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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 41

She-Ra Saturday is about to begin on Sunday! Alright folks, after this there are just two more chapters left until the end of Part 2! Hold on, because it is going to be a fun ride!

Previously: Thinking she had killed Hordak, Catra found out she was way in over her head as Hordak proclaimed his dominance. However the jealous beauty was far from done. In her attempt to demolish Etheria, Catra found a way to bring the floating Mystacor to the ground... The Great Rebellion joined Castaspella and the Mages of Mystacor to stop the Horde from their attack on Mystacor. Hordak proved successful though has he found the Lunar Stone that will now allow him the ability to communicate to the Star Sisters... On Eternia He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fought to regain control of the Eternos Palace. It was also heroes versus villains as a battle began in front of Castle Grayskull. He-Man and Skeletor were fighting but everyone soon stopped as a massive Horde Ship flew in and decided to hover ominously near Castle Grayskull... After the damage was done to Mystacor and the Great Rebellion was taking stock of their injuries, they all were shocked to see (you guessed it) a large Horde Ship flying across the sky. She-Ra and Swiftwind flew after it and were quite curious as the Horde Ship hovered over the Fright Zone. And now with two similarly large Horde ships on both Eternia and Etheria, one can only wonder what will happen next...

And now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 41

"Has anything changed?" Duncan asks the question simply enough, though he knows the answer. He-Man turns from a turret inside of Grayskull and shakes his head, "No, nothing has changed. It is strange. The Horde Ship is just floating above. If it weren't such an eye sore, no one would even know it was there." The two men look at each other. Most of the Masters and other members of the Eternos Palace are back home. Only a few remain inside Grayskull. The Horde Ship has been sitting in the sky for the past few days, no one knows why. He-Man is concerned that if they let their guard down, that will be the moment that something disastrous happens. So he continues to camp out at Grayskull.

Duncan is there too, and he seems to be looking elsewhere as He-Man continues to talk. He stops He-Man and motions for attention to be given back outside. Skeletor and a few of his Evil Warriors are walking across the barren land, heading for Grayskull. He-Man squints, "Is Skeletor waving a white flag?" Duncan inspects with his own eyes. Sure enough, Skeletor is atop Panthor waving a very large white flag. Shaking his head, Duncan sighs, "He's not very subtle is he?"

Turning away from the conversation, He-Man prepares to leave. Duncan calls after him, "What are you doing?" He-Man thinks about this, and answers with determination, "I'm meeting my enemy half way."

Outside of Grayskull, Skeletor slows down. Evil-Lyn, Beast Man, and Tri-Klops are standing behind him. Tri-Klops folds his arms across his chest, "This is stupid. Why would you ever want to do this?" Skeletor sighs. Lately Tri-Klops has been irking him, and he isn't sure exactly why. Evil-Lyn interrupts, "This actually makes perfect sense. Skeletor has already told us what this Horde Ship is going to do. We can't lose this way." Skeletor looks over at her, "Well Evil-Lyn. Listen to you. I do love it when you have my back... as opposed to the times where you are trying to stab it."

She is making an effort, but nothing works. She simply stands there with a clenched jaw. Why she takes crap from him, she'll never truly understand. For her, this love is a most complicated piece of work. Raising an eyebrow, Evil-Lyn points, "You have an audience Skeletor."

Giving a toothy grin, Skeletor motions for his Evil Warriors to stay behind. Sliding off of Panthor, Skeletor makes his way towards He-Man. The two walk towards each other cautiously. A few of the Masters look on from Grayskull, ready to strike with guns and canons at a moments notice. The Evil Warriors gawk in curiosity, they have never seen something so strange.

Skeletor is the first to speak, "Strange isn't it He-Man?" He-Man shrugs, "What is strange?" Skeletor lifts his head up, his bone face looking spooky under the shadow of the Horde Ship, "Strange that just a few days ago we were fighting each other. Fighting to the death. And now... things have changed drastically. I am here with a truce."

"A truce?" He-Man can't help but feel this is a trap. Skeletor tries to hold onto his patience, "Yes a truce. If you haven't noticed Eternia is in great trouble. I know what this Horde Ship is all about. In fact, I am technically supposed to help." Skeletor proceeds to explain the motivations of Horde Prime and the deal he made long ago, "The Horde thinks they can collect a debt from me. They are foolish. I want this thing gone."

He-Man needs more to go on, "Do you know what is inside the ship?" Skeletor tosses his head back in a cruel laugh, "Of course I do boy. Soon a large drill is going to descend form the ship and it is going to tear this very ground to pieces. It will extract the magic energy of this world. Once the energy is taken, a portal on the ship will take it right to Horde World with the hopes of sustaining that wretched Horde Prime. After that, there will be no precious Grayskull, for which you and I will have to find another reason to hate each other."

This does not sound good at all. He-Man knows this, and for Skeletor to want to join forces... He-Man knows this is very bad. "Alright Skeletor. If what you say is true, then I agree. We can't let this ship destroy the planet. But we do this my way. You and the Evil Warriors will not be gallivanting throughout Grayskull, and any meetings we need to have will not be at the Eternos Palace or Snake Mountain. We will meet in a neutral place."

Skeletor nods, "And I want my freedom." He-Man shakes his head, "Sorry Skeletor. The fact that we are talking right now shows this is as close to freedom as you will get. Once we have rid ourselves of the Horde, you will turn yourself in or I will go after you. Your days of terrorizing Eternia will be over." Standing there enjoying the little game, Skeletor shrugs, "We know what happened the last time I was captured. We'll work together and after all this everything will resume as normal, because I'm never giving up." He-Man turns, "I'm done with this conversation. I'll figure this out on my own." Skeletor laughs again, "You won't be able to figure it out without me. We'll be in touch He-Man. Trust me, you don't want to be up against this alone. Everything is at stake here. Everything."

Taking a deep breath, He-Man sighs, "Alright Skeletor. Whatever you say." They walk away from each other. He-Man feels slightly sick, almost as if he made a very bad deal. Skeletor feels joyful. If all can go according to plan, he will find a way to get rid of the Horde as well as squashing He-Man.

Back inside Castle Grayskull, He-Man joins Duncan for a serious conversation. "We're going to need extra help Duncan. This is a serious issue. We are going to work with our enemy to destroy this Horde Ship, I don't know that we will be able to do it alone. I say all this, knowing full well that Skeletor cannot be trusted. We will need his help. But, I also have some ideas about some other help we can have." They sit and talk briefly about the past, "Duncan, explain to me how the mer-people arrived here. King Mercier was from Etheria correct?" Something is slowly dawning on He-Man, answers that have been there this whole time.

Duncan nods, "Yes. During the Great War against the Horde, portals were opened all over the place. King Mercier and his people escaped the torturous experiences on Etheria. Seeking refuge, they luckily joined us. At the time the oceans were a dangerous place, but with the help of the Masters, we cleaned the oceans up and gave them a new home. This all happened at about the time you were born." He-Man nods. He is shocked, "There were a large number of people that went through that portal, which meant it had to be open for a decent amount of time..." He sadly thinks of one woman who didn't make it through the portal with the rest of the mer-people.

"What are you thinking of He-Man?" Duncan asks. He-Man nods his head, to himself, "I'm thinking of a few things. Big things. I need the portal key, and your know-how to make my plan work..." They rush off to figure out their next step.

Across worlds on Etheria, She-Ra and Bow are alone in his room. The Great Rebellion is incredibly concerned about the Horde Ship over the Fright Zone. There is a somber mood around the Whispering Woods ever since the destruction of Mystacor. She-Ra looks over one of the walls in Bow's room, it is full of different types of arrows, "And you are sure that some of these will really aid us in the coming battle?"

Bow nods, marveling at his collection, "Of course She-Ra. I've been collecting as well as making some of these arrows. If we hear anything new about the Horde Ship, we will be ready. I know it." She-Ra is listening, but she is also looking around. There are many interesting things to look at. First the arrow collection is insane. Certain arrows have similar shapes at the ends of the nocks, like spades, clubs, diamonds, or electric bolts. However her gaze falls upon a special arrow, one that is unlike the others. The broadhead and shaft is a brilliant gold, while the fletching and nock are one piece, in the shape of a heart. The color is a metallic red. She-Ra points to the arrow, "Bow? What is this one for?"

Looking over at the 'heart' arrow, Bow slightly blushes as his heart beats that familiar pace when he is around She-Ra, much like one other person on Etheria. Bow nods, "That is a special arrow. A magical arrow made from my heart. I'm not quite sure what it can do or what it is capable of, but I feel that it can do great things." She-Ra smiles, "It is beautiful. Do you think you'd be willing to use it in battle? After all, it could help turn the tides if things get grave." Bow approaches She-Ra and the arrow. He reaches out to it, as his hand grazes her arm, "I would be willing to give it a try. After all, we don't know what is coming around the corner."

She-Ra's skin tingles at his closeness. They are experiencing a moment long over due. Bow is nervous, as is she. He whispers, "She-Ra?" The princess of power looks him in the face, "Yes?" He thinks she is incredibly beautiful, especially with what he is thinking of. In a moment that surprises them both, Bow reaches over and kisses She-Ra on the lips.

Wanting to melt, She-Ra shakes her head, "What are you doing?" Bow feels his face grow hot, "I don't mean to be forward, but I know. Or rather, I needed to know. And after that kiss, I know. Adora, it's you." Their gazes meet, and in that instant, Bow knows he is correct. This whole time... She-Ra shakes her head, "I don't know what..." Bow interrupts, "I don't know either. I don't know how it is possible or how it works, but I know that you are Adora, and Adora is you."

Her mouth is wide in surprise, "Bow, we shouldn't be talking about this." Bow shakes his head, "But we have to. I know. I think I've known for awhile, but not on a level that I could actually talk about. I just know that my heart beats a certain way when I am around you, regardless of who you are." Tears form in both their eyes. The love they have for each other is so great. Bow reaches out to wipe a stray tear, "You are simply amazing." She-Ra shakes her head, "Oh Bow, I am no such thing. You shouldn't know this secret..."

He understand much more now, "But I do know. And I understand why you have been so distant. I get that it could be dangerous for others to know your secret identity. But I don't care. The danger will always be there. I just want to love you. You are my heart." She-Ra nods, feeling lost in so much. "Bow, I don't know what to say..."

She wants to say that her love is just as great, but then what of her attraction towards Sea Hawk? What of it all? But something greater washes over her, the realization that time is short. Incredibly short. "Bow. I love you. I never thought I'd be saying it like this, but I do love you." They embrace and it feels good. She can feel his heart beating, and he can feel hers. But this declaration of feelings does not end things, there are still issues that need discussing. "Bow, it is still not easy. Just because we feel this way does not negate the complications that are still around us. I want to be fully honest with you." Bow stands there, unaware of what she could possibly have to tell him, "Ok She-Ra, but can it wait?"

"Umm..." She-Ra is confused, "I thought you liked to talk?" Bow smiles, "Under normal circumstances I would say yes. But it doesn't feel right. I wasn't even expecting to kiss you just now..." She-Ra nods, "Yes. That was a bit unexpected." They look at each other. It is slightly weird for Bow, but now that he knows, he swear he can see the resemblance between She-Ra and Adora. In fact, he can't believe it took him this long. She-Ra squeezes his hands, "We can talk after we've sorted this issue out with the Horde Ship?"

Bow nods and prepares to grab hold of some arrows. She-Ra grabs him towards her and gives him a very passionate kiss. Bow grins feeling so incredibly turned on, "That was very nice." He pauses though, he notices that she looks sad. "She-Ra?" The princess of power smiles, "I just wanted another kiss. I don't know what will happen next, and I want to hold onto this moment. The last time someone found out about my identity, they died." Bow hangs his head, "You mean Spira? She knew?"

She-Ra nods, "Yes. Something lit a spark in her and she just knew. It was moments before she died. And I don't want something happening like that with you..." Bow grins, holding onto her, "Hey, I'm not going anywhere." They smile at each other. Bow then goes back to gathering some arrows as She-Ra walks away to check on her friends. As she turns to leave, she looks back at Bow. He is working at gathering his arrows; his instruments. She watches his body move and captures the loyalty that flows in every movement he makes. Her heart can't help but melt. She truly loves him, and in that moment she realizes that there will be no talks. Whatever her attraction is for Sea Hawk, it means nothing. She only wants to share a life with him, and that is exactly what she is going to do. Her mind feels clear, if only for a little bit. A mound of stress and worry creeps back in with the realization that the world is still in grave danger.

In another part of Bright Moon, Netossa and Spinnerella sit together in the cell room, looking over Mantenna: the Rebellion's lone prisoner. The two rebels deliver his lunch and are in the middle of a dance/combat lesson. Mantenna is staring at them in annoyance, "Stop trying to dance!"

Netossa and Spinnerella ignore the bug eyed Horde member. Laughing, Spinnerella shakes her head, "Oh 'Tossa, the dance steps are very simple." Netossa trips over her own two feet, "Says the woman who can dance to any style imaginable. I can't do it, the footwork is too complicated." Netossa is trying to pick up the dance lessons from Spinnerella, and it is not working.

Spinnerella does the fancy footwork again, a little slower this time, "Ok, do you think you can do that?" Netossa shrugs, "I can try." Netossa does her best, but misses a step. "Shoot! I just can't get it!" Netossa plops down on a chair and shakes her head.

"It's ok 'Tossa. The dance steps are tricky, and then when factored in with weapon use... well it can be a tricky combat skill to master." Netossa grins, "Please. You only just started turning your dance steps into a fighting style. The rest of us just need to catch up on just the dancing part!"

Mantenna rolls his eyes, "I don't need to catch up!" He slams his lunch tray to the floor to get their attention and quickly taps his four legs across the cell floor, completely nailing the routine from Spinnerella. The two rebels sit their in shock. Netossa shakes her head, "How did you pick up on that?" Mantenna laughs, "What? Like it was hard?"

Spinnerella gives Netossa a look, "Alright Mantenna. Let's see if you can do this." She performs a trickier dance routine that ends with a long spin. She highly doubts his four legs will keep up. Mantenna smirks, "Ha! I could do it in my sleep on a ledge!" He masters the dance routine and spin perfectly. Spinnerella and Netossa look on in shock. Mantenna crosses his arms and rolls his eyes, "I'm not that useless." Spinnerella and Netossa nod in unison. Netossa tilts her head, completely amazed at his talents, "You certainly aren't useless. It's a shame you have been so entrenched with the Horde. I'm sure the Rebellion would do well to have someone like you on our side."

Mantenna glares, "Ha! Like I'd ever join the pathetic Rebellion. Keep thinking you are all big shots. We'll see what happens when the Horde comes back for me! You'll be laughing and dancing then, I'm sure!" He continues to glare at them, secretly furious that Hordak has still not sent help for him. Spinnerella and Netossa look at each other. They feel slightly bad for Mantenna, because they aren't sure anyone will be coming for him.

Before the ladies leave, Spinnerella looks over at Mantenna, "I'd rethink who your friends are Mantenna. If I were held prisoner, I know I'd have Netossa and the rest of the Rebellion beating down the doors to get me. Enjoy your lunch." The two women leave and Mantenna angrily kicks his tray across his cell. It pains him, but he knows Spinnerella is right.

In another part of Etheria, two dear friends sit together in the distance of the Fright Zone keeping track of the large Horde Ship present above. Frosta and Mermista are on guard, checking for anything out of the ordinary. In the distance Flutterina is scouting around, searching for any clues or answers as to what the Horde Ship is doing there.

Frosta is filing her nails with a small blade of ice, "Mermista, I think it is the end of the world." Mermista stops her work and looks over at her friend, "Why would you say something like that Frosta?" Continuing to file, Frosta sighs, "Well come on darling. Look around us. I lost my home. Double Trouble died and is now somehow alive again but with some flesh eating tendencies. The great Mystacor has crashed back to Etheria. We have some creepy looking Horde Ship that came out of no where... and at the end of the day no one has seen He-Man. At all."

Mermista pretends to be shocked, "Oh no! He-Man is still missing?! Whatever will we do?" Frosta purses her lips, "Alright darling! Make your jokes at my expense. But it still feels like the end of the world." Mermista shakes her head, "It is not the end of the world Frosta. We are in a scary time, and things seem completely uncertain, but I believe we are going to get through this." Frosta rolls her eyes, continuing to file, "Says the woman who is the last of her kind. If anyone should feel like the world is ending, it is you Mermista! All you have is some empty undersea kingdom."

Mermista sighs. Anyone else saying such things would be highly offensive, yet Mermista knows this is just the way Frosta is. There is no changing the icy empress. "Frosta, I love you, but I am not going to believe the world to end because I am the only mermaiden on Etheria. Hordak got rid of my family, my people. It was not some omen of end times." The two friends continue to talk.

Frosta looks around growing impatient, "How much longer do we have to sit here? We keep taking turns looking over this stupid ship, and for what? It does nothing. It just floats in the sky. If you ask me darling, I think She-Ra should just knock the thing out of the sky." Mermista notices Flutterina approaching, "Well no one has asked you Frosta. Besides, if She-Ra only needed to knock it out of the sky, I think she'd already have done that by now..." Rolling her eyes while putting her file away, Frosta groans, "Oh listen to you. The voice of reason. Speaking of voices who have reason, have you seen Adora lately?" Mermista shrugs, "Not really. I think she is on some secret mission or something..."

Flutterina flies in and lands near the two women. "Did you see anything Flutterina?" Mermista asks. The winged warrior woman shakes her head, "Not. Much. There was. Some noise. We keep. Our eyes. Ready." Frosta listens and rolls her eyes, "Lovely. We keep waiting."

As the three lookouts observe the floating ship, another Rebel is observing something else in Bright Moon. Peekablue steps inside the healing bay to look after Castaspella. Taking a seat next to her bedside, Peekablue grabs a warm cloth and places it across Castaspella's head. Looking away in sadness, Castaspella whispers, "Has it happened?"

Peekablue shakes her head, "No. Things have stayed the same. How are you?" Castaspella lays there motionless, until ready to speak, "I am just drifting. My head hurts. I just feel lost." Peekablue nods, "Yes, well that seems reasonable considering all that happened." Castaspella chuckles, "Yes. All that happened. Mystacor, the once great kingdom, gone. This is becoming a trend. Soon none of us will have a place to call home." Peekablue is concerned, "We have each other. Our friendships will help us through these struggles." The watchful friend reaches out to Castaspella. She wants to be of help. Castaspella gives out a crooked smile, "Yes, well, I don't know how much Etheria can take with anymore struggle. At some point something needs to give..." Peekablue nods and silently agrees...

Outside in the brilliant courtyard, Perfuma is kneeling on the ground tending to her flowers. She is in her element. The flowers and work she is involved in is clearing her mind. So much so that she is talking to someone very important, and if she focuses just hard enough, it feels like she can hear him, "We're in trouble Minwu. Big trouble. Hordak stole all the items to communicate to the Star Sisters. I don't exactly know what that all means, but Kowl claims that the Star Sisters are like super powerful. Or something. So now Hordak will probably become even more powerful, which really stinks because he already takes what he wants from Etheria."

She keeps focusing on her flowers, pausing to smell a stunning bush of roses that have been growing beautifully, "And I just really wish you were here. I miss you Minwu. I don't know where you are now, but life has been strange without you in it. Some are saying that the world is ending with this Horde ship. By some, I mostly just mean Frosta. She can be such a downer. But I love her. I sometimes wish I could just go somewhere else though. I'd like to live in a world where I know what it means to be truly free."

As she continues to work, a swirling portal opens up behind her. Perfuma is completely unaware, "I wish we had been free to be together. Oh Minwu, sometimes I just feel like you are right here with me. What I wouldn't give to reach out and touch you..." Perfuma pauses to look at her flowers. The portal behind her is fully open and a hand reaches out to touch her shoulder. She can feel the hand on her skin and her heart completely stops. She screams in shock because she thinks that Minwu is touching her.

Jumping up, Perfuma turns to see the giant portal open before her. There are also three visitors. "He-Man?! You scared me!" He-Man stands there with Duncan and King Mercier of the mer-people. He-Man looks slightly embarrassed, "Sorry Perfuma." Perfuma looks over at the new faces and she is soon introduced to them. Her gaze lingers a bit on King Mercier, she swears he looks like someone she knows. "What are you doing here He-Man?" Perfuma turns to look at He-Man and almost adds, "Frosta will be thrilled to see you." She refrains, better not to worry the poor dear.

He-Man looks around the courtyard, "I found my way here, because we need help. Big time." Perfuma nods, hanging onto every word of He-Man's story. "Oh wow He-Man! You know, that is so interesting. We have a large Horde Ship on Etheria too!" He-Man looks over at Duncan with a strange look. "Perfuma, where is everyone? We have a lot to talk about."

The gloomy halls of the Fright Zone are filled with even more creepy thrills and secrets as Hordak walks with Entrapta. Snorting lightly, Hordak sighs, "I want Catra and Vampra found. Catra can't release prisoners and try to kill me while getting away with it. I want answers." Entrapta knows a great deal, but she is pretending to play dumb, "I don't understand. Why would Catra want to attack you? Are we sure she even set Vampra free?"

Hordak tosses his arms up in the air, "How should I know Entrapta? She was full of these delusional ideas that I had done certain things to her. It doesn't matter if she set Vampra free or not. She has proven herself a danger, just as I thought. This is why I had you looking after her. Did you have any idea she'd fly off the handle so quick?" Entrapta looks at Hordak blankly and lies, "No Hordak, I had no idea. This is a shock to me as well. Catra seemed so intent to work with the Horde..." Hordak interrupts her, "Yes, well now she is rogue. Just find her. If she puts up a fight kill her, because either way, her life will be over for her actions. The Horde has no use for her anymore." Entrapta nods and hurries off to do the mighty Hordak's bidding, or so Hordak thinks.

Making his way through the halls, Hordak looks around him. He knows there is only a small amount of time left and then he'll never have to see this place again. The mighty true leader of the Horde approaches the heavy doors to Horror Hall. Opening them, he calls out for Shadow Weaver.

Studying a magic book intently, Shadow Weaver looks up in surprise, "Mighty Hordak. I was not expecting a visit from you." Hordak nods, "Yes, well I needed to talk to you Weaver. It has come to my attention that Catra has betrayed the Horde. She was especially full of knowledge and ideas about me. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?" He studies her carefully. Hordak is not dumb. Catra's use of magic and attack at Mystacor is too coincidental, "Help me to understand Shadow Weaver. Did you influence Catra in any way?"

Shadow Weaver closes her book and sits there in silence. She isn't sure what to say, "How would I have influenced her? You know that Catra has always been too curious for her own good. It is a shame that her curiosity will now get her killed." Hordak nods, "Yes, Catra will be meeting her end soon, if I have anything to say about it. But so will anyone who helped her. So I'm asking Shadow Weaver, were you a part of this? Do you know anyone that was?" Shadow Weaver stands up and floats near Hordak, "Mighty Hordak, I've done nothing to tarnish the Horde. I can assure you. However, if I hear anything... I will let you know."

Hordak stands there smiling, "Of course. Thank you Shadow Weaver." He turns to leave, but quickly adds, "As you have probably noticed, a Horde ship has arrived. The Horde's time on Etheria will be ending soon. I hope you will join us on Horde World." Shadow Weaver nods and rasps, "That would be nice." Hordak snorts one last time and then leaves the room.

Waiting for just a few moments, Shadow Weaver looks outside of Horror Hall. Noticing that Hordak is fully gone, the mistress of the dark arts quickly begins gathering important items and possessions. She isn't planning on sticking around.

Away from Horror Hall, Hordak makes his way back to his throne room. While heading there, Hordak contacts Multi Bot on a speaker in the Horde Labs, "Are you alone Multi Bot?" The two headed robot heads to the comm pad and whirs, "Yes, I am." Hordak snorts, "Good. I have an important mission for you. Take care of Shadow Weaver. She's lost her status with the Horde."

Continuing to walk, Hordak thinks back to other conquered worlds from the past. "It always gets like this, doesn't it? Once the end is near, you end up finding out who is truly on your side." Making his way inside the throne room, Hordak sits atop his throne and feeds his pet Imp a few fleshy treats.

Waiting for just a little longer, Hordak is soon ready to entertain his guest. Romeo enters the throne room with some pomp with a group of Horde Troopers marching behind him. These Troopers look different from the regular Troopers. They are more sleek with more sharp accents and details on the shoulders and helmet. Hordak booms, "Corporal Romeo! I see Horde Prime is using the latest Trooper model for your arrival."

Romeo stands tall, his muscular jaw looking tough as stone. His pale skin seems to glow in the gloomy light of the Fright Zone. His jet black hair is cut close, but raises up slightly at the top. "Yes Hordak, only the best for an invasion. Horde Prime was more than ready for a new line up."

Sitting in his throne, Hordak brushes his pet Imp away. "A new line up. Well, I suppose you are here to go over the details?" Romeo nods, "Yes. With ships on Eternia and Etheria, we are expecting a large haul back to Horde World." Hordak claps his hands, "Magic energy for all, right?" He snorts in annoyance and goes on, "Who is manning the ship on Eternia?" Looking drolly towards Hordak, Romeo sighs, "Mosquitor has taken over duties for the Eternian mission. In fact I am quite disappointed. Our contact on Eternia has not been responding to the ship."

Hordak curses out loud, "Blasted Skeletor. He knows what he is meant to do." Romeo looks around, "Yes, well, he isn't doing anything. Are you sure that your apprentice is on board with the Horde's plans?" Hordak's red eyes glow, "He better. The Horde gave him a second chance at life. He knows what he needs to do." The two Horde members discuss what might be done about Skeletor. A decision is made and Romeo smiles, "So it is settled. We will begin the drilling soon. I will start warming the machine up." Romeo exits with the Troopers leaving Hordak alone. Sitting atop his throne, Hordak grins, "Yes. Warm the drill up."

He quietly removes the Ice Diamond, Eye of Fire, and Lunar Stone from a compartment in his throne. Hordak marvels at the three pieces, "I just need to do some warming of my own..."

Sweet Bee is still in her cell aboard one of the Horde ships. She is biding her time trying to make sense of her surroundings. "It has been awhile since a Trooper has delivered food, so something must be happening." She hears a familiar sound and turns to see a small mouse, "My friend!" Sweet Bee is not sure where the mouse comes from, but he visits her every now and then. Sweet Bee leans down to pet her friend, "Have you brought anything for me?"

The mouse looks at her with round eyes. Sweet Bee is hopeful for anything, and smiles once she finds something tied around his neck. "What is this?" The honey of a guide grins, there is a small item that looks like a make shift key tied to the mouse. "I really need to figure out where you run off too!" Sweet Bee smiles sweetly and strides to the door. Studying the lock, she tries to jiggle it free. Before she can get far, a Horde Trooper begins opening the door.

Backing away to the corner, Sweet Bee motions for the mouse to get behind her. The Horde Trooper walks in, "Here is your food prisoner." The Trooper drops a tray and quickly leaves, locking the door behind him. Sweet Bee gets up and marvels at her makeshift key as the mouse scurries to eat some of the food off the tray. "I will get myself out of here." Sweet Bee says to herself. The mouse looks up at her and then goes back to eating.

A group is gathered in Angella's throne room in Castle Bright Moon. He-Man and She-Ra are talking. Both are surprised that their worlds each have a large Horde ship to deal with. Bow and Perfuma get to know Duncan a little. Sea Hawk is off to the side, still afraid to be completely open with the group. Netossa and Spinnerella quickly join the group followed by Peekablue. Angella is wheeled in on a wobbly wheelchair by Glimmer and she is very surprised to see the visitors from Eternia. Especially King Mercier, "I can't believe you are alive!" The king smiles, "It is a long story. You look good Angella." The angelic queen smiles wistfully, "Aside from being unable to walk, I suppose I look good."

Frosta, Mermista, and Flutterina rush into the throne room from their post outside the Fright Zone. They have news about a small ship leaving the larger one for the Fright Zone. It is important news, but Frosta can't help but be dazzled at He-Man's return, "Where have you been, He-Man?" Her lower lip quivers, "Oh I just felt a chill!" She-Ra looks at Glimmer. They both roll their eyes.

Mermista sits down with the group, but her gaze is trained on King Mercier. Something seems familiar about him, and it bothers her. With everyone gathered He-Man explains why they are on Etheria and exactly what the Horde ships are going to do. "After the drilling is done, the magic will be extracted. It is not going to be good. The magic energy will be sent to Horde World via portals in the ships. After that they leave, and we have to find a way to keep our worlds on a path of survival. I think we can help each other. There are strong forces on both worlds, and together we can stop this."

She-Ra nods, "Yes, the idea sounds nice, but how are we exactly going to do this?" He-Man looks at the Rebels, "Thanks to King Mercier's story, we know that a portal can be opened for a certain amount of time. The portal key I have that was made by Duncan is at full power. It will remain open in the courtyard. Walking through it will take you into Castle Grayskull, a safe place on Eternia."

Duncan speaks up quickly, "The portal will remain open until the power is drained. Once it is gone it might be awhile before the portal can be reopened." He-Man looks at She-Ra with a knowing look, "Yes, thank you Duncan. This means that you will need to be careful which world you are on. I believe we have a few days worth of power before it closes."

Frosta speaks up, "Why would any of us want to leave Etheria?" He-Man turns to King Mercier, "No one has to leave. It is more like an option." Perfuma stands there feeling interested in seeing a new world suddenly. She-Ra looks at her friends, "Alright, we have a course of action. I think we need to talk and figure out what we individually want to do. It won't make sense for us all to be racing back and forth between the two worlds." He-Man nods, "Yes. And we can figure that out. I already know that there are some Masters that are going to want to fight here. Like Roboto for example. Where is Kowl by the way?" He-Man recalls the friendship between Kowl and Roboto. Angella looks around, "Kowl must be in his room. Ever since Hordak acquired the Lunar Stone, Kowl has been busy reading over a few ancient texts." He-Man nods in understanding. Glimmer looks around the room, "Speaking of other people, where is Adora? She needs to know what is going on." She-Ra smiles darting a look to He-Man, "I believe Adora is spending time with Madame Razz. I'll make sure she is informed of things."

The meeting slowly breaks away into smaller conversations. He-Man and She-Ra quietly sneak out of the room. She-Ra is concerned how this will all work out, but He-Man assures her quietly, "Sis, don't worry. This will all be ok." She-Ra shakes her head, "People keep asking about Adora, but I haven't changed back for awhile now." He-Man nods, "Me too. I have stayed like this. I want to be on guard the whole time." She-Ra hugs her brother, "I am so glad to see you." He-Man smiles, "Just wait until you see Eternia. It is going to be great." Everything hits her all of a sudden, "Yes. That is right. I will be going to Eternia..." She-Ra wonders how this will work out.

Inside the throne room, Duncan looks over at Angella, "Queen Angella?" She smiles, "Please, call me Angella." Duncan nods, "Yes. Angella. I was thinking, I could maybe help you." He motions to the wheelchair, "I have some items in my lab that could help you walk and maybe fly again." Angella sits there in gratitude, "You would help me?" Duncan nods, "Of course I would. I know we are in a bit of a crisis, but if I can help, I will try." There are tears in her eyes, "I would appreciate that very much."

Perfuma and Flutterina talk, "I'm thinking of going to Eternia." Flutterina looks at Perfuma, "And you. Would. Stay?" Perfuma bites her lower lip, "I think I would. It wouldn't be permanent right? I think a new change would be nice, plus I'd love to see the flowers on another planet. Why don't you join me Flutterina?" The winged woman looks away, "I can't. Finally figuring. Out. Who. I am. I'm not. Ready. To. Leave." Perfuma smiles, "I understand. And who knows, I might not be ready either."

Glimmer looks over at Bow, "This is all so much, don't you think? A portal to a whole other world! How amazing." Bow nods. There is much on his mind, "Yeah Glimmer. It is interesting isn't it?" Glimmer looks at her friend, "Is everything ok with you Bow? You seem strange." Bow looks over at his friend, "I'm fine Glimmer. I just want us all to get through this safely." Glimmer nods.

Netossa and Spinnerella stand around with Sea Hawk. Spinnerella sighs, "I think we should just go. Wouldn't this be the best journey?" Sea Hawk is quiet, he keeps looking at the door. Netossa shakes her head, "But this is our home, I can't imagine of leaving." Spinnerella dances around, "But 'Tossa! Just think about it. We loved leaving our village and travelling across Etheria, could you just imagine what it would be like to travel to a whole new world?" Netossa looks over at Sea Hawk, "I don't know. What do you think Sea Hawk?" The pirate looks at his friends, "Do what you want. I'm not leaving here." He walks away, exiting the room.

Peekablue chats with the rebels, but leaves to inform Castaspella about what is going on. Peekablue races into the healing bay, "Casta, you wouldn't believe what is happening..." Peekablue is caught off guard, Casta is not there...

There is still lively conversation in the throne room, and Mermista introduces herself to King Mercier. "Do I know you?" The mer-king looks at Mermista, he seems to be lost, "I believe you do, though you probably do not remember." She looks at the necklace around his neck, it is similar to the one that she wears, "That necklace, mine is the same. Are you my father?" The question is shocking, and Mermista can't believe she asked it. King Mercier has tears in his eyes, "Yes. I believe so." Mermista stands there in shock. Is this is happening? She shakes her head in disbelief, "Wait. This can't be true. The mer-people died. I'm the last of my kind."

He reaches out to her, "But you aren't. I'm here to tell you right now, that you are not alone." Mermista sighs, "I don't understand. How did this happen, why did I get left behind?" The king sighs, "You were taken from us. You were never left behind. Listen, there is much that we need to discuss. He-Man realized the potential connection between us and asked me to join him back to Etheria. I need you to come home with me, and all will be explained. You have to understand..."

Frosta interrupts, "Mermista's home is right here! She doesn't need to travel to another world for answers." Mermista looks at her friend, "Frosta, it is alright." Shaking her head in anger, Frosta snaps, "No it is not darling. It will never be alright." She points a finger at Mermista's father, "There is no excuse! You left your daughter and she grew up thinking the whole lot of you had died! What possible explanation is there?" King Mercier nods his head, "I understand." He ignores Frosta and talks to Mermista, "You have a fierce and loyal friend. I am glad to know this, but you know where I will be. I hope you come to Eternia. The portal will be open for awhile. I know there is much we all need to do, but I would like the chance to explain." He smiles at her, and not really sure what he should do next, he nods and walks away. Mermista simply stands there, nothing making any sense at all.

Frosta rolls her eyes, "How dare he!? Who does he think he is, to just show up like this?" Mermista shakes her head in a daze, "He is my father Frosta. I have questions about my family." Frosta grabs hold of Mermista's arm, "Darling, we are your family. The Great Rebellion. He can't even explain anything to you right now, he wants you to leave in order to hear his answers? What kind of shitty thing is that?"

Mermista shakes her head, "I don't know, he must have a reason for wanting to talk to me on Eternia." Frosta drops her mouth in shock, "You aren't going to seriously go there are you?" Mermista turns to her friend, "Frosta! I just found out that my father is alive! A man that I never knew because I was taken by the Horde and placed in the Horde Academy." Rolling her eyes, Frosta groans, "We all were darling. That doesn't mean we just get to leave our lives and the people we care about." Frosta is being selfish, she knows it. They both do.

"Frosta, your family was royalty above ground. The Salinas kingdom was underwater, there was no one there to cry foul once the Horde attacked. The Horde played a game for a long time with all of us, you at least got to grow up with your family." Frosta snaps her head around, "I also got to watch them die!" Mermista snaps back, "And maybe you are just jealous that I now have a chance to spend time with mine! I just found out they are alive!"

Stepping back in shock, Frosta fights back tears, and succeeds, "I don't need this. How dare you think me jealous darling. Go ahead, do what you want. Leave this place for some strangers that call themselves family." Frosta rushes off. Mermista just stands there in shock. "What is happening?" Mermista goes to sit on a bench. Perfuma and Flutterina walk up to her, "Everything ok Mermista?" Perfuma asks with sincerity.

"Oh Perfuma, what is happening with the world? Nothing makes sense." Perfuma leans down and hugs her friend. Netossa and Spinnerella join in and the friends all look at each other. Decisions will need to be made, and they all realize that from here on out, their lives will never be the same.

In a secluded cave on the outskirts of the Fright Zone, a few venomous villains meet up. Catra, Entrapta, Scorpia, Octavia, and Vampra stand around listening to Shadow Weaver. "He knows, and if we don't find a new place to hideout, we are in trouble. He'll kill each and every one of us." Entrapta tilts her head, "But he is only after Catra and Vampra. The rest of us are safe." Shadow Weaver rasps, "Foolishness. You've worked with Hordak the longest, and yet you are so foolish Entrapta. You know he will find out."

Vampra shrugs, "Let him find out. I don't care. I am free and Hordak will be unable to stop me." Catra purrs, "So what should we do? I am tired of hiding out in this cave." Shadow Weaver looks around trying to understand how she suddenly became the one to answer all the questions. "Well first, who is still with us?" Shadow Weaver looks at the other women. Vampra stands up, "I think I can part ways with you ladies. It has been interesting, but the Midnight Lair is perfect this time of year and could use some renovating."

Catra purrs, "You are done with us?" Vampra snaps, "I did my share. I helped destroy Mystacor didn't I? If you expect me to be on the run from Hordak, you are insane." Catra flinches, "I am not insane." Vampra simply shrugs, "Whatever. It has been nice, but I'm done." Vampra exits out into the night.

Entrapta stands tall, "I'm with you Catra." Scorpia casually shrugs, "I'm with you too." Octavia is the last to make a choice, "I was hoping to collect a nice pension with the Horde, but I guess I will stick around here." Entrapta laughs, "Good choice, because I can tell you, there's no pension with the Horde."

Catra grins, "I'm glad you are staying. I guess the next step is to find a safe place." Entrapta's hair twirls around her legs, "There is no place safe if Hordak is hunting us down." Shadow Weaver has a brilliant idea and rasps, "I can think of one place he'll never think to look." Shadow Weaver proceeds to tell them her plans...

Inside Bright Moon, Bow is taking a brief break in the dining hall. He is alone and enjoying a simple dinner of vegetables, bread, and a drink. He hears footsteps approach the table. Looking up from his tray, he grins at the site of the most beautiful woman in the universe, "Adora!" His eyes are wide and full of excitement. Adora sits across from him and reaches out for his hand. "I decided to change back for a little while, lest people get suspicious. Though I do prefer being She-Ra right about now with all this uncertainty."

Bow studies her, "So all you have to do is change?" Adora laughs to herself, "Well I don't mean like changing clothes. More like transforming with a little bit of magic." Bow smiles, "I can see the slight differences. I can't believe it took me this long to figure it out." Adora shakes her head, taking a piece of his bread, "Bow, you shouldn't know at all. It feels so weird to be talking to someone about this."

"I'm glad you are able to talk to me though. I'd imagine you've had quite a few burdens on you." Adora nods, shuddering at the weight of it all. Bow asks, "So, what exactly is the difference between you and She-Ra?"

Pausing before answering, Adora sighs, "Some days I'm not even sure I know. But simply enough, when I am She-Ra I am stronger and practically invincible. My features are more enhanced, so I guess in a way I look perfect." Bow nods, "Well I think you are perfect like this. I am glad to see you." Adora blushes, "Bow, how could you even think that? I'm a mess. You know the things that I have done. She-Ra is my only chance at redemption."

Bow shakes his head, "No. I love you because of the woman I am looking at right now. Flaws and all. She-Ra may be the one to save Etheria, but you are the one that saves me. I love you, no matter what has happened in the past." Adora smiles to herself, "Bow, what am I going to do with you?"

His heart is beating fast, "You could kiss me?" She smiles and leans across the table. They share an intimate kiss. Sitting back down they share some of the food on Bow's tray. "I have another question Adora. If you are She-Ra, who is He-Man?" Adora swallows some of the food in her mouth and bites her lip, "Well the answer is pretty obvious if you think about it." Bow nods and something dawns on him, "Ah. I see. I've got to tell you, this is all very interesting." Adora agrees, "You're telling me."

The conversation soon shifts to something heavy on Adora's mind, "Bow, we need to talk about the portal." Bow stops his eating and looks across the table, "Oh." Biting her lower lip, Adora goes on, "I don't know what to do. I know I will be going to Eternia. I was born there." Bow's heart sinks, he isn't sure he is ready to leave Etheria just yet. Adora goes on, "But Etheria is my home. So I am in a very difficult situation. I'm not sure what I should do." Bow understands, "Well the portal will be open for a few days, and it won't be closed forever."

Adora nods, "This is true. I guess what I am wondering though is, could you ever leave Etheria if I ended up wanting to live on Eternia?" Bow pauses, "I'm not sure. I think so, but I would want to take time on that decision. I mean this has been our home." Adora nods, "I know, which is why I'm going to make Etheria my home for now. I may use the portal to visit Eternia and go up against the Horde ship, but until the Horde is stopped and everything can truly be assessed, well... I just don't know where I will end up. I just want you with me." Bow smiles, "I want you with me too." They smile and lean in for another kiss. Neither can believe how close they are to each other. Adora is happy, ecstatic, to finally be this close to another person. He knows her secrets, save for that tiny little piece about the attraction with Sea Hawk. She shrugs that off though, because in this moment her life makes sense. Scary and terrible things have occurred and will still probably happen, but for now their love for each other is more than enough.

Of course, as if on cue, Sea Hawk wanders into the dining hall catching Adora and Bow kissing. He nods to himself, understanding all to well what that kiss means. The pirate quickly turns away and heads to his room. Feeling defeated, Sea Hawk mumbles to himself, "What did you expect? After everything you've done..."

Outside the cave, Shadow Weaver and the sisterhood of Hordewomen are huddled in a circle. "Is this going to work?" Entrapta asks. Shadow Weaver rasps, "Of course it will. The Horde has been doing it for ages, and I believe I have managed to manipulate the fields enough to open one up." Scorpia shivers at the energy in the air, "When is it going to happen?"

Shadow Weaver's yellow eyes glow bright, "It should be happening... now." The women turn around at the forces of magic around them. Shadow Weaver smiles under her cloak as a portal swirls open. Catra stands tall, "You did it. I don't believe it." Entrapta turns to the witch, "And you are sure this will take us to a safe place?" Shadow Weaver nods, "Of course. Now let's go before it closes."

Shadow Weaver is the first to walk through. Scorpia and Octavia follow next. Entrapta and Catra look at each other. "Well Catra, this is it. Do you feel pleased?" Catra purrs, "No. I had such big plans for this world." Entrapta hugs her friend, "But let's bring those plans to a whole new place. What do you say?" Catra nods as Entrapta walks through the portal.

Catra stands still for a moment. She turns to look back at Etheria around her. There are many things she is leaving behind. "Clawdeen will manage just fine," she says out loud. For a split second Catra is upset that she'll never get to kill her enemies, but everything is going to be ok. Time for a new start.

Catra turns to walk through the portal, but stops as she hears her name, "CATRA!" Catra turns around and gasps at an unexpected guest, "Castaspella?" The enchantress who hypnotizes leaps in the air, "We have unfinished business!" Castaspella collides into Catra and they both fall through the portal together. In a flash the portal closes, sending the women on a most a truly new journey.

Up Next!!!!

Two more chapters left before the end of Part 2!
Mantenna finds company with a new prisoner...
Decisions are made for a few on which world they will be living on...
Drilling begins, with major consequences...


  1. I have to wonder what your husband thinks about all this fan fiction you write. Does he wonder what you are spending nine hundred hours writing? I hope you make him read all of it, even if he isn't a dork, after all marriage is in sickness and health, and that includes the mental illness all of us dorks and dorkettes have that make us spend hours upon hours writing and reading stories about He-Man and She-ra!

    These stories are so long that I often times forget things that happen towards the beginning of the post, I will try to remember my favorite things:
    1. Frosta gets briefly reunited with He-man good for her.
    2. Frosta says the word "shitty" and it is still funny every time she swears.
    3. Mosquitor is mentioned! even if only in passing. HOORAY!
    4. There is a big hero and villain reluctant team up-and I NEVER get tired of those. Shades of Evil Seed.
    5. There is a mouse, and though it isn't specifically mentioned to be sea hawks yet, the possibility is there.
    5. Catra will sort of miss her kitty and all of the nice people she wanted to kill! Why can't I meet a nice girl like that?
    6. Sea Hawk loses the girl like all good anti heroes. Except Damon is supposed to get Elena on VD this week and I REALLY hope that doesn't fuck up the show because I like it when he is drinking and depressed like me.
    Oh and 7. Mantenna dances. You would think that would be hard for a clumsy guy with that many legs. I hope he joins the rebellion and this leads to a "You Got Served" style dance-off between him and Modulok.

    -in other news: Just got done watching the first Huntress episode of Arrow and am already in love with her. She had a few kinda iffy acting moments, but she looks like a vigilante version of the hot T-Mobile Girl, and I love the hot T-mobile girl.

    1. Well my husband does know that I write these chapters and that it does take up some time, but he does not read them. Well, no one in my personal life reads these chapters. (I know, cue the violins) But I know the people in my life would not be interested in these stories. And that is ok. I would never want to demand them to read and them be miserable.

      But, there were some big things. I loved Frosta in this chapter. Mosquitor might show up some more. The team up was always a part of the plan and a big tribute to the old cartoon. I love those plots. Catra is in an interesting position, but the bigger question is, where did the portal take them? Keep your eye on the mouse. ; ) And I just had to do something fun with Mantenna. I like him like that. And, Sea Hawk. Well, he will keep being him. And I am so excited for VD tonight!

    2. As for Arrow, well I liked it. At first I wasn't sure I was digging the actress, but during the dinner and everything, I was like, "Alright! Bring on the Huntress. And Black Canary while you are at it." lol

    3. I know what you mean about some of her acting seeming a little iffy, I thought her emotional stuff was good though too, like at the grave and when she is tied up. Though it is possible I was just blinded by how insanely hot she was.
      When I first started watching the show I didn't think Stephen Ammell was that good of an actor with his dialog (I always thought he was great at the physical stuff, and had the right look) but then I realized he acts kind of distant and stilted because the character went through hell, and he is trying to figure out how to act around everyone and be two different people at once while also being kind of dead inside. I read where someone applauded his "deliberately empty performance" and I think that's a good way of explaining it. At the end of the day I think he is far better and more convincing as Arrow than Christian Bale is as Batman. (Batman shouldn't snarl like Wolverine Damn it! He's cooler than that!)
      Here's food for dorky though: who could Stephen Ammell, Katie Cassidy and Jessica De Gouw (Huntress actress) play in a He-man/She-ra movie?

      Saw VD tonight and I have to say I liked Klaus with his charming-ness to Caroline more than the Damon Elena stuff. Like I said, Damon was the character I related too most and I hate it when characters I relate too are happy! Misery loves company!

    4. Well I do like theacting from Stephen. Besides being goodlooking, like every other person on the CW, but I think his acting his good. In fact everyone seems to do a great job. With the Hunstress, I really dont know what it was, but it quickly went away, because I like her. I also think this show is really good, and I enjoy his Arrow much more than Bale's Batman. I mean there isn't enough time for me to get into that, but I do love Catwoman. lol

      And in terms of a She-Ra movie, ok, so no lie, I could see Stephen as Bow. I don't know if it is the arrow thing, but I think Stephen would bring a nice touch to playing Bow. I could see Cassie as either She-Ra or Glimmer, and Jessica would make an interesting Castaspella.

      VD was good. I am really liking Caroline and Klaus. And I don't know what I think about Elena and Damon. I like them and I don't. I just look forward to what happens next.

  2. I agree that the CW must stand for "Christ We're good looking"-that is probably why they're cancelling that Emily Owens show. They should have known they couldn't base a show around an unattractive person. I mean, they tried reaching outside the teen drama and supernatural drama type shows with Hart of Dixie being a more comedy/ goofy and or sweet type of a little show, but it's still based around ridiculously attractive people! (and this may sound sexist but no way in Hell would Rachel Bilson ever be a doctor.No doctor has ever been that hot.)
    So Stephen as Bow-interesting. Would he have a moustachche? I could also see him as Prince Adam/ He-Man. I think he'd do a better job than Dolph Lundgrin( I forget how to spell his name. Is Dolph short for Dolphin? That would be amazing!)
    A lot of people are pissed about the sire bond thing on vd because the writers "can't just let Damon and Elena be together without their being some kind of an asterisk" -but I never understood wanting to see the couple together all the time that you like, I mean that should be end of the series stuff, if Damon gets what he wants he'll lose his edge as a character. Unrequited love is so much more interesting to watch than everyone being lovey dovey and happy.
    Also some folk thought Caroline was very justified in her anti-Damon rant because Damon had compelled her in season one. I agree with that, but all of these fans that go on and on with the rape thing with these shows-like when Spike tried to rape Buffy so many people thought "see she really should be with Angel" -but everyone forgets that all of these characters have murdered countless innocent people! We're going to let rape be the one unforgivable sin? Plus Spike was souless when he did that (VD characters don't have that excuse -but they have the "turning off emotions" thing)and I'm pretty sure that Angel would also not have hesitated in raping someone when he didn't have a soul. The difference there was that Spike was capable of doing good even when he was souless-so we were still shocked when he did bad. But I get that they had to make him do something really bad to motivate him to get a soul.
    I guess my point is that all of these characters are bad dating choice because they have all murdered a lot of people. They're still likable though, and I do really like Caroline and Klaus.
    I think the writers should go back and examine the plot holes inherent in the "sire bond" with Damon thing though. In the previous episode when Damon told Elena she should "call Stephen" she refused to. I'm pretty sure if she was sire bonded she could not have refused.

    1. I haven't watched the Emily Owens show. I tend to stick with only one medical drama at a time and right now I'm still tethered to Grey's Anatomy. But the CW always has like the prettiest people. It is like the soap netowrk, because CW and soaps are always the areas of tv with the prettiest people. lol

      As for Stephen being Bow, in my mind he would not have a moustache. I don't always think of Bow having one, sepcially because his toy version was stachless. As for Adam/He-Man, I personally would love Chris Hemsworth or Kellan Lutz (Im not sure that is the correct spelling) to be Adam/He-Man. They just strike me as the perfect kind of actor for that role. And I am not sure what Dolph is short for, but Dolphin would be the best.

      As for the whole sire stuff, I still get confused by certain things on VD. Since she died with Stefan, I always think of her as being sired to Stefan, forgetting that the blodd she got earlier had been from Damon. There is a lot of stuff that I forget. And I agree, in all reality none of these people would be great dating choices. lol At all. And the thing that is interesting for me, is when both of the characters become vampires. Because it seems that once you are a vampire, a whole other set of moral issues either come up, or dont. But it will be very interesting to see how Elena and her brother deal with the whole slayer thing, especially since Stefan helped (unkowingly) pushed it along.

    2. Wow. you just had a great idea-Hemsworth as He-man! I was just watching my Avengers's DVD, and I think he would be spot on for the part. Except I dunno if he could pull off prince Adam. I kinda can't see him as dorky or not powerful-he's a good actor so I'd like to see him try it but that part of the role would be weird. Notice how in the 80's MOTU movie they didn't even do prince Adam? ha! I guess they thought Dolphin would not make a convincing dork either. And P.S you need to do a post just on the MOTU movie. I think we'd all like to hear your thoughts on it , and you could also talk about how you would change the franchise or how you would make a She-Ra film if you got to be in control.
      Then hopefully someone will see your blog and say: "well this girls got talent! She really cares about these characters! Let's put her in charge of the franchise!" well it's not likely, but that's every fans wet dream isn't it?

    3. I think Chris Hemsworth could play dorky. I mean it was always my understanding that Adam may have started out goofy and lazy, but once he became He-Man he sort of played the goofy aspect up to make sure that no one would think he was He-Man. But the interesting thing about Adora, is that she was pretty much a badass as Adora or as She-Ra.

      As for the movie, goodness, it has been awhile. I am not a big fan of that movie. I was disappointed when I saw it in the theaters, and that disappointment has never truly gone away. I mean the movie looked cool. I loved the Sorceress and Evil-Lyn. And Frank Langella as Skeletor was creepy cool. But I just was not impressed with the story.

      And I think every dorky person dreams of what it would be like to have the creative reigns over their favorite property. I mean I know I wouldnt turn down an inviatation to have just a minor say in how a She-Ra film turned out. But I know that I am more likely to be struck with a high kick to the head by Lui Kang. But I still do my best to talk She-Ra and write the fanfic, because if anything, I want to show people just how cool She-Ra is. I think a lot of people are quick to discount her. Or quick to bash the characters as fluffy stupid girl stuff. I mean there is just so much stuff that is wonderful about this stuff. Anyways, I am rambling way too much! lol