Saturday, November 24, 2012

While you are waiting...

So today is She-Ra Saturday and due to the holidays and just being incredibly busy, the latest chapter of Adora's Search for Honor is still in progress. I know there are a few people that enjoy reading the chapters, so I wanted to give that little heads up.

But, while you are waiting, check out this article I wrote for NERD Society on the Crystal Falls! You can find it here. I had a lot of fun writing that, so enjoy!

If you are excited for the next chapter, be sure to check back. I should have it up this weekend. It is a labor of love and will hopefully be really good! Take care everyone.


  1. I have an idea for a feature "miss M gets the trapdoor" where you are summoned to the Fright Zone by Hordak who is angry at you for how you portray him in the fan fic. You can then give us the play by play of the scenario-

    example: Hordak: (tapping his fingers next to the ominous button on the arm of his throne) so.Miss M, do you enjoy writing your little propaganda pieces about the Horde?
    Miss M:(slightly trembling) it..passes the time..
    Hordak" I particularly enjoy how you make me look like a cruel, heartless despot-you capture me so well..
    Miss M: I-I wouldn't say you are cruel, I think I add a certain dimension of humanity to your character -even though you aren't human, sir.
    Hordak:yes yes-I suppose you do..Miss M-do you know how to swim? (still tapping finger ominously close to the button)
    Miss M: (gulp)

    -but I will let you finish that tale someday. Love to see Miss M give an account of what the Fright zone is really like. I will have to read your article for nerd society -keep working on that chapter!

    1. Oh my goodness, you always have funny things to say. I have sometimes wondered like, "What if these characters were really real. What would they think about my little fan fic chapters on them?" lol I would like to think they'd like it, but your comment on Hordak's thoughts... priceless. That is so funny. And I could imagine him being like that, ready to drop me down the trap door! lol