Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 2015 Heroic Hottie!

Dear Diary,

Things are bad. Really bad. Halloween night was a success until Skeletor arrived finally being able to speak after months of being a mute while in space. Apparently he knows what happened in space all those months ago, and it involves the evil cosmic force known as Lady Kale and some woman named She-Ra. The problem is none of us know who She-Ra is even though we are supposed to. I don't know what is going on. I just know it's late, Halloween is over and I'm beginning to hear Christmas songs. I think it's just in my head though. 

-Miss M

Miss M: Let me understand this, I was friends with the most powerful woman in the universe and her name was She-Ra? She was related to He-Man? I thought his sister was someone else?

Skeletor: That's the way Lady Kale works. She swooped in and took that muscle bound woman She-Ra as a prisoner and left me mute via magic so I would be unable to let everyone know of her existence. I never thought I'd speak again. Lady Kale must have been responsible for writing She-Ra out of existence. Every memory you and the rest of the world ever had about She-Ra was taken away and replaced with someone else. Her magic that rendered me mute somehow spared me from losing my memories of She-Ra.
Miss M: Oh my. Lady Kale is capable of a great deal. And you said she is here? On Earth? Looking for me?

Skeletor: Yes. She is here for you and she will destroy you.

Miss M: I have to get back home.

At Wayne Manor...

Miss Elizabeth: Miss M is not home.

Lady Kale: At least you are honest. I knew she might be here or possibly away at some party. I had thought about visiting her at the party and introducing myself. Ya know, create a little chaos. Ultimately I didn't want to make a scene, not when I have other plans in mind.

Miss Elizabeth: Such as?

Lady Kale: I wanted to learn more about this dorky woman you all fondly call Miss M. Where I'm from she has a more sinister alias. She is called Starwhip, the murderer of the future.

Angela: Miss M doesn't have a murderous bone in her body!

Lady Kale: That's what they always say. She was killed and brought back to life.

Lady Kale: (looks at Miss Elizabeth) On your watch I might add. You know the rules. You know that returning to life is a crime against the universe.

Miss Elizabeth: I didn't think she would pose a threat. She is a kind woman.

Lady Kale: A kind woman with a supreme level of power simmering under her skin as a result from her return from the dead. I can't have that kind of power exist in this universe.

Miss Elizabeth: What are you planning on doing?

Lady Kale: I'm a fair being. I just want to talk to her, which is why I am here. I want to leave a message for her.

Suddenly the piercing cry of baby Yvie rings through the whole mansion.

Lady Kale: A baby?

Miss Elizabeth: (ignores the cries of the baby, for Yvie's sake) What was the message you wanted to leave?

Lady Kale: She has a baby.

Miss Elizabeth: Angela!

Angela rushes towards Lady Kale to protect the baby.

Lady Kale: I think I'll leave my message now...

In Dimension X...

Guy Friday: This is just great. My girlfriend is somewhere in this strange land and I lost track of her. I am so stupid. So so stupid. Come on man, be the hero she needs you to be. Figure this out.

Guy Friday: If I were Irma in another dimension, where would I be?


Lord Dregg: Halt! You are not from this dimension. You are expected at the high ground to see Krang.

Guy Friday: Aw man come on. I am not doing any harm.

Lord Dregg: We have authorization to use excessive force if we must.

Guy Friday: Look, I'm a lover not a fighter.

Lord Dregg: Very well. The fighting will commence.

Before Lord Dregg can strike, someone else strikes him!

???: Thought you might need some help.
Guy Friday: Who are you?

???: The name is Zak. Would you like my help?

Guy Friday: I don't know, how do I know I can trust you?

Zak: I totally do not have an answer for you. That's up to you dude. I can say this though, staying here with that insect dude will probably get you killed. Krang does not like new visitors to Dimension X. Lord Dreck, as I like to call him,  rounds up any newbs and sends them to Krang where they either become mindless slaves or worse. 'Worse' most definitely means dead.

Guy Friday: It all sounds really bad.
Zak: So come with me dude. Those are some sweet gladiator boots by the way.
Guy Friday: Thanks. I want to live, so I guess I should go with you.

Zak: Awesome! Come on, I'll introduce you to the resistance.

Guy Friday: Do you think you guys could help me find my girlfriend and her friends?

Zak: We can try. Are they new too?
Guy Friday: Yes.

Zak: It's possible Lord Dreck has already sent them to Krang's place. It may be too late.
Guy Friday: No! It can't be too late.

Zak: Whoa, whoa, calm down gladiator dude. Come with me and we'll see what we can do.

Guy Friday has no choice but to follow the:

November 2015 Heroic Hottie!

Miss M: Bruce, can't we hurry? Can't you drive this thing any faster?

Bruce Wayne: I am going as fast as I can. I promise you.

Miss M: I never thought Lady Kale would actually find me or what she was truly capable of. Do you think she knows I've been living with you? What if she has erased other people from my life that I don't even know about because they've just faded from existence!? She's crazy! I just want this long drawn out story to end already!

Bruce Wayne: Don't worry, she won't hurt anyone else, I promise you.

Miss M: Bruce!!! Look!

Bruce Wayne: No. That's not possible.

Miss M: Bruce! Your mansion, it's gone!!!

Miss M: YVIE!! YVIE!! Where is she?!

Miss Elizabeth: It's ok, it's ok, Angela has her right here. Chewie is ok too. I've even contacted Alfred and he is on his way from his time off.

Miss M: Oh thank goodness you are all ok.

Miss M: Oh Yvie, when I saw the house destroyed I thought the worst.

Miss Elizabeth: We're just glad you are both here.

Bruce Wayne: What happened to my house?

Miss Elizabeth: We were paid a visit by Lady Kale. She means to harm you M.

Angela: This was her message to you. All this destruction for no other reason than to send a message.

Miss M: Bruce, we have to find her and put an end to this.

Bruce Wayne: No, I'll do that. You stay here.

Miss M: No! Are you insane? She blew up your house with our daughter inside. She is after me. I can't just hang back here. I'm going to stop this.

Bruce Wayne: I'm not going to argue with you.

Miss M: Miss Elizabeth, can you please look after Yvie and Chewie? For just a little longer? I love you Yvie.

Miss Elizabeth: Of course.

Miss M: Come on Bruce, we need to find this psychotic bitch.

Miss M and Bruce Wayne rush off.

Angela: Why didn't you tell her the truth?

Miss Elizabeth: She wouldn't have been able to handle it. Right now she needs to focus. Lady Kale is supremely powerful. I have no idea how Miss M is going to stop her. There will be more casualties.

Angela: This little one had such a future.

Miss Elizabeth: There will be time for grieving. The status of the After Life is up in the air. For now we make sure Yvie is comfortable and when it is time for us to take her, we will make sure M gets a proper goodbye.

Angela: She will be devastated.

Miss Elizabeth: Yes. She will be. For now we just need to guard over this little one.

At the Cat Lady Lair...

Hordak: Can someone answer me! How long will I be here? Don't you wenches know who I am?

Lady Kale: I know who you are.

Hordak: You aren't a Cat Lady.

Lady Kale: No, but I am the lady that helped erase one of your biggest foes from existence. No need to thank me, you have no memory of who she was anyway. I'm now here to set you free. I want to watch you rip this city apart.

Hordak: Why would you want me to do that?

Lady Kale: I can't help myself, I strive on a little chaos. Now, run along Hordak. Fill the streets with the blood of innocents. Draw out the heroic members of this city and let us pick them apart like they were legs off an insect. How does that sound?

Hordak: (snorts) Sign me up.

To be continued!


  1. Holly molly lady kale is one nasty bitch and pure evil for resorting not only to blowing up wayne manor but it being hinted she whacked yvvie. talk about one nasty lady. rooting more for toy miss m somehow to kick her butt. and nice to know guy friday is not giving up on erma can't wait for that reunion even if its proably involves a battle with krang.

    1. Yeah, Lady Kale is pretty evil. In her mind she is trying to right something that is universally wrong, with Miss M coming back to life from awhile back, so in her eyes Miss M is the evil threat. So what we have is an incredibly strong powerful character that can write people out of existence. She has some more evil things up her sleeve. As for Krang, I hope that the toy pictures coming up with that whole story will be so much fun. It's going to be a blast.

  2. I still can't get over the fact that this is most (hilariously!) misrepresentation of Batman/Bruce in the history of the world! Haha! The man wouldn't even change his ways to date WONDER WOMAN in the JLU cartoon! Now he bends over backwards for Lil' Toy Miss M! Who is, admittedly, even awesomer than Wonder Woman in a lot of ways, but STILL so funny to think about the pairing! And how big of a subservient puss he has become around you! haha! -Sorry, "puss" may sound anti-female, is "wuss" bad? I would think probably, because that would be like a mix of wimp and puss. Maybe wimp is the word I am looking for. But wimp would relate to Wimpy from Popeye and I LOVE Wimpy!! There are just no good words to describe how lame Bruce acts when he is subjected to you! Still, it is VERY funny!!
    Zac!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Neutrinos!!! Punk rockers from dimension x!! But they never did make the other Neutrinos into figures did they? And they made Zac SOOO late in the line it was insane!! Considering they were in the cartoon like in the first season!
    Why did you wait so long to feature him anyway? Did you just get the figure recently? Or this was just the perfect time to feature him?
    I kinda didn't even know they MADE a Lord Dregg figure! I always hated that era. I liked the Shredder ones best in the 1987 series. Did you ever watch the "Turtles Forever" movie? Where they combine a lot of the different eras? The 2000s Turtles with the 87 Turtles. That thing is great, I think they should make a new one with the Nickelodeon Turtles.

    Separate topic( sort of) my one buddy and I have been OBSESSED with C.O.W Boys of Moo Mesa lately! Discussing the cartoon and I have like all of the comics! As a Texas girl, I would think you would have LOVED that show! Did you have the toys?

    1. I am far from an expert on the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman. I have never really read his comics, all I know is basic character traits from movies and the minimal exposure to him in comics and toys that I have collected. I don't see him as being whipped by Miss M. I've always thought of Bruce Wayne as a character that is a rich socialite who is a bit of a playboy but not so in your face like Tony Stark is, but ultimately he is a loner. Through his family loss and everything he has suffered he is comfortable being in the darkness. So when he met Miss M (when she was in Moth Lady's body) he found someone who was in her own world of darkness and that was something that caused him to open up. So he is behaving in ways he would normally not because he found a special connection with M, which is also a twisted kind of connection because even though he likes her and cares about her, he still can't fully open up to her. Like with the inability to sleep with her now because he thinks of his dead mother. He ultimately can't be happy with M even though he loves her and is devoted to her. I feel like that is in line with some aspect of who he is. I don't think of the word puss as being anti-female. I also don't think of it as being female in general. Puss makes me think of a cat. Wuss isn't bad either, it just makes me think of kids on the playground. So those words don't bother me.

      I love the Neutrinos too! I have a Kala. Rather I have "borrowed" it from my brother's room. When we were kids we both had a moment where we collected TMNT together and one day we were at Target and they only had one Kala and me being the kind big sister I was let him have her. I was so upset.

      I have recently purchased Zak and Dask. Ever since Irma was first featured I wanted to put those toys in the All My Toys universe, I just didn't have the right time to do it.

      The Lord Dregg figure is from the new toy line. Apparently Walmart has an exclusive Dimension X series of TMNT toys so it worked out perfectly that I found him in store. I did see the Turtles Forver movie. I liked it. I love it when things get combined and stuff. It's always nice to see something that takes notice of different eras.

      I do remember C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa. I never had the toys, I tended not to collect toy lines that didn't have a female figure in the mix, but I remember watching the show. That was a time where there was some interesting cartoons on television at the time.

  3. Oh and one more question-what the HELL is that Skeletor figure!!? I have never seen that before!! Is that fan made or something?

    1. This is one of my favorite Skeletor figures. I love vac metal and this Skeletor comes from the 200x line. He was a variant towards the end of the line. He just looks really cool.