Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Toy Chest Tuesday! Shimmers

Hello fellow toy enthusiasts! Welcome to another edition of Toy Chest Tuesday! Can you hear the chanting? Anyways today we are going back in time and looking at Kenner's Shimmers! Made in 1986, Shimmers were basically half human/creature dolls. There was a mom character and she came with a baby. Totally cute! Here is a brief description about Shimmers, courtesy of ghostofthedoll

"The Legend from the Shimmering Forest. In a secret land of fantasy live beautiful creatures, wild and free.  Their delicate bodies glisten like pearl...part woodland animal, part beautiful girl. To most of us they can barely be seen at dusk and at dawn, and not in between. But to those lucky few who wish they could be like a horse in a meadow or a mermaid at sea, this secret land is always in sight, and beautiful Shimmers will always shine bright."

I like the part about those who wish they could be like a horse in a meadow or a mermaid at sea. I love mermaids. They are my favorite creature. I fully believe they are real. Or at the very least that my ancestors were mer-folk. I mean really. Mermaids are awesome. I remember growing up and my mom telling me stories about her dad going fishing in the ocean. As the story would go, her dad would fish with the mermaids. He would talk about how gorgeous they were and the beautiful songs they would sing. I never got to meet my mom's dad, but I hold that story very close to my heart. 

Anyways, back to the toys! I had three Shimmers. And before we go on I just have to say, these toys are rare and hard to find. In other words they are super expensive. If you want to buy one mint, I suggest selling your vital organs, or your first born.

The first set I had was a deer mom and little deer baby. 

Here we have Deerlene & Baby Doette. Clearly by the name, these are half human/deer creatures. Deerlene also has a bird on her hand. I feel like these two are the singers in the Shimmering Woods. Like somewhere Snow White is in the woods thinking she can sing, when in all reality it is really Deerlene. I'm not a fan of the name though. Deerlene? Really? Worst name ever. 

The next one we have here is Sunstreak and Baby Winglet. Sunstreak gave her baby the 2nd worst name ever. Baby Winglet? That sounds like something you order at Wingstop! I mean that poor baby must be the target of every hungry beast in the Shimmering Woods! They are cute though!

Finally the best Shimmers ever! We have Seaquin and Baby Splashy. Seaquin probably has one of the coolest names ever. I mean her name is Seaquin! Her top looks so cool and her bracelet is made of starfish. How could anyone not like her!

I remember when I first got her. My parents and I were getting ready to leave for a family vacation to the beach. All I could think of was, "I need the perfect accessory to go to the beach. Mermaid Shimmers!" Well I had begged and pleaded to have my way. The plan was simple, before driving to the beach my parents would take me to K-Mart. We would run in and pick up Seaquin and her baby. Everyone involved was on board!

Only there was one problem. As we were leaving we found ourselves in a really bad thunderstorm. My parents were like, "We don't have time to head to K-Mart! We need to head to the beach!" I wasn't having that. I refused and demanded that we still go to K-Mart, regardless of the dangerous weather! I was such a brat! But I got my Mermaid Shimmer! The perfect accessory to take to the beach. Except I didn't really take Seaquin to the beach. I have never liked the idea of bringing toys or dolls to the beach. I mean essentially sand is just dirt. Right? Why would i want to bring my nice collectibles to the beach? That's just grody. Anyways, I don't even like the beach. Being there is bad for my porcelain skin. After all, my ancestors lived under the sea. Far from the sun. I'm serious.

Until next time!  


  1. omg! I had the deer mommy and baby! this brings so many memories! thanks for this post :)

    1. Hello Mae! Thank you for the comment! And be sure to check back soon, because Shimmers will be featured again on Toy Chest Tuesday, with something even more memorable!

  2. Miss, M.... thank you for this post <3 You really bring out those lost memories of childhood :) I love your blog! It always makes me smile.

    1. Thank you Laura! I'm glad that it does! I've written a few times on the Shimmers. lol I really like them. I even wrote about them again today for Nerd Society because I finally found a centaur Shimmer. These were just a lot of fun. I hope you are doing well!

  3. Weird, I don't think I ever saw these.