Friday, July 31, 2015

July 2015 Woman of Wonderosity!

Dear Diary.

Ok, I have so many unanswered questions in life right now. The thing is, I'm not even sure where I can go for those answers. Like... there's this evil force from the universe that is after me. I think one of my friends might be in trouble. Actually I feel like all of my friends are in trouble. The whole world is in trouble. What do I do Diary? Is this what happens? We just worry about everything until we die? Well I've already died once before. So... Oh well. I'll figure my life out. I just know it will all be ok.

-Miss M

???: Mommy. Mommy. We're late for school.

Miss M: What? It's summer. And you're not my daughter. The eggs in the carton are rotten. Now go away.

???: Mommy, I don't want a late note. I want you to get me out of school. I don't like my school. I want to go to a new school. Mommy, come on. Wake up!

Miss M: (stands up to stretch) What is happening to me? Why is that creepy girl with no face always in my dreams? Shit I need answers to my life. Ok. I know what I'll do. I need to go to OmniCorp and visit the head of the cable network OmniVision! Why didn't I think of this earlier? I can be so freakin slow. Ok dorkette, put the pedal to the metal and let's rock this day!

Megan Fox: Hi, I'm Megan Fox for Channel 2 News, all rights owned and operated by OmniVision. Panic has set in the city as the threat of TOYS, a deadly virus created from club drug Plastic has been filling up hospitals. People are on edge. With me right now is a concerned citizen. (whispers) Come on out!

Brandine: I'm a damn concerned citizen. We let these damn mutie freaks have rights like the rest of us and look where it gets us.

Brandine: Everyone's got TOYS now. Regular old humans like me and you, they are gettin infected by that nasty Mutant blood. It's end times. I want my hooch.

Megan Fox: Actually, the virus was created by synthesizing mutant DNA with a host of other properties to create a street drug. The mastermind behind that was Shredder, a non-mutant. I'd like to speak to another citizen, a fellow self identified mutant. What do you think of TOYS?

Penance: It's just unfortunate. I feel like mutants get caught up in the same recycled story lines. We already had our Legacy Virus decades ago. Now we are being blamed for a whole new virus.

Megan Fox: To be fair though, this new virus is striking down Homo Sapien, not Homo Superior.

Penance: So? What does it matter? Aren't we all Homo? We all need to be treated with respect and love. Those mutants that were killed and turned into Plastic, they didn't asked to be consumed by the public. They didn't beg to make people sick.

Megan Fox: Thank you. There you have it viewers: we are all Homo. I'm Megan Fox for Channel 2 news, a sister station of the OmniVision Network...

Miss M soon arrives at OmniVision...

Miss M: Thank you for seeing me. I know you are so busy running OmniVision, but I just had to see you. I have needed your help. Can you please help me Peekablue?

July 2015 Woman of Wonderosity!

Peekablue: Of course I can! I'm glad you came to me. That's what friendships are for. You look really good. Have you lost weight?
Miss M: No. Hardly. This is all an illusion. It's amazing what can happen when you swap heads and outfits. I'm actually really craving a cheeseburger and fries though.
Peekablue: Aren't we all? Now, what can I do for you?

Miss M: I need your powers of omni-sight. I have questions about the people in my life and I need answers. Normally I'd just stalk them on social media, but that just won't do right now. No one does proper status updates anymore.

Peekablue: I understand. Who are we looking for first?

Miss M: Well... I want to know how Glimmer is doing. She hasn't returned any of my calls and I have no idea where she is.

Peekablue: That sounds like a nice start. Let me see...

Glimmer: Lion-O, I'm terribly sorry. I may have given you TOYS.
Lion-O: Glimmer... how?

Glimmer: I got hooked on Plastic. I started shooting it up. I wasn't using it the proper way. I got sloppy. I'm so sorry.

Lion-O: Look, we can fix this.

Glimmer: There's nothing to fix. I'm going to die! Why aren't you more angry? Come on! Get mad! I may have infected you! Do something. Yell. Scream. Take me out of my misery... (starts to cry) I don't want to die.

Lion-O: Come on Glimmer, no one is going to die. If I have to walk the ends of the Earth for a cure I will. I'm not giving up on you. We are going to get through this. Ok?

Glimmer: Ok...

Miss M: Oh poor Glimmer. I had no idea. She has TOYS. Oh my goodness she must be so scared. I need to help her.

Peekablue: Before you do that though, aren't you wanting to know more about the people close to you?
Miss M: I suppose so. What have the Cat Ladies been up to? I'm trying to understand why Hellcat is here.

Peekablue: Very well. Let us peek in...

Black Cat: I'm just not sure I am following your plan. How long are we planning on keeping Hordak here?
Catra: I have no clue. I don't want to turn him over to the police because he'll just find a way to get free. He has connections everywhere.

Hellcat: Ok, maybe so, but Black Cat has a great point. How long can this go on? Are you going to kill him?

Catra: No. I want to, believe me. That won't change anything though. I want him to learn a lesson.

Hellcat: Well... All he is learning right now is the art of revenge once he finds his way free. He is going to be pissed.
Catra: I know. I'm going to figure it out soon.

Black Cat: In the mean time, does this mean we can finally tell Velvet Sky to go?

Catra: Don't ask me, I never wanted her here.

Velvet Sky: Hey gals. I couldn't help but over hear. Umm, I don't know where I'll be able to go if I leave here. I don't have a home.

Miss M: Wait a minute! My friends the Cat Ladies have been helping Velvet Sky hideout in their lair?
Peekablue: It appears that way.
Miss M: I don't believe this! What traitors! That loon killed me! How could they be helping her?

Peekablue: I am not able to view the past my dear, only what is going on in the present.

Miss M: Ok, then find out what cosmic force is trying to come after me. If you say Velvet Sky, I will scream so loud.

Peekablue: All right, let's see what I can find...

Pause for dramatic effect...

Miss M: Well?

Peekablue: I can't see anything.

Miss M: That's not possible. There is some cosmic evil force out there that is trying to destroy me.
Peekablue: Miss M, I can only see what is happening on this planet. If some cosmic force wants you vanquished, I have nothing to do about that. However, there is one thing. One image did come up and it was of Skeletor.
Miss M: Skeletor? Why him?
Peekablue: I am not sure.
Miss M: That's just crazier than a rut in a room full of Runts. I wouldn't even be able to get answers out of him because he is a mute. Ever since he got back from space...

Peekablue: There you go.
Miss M: He must know something. Ok, I'm making a note. So up next, check in on Sydney Rutledge. I feel terrible. She has been stalked by someone replicating the Scream movies since October, and I believe her story was supposed to wrap up back in May.

Peekablue: According to my vision... She is in Swans Crossing as we speak. Her life is in danger but it would appear there is a delay in what goes on After Dark.

Miss M: Fair enough. Now one more thing. I've been having these dreams where a little girl with no face is calling me mommy. I would know if I've ever had any children, and I haven't, so that's why I'm really confused.

Peekablue: This sounds like a challenge. Let me see what I can find...

Moth Lady: She won't stop crying. Why won't she stop crying?
Vultura: I'm not really sure. Have you tried to breast feed again?

Moth Lady: No. I keep telling you, she isn't interested in milk. She wants blood.

Vultura: Do what you gotta do. Just make sure that lil monster is fed so that she can be ready for class.

Moth Lady: I don't understand why Dragon Queen thinks this thing will be able to learn. She was just born a few weeks ago.
Vultura: You know how Dragon Queen is, she wants to make sure that this bundle of terror can fulfill her evil duties at the youngest of age.

Moth Lady: (looks away) I don't want to be a mother. This isn't supposed to be my baby. That dork girl was in charge of my body when she bedded that somber man bat.

Vultura: Well what could you possibly do now Moth Lady? Give it away?

Moth Lady: That would be... crazy...

Miss M: Ok, please tell me you found something. Anything?

Peekablue: (lies) I'm terribly sorry. I had no real grasp on this vision.

Miss M: Oh. Ok. I feel like I've just wasted your time.
Peekablue: You haven't. Not one iota of time was wasted. I do urge you though to make haste and head to see Bruce Wayne.

Miss M: Really? You think so? Why should I go there?
Peekablue: Trust me on this, go to him.

Miss M: Oh Lord. This is a damn mess. Did he put you up to this? I mean I'm not sure I want to be with him.
Peekablue: This is not about that. Please hurry.

Miss M: Ok, I'm gone. Bye Peekablue.

Peekeblue: Farewell.

Peekablue: Poor girl. She has no idea. The eggs... they've hatched.

July 2015 Woman of Wonderosity

Miss M: Are you busy?
Batman: About to check in on the city. What are you doing here?

Miss M: I don't know what I'm doing here. Is there maybe something you want to tell me?

Batman: There's always something I want to tell you.
Miss M: Like what?

Batman: For starters, we need to stop denying ourselves what we truly want...

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Miss M: Oh, is that company?

Batman: I wasn't expecting anyone.


Miss M: Moth Lady?!

Batman: Whoa.

Moth Lady: Thank goodness. Just the two people I was looking for...

Moth Lady: Say hello, to your baby.

Miss M and Batman: (in unison) Gulp.

To Be Continued!

Up Next! Three Toys and a Baby!


  1. What a singular work of art. I love how you mix the words with the figures. Like I said before. Your love is pure here and it shows in the detail and complexity of your art...

  2. nice story was waiting for moth woman to let toy miss m and batman learn guess what you two are now the proud parents of a new bundle of non joy this time around. should now be interesting to see how they handle this mess. plus also been waiting for toy miss m to learn about the cat ladies and velvet sky.

  3. OK-I know your friend made that doll of you to look realistic, but it is HORIFYING!!! I cannot take it! see the aspects of you in it like the pale skin and the dark circles under the eyes, but STILL, I really do not think it looks like you , and it's actually kind of scary.
    The rest of this was great though. I LOVE the bat baby haha! It's actually really cute! Now you and the Bats have a vamp bat-baby! I love it!
    Also loved the Blanche (is that her name?) doll when Miss M is getting out of bed. That was cute! Skinless pink haired girl was oddly cute too, but I think I just think that because there is something seriously wrong with me!