Sunday, October 26, 2014

After Dark Preview!

Click below for a sneak peak at the All My Toys spin-off: After Dark!

Hi. I'm Sydney Rutledge, radio host of the highly unpopular late night talk show After Dark. I'm here to invite you on a journey into the night; where the lives of some of your favorite toys get steamier and the drama gets real. Follow me as I talk to the faithful listeners in the dead of the night about a wide range of topics. The story won't end there though, everything continues to unfold when I visit my favorite new bar: Bow's Place. It all takes place After Dark!

Sydney: Hey Bow, I need the usual.

Bow: Sure thing Syd. Heard the show tonight, you sounded great.
Sydney: Thanks Bow. I'm glad someone listens.

It isn't just my life that gets the chance to shine in a world shrouded in the night. Personal lives get messy... After Dark!

Lion-O: Glimmer, I just think we need to slow down. I feel like you party too much.
Glimmer: Shut up and just take me home already.

Lion-O: I'm not sleeping with you anymore. I'm tired of these drunken one nighters.
Glimmer: Oh go to Thundera! If you won't take me home I'll just find someone else!
Lion-O: Glimmer, what happened to you?

Glimmer: (screams) I just want to feel something! Anything! (breaks down in a fit of sobs)

Others face the harsh realities of life altering maladies, like rickets!

Mermista: Perfuma, Perfuma!

Perfuma: My God Mermista! What has happened to your legs!?

Mermista: I-I-I-can't feel them. I can't feel my legs. What has happened to my legs?! Look at me, what has happened to my legs!!!

Relationships continue to crumble...

She-Ra: Bow, I just want you to come back home. The Crystal Castle is empty without you.
Bow: I won't be coming back! Not after you kissed another damn man! No, I'm staying here, in my bar. This is my home now.

She-Ra: Oh Bow. I'm going to make this right, I promise you.

Bow: Your promises mean nothing.

... while new relationships grow...

Cheetara: Bow, you deserve more than this life.
Bow: So do you Cheetara. I can't believe Tygra won't even see his own kids.

Cheetara: It's my fault. I never told him the truth about WilyKat and WilyKit. I'm a horrible woman.
Bow: No, not at all. I think you are amazing. And beautiful.
Cheetara: Bow...

Bow: Cheetara, stay the night...

Anything can happen After Dark...

Bow: Syd, you got a phone call.
Sydney: I wonder who would be calling me from the bar? (picks up phone) Hello?
Mysterious Voice: Hello Sydney. Do you like scary movies?

Sydney: Who is this?!
Mysterious Voice: I'm going to kill you.

Sydney: (screams in terror)

All this and more can only occur After Dark! An all new spin off from All My Toys begins at the end of this month following April O'Neil's special Halloween bash! Don't miss it as a whole new world of storytelling unfolds on Diary of a Dorkette!


  1. Mysterious Voice: Hello Sydney. Do you like scary movies?

    Love it!

    1. Hey Dex! I had to do a play off of Scream! It would just be difficult not to!

  2. Well aren't you the randy little Dorkette!! First you post this saucy, cleavage exposing picture of yourself, and now your showing us the steamy side of toy world. Very naughty! ... but I like it!

    I especially loved the pic of Glimmer "screaming", even though her toy is completely expressionless! Haha! But I guess they never made a Glimmer doll with a screaming feature that you could have used!

    Also, "Go to Thundara" should be an insult we all use in real life.

    1. lol A little known fact about me, I'm not scared of showing off my cleavage. There isn't much there, but I am not afraid to show it off.

      I was hoping the picture of Glimmer "screaming" would be pretty funny! That was the point. I also thought Go to Thundara would be another great line that would be like, "Is that meant to be an insult or what?"

  3. Replies
    1. Just a little. it's meant to be a send up of all those prime time soap operas that were so ridiculous and silly but somehow very watchable. It's actually based off of an old fanfic I wrote in high school.

  4. I got it!!

    "YOU" are going to come back as 2014 Mermista! In December! I'm right aren't I? It's because that is who "You" are--like I am Paladin.

    Of course, I could be wrong, but; what the hey!

    The classic figures look cool as usual, but you should consider pulling back a little to show Crystal Falls???

    1. lol I could only wish that I would be coming back as Mermista in 2014. lol That would be epic.

      I'm also sure there will be more chances for photos of wider shots of the Crystal Falls. It is such a lovely play set.

  5. hello sydney i am going to kill you already looking forward to reading this story and maybe seeing who is sydney own version of a ghost face type killer.

    1. That is going to be a big part of the story, someone stalking Sydney and some of the other characters. I hope you will enjoy it!