Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Toy Chest Tuesday! Wish World Kids

Hello toy fans! I hope everyone has been doing well and enjoying the week so far. I have some stories to tell you all, but that will have to wait for another day, because today is Toy Chest Tuesday!!! Today we are going to look at Kenner's Wish World Kids. Now my issue with this week's Toy Chest is that we won't actually be seeing the toy. Just the box. Not to sound like a killjoy but I have been too nervous to open this awesome vintage find. However I will be revisiting this toyline and showing some cool items at another time!

So what were the Wish World Kids? It was the late 80's and having your toys transform into things was very chic. Wish World Kids took the Transformers concept and created a world where kids had keys that would change their everyday objects and rooms into fantastic playsets. For example one set included a normal desk with boring homework that could change into an awesome entertainment center. What a perfect toy! Let's look at some pictures!

Here is the front of the box. This particular set is called the Toll'n Roll Clock. Basically a silly old teal clock transforms into a sporty bowling alley. Edy doll included! The dolls were really short and came with really cool 80's clothes and bad hair. Seriously, Kenner didn't give these dolls enough hair. Most of the doll's head was just painted in a hair-like color while the rest of the hair would be styled to look like a comb over. Or in some cases a flip over. Just messy really.  

This picture is from the top of the box, it shows the steps involved with transforming the clock into the bowling alley. I always thought the Wish World Kids were really rich. I mean who has a clock that can also change into a bowling alley? Or a reading lounge chair that can turn into a speedy roadster? Some of these playsets looked small but could fold out and change into something huge! Not Unicron huge, but pretty big either way.

The back of the box also goes into further detail about everything you can do with this fun toy.

Picture 1: (From top left) You can move the clock hands! (Soo much fun right!)

Picture 2: Put the pins in place and...

Picture 3: Bowl a strike! (How awesome that the toy can actually bowl!)

Picture 4: How many pins can you knock down? (Now I feel like this is something from Sesame Street, we just need the Count.)

Picture 5: Edy has removeable fashions for having fun at home and at the bowling alley! (What I don't understand is, how much fun can you have with a clock? The bowling alley I understand, but the clock? Really?)

Another section on the back of the box may give some clues about Picture 5. Here is the description about the Wish World Kids line. "Wish World Kids dolls have a 'magic' wish key that pretends to open a wonderful world filled with fun and play. When the Wish World Kids wish really hard, and pretend to use their Wish Key, their furniture changes into fun places." So that kinda sucks, the dolls are basically pretending. Which means that delusional Edy has to actually play with a clock. That is a sad life. I like the idea that these kids are rich and have high tech furniture made of Energon or something else.

There needed to be some evil Wish World Kids though. One set could have been like a garden that turned into a toxic waste dump. The evil Wish Kids could have plotted ways to ruin the wishes of the good kids, or found ways to tear up the magical pretend furniture. Doesn't that sound like fun? (Don't answer that.) Just think though, the evil kids could have looked like Garbage Pail Kids! Now that would have been neat!

The storyline needed to be better though. After all Hasbro created a world where the leader of the Decepticons could turn into a gun, and people's rides were Autobots. Surely Kenner could have created an interesting storyline for Wish World Kids other than some bored kids pretending to have keys around their necks that "changed" furniture. I fell for it as a kid though, hook, line, and sinker. Regardless if they were pretending or not, these toys were really fun and cute. I will be sure to do a larger piece on them in the future, and even share a story or two about how I had gotten my first one!  

That is it for this week's edition of Toy Chest Tuesday! I have some fun things coming up this week, I'll be sharing with you all my harrowing tale of visiting a scary Toysrus full of Toy Bandits. We will also get to see a new weekly event, that I decided will be called "Trashy or Timeless." And, there might be a new Night of the Living Roach! Check back soon!

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