kids. I adore the Koopa Kids. The episode I am watching is entitled 'The Beauty of Kootie' and features that familiar desert level music from the game. The desert level certainly gets fleshed out more as the Sultan is taking a bath in his palace. Of course oil starts pouring everywhere. I'm not sure if this would be offensive now or not, but the Sultan does not like the oil leaking.

Mario and Luigi are there actually using their skills as plumbers to get things fixed. Toad has to open his big mouth though to inquire about where the oil is coming from. The use of all the familiar Mario sound effects is a lot of fun. I appreciate that they use those video game sounds in this cartoon. What I don't appreciate is the Koopa Kids having new names.

Like Wendy and Larry are trying to steal the oil but Wendy is Kootie Pie and Larry is Cheatsy. I remember not liking that back then.

The episode also takes a turn for the odd and interesting. Wendy Koopa dons a disguise as a pretty young thing to seduce Mario.

Things get even funnier when she says, "I am Lady Fettuccine Alfredo, a little saucy but very very good." I will stand by my opinion that nothing can compare to the cartoons from the 80's and early 90's. This is just too strange, awkward, but all funny.

Of course Mario is dazzled by Wendy as a tart, but Luigi is suspicious because she has a tail. Oh my goodness this is so awkward! They are on a date! If I were the Princess I'd be so damn pissed.

Leave it to Mario to be befuddled by a lady and allow the Sultan, Toad, and Princess Toadstool to walk into a trap. I love Princess Toadstool's reaction though, "Her dress doesn't even match her tail!" Come on Mario! Your friends are being locked up!

Naturally Wendy reveals her true form and Mario and Luigi are whisked away by oil. Oil brings out the worst in people, that is my take away with this episode. Now what are Mario and Luigi going to do? Ah yes, this makes perfect sense. Luigi dons the disguise of Kasanova Koopa and is going to trick Wendy.

Of course Wendy is all over him. This is slightly creepy, I'm not going to lie. She is in heat something fierce! What is going on with this episode?

Ok so Wendy is kissing all over Kasanova Koopa, wait for it... Kasanova Koopa returns to looking like Luigi and Wendy's reaction is priceless. She freaks out, "I've been kissed by a plumber?!" That accent though is something special. It's more "plumba" than "plumber." There's an Italian housewife screech to it. Oh my goodness this cartoon is so messy, but it is entertaining.

The good guys seem ready to prevail which is good because this episode is almost over. And then the Doom Ship arrives. Holy cow how will this all end? I am really hoping that Mario and Luigi have to go on that Doom Ship like the video game. Also, why is everything in the desert getting destroyed? What is happening in this episode and how will it end?

Oh. Mario rides around on a hose with the head of a camel on it squirting oil all over the Doom Ship. Ok Mario. So King Koopa and his kiddos are stopped and the Sultan gets his palace back to normal with the help of a magical wand. That was wrapped up rather nicely. I feel like I would want to watch more of these episodes, but this show doesn't hold up quite like the Muppet Babies does.

8:00 AM

Heathcliff in Heathcliff's Middle Name/Wishful Thinking

Heck yeah! Heathcliff is my next pick on the Eclectic Mayhem Saturday Morning Cartoon episode so I am really psyched to watch an episode. Like with most of my picks this opening theme song is great. I am just grinning from ear to ear over this. That fish restaurant is fun. So is the whole fish theme. For some reason I am hungry for fish watching this and I detest seafood. This is the power of a good cartoon people.

All right, episode has started and I am just not digging Heathcliff's girlfriend Sonja. She is mooning over some movie star cat. Poor Heathcliff has no idea either. He is just busy in a chase with Spike the dog. I am totally rolling my eyes though over the voices of these female cats. They are so obsessed with Walley the Wonder Cat. It's all just unsettling. Sonja keeps saying that Heathcliff is too immature for her while Walley the Wonder Cat is a mature cat. Umm, it's not very mature to cheat on your boyfriend Sonja. I am getting way too invested in this episode.

And just like that Heathcliff finds out Sonja has the hots for Walley. Walley even tries to insult Heathcliff! What is this! Poor Heathcliff. Now he wants to make himself more mature with a snazzy new look with clothing. Why is Sonja such a turd? My goodness Heathcliff can't do anything to win over his love. I am also beginning to think this story line is too complicated for kids. Or maybe it's just because I'm jaded in matters of the heart. I do love the lone tooth on Heathcliff though.

Now Heathcliff has stolen a robot cat to steal gifts for Sonja. How has anyone not noticed it missing? This whole gift giving scene is too strange for me. First of all Heathcliff should not have to buy back Sonja's heart. He should just move on. His gifts pale in comparison to the lavish items from Walley. However can we all agree that the milking machine on the cow is just really strange and awkward? I do like how this first mini episode gets wrapped up. Heathcliff uses the robot cat to put Sonja in danger and Walley being more of a scaredy cat than a hero like he is on screen causes Sonja to be turned off and she runs back into the arms of Heathcliff. This episode is such a mess. I love it though.

The flip side to this full episode is of course all about the Catillac Cats!! Oh I love these scroungy junkyard cats.

Riff-Raff is too much with his relaxing while the other cats feed him milk through a crazy straw. Of course Mungo would find a milk bottle that also serves as home for a genie. The genie is a cat named Harry. He has a lot of attitude to spare and really when does a cat not have any attitude?

Mungo is really cute though bumbling around and trying to figure out his wishes while the dweeb Claude tries to get his mitts on the genie bottle. Can we also talk about Hector, the brown cat with the neck tie? Oh my goodness I used to crush on him as a kid. I always envisioned myself being a fine feline with Hector as my purr-fect boyfriend. It's no wonder I was born boy crazy, these darn cartoons were full of flirty angst,

Back to this episode though, Riff-Raff wants in on the wishes from Harry. Claude of course gets his hands on the genie bottle but Harry seems to be getting annoyed. Surprise surprise they all end up on a mad chase that leads them to a milk bottle factory. Side note, I totally love the Cadillac that the Catillac Cats drive. I want this as a toy so bad. Either way Harry the genie is over this whole madcap mishap and wants nothing to do with Claude or the Catillac Cats. Mungo gets that last wish granted and then Harry races off to go on vacation. Claude doesn't get to end up ruling the world. Good for Harry. I'd imagine a genie would need a break every now and then.

There's even a nice moral to the story! I actually like this moral, it's about taking care of pets and not leaving them out when it rains. Aww. Heathcliff is such a nice cat.

8:30 AM

Silverhawks in the Planet Eater

Oh the stories I have about Silverhawks. I am looking forward to watching an episode of this. I picked the third episode to watch as I wish to really enjoy the opening theme song. The sound effects and visuals for this opening act are insanely great. Damn that guitar solo by Bluegrass! He is a dream boat hunk. The sci-fi element of this show is too cool. I wish it would get a reboot or something. Space is still the place. The villains in this show are also freakish in a good way. Mon*Star is creepy though that voice isn't that chilling.

Melodia reminds me of Lady Gaga. Maybe Pizzazz in space too.

I also really dig Windhammer. He really shines in this episode. Oh my goodness, have you guys heard the captured sounds of the planets? Check it out on YouTube, I heard it the other day.

The whole premise of this episode is nice because it follows a serial feel which I totally love. The Silverhawk base is cool looking as well. From a design perspective everything in this show is just striking and appealing. However I do not understand the design choice for the Silverhawks to be in track suits when they already have their bodies covered, though I guess that is a sign of that particular time. Track suits for all! Poor Copper Kid though has to pull an Orko and get in trouble which then leads the poor boy into the hands of evil!

This whole scene on Brimstar with the Copper Kid facing off against Buzzsaw is a bit scary. I am imagining myself on a planet and being attacked by some large robot with saws for hands.

The entire theme of this episode is so bizarre, the bad guys are feeding garbage to a part of the planet that essentially eats stuff.

Silverhawks of course come to save the day and we get to see one of the coolest transformations ever with Mon*Star. His squid ride known as Sky-Runner is one of the coolest things ever. I would say it is even cooler than Skeletor's Land Shark.

Only in an 80's cartoon would Bluegrass playing an electric guitar stop the bad guys. I have to call bullshit though on the use of almost every villain in this episode but Melodia. Well I guess the Poker-Face guy isn't here either. Still, I want more Melodia! Either way the Silverhawks save the day though they clearly have their work cut out for them. I also love the ending space trivia segment! Such an adventurous cartoon.

9:00 AM

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in The Problem with Power

The Power Hour lives on during my block! Since I'm picking the episodes I am going for some Filmation fun with one of my favorite He-Man episodes ever. Thank goodness for YouTube. Even though I already have this episode on DVD it is rather easy to sit and watch these episodes all on my computer.

Obviously the opening to He-Man is iconic. Not as good as She-Ra, but it works.

Watching He-Man use his sword to change Cringer to Battle Cat always seemed like a painful experience for me. I love that flash to the screen with Lou Scheimer. Oh my goodness his name on screen as iconic as the Filmation logo. Although that large shot of Skeletor laughing at the end is just brillaint. I love it.

Everyone wants to always take down He-Man, even this goblin guy going by General Tataran. Trap Jaw's appearance is humorous. He is simple but I like him, he just can't take a hint and beat it. Skeletor and this goblin guy with no beating heart are planning a devious plot to rid the world of He-Man. It's actually quite great for a story line in a cartoon originally aimed at kids.

This is pretty dark for a cartoon aimed at kids. Skeletor and the General Goblin guy create a fake diversion that ends with the goblin guy in disguise "dying" at the actions of he-Man.

Clearly this is not helping He-Man feel better. To make matters worse and somewhat obvious, Skeletor dons a human disguise to inform the crowd that the "dead" man was his brother. That is clearly Skeletor's voice though! Come on He-Man! Use your brain! This is some deep shit!

Of course Orko is the one to find out the ruse Skeletor and the General guy have done. Of course Orko would also be the one to end up getting captured too. Poor Orko. He isn't that annoying of a character. Most of the time.

This next scene is particularly stunning.

He-Man is under a large moon and gives up the mantle of the most powerful man in the universe. The whole animation for this part of the episode is so breathtaking. Why though would he be so foolish as to throw his sword down the chasm around Grayskull? That is so dumb!

She-Ra may be the most powerful woman in the universe, but before that, Teela was the tough as nails chick on Eternia. I love that she is going to stop Skeletor's latest plans with the goblins. It will also probably be the death of her as it appears to be a suicide mission. My goodness this episode is really sad. Adam is just going to let her go too! Oh you oaf.

Yay for Orko though pulling an Ant-Man and shrinking to escape Snake Mountain. This is what I'm talking about! Save the day! I love that Orko informs Adam of the truth while also calling him out for being a fool and tossing his sword down the chasm. It's perfect. Orko can toss some shade!

The rest of this episode is a fast paced ride to get the sword and become He-Man while also helping Teela. She is gutsy. Teela is too cool for me. She is like. "I have this bomb and you have five minutes to get out or we all go up in smoke." Of course Skeletor isn't having it. Why would he? Either way that bomb is going off. Skeletor scampers off as does He-Man and Teela. Is it too late though?

This is my favorite part of the episode. That moment where He-Man realizes he might not have been able to save Teela after all! Yay! She is alive. The first time I saw this episode I cried.

I love the exchange they have when he is walking off with her in his arms. It's just so sweet. Long live He-Man and Teela. Such a fabulous episode.

9:30 AM

She-Ra Princess of Power in Sweet Bee's Home

My favorite of all time. I've seen this episode more times than I care to admit. So here we go again. She-Ra! She-Ra!

I do get up and dance to this opening number every time. It means the world to me.

That shot of the Great Rebellion standing on the cliff is the Bee's knees. The voices are also just epic in She-Ra. Sweet Bee is a goofy sci-fi chic with that yellow helmet. Hordak doesn't give a shit about anything and just fires Sweet Bee's ship out of the sky for no reason. Who does that? Hordak does,

Of course She-Ra and He-Man are going to investigate the crashed ship. That disco beat of She-Ra gets my heart racing! I just want to hear this on a loop. Oh! And there's Loo-Kee! The coolest gimmick in a cartoon ever.

Mermista makes a cameo! This episode is perfect for this very reason. Everyone is in it.

Frosta is there and she is hot for He-Man. I mean hot. The blushing and wide eyed nervousness on He-Man's face is so goofy and fun. I also like that Mermista clearly sounds French.

Hordak wants Sweet Bee's ship. The background music is fantastic. That's when the heroes arrive and poor Enchanta makes the goofiest sound as she crashes from a sting shot by Hordak. What will they do now? The Horde are attacking everywhere and Frosta is only concerned with getting it on with He-Man. It's like Saturdays were made for this stuff because most every episode I've watched today has involved some form of flirtation.

He-Man's face! Just look at it! He is so lost. Frosta kicks major butt though. "Now for a little chill." Can we talk her nearly getting killed and soon playing coy with a ploy to seduce He-Man? What is this show? I love it.

She-Ra and Mermista joining forces to save Sweet Bee underwater is touching. I like the friendships that She-Ra has with other characters. This whole episode is just absorbing. Also the animation on He-Man's face over Frosta's advances are great, I keep remarking on that but I can't help it. I've never seen He-Man have so much movement before.

The big reveal is also great, Sweet Bee shows her face as He-Man swoons and Frosta is ready to fight.

Sweet Bee's backstory is nice and all, but Etheria is no place for her. He-Man wants her to stay but She-Ra informs them all that Etheria is dangerous. Much to Frosta's happiness, She-Ra is like, "You can't stay here Sweet Bee." We all know that Hordak is planning something disastrous. He wants Sweet Bee's bee friends to be slaves.

The heroes must save Sweet Bee's ship. He-Man is ready to do anything and it is driving Frosta nuts! This is just great television. It's soon like an episode of X-Men as these characters bust into the Fright Zone as a team with their powers ready to save Sweet Bee's ship. It's really great. I also never tire of Frosta and Mermista's commentary. The whole fight scene is pretty epic. All ends up well. Sweet Bee sadly leaves though, I wish they had kept her around.

There is always some more panting from Frosta though. What a nice way to end the nine o'clock hour!

10:00 AM

Tiny Toon Adventures in Buster and the Wolverine

I haven't sat down to watch a full episode of Tiny Toon Adventures in a very long time. The whole Looney Tunes universe has been one that I have enjoyed, so let's see if it still makes me laugh. To begin, it's pretty difficult finding an episode to watch on YouTube. However this one will do.

The opening is an exercise in a pure manic force. The song is super fast and I like how the characters are introduced. There's just a lot going on with this show. Elmyra opens the episode to describe the musical story that we the audience is about to go on. Really clever writing. It's a musical number where the characters have designated instruments, it feels like that one Disney movie where the animals were played by instruments. What was that called? I think a wolf or something was involved in that too.

Oh well, everyone gets fun instruments, except Plucky Duck. Poor guy.

I like the cast for this episode, there is Buster, Babs, Plucky, Furrball, Sweetie and Hamton.

They are of course getting stalked by a giant Wolverine, a perfect Looney Toon staple wherein a hungry animal wants to eat the characters. I like the set up, the Wolverine takes them out one by one and brings them back to his lair. I forgot how manic this show was! That's the only word I can use to describe it.

This one scene is golden though. Babs dons a disguise as a girl wolverine to trick the hungry wolverine. He is in love and offers her a gift of little animals to eat! Oh this is too much! I love this! Babs creeps out and secretly sets them free. This whole scene is priceless. I love it. I have to say though my picks so far with my lineup of cartoons continue to involve a great deal of seduction.

Soon everyone but Buster is held captive. Bonus laughs though for the scene with Furrball and Sweetie. Both Furrball and the wolverine want to eat her. Either way Buster will save the day in some crazy cracked out way I am sure.

Now that's just creepy. The Wolverine has eaten Buster's friends! And they are still alive! This is so funny and gross at the same time. I am impressed with the quick wit from Buster in these scenes with the Wolverine. Buster soon saves everyone, which is good.

I did not want any Tiny Toons to be digested. I like that Plucky does end up getting to use one massively cool instrument to fend off the Wolverine. The device looks like the giant computer that houses Synergy from Jem, but it's nice to see Plucky save the day.

It's not over though as everyone takes to the stage that Elmyra has been narrating on. One last super chase! I forgot Elmyra wears a wig! Oh my goodness that's hilarious! I so forgot about that. I feel like Elmyra might be my spirit Tiny Toon. She just wants love.

It's an insane show, but what a fun episode. I love this. A total refreshing show to watch!

10:30 AM

Jem and the Holograms in The Beginning

To truly enjoy the truly outrageous cartoon known as Jem and the Holograms, one must view the first episode. I enjoy many episodes from this cartoon, but the first packs such a nostalgic punch that I can't help but view it again for this list.

My favorite thing about watching this opening aside from the song is the bright colors. It's just a mesmerizing opening.

It's hard to pick a favorite out of these characters though I do like Kimber and Pizzazz.

The feel of this show is different than the other cartoons I enjoy. It's somber right out of the gate.

Jerrica is talking about the loss of her father and taking care of foster kids. On paper I can see why this would maybe seem like a really strange show, but just wait! Jerrica and her friends need to get the Starlite house in order, this part of the show reminds me of Revenge of the Nerds. I think it's funny that Jerrica can't handle the stress so she goes to her deceased father's music company for money to fix everything. That makes sense.

I love the secretary at the office painting her nails different colors and giving Jerrica attitude. It's like, that's Jerrica. Don't mess with her. So here's the big scene. Eric Raymond is totally set up as the sleazy villain. He doesn't care about Jerrica. He cares about his Misfits! Enter the three baddest chicks in the world.

On motorized guitars no less! With a flashy fun music video! This is what makes this cartoon so great, it's part animated series and part MTV. I love it. The song is really catchy. Everything is just insane but it works. Actually out of all the cartoons from my youth, this is one that really has amazing replay value.

The plot thickens as Jerrica opens a gift from her dad. Earrings with some cool effects! Synergy is in the house! I so want earrings that can project things. Synergy asking them to drive their car through a wall is also incredibly hilarious. I wonder what that moment would be like where you are thinking, "I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna drive my car through that wall." I love this show so much but there are also moments where I can't help but chuckle at everything. It's silly and awesome at the same time.

Plans are set in motion. Jerrica can become Jem and together with the Holograms they are going to rock. The Misfits always have the best reactions to Jem and the Holograms. Especially Pizzazz. She is such a bitchy character but she has some of the best lines ever. The Jem song in this episode is ok. I like it but there are others I enjoy far more that occur in the episodes that follow with this arc.

Now we get to the truly outrageous parts! The Misfits run the Holograms off the road, leaving them dangling off a cliff! Who does that? They are just messy. I wish Hasbro had made their black van into a toy vehicle. Rio saves the day of course. I've always had a crush on Rio.

This foster kid Ashley is a bit of a brat. That's putting it mildly. Talk about a cliffhanger though! Eric sends some skeezy guy with skeezy dialogue to go after the Holograms. They all might die in a burning house. There is so much drama in this episode, it is hard not to love. The great thing is that this crazy stuff happens in pretty much every episode.

The Saturday Morning Cartoon Lineup will return in just a few moments, and now a word from our sponsors...

Here are some of my favorite commercials that would need to be played on Saturday...

Some Golden Girl. Not to be confused with Golden Girls, though if this was meant to be the group of cheesecake eating friends in their early year I'd be ok with that.

Poor Catra. She truly is misunderstood.

Were the Misfits truly better?

Filled with discontent, Barbie wanted to have her own band too. Let the battle of the Holograms and the Rockers commence! That spiral staircase is perfection though huh?

You know Dapples, and Sequin, and Splashy, but do you recall... the most dazzling Shimmer, of all?

We need to be scared on our Saturday mornings too.

I always loved the canyon-esque set up in this commercial.

And a little something to set the stage for lunch...

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program!

11:00 AM

X-Men in Night of the Sentinels

The Dorkette Dream lineup of cartoons continues with the mutants we all know and love. The 90's were good to the X-Men and this opening to the cartoon is too cool for school.

The music is razor sharp and I love how they display the characters and their stylized names specially designed for each character. Poor Jubilee. It is so easy to relate to her in this scene. I know her abilities seem lame, but the sound effects are really cool. Also how in the world does no one not notice the giant Sentinel walking in the neighborhood? It's crazy.

Plus there's the mall! I love Jubilee's line to the arcade manager when he yells at her for damaging the arcade machine and asks if she has any idea how much the machine costs and she snarks, "Yeah, a quarter." Just perfect teen snark. I would have said something like that when I was a teen. 

I also love these personal touches with the other X-Men characters shopping. Rogue loves a sale. Gambit is a flirt that is part douche-bag and part lovable. It's just great. 

Animation is interesting and spotty for this show, but I am fine with that. There's something about this cartoon and episode that reminds me of the comics. There's just some great story telling. I want to be a member of the X-Men.

I also really love the use of Jubilee being our introductory character to the X-Mansion and other members of the X-Men. The music sets a nice tone too. I want to live there. I, of course, want to live at a great deal of pop culture residents.

Can we also talk about Wolverine and Gambit? I really enjoy Wolverine's attitude. I used to not understand him in the comics, but his whole persona in this episode and other episodes of this series really helped me to understand and like Wolverine.

Now this is why Storm will always be the true leader of the X-Men in my book. I love this conversation with Jubilee. It sums up so much about why this property is so good.

Although I do not understand why Jubilee would runaway. I get she wants to check on her parents, but come on! You were nearly killed in a mall. And how does no one really notice the giant Sentinel stalking her? Oh wait, except for a lone guy in a car. Doesn't anyone live in this town?

The X-Men debriefing is fun. I love Wolverine's attitude and the way Morph and Gambit interact. So much fun with all this attitude from the characters. This is the X-Men for me.

"That's when the boys quit callin." Oh I love Rogue's monologue about her powers during the mission. This whole episode reminds me why I love that character. Leave it to Wolverine to call them all out for being too loud. Oh he is such a dream boat hunk, "Her trail went cold outside the house. Got bit by a dog too." Oh Wolverine. Le sigh.

Excellent use of the X-Men using their powers to sneak into the Mutant Control Agency. It's an interesting thing, they are clearly breaking the law but they are not trying to truly hurt anyone. The whole thing is full of some fuzzy grey areas for a team of heroes. Speaking of grey, the only thing this episode really needs more of is Jean Grey. Oh, and Storm do not open that door! Yay for cliffhangers! I remember watching this episode as a kid and thinking this was such a mature cartoon. The end credits with the images of the characters reminds me of my hopes for these renderings to be made into action figures. How I can recall the days I would ring up the Toybiz hotline and ask them if they had plans on making characters like Rogue, Mystique, and Jean Grey into figures. (This was before those figures would eventually get made as part of that decades long toy line.)

11:30 AM

Reboot in Racing the Clock

I used to love this show on Saturday mornings, so to be sitting down to watch it as the final cartoon on my lineup is really bringing me back. There is no splashy song, but my goodness how far we have come with CGI. It actually doesn't look that bad, there is a dated look to it, but it isn't atrocious.

Look at Hexidecimal strut!

Open scene takes place at Dot's Diner, which reminds me, there is a real Dot's Diner where I live. I now want a cheeseburger and fries. Looking at this show now as an adult it reminds me of a cross between Tron and Back to the Future 2. Bob and Dot are also so cute, while Enzo is just too precocious for his own good.

While I'm on the subject of the episode's beginning, Megabyte is a really cool villain. He looks scary. Though what is up with Enzo? He is going to get into trouble with this delivery package business. Whew! I was hoping Bob and Dot would be shocked that Enzo is delivering an item to Hexidecimal. She is dangerous!

Thank goodness Bob is figuring out what is inside the delivery box.

Apparently it is not meant to be a bomb, but a Hexidecimal mask with a clock on it sounds like a bomb. I'm just sayin. And why does Enzo want a delivery business anyway? He's just a kid.

Fade to Hexidecimal's lair. She is so cool. Insane, but so cool. I also just realized that Megabyte sounds like Emperor Palpatine.

These scenes with Bob delivering the mask entertaining. The whole island that Hex is on is just so weird. Bob does look really weird with the Hex mask on his face though once it is in his possession.

Dot your man is in trouble! Enzo is like the Orko of this show. He has created so much trouble! Oh my goodness I have forgotten about the incoming game cube thing! That whole event just sounds awful and makes me never want to play a game ever again. I don't want to harm people in Mainframe.

This is so cool, they are all playing a racing video game! This game is intense. Racing element is really fun and I remember why this show was such a thrill ride when I was younger.

One of those racers looks like the prototype for a Minion.

Holy cow Dot and Enzo get your shit together and let Bob know he has a bomb on his car! My goodness why does Bob not even realize this from the beginning? Finally he knows! It's about damn time.

Ok now they have to escape or be deleted? This is worse than the ending to Metroid! I could never live in Mainframe. This is just too scary of a life for me. All is well though like it always is, and finishing this episode is yet another reminder that this show is still pretty darn great and needs to be revived.

All right. It's noon and my cartoon block is now over. Coming up next is some made for TV movie or a really chopped and edited version of a National Lampoons Vacation movie. Preferably the European one. Either way, this was my Saturday morning cartoon lineup. Please check out the full episode at Eclectic Mayhem to hear more about this super fun episode that Brian hosted. I really enjoyed taking on this challenge as well, it was fun to relive these cartoons. Some I relive regularly and some were being revisited after a long while.

Be sure to also check out my co-hosts and their respective blogs as they are also taking part in this Saturday Morning Cartoon lineup,

Brian- Pop Pop..! It's Trash Culture
Derek- The Goodwill Geek
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Leave your comments with your own memories and personal lineups for Saturday Morning Cartoons! I hope you are all doing well. I've got more stuff planned for the month of July so stick around!



    What a great post. I did one myself years ago. I loved REBOOT. One of my favorite shows along with Tiny Toon Adventures.

  2. The Saturday morning cartoon episode was a fantastic podcast! I listened to it all in just one sitting.
    Kudos to all of you, I'm not sure I could fit all of my favorite cartoons into a five hour block.

    I had been working my way through the X-men animated series before real life problems got in the way. I did like what little I saw as it seemed a perfect introduction to the concepts from the comics.

    I remember they ran the 90s Spider-man animated series when I was a kid. That might be fun to revisit as well, although that show was more serialized and thus harder to follow on a casual basis, which is probably why I haven't seen it in so long.

    Tiny Toons is another show I need to be watching and I don't know why I haven't, especially since I loved animaniacs. Maybe it was the pastel colors and the name tiny that made it sound juvenile, but it actually looks pretty zany.

    It's great that you're able to revisit and find good memories about things you haven't seen in years. Since I watch a lot of cartoons even as a grown up, it might take some digging to find something that I haven't seen since I was a kid. Maybe id go back to the days when I watched "Free Willy: The Animated Series"! Haha I miss the days when they made cartoons out of anything and everything!

    Thanks for the blast from your past. The commercials were the icing on the cake! (Or maybe the marshmallows on the cereal would be a better analogy)

    I just wish I could be watching toons too! Have a great weekend!

  3. Why hasn't Reboot been uh, rebooted yet? If there was ever a time for a series about people in a computer world, this is it! Of course I say the same thing about Tron and they recently announced they were canning the next movie so what do I know?

  4. OK -first off, I LOVED Cranapple as a kid!! My breakfast nowadays just consists of coffee, but I still do love to have a refreshing Cranapple every now and then!
    Secondly, almost none of these cartoons were aired on any Saturday morning lineup that I watched. Only Reboot and X-Men were Saturday morning cartoons, the rest aired in weekday afternoon syndication. I can't speak for Saturday lineups everywhere, but that's how it was here in merry old Ohio.
    I loved all these cartoons (except, sadly, I still to this day have never watched Jem, but I gotta get around to that!) as I have said in the past, I had a crush on Babs Bunny, but I still prefer Animaniacs to Tiny Toons. Both were manic, but I loved the Marx Brothers feel of Animanacs. My favorite Tiny Toons episode was the one where it was hour long spring break special, and the hick possum character comes home with them to go to Acme Looniversity, and he says , "I'm gonna get me an edumacation!" Still funny to this day.
    God Silverhawks was awesome! I want a Squid ship! I have the Monstar figure, but it is so disappointing how his whole body doesn't change from metal to furry. Only his head changes! I desperately wanted the minotaur guy and the guy with all the yellow balls around him, but I never got those!

    I also wanted a Cat-illac toy from Heathcliff, though I liked Garfield and friends better as a cartoon. That cartoon was hilarious! Especially the U.S Acres segment that had the "Procrastinators Club" -to this day, I laugh about the episode that said, "The meeting of the Procrastinators Club has been postponed" haha!!

    I will have to think on what my ideal Saturday morning lineup would be!
    This was a great post though! I would read an entire blog of just Miss M watching and reviewing old cartoons!

  5. All of those cartoons were aired in Latin América too!!!
    You're right, after so many years, Reboot graphics don't look that bad, they are pretty decent instead. BTW Bob looks much better in action figure form, he has a "nice guy" face I love like crazy.
    He Man blusing is adorable :D

  6. Night of the Sentinels! A nice slice of animated work here- very FUN :)

  7. nice picks and trip down memory lane. including both seeing the x-men and jem on your list. though my line up would be x-men days of future past. the episode where find out her and kimbers mothers memorys were used to make synergy. and the dungeons and dragons episode dragons graveyard where they enlist t a mat to go after venger only to find their weapons can do the deed. plus some kid video too.