Saturday, September 24, 2011

Good bye All My Children!

Well everyone, that is it. Yesterday marked the end of All My Children. To capture the moment I planned a whole viewing experience. I was going to watch a farewell TV Guide show honoring AMC. After that it was on to the special View episode paying tribute to the end of an era. Finally I was going to watch the last AMC episode on ABC. I had my tissues, Tab, and Chewy Lemonhead & Friends Fruit Candy all around me. So good.

After watching the TV Guide special I couldn't wait any longer. My viewing plans were derailed. The View was going to have to wait. I jumped in and watched the final episode of AMC. Tears started flowing as soon as the show started. I could not stop crying for the entire episode. Waves. Waves of emotion all over my face. I was a damn mess.  

Everything flew by so quickly! I won't give away in plot points, but everything seemed like it was ending on a perfect note. Until the last two segments. The final episode built to one crazy cliffhanger. Let's just say this, if the show does not go online I will be so mad. This cliffhanger was out of control. I have to know what happens next.

People can say whatever they want, but soaps are really great. I am going to miss AMC. It is very strange to know that on Monday I won't be taping that show on my DVR. The actors and characters they portray, everyone that makes the show work, are all so wonderful. I've never met them personally, but they have left an impact on me. Agnes Nixon, the creator of AMC, really made something special. And I am glad that I have had the chance to watch the show for as long as I have. I hope that the show will continue with most of the cast still in tact.

I have never really told anyone this, but soaps are a big reason why I love to write and use my imagination. I don't pretend to be some great writer or anything, however the excitement and possibilities about soaps led me to want to write my own stories. To have my own voice and share that with people that are interested. So yesterday was a really sad day for me, I am going to miss AMC for what it was. I hope that it will soon become something even better when it moves to an online format!

Stay tuned!

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