Friday, October 31, 2014

After Dark: Tricks and Treats!

The story continues! April O'Neil's Halloween party goes on into the night with the debut of After Dark!

Sydney: I'd like to thank my guests tonight for making this episode of After Dark a lively debate. I think the discussion will rage on in regards to what can be sold at a toy store, just remember folks, #AdultsCollect.

Sydney: I'm Sydney Rutledge, thank you for listening to After Dark. Have a fun and safe Halloween.

Sydney: All right boys, we are done. I've got to get back to a party now.

Kenshin: Have a good night Syd.


Tiger Claw: I've told you, it will be done. The night is still young Hordak. Patience. I've rigged Catra's car to explode. By the end of this night, she will be no more.

At April O'Neil's Halloween bash...

April: Whew! What a night!
Bow: Yes, the party was a success. Was the bar and staff perfect to your needs?
April: Of course Bow. It was just fabulous.
Bow: What are you up to now?

April: I'm heading out. I know it's my after party, but I've got to get home. Casey left awhile ago and we need to celebrate our second anniversary. Alone.
Bow: That's nice.
April: How are things with you Bow? Are She-Ra and you ok?

Bow: Nah. It's over with between us.
April: I'm so sorry. I thought you'd both be together forever.
Bow: Yeah, me too.
April: Have a nice night Bow. Thanks again for everything. I hope the bar will be a continued success.

Bow: Thank you April.

Perfuma: Wow, Bow, this place looks amazing! Could use some flowers though. Looks like the party was a smash.
Mermista: Perfuma!
Perfuma: Gosh, what did I say?
Mermista: Goodness. Yeah Bow. It looks great.
Bow: Thanks ladies. It's nice to see you both. Want a drink? They're on the house.

Perfuma: Wow, we should have shown up earlier!

Bow: Hey, you're both two of my closest friends and have supported me no matter what. So let's enjoy the night!

Mermista: Sounds great!

Cheetara: Where is Catra at? We need to know what to do about Mila.

Black Cat: Yeah. Before she leaves.

Catwoman: You ok Tigra?
Tigra: Yeah, I'm fine. It was a nice night huh? A really great party.

Catwoman: It was. The party is still going on though.
Tigra: Yeah.
Catwoman: You sure you are ok? You look sad.

Tigra: I just hope to one day find that kind of love, ya know? The kind like April and Casey. It was nice seeing them talk so highly of each other.

Catwoman: It can happen for you. Have no fear.

Glimmer: You sure this stuff is good?
Dr. Badvibes: It's the best. Everyone is doing it.

Glimmer: What's this drug called again?

Dr. Badvibes: It's street name is Plastic. Best high you'll ever have.

Glimmer: All right. Give me some.

Dr. Badvibes: Good girl.

Catwoman: Hi Bruce.
Bruce Wayne: Catwoman.
Catwoman: I saw you arrive earlier with Moth Lady. You two seemed serious. I didn't know you were dating.
Bruce Wayne: It's complicated.
Catwoman: I seem to recall it being that way with you.
Bruce Wayne: Funny, I thought it was the other way around between us.

Catwoman: You try to kill a man once and it just tarnishes the love affair.
Bruce Wayne: Always nice to see you.
Catwoman: You too.

Bruce Wayne: By the way, have you seen Moth Lady lately? She left a little while ago and I haven't seen her.

Catwoman: No, I haven't.

Mermista: Did you notice that guy with Glimmer? Who was she talking to?

Perfuma: Not sure. He looked grody though.

Mermista: Yeah. Oh wait, She-Ra just arrived.

Perfuma: This is not gonna be good.

She-Ra: Hi Bow. The bar looks great.
Bow: She-Ra.
She-Ra: Bow, I miss you. When are you coming back home?

Bow: Never. This is my new home. I want nothing to do with you.

She-Ra: We have to work through this.
Bow: Nothing to work through. Now get out of my bar.

She-Ra: Bow!
Bow: Get out!
She-Ra: I'm not giving up on you.

Bow: Just leave.

Sydney: Glory Booth! As I live and breathe! You look so nice!
Glory: Hi Sydney!
Sydney: My goodness you look fantastic! Have you been here long?

Glory: I was a little late to the party, but it was a great time. I just stepped out of the restroom. Needed to touch up my hair. The bathrooms are so clean!

Sydney: Oh that's nice. I was here earlier but had to leave for work. It has been far too long!
Glory: Yeah, but don't look now, Mila is also here.

Mila: Wow! Look at this! It's like a mini high school reunion! Swans Crossing meet up at Bow's Place. Sydney, you look... nice. Gloria, I mean Glory, how are you? How is your brother?
Glory: Garrett is good. He hasn't changed a bit since school.
Sydney: That is so true. I met him for lunch a few weeks ago and he is the same guy I dated back then.
Glory: Haha. He loves that.

Mila: (tries to brag) Well I met him for dinner the other night and I seem to think he looks much better now than when I dated him when we were so young and inexperienced.

Sydney: Oh really Mila? You had dinner with Garrett? Where did you go?
Mila: We were craving fire roasted pizza so we went to Tres Bliss.

Glory: Isn't that a French restaurant?
Sydney: Yeah, I thought so too. Are you sure you went out with Garrett and not someone else?

Mila: (rolls her eyes at Sydney) I know the chef personally. He makes me whatever I want.
Sydney: Well aren't you the woman about town.

Glory: So I hear congratulations are in order Mila! You are the new face of Channel 6. You're building quite the media empire!
Mila: Of course. I've got to rival Sydney's little media outlets too. We always were competing with each other.

Sydney: Who says I'm competing?

Suddenly, the police arrive.

Chief Wiggum: Mila Rosnovsky?
Mila: Yes?
Chief Wiggum: You are wanted at the police station for questioning.
Mila: Excuse me?

Chief Wiggum: Just come with us ma'am.
Mila: I most certainly will not!
Chief Wiggum: Then you're under arrest for trespassing.
Mila: This is a public place.
Chief Wiggum: Actually, it's still a private party and the hostess of this party called to report that you were trespassing.
Mila: That damn April O'Neil. I'm a part of the press!
Chief Wiggum: Do you have a press badge?

Mila: Yes, right here... (looks for her purse) Wait. Where's my purse?!

Chief Wiggum: Ma'am, don't make a scene. Just come with us.
Mila: This is ridiculous! I have rights! And limits!

Sydney: Wow Mila. You might want to get Channel 6 on this breaking news story. (snickers)
Glory: Some things never change. Once a mess always a mess. (snickers)

Mila: I hate you Sydney.

Catra: All right Cat Ladies. We got our girl. Good call on nabbing Mila's purse Black Cat.

Black Cat: Yep. I'll return Mila's bag to her.

Tigra: No you won't.
Black Cat: I promise! I will... not.

Catra: Listen ladies, I'm riding with the police to the station. Catwoman, here are my keys. Come pick me up in a little bit.

Catwoman: Sure. No problem.

Catra: Great. We're going to catch Velvet Sky. Cat Ladies claw their way to the top again!

Lion-O: Glimmer, you need to calm down.
Glimmer: Excuse me?

Lion-O: You've been dancing erratically and you are all sweaty. I heard you were taking Plastic.

Glimmer: Oh stop. You aren't my father. He's dead. You're just the guy I hook up with.
Lion-O: Stop this Glimmer. Come on, I'm taking you home.

Glimmer: Get off me! I wanna dance. (stumbles off)

Glimmer: Hey you. Pink guy. Wanna dance?
Frankenberry: Gulp. Sure.
Glimmer: You look familiar. I think I've seen you in the morning. Are you on the news?

Frankenberry: I'm Frankenberry.

Glimmer: No way! Haha. You're that guy on the cereal box! I'm dancing with a cereal mascot.
Frankenberry: Umm, yeah.

Glimmer: Man, this Plastic is some good stuff...

Meanwhile in a secluded spot in the After Life...

Maleficent: Now, what do I need to know about being kind?
Miss M: Oh goodness. I really don't know that I can teach you to be kind.
Maleficent: Well you need to start!

Miss M: Really? Here's your first lesson. It's not very kind to kidnap someone and bring them to your lair in the After Life!
Maleficent: You're a freakin Halloween miracle because of me! I'm stuck in the After Life for an eternity and all I want to do is turn over a new leaf! Now teach me your talent!
Miss M: Well, this might take awhile. First thing you must do is stop raising your voice.

Maleficent: Oh it's gonna be a long lesson isn't it?

Miss M: Le sigh.

Back to the party...

Bruce Wayne: I'm really concerned Bow, are you sure you never saw Moth Lady come back?

Bow: Not sure, let me ask one of my staff. Bloom, have you seen the lady with crimped hair and insectoid wings?

Bloom: No Bow. Can't say that I have.
Bow: Thanks.

Bruce Wayne: I wonder where she went?

Catwoman: Everything ok?
Bruce Wayne: I'm just looking for my date.

Catwoman: Maybe she bailed?

Bruce Wayne: No. I have a bad feeling.

Catwoman: I can tell. Hold on, I'll help you.

Catwoman: Black Cat, here are Catra's keys. Can you go pick her up from the station?

Black Cat: Sure.

Tigra: I'll go with you Black Cat.

Perfuma: All right Mermista, ready to go?
Mermista: Yeah. I'm hungry. Let's go get some late night diner food.
Perfuma: Totally! Bye Bow!

Bow: Bye ladies. (picks up his phone) Hello? Sure, she's here. Hey Syd, phone is for you.

Sydney: Me? That's strange.

Sydney: Hello?
Mystery Voice: Hello Sydney.
Sydney: Hello?
Mystery Voice: Do you like scary movies?
Sydney: Who is this?
Mystery Voice: I'm going to kill you.

Suddenly a loud explosion occurs outside causing Sydney to scream.

Sydney: Bow, what was that?!

Bow: It came from outside.

Cheetara: My goodness the whole place shook!
Bruce Wayne: Is everyone ok?

Catwoman: Come on, let's go outside.

Black Cat: (stumbles inside) Hurry! We need help out there!
Cheetara: What happened!? You're bleeding!

Black Cat: Oh, it's terrible. It's just terrible. (starts to sob) I stopped to talk to Perfuma and Mermista, we were all leaving. I gave the keys to Tigra to start the car...
Cheetara: Oh no. Please, don't say it.

Black Cat: She's gone. Tigra is gone Cheetara, one of the Cat Ladies is gone! She got in the car and it just exploded!

Bow: Help! We need some help over here!
Perfuma: Bow, she isn't breathing!
Bow: What happened?

Perfuma: Shrapnel hit her from the explosion!

Bow: My goodness what is going on here?

Glory: Gosh April O'Neil knows how to throw a party. Sydney, are you ok? You look like you have seen a ghost.
Sydney: I don't know what is happening.

Glory: Well you know what they say, only bad things happen after dark...

Stick around folks, November brings even more messiness to the world of All My Toys!

For now, all you boils and ghouls have a safe and fantastic Halloween!


  1. You know, each post shines with your imagination. Just love it!

    1. Thank you so much Brian! I hope they keep shining and entertaining you all.

  2. happy halloween. sadly figured once again Aprils party would end with a bang. and this time tigra gets to visit the after life and maybe see toy miss m back. plus looks like Velvet sky may now have something in common with tiger claw. now

    1. yes, it would only make sense for things to end with a bang! lol Tigra is gone. And Tiger Claw is quickly becoming one of my favorite villains. lol I hope you are doing well.

  3. This is a all amazing stuff, but one thing sticks out. Of all the crazy images, and concepts you have thrust into my mind over the last couple, years, I don't think any of them have been as simultaneously amusing and disturbing as the prospect of GLIMMER FUCKING FRANKENBERRY! Wow. There some thoughts that can't be unthunk, no matter how much you should unthink them, and THAT is one of them!
    Also, is that an Olive Oyl toy from Popeye? Where'd you get that! I have l have a bunch of Popeye stuff, but no Olive Oyl toys.