Saturday, November 17, 2012

November 2012 Heroic Hottie!

While most folks are ready to chow down on a turkey leg soon, let's instead, feast our eyes on the new November 2012 Heroic Hottie! These hotties are a bigger kept secret than People's Sexiest Man Alive. (Spoiler alert, this year it is Channing Tatum.) I can't tell you how many people ask me on the street, "Miss M! Miss M! Who will be next month's Heroic Hottie? We are just dying to know!" Ok, so maybe I have illusions of grandeur, but before I am carted off to that terribly wacky American Horror Asylum, let's check out my special interview with this month's Heroic Hottie: the Green Arrow!

Diary of a Dorkette: First off, congratulations on your new hit show Arrow, on the CW. The ratings are good, and there is a great number of new fans getting introduced to who you are. You have certainly reached a point beyond the fandom. Did you ever think you'd become such a huge hit?
Green Arrow: Thank you. I am very pleased with the success of the show. I never figured my story would make it this far. There were many times that I was concerned that DC was going to pull the plug.
Diary: Didn't they though? I feel like you died once.
GA: I did. And it didn't last. What can I say? I have a very loyal fan base.
Diary: That you do. But aside from the show, what else are you up to?
GA: Well I don't know if you know this, but I have retired from fighting crime. I sort of work behind the scenes now. I help DC with their change up with the New 52, and I help give Stephen Amell, the actor that plays me, some tips on how to fight and look the part in Arrow.
Diary: What is Stephen like? Because I have got to say, he would have been perfect for a double feature with you for Heroic Hottie. His shirtless work and the salmon ladder is just... well I mean there are just no words.
GA: Riiight. Well I told him how to work on those abs. I knew that each ab would have to be working that much harder to get him through the various stunts along with the infamous salmon ladder.
Diary: Can you share any spoiler alerts for the rest of Arrow's first season?
GA: Well sure, why not? Here is what you can expect from the rest of the first season... (At this point in the interview, Green Arrow's phone rang) Oh, if you'll excuse me. I really need to take this call. (The former super hero left the interview for what felt like an eternity. Diary of a Dorkette couldn't help but wonder what was keeping him.)

Eventually the Green Arrow returned and appeared slightly out of breath.
Diary: That must have been some phone call. Are you alright?
GA: Fine. Just a stressful phone call. Anyways, season one. There will be plenty of action. And maybe some romance.
Diary: Oh romance! Perfect topic. Now that you have escaped the drudgery of a vigilante lifestyle, have you been able to settle down with anyone?
GA: Possibly. But I feel that if I were to tell you that, I'd be letting a lot of fantasies end a most tragic fate.
Diary: Do you know who my readers are? I think the only one who will be devastated that you are spoken for is me. Now fess up, who has captured your heart?
GA: Let's just say I am with someone who truly understands my crazy schedule. (Green Arrow's publicist interrupts the interview to relay a message.) I apologize again Miss M, but I have to step away for a second. Business never takes a rest.
(And so the lovely Miss M paused the interview and waited. While waiting, she did stop by a table with complimentary food. Why not, right? And so this highly esteemed journalist with a plate full of yummy food, simply waited. And waited.)

Rushing back to the interview, Green Arrow whispered to his publicist quickly.
GA: Wow, I am so sorry for that. I just get so busy that I lose track of time.
Diary: I suppose I can accept that. Not to make a double standard or anything, but you are the Heroic Hottie for November. I guess there can be a little bit of leeway. Although don't let Gambit know that. He was the first Heroic Hottie of 2012, and he didn't even get an interview. So, speaking of heroes, do you ever hang out with other super heroes?
GA: Sometimes. Super heroes lead a very busy life. Constantly saving the world and showing up for fan events... not to mention the work involved with having our likeness captured for merchandise, well there isn't always a lot of time to fraternize with other heroes. Though I am good friends with Green Lantern. And I always love getting to spend time with He-Man and She-Ra. They are truly remarkable.
Diary: You know I have to be honest. Sitting across from you and just taking you in, I can't help but feel like I am involved in a crazy affair.
GA: Excuse me?
Diary: Oh, yes, that must sound silly. What I mean to say is that I have always been a Marvel girl. So to be talking with you, a DC super hero, and setting things up for this interview... well I just feel like I'm stepping out.
GA: I see. You don't care for DC?
Diary: No not at all. I'm just not familiar with the DC Universe very much. (At this point, Green Arrow flexed his muscular arms and Miss M nearly fainted.) But I am certainly interested in learning more...
GA: And I am sure I could show you. You'd be surprised at how good DC is.
Diary: Oh really?
GA: Yes. And I will tell you more, but first I need to just quickly check on something that needs to be double checked. If you'll excuse me one more time, I have another call to make...
Diary: Sure. I am getting used to this... (And so the interview took another long pause. During this time, Miss M made a phone call to her dear friend April O'Neil)
Diary: April. Ok, you've taught me everything you know, but my goodness, I never figured that interviewing someone would be this... complicated.

After sauntering back to the interview, Green Arrow plopped down and looked exhausted.
Diary: My goodness, you are bleeding.
GA: (Before talking, GA looked down at his shoulder that was bleeding heavily) Oh look at that. It would appear so.
Diary: Who gets a wound like that taking a business call? You need to see a doctor!
GA: Nah. This is nothing. Really.
Diary: Umm, if you say so. But it really looks bad. Maybe we should end the interview for now and call it a night. Get some rest, and we can certainly resume at a later date.
GA: Sure. I think that is a plan. I probably need a little rest.
Diary: Sounds good. I will get with your assistant and figure out another date. So until next time?
GA: Sure. Have a nice night.
(And with that, the interview ended for the time being. Miss M left to make some notes while Green Arrow left to get some much needed rest. Or so his publicist said.)

A few days later, Green Arrow returned to sit down and complete his interview with Diary of a Dorkette.
Diary: Wow, you look like you were hit with a bag of soap bars. How are you?
GA: Doing very well. I fell down a flight of stairs. Faulty joints.
Diary: Ok, well I only have a few more questions to ask and then we will be done. Critics have long said that you were nothing more than a second rate attempt to create a 'Batman' type vigilante to the super hero world. What do you think has been your own unique stamp on the world of heroes?
GA: Oh I'm not sure. To the outside world I probably look like some B-level hero who looks like Robin Hood, but I would like to think I am more than that. I have come from money, lost my money, and made my own money. But at the end of the day there are many people in this world that are disadvantaged and in need of being treated fairly. I fight for them and the other injustices that people in positions of power abuse. I want to help create social awareness. Among other things. Sometimes there are just too many things that are very hard to explain.
Diary: Like the bleeding wound from our last visit?
GA: Yes. Like that.
Diary: You are very interesting...

Diary: ...and hot. How does it feel to be the Heroic Hottie? After all, you are the second hottie this year to wield a bow and arrow.
GA: Yes, I remember your interview with Bow. He is a good friend. It is crazy though, that a bow and arrow has become so trendy. One of the oldest weapons in history is finally getting the attention it deserves.
Diary: Some would say the same about you. Congratulations on the new show and your long storied career.
GA: Thank you. And I also thank you for picking me for the November Heroic Hottie. It is nice to be noticed.
Diary: Well, something tells me that a lot of your fans will enjoy this.
GA: Yeah. I sure hope so. Now if you'll excuse me...
Diary: You have an important business call to make?
GA: Actually no, I have plans tonight. I'm going to a concert.
Diary: Oh, who are you going to see?
GA: Jem and the Holograms. Of course.
Diary: Of course. Take care. (The interview ended with GA hugging Miss M, to which M nearly passed out on the floor. It was his arms.)

Can't believe another Heroic Hottie is down for the count? Neither can I! Interviewing the Green Arrow was beyond fun, if not unusual. I really enjoyed talking to him and I really enjoy the new show Arrow, airing on the CW. With new episodes soon to feature the Huntress and hopefully Black Canary, I am really looking forward to seeing what this show can do.
So with one more Heroic Hottie left before the end of the year, many are wondering who he will be. Well, there is only one way to find out! Check back in December as I unveil an all new piece of man plastic! For now enjoy the pictures and keep it here. This weekend will see an all new Adora's Search for Honor, and it will be amazing! Did Catra kill Hordak? Will He-Man save Eternia? And just how is Part 2 going to end? With only a few more chapters left, there is only one thing left to do: find out! Until next time, take care everyone!


  1. Yeah! The Green Arrow on the Diary!! This is very funny Miss M! Thanks for all those GREAT Heroic Hottie specials!!
    Ah!! the first picture is amazing!

    1. Hey Nastryroker! I am glad you like these! I try to be silly and have some fun with it. And I had no other choice but to add Ursula to the picture. I mean, it was just the best. lol

  2. You Took my advice! I am glad. And that means you had to go out and buy a Green Arrow action figure too! What series is this figure from and where did you find it?
    And did you buy that Black Canary figure for this too or did you already have that?
    The funny thing is probably around the same time you were posting this I was out buying this months Green Arrow issue! There is a special guest appearance Hawkman and if I remember correctly in the pre-new 52 era they didn't used to get along so well, so we shall see how that goes.
    I was also looking for the new JLA because I wanted to find out what happened to Superman after he got Cheetah-ized in the last issue (and all for a girl!) but couldn't find it.
    My favorite part of this interview has to be the villains you picked for him to fight. Never thought I'd see Green Arrow fight Ursala from the little mermaid or..isn't that one guy from Reeboot?
    It's hilarious because it speaks volumes about the kind of villain and monster toys girls have. You should start collecting some of the male Horde characters so at least you can stage epic battles in the She-ra universe.
    One comment you made puzzled me-when you said "do you know the kind of readers I have?" were you inferring that we are all heterosexual male fanboys that have crushes on Frosta? I'm pretty sure you have a couple girl readers too-but it would be funny if we were all guys on a She-Ra site.
    Now as for Arrow-I believe the Huntress is this week! Are you excited? I don't know where they are going with the mystery of the show-I thought the mom was going to be evil but now I don't know what to think. All I know is that when Deathstroke the terminator came busting in to torture Oliver in that one episode I was like "hell yeah Slade!"(you kinda have to be a DC fan or at least have watched the teen titans cartoon to get why this was exciting) The other thing I don't know what they are going to do about is that in the comic Tommy Merlyn is a bad guy. He is also a master archer known as "Merlyn"-but in the show he is Arrows friend. Don't see them changing that guy into a master Archer -though I wish they would give Willa Holand/speedy a little mask and bow and arrow!
    I may not be a good judge of these things, being one of your aforementioned heterosexual male fanboy fans who have crushes on Frosta-but Stephen Amell seems pretty hot. The work out scenes are a little somethin' for the ladies! Do you remember when he played minor characters on both Vampire Diaries and 90210?
    One last thing: you interviewed Green Arrow , a member of the DCU, and didn't ask him any questions about Wonder Woman? Miss M I am surprised at you!

    1. Well I did get him because of a comment you made! I thought it would be fun. He belongs to the last DCUC line of figures. I know he was released in an earlier wave, but this one came from the wave with Dove and the Nekron baf.

      As for Black Canary, I already had her. I guess I do have a slight confession. I have been collecting the female superheros from the DCUC line since it started. lol I also havent seen the latest issue of JLA yet, but I am very interested to see what happens.

      And I do have a lot of toy villains so I just thought it'd be funny to take a picture of Green Arrow out of his normal stomping grounds. And I do have some Horde villains, which I'm not sure why I haven't really taken those pictures yet. lol I need to get on that.

      The new Arrow show is getting really good. I can't wait for Huntress and I am thinking one of the big shock scenes is going to be Oliver finding out that Tommy isn't exactly his friend. That is just what I think.

      And the comment about my readers, well I do have some female readers to my knowledge. But I feel like I have a lot of male readers, so I was just trying to play off of that with a joke. I mean I do realize that I am writing a post about "hottie" male action figures and that it might not be exactly what most male readers would be reading. But I do hope that people find it funny and hilarious.

      So i wanted to mention Wonder Woman in this feature, but I'm not gonna lie, I got tired. lol I wanted it to be a little bit longer, but it just didn't work out that way. But I'm sure WW will get mention in something else. lol