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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 38

She-Ra Saturday is here (again) and Part 2 is reaching the end! In just a few more chapters Part 2 will end and it will be one helluva ending!

Previously: Hordak and some of his Horde crashed into the Whispering Woods ready to take the Lunar Stone from Bright Moon. The Great Rebellion put up quite the fight, but not everyone walked away unscathed. Madame Razz was harmed with her own magic and Angella was thrown off Bright Moon... Across worlds, the Masters of the Universe were in an intense battle against Skeletor over Castle Grayskull. Fisto was badly injured, and may or may not be dead. There has also been a slew of other really cool things and personal growths for our favorite band of heroic women and men, but after 37 chapters, I think it best to start from the beginning this far in the game! Or just immerse yourself in one dorkette's love for all things She-Ra with this super fun fan fic.

And now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 38

Propped up in her bed, Angella sits patiently as her daughter paces back and forth. A scowl spreads across Glimmer's face as she throws her hands high in the air, "How could you not let us know? I don't understand mother." Angella sighs, "Glimmer, there was nothing to say. Peekablue had come to me in confidence. She didn't want to worry anyone. All she had seen was Hordak talking about his plans. She knew nothing else of a date or method that Hordak would be using! What else should I have done Glimmer? I am the Queen of Bright Moon. My utmost importance was to get the Lunar Stone to safety."

Glimmer hangs her head, "What did they do to you in the Midnight Lair? Why would you only stop there? Why not let us know, so that we could be prepared?" Angella tilts her head, "Glimmer, we only knew that Hordak was talking about these plans. I took a simple precaution with the Lunar Stone and nothing else. Why would I want to create a commotion? The citizens of Bright Moon have been through enough..."

Turning with a pointed finger, Glimmer raises her voice, "Are you listening to yourself? Do you have any idea what is happening? People are leaving the Whispering Woods in droves! There have been two attacks in recent months and no one feels safe. People feel that they can take their chances anywhere now. There are those returning to their old towns and villages, while others are simply leaving to start anew. Mother, the Great Rebellion is falling apart."

Closing her eyes and trying to be strong, Angella sighs, "Everything will work out for the best Glimmer. It just will." Angella hopes her daughter can just believe. Glimmer has lost too much in this life and believing is not always easy, "What will work? Look at you mother. We are falling apart." Glimmer quickly leaves her mother's room and Angella simply sits in her bed with her head in her hands. She calls out to her deceased husband, Micah, for some sort of help. There is nothing but silence.

Outside in the hall, Glimmer rushes away trying to find a place to be alone. Instead she bumps into Bow. "Hey Glimmer." He looks at his friend and can see such sadness in her eyes, "How is your mom?" Shaking her head in defeat, Glimmer sighs, "Oh Bow, I don't know what to do. She still can't feel her legs or wings. And she just seems so different. I don't understand why Peekablue and her both kept Hordak's plans a secret from us. What's the point of Peekablue being able to 'look' in on events on Etheria, if only to keep it to herself?"

Bow nods, "I know you are upset. But we can't question all these things. The most important thing is that Angella is alive. She fell a long way. The Horde left. We have She-Ra on our side. Everything will work out." Glimmer throws her hands up, "That is what everyone says. It will all just work out. And in the mean time the Horde is just taking what they want. Well I am done with all of that. Something needs to change." Glimmer turns away from her friend and walks off to be alone. Bow stands there, marvelling at how far she has come. A voice calls out from behind Bow. "Not long ago she was pining away after you, and now look at her, determined and ready to change the world. Looks like Glimmer is ready to be a queen." Bow turns to hear the familiar voice of Mermista.

"You heard everything?" Bow asks. Mermista nods, "I couldn't help but hear. How is Angella?" Bow explains that she is the same. Mermista is saddened to hear that. She keeps hoping that Angella will have feeling in her legs and wings again. The two friends walk off heading to the dining hall to find something to eat.

In another part of Bright Moon, Adora is sitting by Madame Razz's bedside. The witchy old woman is still feeling weak from the events with Hordak. Roughly coughing and trying to stay still, Madame Razz looks over at Adora, "You don't have anything else to do dearie?"

Adora shakes her head, "Nope. I'm perfectly fine right here." Adora reaches out and squeezes the old woman's frail hands. Madame Razz cackles to the best of her ability, "This is the last place you need to be. You should be spending time with your brother. Or summoning She-Ra and getting rid of the Horde." Adora knows this would make the most sense, however there are other important things going on. "Madame Razz, you were injured. I have time for all those other things, but I just want to be here, looking over you. You gave us all a scare!"

"Your tellin me dearie! I don't think I've ever felt so much pain in my head before. I don't know what I was thinking trying to go up against Hordak on my own. I'm not some spring selkie ya know?" Adora smiles to herself, "No, you aren't. In fact, once Light Hope finds out about this, he will probably insist on seeing you..." Madame Razz's eyes nearly bug out of their sockets, "I told you dearie, I am too old a woman for that man to ever lay eyes on me again! I want him to think of me in my younger days, when this face wasn't so cracked and shallow."

Adora insists, "But Madame Razz, you both loved each other so. Surely he'd look past that?" Madame Razz sits up in her bed, "Adora, dearie, we did love each other very much. But it has been so long since we last saw each other, and in his new form... well... I just like to hold onto the great memories. Sometimes the memories is what gets you through..." They smile at each other and make some brief small talk, all of which involves the recent attack from the the Horde.

Madame Razz eventually coughs again shaking her head, "Dearie, enough of this gloom and doom. Talk to me about something else. Tell me what is new with you. I've sensed your heart has been heavy..." Adora sits there in awe, nothing can ever escape Madame Razz. "I don't even know what to say Madame Razz..."

The witchy woman gives a big toothy grin, "We can always start with the men in your life. I'm not dense dearie." With eyes wide open, Adora tries to cover her surprise. Where would she even begin? "I guess I am in a messy situation Madame Razz. I have found my heart in a confusing place. I care so strongly for Bow, he means the world to me. Our special friendship has carried me through so much and when I think of what we have already been through and experienced together... I just want to hold onto him forever. But..." Adora pauses to choose her words carefully. Madame Razz leans back and exasperates, "But?"

Adora shakes her head, surprised that she is talking about this, "But... I have found myself thinking of someone else too. I have developed an interest in Sea Hawk, which has completely caught me off guard because the man is a nuisance. He only thinks of himself. The way he views and treats women, I don't see how he hasn't been strangled by one of us yet. But beneath those things... I feel a kindred connection. There are things that haunt him just like there are things that haunt me. I want to know more about him. But I don't know why." She looks over at Madame Razz hoping for some wise answer. Anything at this point would be helpful. Madame Razz simply sighs, "You are certainly in a predicament dearie."

"I know! Oh Madame Razz I know." Adora shakes her head, "And the worst thing about all of this is that I feel so pathetic. I contain the secrets to become the most powerful woman in the universe. I have accomplished so many things to help this world... and yet I am completely lost over two men? I just feel so pathetic. I should be better then this..." The troubling situation is concerning for Adora. Madame Razz lightens the mood with a laugh, "Oh dearie, you are hardly the first nor the last to be involved with matters of the heart. You could single handedly rid Etheria of evil but that would still not make you immune to love and the complications that come with it. Don't let your feelings take away from who you are. You can still be the most powerful woman in the universe and still get caught up over two strapping young men. Dearie, what I wouldn't give for these old bones to have a bit of romance around here..."

They both laugh at the statement. Adora has tears in her eyes, "It's never too late Madame Razz. A great romance could still be brewing for you." Madame Razz nearly chokes on the thought, "Please dearie. Let's focus on the things that make the most sense in this world. I understand the position you have found yourself in, but eventually, something will need to change." Nodding in agreement, Adora sighs, "I know Madame Razz. I can't go on forever with these conflictions. I just don't know what I will do." Madame Razz reaches out to squeeze Adora's hands, "Listen dearie. It will make sense. Try not to dwell on it all. Just accept it all for it what is. You've got your mind and heart on two men and leave it be. It'll come to you." Adora nods, "Oh Madame Razz what would I do without you?"

The old witchy woman shrugs, "I have no clue dearie." They continue to sit there talking about various things. Madame Razz is wounded, but she is far from going down without a fight. The conversation eventually changes to another topic: the She-Ra doppelganger. Madame Razz wants to know what Adora thinks about that. Adora shakes her head, "Madame Razz, I do not even know what to say. I am afraid though, because I saw her. The doppelganger, her face changed. And when I saw that happen, I caught a glimpse of... Double Trouble." Madame Razz gasps, "But dearie, Spira was killed. You saw her die." Adora nods, "I know. Now I am just very confused, how can she be back? What happened to her?" The question lingers in the air, without an answer.

In another section of Bright Moon, Frosta finds herself looking for some peace and quiet. With the recent Horde attack and all the commotion that followed, Frosta is in desperate need to be alone. Sneaking into a small sitting room, Frosta smiles at the sight of a plush lounge chair. "Perfect!" She says aloud and prepares to lay back. "No one will be looking for me in here." Frosta goes to lay down and relax. A small window by the lounge lets in some light. Everything just feels cozy.

That all changes though once Frosta notices someone sitting in a corner of the room. Frosta screams in surprise, and screams again once she realizes who she is looking at, "Can't there just be one place where I see no one? I can't even sit in my room! And now this!" Frosta points at the person, "Peekablue, just leave darling!"

Stepping out of the corner, Peekablue looks at Frosta. The shy green haired woman stands there completely lost. Her lower lip trembles and before Frosta can do anything, Peekablue starts crying. Plopping herself on the lounge chair, Frosta drops her shoulders, "I just want to be alone. What is all this about?" Frosta motions to the tears running down Peekablue's face.

"I'm so sorry Frosta. I would have left had I 'seen' you coming. I've just been wanting to be alone too." Frosta tilts her head, "Because of all that time you've spent living alone in the Sun Tower?" Peekablue shakes her head, "No. I've actually gotten used to being around people. My shyness was changing, but I just feel like everyone hates me."

Frosta sits back with her arms crossed, "Oh you get used to that. Believe me darling, people don't always like me much some of the time either." Peekablue shakes her head and plops down right next to Frosta on the lounge chair. Frosta tries not to recoil from the violation of personal space. Peekablue sobs, "I don't want to be hated, especially for what I did. I didn't mean any harm." Frosta knows she will regret this, but she asks anyway, "Does this have to do with the Horde attack?"

Peekablue nods, "Yes. I never meant to keep anything from the Great Rebellion. I don't fully understand my powers. Sometimes if I focus on something I can see what is going on elsewhere. But other times these visions come to me and I do not know the context. I can't tell if it is something that is occurring in the moment or something that is yet to happen. So when I saw Hordak talking about invading the Whispering Woods, well, I didn't know what to do. That is such a big thing and I didn't want to create a panic."

Frosta agrees, "Of course darling. I seem to recall what happened the last time you told a group about one of your visions." Frosta is referring to the time that Peekablue saw into the future the death of a Rebel. Peekablue bites her lower lip, "It is hard to talk about my power. It is scary and hard to understand. But I never meant any harm to come to anyone. If I had understood Hordak's plans better, I would have done more. But Queen Angella wanted me to keep quiet and to just monitor things. I just feel like I messed up, and now everyone hates me. I started making all these friendships, and now everyone is going to hate me..."

The crying continues and Frosta looks on, unaware of what she should do. Slowly, Frosta places a hand on Peekablue's back. Doing her best to soothe, Frosta sighs, "No one is going to hate you, ok darling? I mean look at me. I find your weird vision magic to be highly bothersome, but I'm right here talking to you. All I wanted was to have some time to myself, and I could have very well thrown you out of this strange small room. But I didn't. And if I can sit here and talk to you, I know other people will still talk to you too. Things happen. Sometimes we don't make the best decisions. My goodness, I am notorious for making great errors in judgement. I actually let the love of my life help some stupid hapless twit with curly blond hair and bad eye shadow. You should have seen the way he looked at her!"

Peekablue stops crying and looks at Frosta in confusion, "What are you talking about?" Frosta looks at her stupidly, "He-Man. And I can't even recall the twit's name." Peekablue shakes her head, "I didn't know he was the love of your life." Frosta rolls her eyes, "Well of course he is darling. Don't you know anything? I thought you could 'see' things." Peekablue sits there, unsure what to say. Her tears are no longer flowing though. "Thank you. I think."

Frosta shrugs, "No problem." Peekablue stands up and readies herself to leave the room. She isn't sure what else to do. As she turns to leave, Frosta calls out, "Peekablue. Don't worry about anything. No one is going to hate you. And honestly, you aren't that bad." Smiling and feeling happy to hear that news, Peekablue waves and leaves Frosta alone. Maybe everything would be ok, Peekablue thinks. As she walks away from the room Peekablue feels a slight tremble course through her body. Her eyes twitch and she stumbles against the wall. Something is not right. She is seeing things and it is making her body feel weird. "I have to find him."

Outside Castle Bright Moon, Sea Hawk is working on his ship in a woodsy clearing. He is working hard and enjoying the silence. He notices Netossa soon approaching but keeps working. "Hawk?" Netossa climbs aboard the ship and looks at the pirate's work. "Everything ok?"

Sea Hawk is finishing up some patchwork on a side railing, "Suppose so. Just finishing some work on this ship. The Horde took us all by surprise and made sure to take some of my ship apart too." He knows Hordak did all of this on purpose. He can't say anything though. Netossa sighs, "Hordak made a huge mess of things. But you have been acting weird before we were attacked. Do you wanna talk about anything?"

The pirate drops one of his tools and sighs, "No 'Tossa. There's nothin to talk about. Only work." He is hoping she will just go away. But Netossa doesn't. Instead she joins him in fixing his ship. "You don't have to help me." Netossa smiles, "You are my friend. Look at all you have done for me. I want to help." They work in silence. Sea Hawk is grateful for the help, but he also feels terrible. If she only knew, he thinks.

As they are finishing up some work, Sea Hawk looks over at Netossa. "Have you been to your home since everything happened?" Netossa shakes her head, "No. Spinnerella and I have not been back. Ever since the village was attacked and the Eye of Fire was taken... I think it was easier for our village to just take their anger out on us. I don't know that we will ever be able to return..." The news is heavy on Sea Hawk. He is responsible for what happened in her village. He is responsible for a great deal. "Netossa..." He is going to tell her the truth. Finally the burden on his shoulders is going to be free, someone will finally know what he has been doing. All of it: still working for Hordak under blackmail, the destruction that he has been a part of. All of it.

But he just stands there. Netossa looks at him, "Yes?" Sea Hawk is about to speak, but stops. No one can know, no one can ever know the things he has done. They would never understand. Sea Hawk shakes his head, "Never mind 'Tossa. Thanks for helping me. You are a great friend." Netossa smiles and tilts her head, "Come on, let's see what's for lunch in the dining hall." They head off to Castle Bright Moon.

Inside the castle Peekablue is staggering towards a room. Throwing herself in the room, Peekablue stumbles towards an end table. "Prince Adam..." Adam turns to see Peekablue in his room. A trail of blood is streaming from nose. "Peekablue! Here, sit." He guides her to his bed, "What is going on? You are bleeding." Peekablue shakes her head, "I saw something. It was intense..."

Adam grabs some tissues and wipes her nose, "What did you see? Did someone do this to you?" Peekablue sighs, "No. I did this to me. It is my power. I can't control it. And this time I am going to do the right thing. Adam... I saw something. A vision." Adam asks for more details. Peekablue continues, "There was a battle in front of a castle. I've never seen this place before. But Clamp Champ and Stratos were in this vision. They were fighting against these beings that were led by a man with a skull for a face..." Adam's heart sinks, "That's Eternia. When did this vision occur?" Peekablue isn't sure, "I do not know if this has happened in the past or if it is happening right now. Or maybe the future... But it doesn't feel like the past."

"Was He-Man there?" Adam asks. Peekablue shakes her head, "No, I didn't see him. But come to think of it, this vision must be new, because why else would I be seeing something from the past? I only just met Clamp Champ and Stratos recently. If this place is your home Adam, something is wrong." Adam shakes his head, this is the last thing he needs to hear. "I have to go." Adam gets up going through a drawer for the portal key.

Peekablue panics, "Where are you going?" Adam looks back, "I have to go see what is happening on Eternia. If there is trouble..." Adam turns back, "Where is Adora?" Peekablue shrugs, "I am not sure." Adam rushes out, "There may not be time. Can you please let my sister know that I had to leave back home? I will return as fast as I can, but this is urgent. If Skeletor is loose on Eternia... Just please let my sister know I love her and I will be back." Adam rushes off with the portal key. Leaving Peekablue alone, she sits there hoping everything will be alright. What is the worst that could happen?

Inside the Fright Zone, Shadow Weaver works her way through Horror Hall. She grabs a magical book and heads to the far back where a special prisoner is being kept. Leaning over Huntara, Shadow Weaver rasps, "You look very good my dear." Huntara is motionless, her eyes wide open. Shadow Weaver has her in suspended animation.

Opening up the book and chanting a few spells, Shadow Weaver makes sure the suspended animation is still in place, "I wasn't sure quite what to do with you. Killing you would have been simple, but you are a very strong woman. I may still have some use for you. After all, taking you out has helped my ultimate plans."

Turning another page, Shadow Weaver cackles, "I couldn't have you and Catra run off to be happy. Not after everything I have been expecting from her. She is the perfect weapon to carry out my revenge. Hordak is going to pay for everything. Now... I just need to make a decision. What will happen to the strong willed Huntara?" Shadow Weaver pauses in silence, "What was that you said?" The mistress of dark magic cackles again and closes her magic book, "Perfect. I know exactly what I am going to do with you." Shadow Weaver waves her arms in the air conjuring smoke and magical energy. Shadow Weaver's laugh echoes throughout Horror Hall as her magic spell surrounds Huntara.

A ways away from Horror Hall, Hordak sits alone in his throne room. He recalls the past, thinking about his last moments with his sister. "You can't die. We will find a cure for this techno organic virus Annila."

"But I am dying brother. You will have to get along with Horde Prime. I chose him to be my king." Hordak shakes his head recalling the past. He calls out, "I wish you had never joined him in that union. For now, I am the one that must deal with Horde Prime..." Hordak sits in silence. He would never admit it openly, but he misses his sister. Many years and generations have passed, but that loss still effects him.

Catra slinks into the throne room and breaks Hordak away from his thoughts. "Mighty Hordak, the prisoners are doing well." Hordak snorts, "Very well. What of Vampra? I haven't seen her recently. How has she been enjoying her cell?" Catra angles her head with a glint in her green eyes, "Vampra is fine. Aging away against her wishes." Catra lies, Vampra is nowhere near the cell. Hordak sits back though, pleased and none the wiser.

Standing before Hordak with her arms crossed, Catra purrs, "Is there anything else Hordak?" The mighty leader of the Horde rubs his chin, "Yes, there is something else. The Horde is closing in on some important plans involving the Great Rebellion. I am hoping to acquire the Lunar Stone. I believed that the stone was in Castle Bright Moon."

Catra interrupts him, "Which is such a shame. I would have loved to join in on the attack against the Great Rebellion. I feel like I missed out on something big." Hordak nods, "Yes well, things are far from over. The Horde is going to attack a location that has long been ignored: Mystacor."

"Mystacor? Land of the Mages?" Catra smirks, "Why there?" Hordak sits there in silence. He pauses to grab hold of some food for his pet Imp. "Mystacor has been an important place to gain control on Etheria, however the Mages of Mystacor are not to be taken lightly. This will be dangerous, but I am counting on you Catra." The feline raises an eyebrow, "Me?" Hordak snorts, "Of course you. I am no fool Catra. I have seen your use of magic. It will be needed..." Catra stands tall with a smile on her face, of course her magic would come in handy...

Far away from Etheria, a large Horde ship flies through space. Corporal Romeo stands in the center of the control room. Horde Troopers are piloting the giant ship and Romeo is overlooking everything. A Horde Trooper walks up to Romeo, "Corporal Romeo, we will be arriving shortly." Romeo stands tall looking around him. "Just make sure we have everything ready. Horde Prime is tired of waiting, and now we are going to take what we want."

The Horde Trooper looks around, "Yes Corporal Romeo." The Horde Trooper exits the control room and walks down the hall to finish his other orders. Everyone is busy as they will be landing soon. The Horde Trooper walks past a room with a locked door. Inside the room is a body laying motionless on the floor. The body eventually stirs and rolls over; it is Sweet Bee. She opens her eyes and panics, she is in a strange place, "What is happening to me?" Continuing to lay there, Sweet Bee can only hope that she will be safe, though something tells her this is not the case. She is very much in danger...

Up Next!

Catra gets close to her family...
Prince Adam goes home...


  1. Finally time to see He-man kicking some ass!
    Maybe Frosta should hop through that portal and show the love of her life how much she cares by aiding in the fight.I'd love to see her and Teela get into a cat fight.
    Does Castle Chill have any trapdoors she could drop Teela or Sweet Bee down?

    1. Yes, He-Man is going to be back to his old stomping grounds! lol And Frosta will end up somewhere I am sure. A trapdoor in Castle Chill would be something else, wouldn't it? lol I'm sure there are quite a few people she'd drop down there. lol

  2. speaking of trapdoors do you remember any old cartoons where the plot of the cartoon was like a talent show or an amateur night with different characters performing goofy talents and when the performers would fail to amuse the audience a trapdoor would open under them and they would fall through it?
    I always wondered where this trope came from. Did this ever happen in real life? I mean did they used to drop people down trapdoors in the old days of vaudeville?
    Also do you remember how in those types of cartoons sometimes a big hook would come out and yank the performer off the stage? From what I have read that actually did happen in the old days of vaudeville. Acts on amateur night would often "get the hook"-it's too bad they don't still use one on performers as that might make shows like American idol more watchable.

    1. OMG, ok so I was just thinking of the hook thing the other day. I would die for awards shows to use the hook trick when people are going too long on their acceptance speeches. I mean I know the acceptance speech is important, but I'd get a kick out of seeing someone pull out the hook to drag them off stage.

      As for trapdoors in other cartoons, I am not sure. I also don't really know if it was a vaudeville act or not. Do the trap doors getting dunked into a water tank at a carnival count as a trapdoor? The whole trapdoor question is very interesting. I am smelling a research project. lol

    2. in a carnival I think that is more of a dunk tank-I've never seen one that looks like a real trapdoor in a stage-but yet there are like tons of really old cartoons dating back to the 30's where characters auditioning for things or performing talents get trapdoored-remember the one where the little Owl is auditioning for the radio show and all the other characters auditioning keep getting dumped down a trapdoor -or the one where Porky Pig is auditioning talent in his office and he keeps pulling the lever and a trapdoor opens up under the acts no matter where they are standing in his office.
      and that one where the little tiny flea girl is being all adorable but then she gets the trapdoor opened under her and she falls for like a long time and then you hear this huge crash even though she is a tiny little flea.
      I really wish I knew where that concept came from because the hook really did happen. Actually the closest I have seen of a hooking in recent times was a gag they did on one of those VH1 Divas shows. Paula Abdul was going on about how you shouldn't make your speech too long but then she keeps droning on so they put a big hook around her and yank her off while she complains about not being done. I know it was staged but still it came very close to what you were saying with awards shows.
      what with all the popular talent shows they have now they really need to bring the hook back -they should base an entire show around it. Funny as trapdoors are the hook mught be even better because you would get to hear them complain as they are being dragged off:" wait! you can't do this to me! Don't you know who I am!" -ahh yes it may be mean but still funny.

    3. Ya know I do remember the Porky Pig cartoons. I wanna say there were even some Betty Boop cartoons that did that too. I do remember some of them. I was thinking of the cartoons from like the 80s, and I just couldnt figure it out. But yes, there were a lot of old old cartoons. lol I love it. Plus there must be some historical piece on the origins of the trap door. I just can't believe there hasn't been anything. I will do some looking into this.

      And I have never seen that Divas episode, but that sounds like fun. I do hope they bring the hook back for a variety of shows. That would be so cool!

    4. I should have guessed you would be a Betty Boop fan! I used to love the old Max Fleischer studios cartoons. Some of them were really actually kind of creepy like "Bimbo's Initiation" where Bimbo the dog is stalked by a cult trying to get him to join and at the end all of the cultists end up being Betty Boops! Actually I think that was back when Betty Boop had dog ears and was supposed to be a dog.
      It would be kind of cool if they had talent shows shows where people were bad on purpose and they gave them the hook-so people could have the joy of seeing it but without actually hurting anyone's feelings. I could see you dressing like a "Jem" character and putting on an act-what song would you do and how would you act when they hooked you off? Go quietly or camp it up and beg for a second chance? I kinda think the struggling and protesting that you deserve a second chance would make it funnier-even if you knew you didn't deserve one.

    5. I was a really big Betty Boop fan. I had one of those VHS tapes that had over 20 hours of old cartoons on it, much of which were Betty Boop. I even had some old Betty Boop comics as well as some pvc items. But I do agree, some of those older cartoons were a little creepy. I think if I were going to be a part of the hook stage trick, and I was going to do a jem song, I'd probably do 'I Got My Eye on You' and if it was a Misfits song I'd do 'Gimme a Gimmick' and I would totally camp it up. I'd be screaming and falling to the floor. I'd have a second hook from the other side try to drag me out too. lol It would be a mess but in the best way possible. lol

    6. Actually something like that would be a funny sketch if you ever make videos to go along with your blog-"Miss M Gets the Hook" -you could explain the history of She-ra and after you start getting long winded have a cane come out from off camera and hook you off-

      Miss M:"and then the He-Man and She-ra Christmas special came out which was the first time we ever saw Skeletor working for or with Horde Prime. This was important to the series because...(hook goes around you) hey, what's this.. wait! Not the hook! This is important! hold on ..I'm not dooone(yanked off camera)

    7. Oh wow that would really be funny. I would totally do that if I had the equipment. I think it would be funny. Now I am going to see if I can find a hook. lol It could be like a theme. I do video rants on the importance of She-Ra, and then I just get hooked away. lol

    8. Wow-think about it-that may be one way for you to really look like a real life cartoon!
      think of the possibilities! You could do a Christmas video where you are hooked with a big candy cane!
      You could do one where someone off camera tells you you aren't going to get hooked that day and then you are all relaxed and cocky-
      and you are like "good, cuz I am the star of this blog and I should not be getting the hook-blah blah-"but then someone off camera says "were not giving you the hook today Miss M because we are giving you the trapdoor."
      (You look shocked and appalled, then do a sad little bye bye wave and then dump yourself down under camera view to make it look like you just took the plunge down the trapdoor)
      haha! there are limitless possibilities for a sketch like this! It gives you a way to talk about something long winded that only geeks like us care about-but then at he end it, punishes you for doing so for the folks who aren't into that kinda stuff! Whether people care about the toy and toon stuff, or whether they just wanna see you get the hook, everyone wins!

      Well I am going to read the new Adora chapter this weekend-I gotta do some family stuff, so it may take me a minute to get through it-and then I'm looking up Canes big enough to fit around a human being cuz this idea is just too good to drop!

    9. Oh my goodness! You have some ideas! I love the candy cane hook for Christmas! I just am thinking of all these ideas, not just for videos, but for other things too! Like action figures getting the hook too. Oh you have some fun ideas. Good luck finding a hook! I will be on the lookout too. : )

      And I hope you have been doing well. I also hope you enjoy the newest chapter.

  3. your idea of the hook on the action figure is good-you should do a photo feature where you have like a Jem gong show! (I don't know if you are familiar with the gong show but it was a talent show that used to be on Tv where bad acts would perform and they would get "gonged" off stage. This was similar to those old cartoons we talked about where they would usually ring a gong before hooking a character off stage or dropping them down a trapdoor.)
    I am suggesting it to be a Jem gong show (even though I am unfamiliar with Jem) because all of those characters probably come with instruments and microphones and could probably be posed to look like they are performing.
    I don't know what you would use for a hook-but an actual candy cane or umbrella handle would probably fit around a figure. And you could give some of them the trapdoor via the old school castle gray skull toy trapdoor-(is the new castle grayskull going to have one?)
    in general it would be funny to see you doing some more photo feature kind of stuff -similar to how you do the heroic hottie posts-only with speech balloons and character interaction like they used to have in Toyfare. ("Twisted Mego theater" as they used to call it-I think that feature was the inspiration for Robot Chicken.)

    1. Hey spazzblister! Well the Jem dolls would be perfect for that. And I am somewhat familair with the gong show. I know what you are talking about and have seen a few episodes, but I dont know it like the back of my hand.

      As for the "Twisted Mego theater" I have tried to capture that fun with features like the Heroic Hottie and Dorky Snaps. But Dorky Snaps is just like one picture that gets a caption. I would like to do something more with the bubbles and what-not. I miss those fun things so much from ToyFare and have thought about bringing that sort of element to here as a tribute and carrying on the torch.