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Night of the Living Roach 4: The Final Battle Part 2

Wanting to have a good Night? Here is the second part to Night of the Living Roach 4!

Click here (NOTLR 4) to find out what you missed, and prepare for the ultimate in terror...

Night of the Living Roach 4: The Final Battle Part 2

Glimmer and Mainframe find themselves surrounded by Roaches. After their dangerous escape from the Castle Grayskull playset, Glimmer really believed that she would find safety. This can't possibly be how her story ends? Not after everything she has been through to be free.

Mainframe looks at the pink haired toy, "Ma'am, I'm real sorry about this." Glimmer shakes her head, this is nobodies fault. Glimmer closes her eyes and prepares for the horde of Roaches to roam over their bodies.

Nothing happens. Glimmer looks at Mainframe, how come they have not been eaten alive yet? There is a movement among the Roaches and two large Roaches in walk towards the weakened heroes. One of the Roaches is Sky-Spy with his wings aflutter. He motions to his colleague, "Slashor, look at our prey. They are starting to realize that there is nothing they can do. We can make this easy on you two, come with us peacefully."

Mainframe knows there can be no peace, the Roaches will kill Glimmer and him. He refuses to go down without a fight. He briefly looks at Glimmer, "Get ready to run." Glimmer is confused, "What?" To her horror, Mainframe rushes towards Sky-Spy and plans to attack.

Slashor, Master of Sharp Things, reaches out and grabs Mainframe by the neck. The G.I. Joe figure struggles and tries to escape. With legs dangling in the air, Mainframe coughs out, "Let me go!" Slashor shakes his head. Sky-Spy looks up at the would be hero, "Such a silly move. I hate to do this, but your time is over. Slashor, dispose of him."

Glimmer screams. Slashor laughs, "Hee hee. Bye bye." Mainframe's chest is raised apart from his legs, exposing his toy organ system of rubber bands. The rubber bands connect Mainframe's torso to his crotch and legs. Mainframe tries to kick free, but screams in pain as Slashor cuts one of the rubber bands. Mainframe is dangling. Glimmer tries to help her new friend, but covers her face as Slashor cuts the other rubber band. Mainframe's legs fall to the Attic floor. The Roaches all laugh with glee and chaos. Slashor drops the rest of Mainframe on the ground.

The G.I. Joe hero crawls to his legs, "Oh no." Glimmer rushes to him, "Mainframe! This can be fixed! We can get out of here!" Sky-Spy laughs and motions for the Roaches to close in around Glimmer. Mainframe looks around and utters a few last words, "Glimmer. Run. Get out of here..." Nothing makes anymore sense for Glimmer. Mainframe is gone and there is nowhere else to go. Glimmer looks around and prepares to run but is stopped by Sky-Spy.

"Don't even think about it Glimmer." Sky-Spy says. Glimmer realizes there is nothing else she can do, "What do you want with me?" The flying roach sneers, "I want nothing to do with you. My boss seeks a meeting though, and if you want to live you will go with us." Glimmer thinks about her options. Should she run? She looks at Mainframe in pieces before her. There is no other choice, "I will join you." Sky-Spy nods, "Smart move. Roaches, carry her! We are going to Attic #1." A Roach soldier looks at Sky-Spy, "What of the human?" Sky-Spy grins, "Don't worry about Miss M. Someone will be taking care of her soon enough..."


Finally finished with her earlier conversation with She-Ra, the lovely M heads to the Hallway. Before leaving the room one of the action figure heroes, Psylocke, looks at M and asks, "Hey M, where are you going?"

"I am going to take a shower. My shift earlier today at the dollar store was a mess. Someone decided to use the food aisle as a toilet. I'm talkin Number 2, all over the place. I was also hit on by a creepy man. He liked my voice so much he told me I should be a phone actress."

Psylocke smiles, "Oh love! Fantastic, you now can move on to a better job! Acting shouldn't be too hard, you have done Shakespeare in the park! Now you can do Shakespeare on the phone, how utterly revolutionary!" Psylocke claps her hands together.

Miss M shakes her head, "That is not what phone acting is about. Just think about it Psylocke. Phone acting..." Psylocke soon realizes what M is talking about, "Eww." M nods, "Right? I so need a shower. And another job. Hey, watch over April and Janine for me ok? I think they might go after each other." Psylocke nods.

Walking through the Hall Miss M hears scary Halloween music blaring from Markiki's room. M's brother has been furiously working on his Halloween costume, a custom Beetlejuice outfit. To find himself in the creative spirit, Markiki has been playing hauntingly ghoulish music on a loop. Passing Markiki's room and heading to the Bathroom, Miss M stops underneath the ceiling door to Attic #2. It sounds as if there are screams above her head. For a split second M feels as if there is something horrific happening. "I wonder what would happen..." M tells herself as she reaches up to open the attic door. What if someone is in trouble? What if it is Glimmer? M knows this is crazy, but let's be real, she talks to toys. The toys talk back. Crazy flew out the window ages ago.

As the lovely heroine is about to open the door a voice calls out, "What do you think you're doing?" Miss M screams out loud and turns to see Mama P staring at her. "Well M? What are you doing?" Miss M thinks fast, and starts humming the theme song to Loony Tunes. She does a quick tap dance and tosses out her best jazz hands. Once the song is finished M strikes a kooky pose in front of her mom.

"M? Are you on drugs?" Mama P asks full of concern. Laughter rings out in the Hall, "Of course not! I was just exercising! I'm gonna take a shower now!" M rushes into the Bathroom and slams the door shut. Locking the door behind her, M removes her hairclip and lets her long dark hair fall down. She slowly starts removing her clothes while pausing to turn the water on. The shower starts as the temperature starts to rise.

Looking at herself in the nude in front of the mirror M tells herself, "You look great. A total hot piece. For real. You'll find a man. A good man. Not some creepy old man that drools over your voice either! Though your voice is rather sexy. Right?" M does her best seductive voice, "Tell me, do you like sexy movies? What's your favorite sexy movie?" Oh goodness, get over yourself she thinks to herself. 

There is a loud bang on the door, "Who are you talking to in there?" Markiki asks. M screams and jumps, "No one! Go away!" Markiki groans, "Oh hurry already! Dinner is gonna be ready soon." Markiki walks off to see Mama P and Big Daddy in the kitchen. Big Daddy looks at Markiki, "What's she doing?" Markiki shrugs, "Gettin ready to take a shower. She's also talking to herself again." Big Daddy and Mama P look at each other, they know their daughter is slightly weird. Big Daddy goes on, "Well she better hurry. Your mother made meat loaf. No one messes with me and the meat loaf."

Back inside the Bathroom there is a lil steam filtering around the room. M steps into the shower and embraces the warm water all over her body. She wants to wash the day away. Life has been rather strange as of late. Nothing makes sense. Roaches attack out of nowhere. Old men at the dollar store want her to do phone acting. This can't be everything she has to look forward to. There is more to her life than this right? 

Reaching for her shampoo M laughs out loud, "Herbal Essences! Oh my goodness, let's bring it back!" M lathers her hair and starts moaning out loud. The moans grow louder and faster, mimicking the old Herbal Essences commercials. "Yes. Yes. YESSSS!" M screams faking pleasure as she starts rinsing her hair. "Ah, Herbel Essences!"

In the Kitchen Mama P and Big Daddy hear the moans from the Bathroom and look at Markiki. M's brother shrugs, "Hey, she's your daughter." Mama P shakes her head, "How crude! What has gottin into her!"

M giggles in the shower, "Maybe I could be good at phone acting. How hard could it be?" Miss M is under the faucet rinsing her hair some more. Unknown to her a pair of antenna dangle over the shower head. Splashor peeks over and looks down at the lovely and naked Miss M. The Roach watches her shower, monitoring her every move. He is waiting for the right moment to make himself known. 

Humming the theme song to the She-Ra cartoon, Miss M leans her head back and looks up. For a brief moment her eyes catch a movement. "What?" M shudders. Stepping back from the streaming water, M rubs her eyes to make sure she isn't seeing things. She splashes some water towards the shower head. Nothing happens. Slowly approaching the shower head, Miss M holds her breath and tilts the shower faucet down. 

The sounds of legs running across the ceiling reverberate in M's head. The heroine looks up and screams as she spots Splashor racing across the ceiling. M grabs as much water in her hands as she can and tosses the water above her. Splashor screams and loses her footing. Sliding down the slick shower wall, Splashor leaps off the wall and kicks M in the chest. She flies acoss the shower. Slamming into the wall, M gives a swift kick in the air, trying to knock Splashor down into the draining water. 

Losing her footing, M slips and falls to the shower floor. Screaming all the way down, M lands hard on her butt. Splashor laughs and races up the wall again. He is ready to attack. M screams for help.

In the Kitchen, Big Daddy slams his hands on the kitchen table, "That's it! What in the hell is going on in there! Doesn't she realize that dinner is almost ready! It's meat loaf tonight!" Markiki rolls his eyes, "I'll go check on her." Markiki walks to the Bathroom and tries to open the locked door, "You ok in there M?"

M screams, trying to get out of the water, "A Roach! Markiki, help me! It's another Roach!" Markiki pretends he can't hear, "Oh shit. Again?! Bye thu thu cougs!" He runs far away, there will be no Roach experiences for him.

Inside the shower, Splashor is ready to dive from the ceiling again, hoping to hit M's head. The blow will be fatal and the Roaches will finally be rid of the meddling heroine. M screams once more and jumps out of the way. Holding onto the shower curtain, M falls outside of the shower and onto the tiled floor with a loud thud. 

With so much steam in the room, M can't see where Splashor is at, "Alright bastard! I know who you are. Come and get me Splashor!" The steam is clouding the bathroom even more. All she can experience is the evil laugh of the Roach. Standing in the room stark naked, M feels like this will be it. Her final battle. Only one of them is going to survive. It will end now.

<It can't end yet love.> M feels someone telepathically communicating with her <Psylocke? Is that you?> 

<Yes M. It is me. I could sense you were in danger, and thought I would help. I'm with you telepathically, but I am also going to meld with you and allow you to use my psychic knives to fight this creep.>

M is confused <Is that even comic accurate Psylocke? I didn't know you could do all that!>

Psylocke continues <Who cares, I'm your toy. Here, do you feel my powers?> M smiles as the psychic knives appear over her hands. <Wow Psylocke! This is so cool! Just don't let us end up swapping our minds and bodies ok? This isn't the '90s.>

<Don't worry, M. Just fight for your life!> Psylocke says. M nods, <Will do. Before I fight this thing, do you think you could do some mind trick and give me some clothes? I'm naked.> M feels Psylock shrug in her mind <Sorry love, your on your own with that.> 

<Thanks.> M rolls her eyes. She will not fight a roach naked. She just won't. Reaching into the nearby cabinet, M grabs a towel and wraps it around her body the best she can, "Alright Splashor! Come on already! Face me! Let's end this now." M cuts through the steam, trying to see better.

Splashor emerges from the shower, "Your pathetic weapons will do nothing human. I cannot be killed. I will enjoy feeding on your brains." 

"Bring it. I'll even give you the damn spoon!" M screams and races towards Splashor. She does a fast bicycle kick into Splashor's chest. He flies back and lashes out trying to cut M. Dodging the attacks M jams a psychic knife into Splashor's side. Howling in mental pain, the Roach flings M across the room. M is on the floor trying to get up. Splashor walks towards her, looming over her, "I bet you taste so sweet." M shakes her head, tears in her eyes. When will it ever end? Splashor opens his mouth, ready to kill. With every bit of strength left, M jumps up driving the psychic knife into Splashor's head. The Roach flings back, he is motionless. M kicks him into the shower and watches him slide down the shower drain. 

M sits on the floor as the steam starts to dissipate, "It's over. It's finally over." With Splashor down the drain, M knows that there will be no way for the Roaches to find their way back inside the House. Everything was as it should be...

Across the House, in Attic #1, the Roaches deliver Glimmer to Roach Town. A seedy town full of bartering, boozin it up, and death matches. Glimmer takes everything in. Busted old Light Brites make up some of the dimly lit lighting. A few Roaches are trading various pieces and toy weapons with one another. There is a Roach playing a saxophone. A dome is in the center of Roach Town and Glimmer can hear screams inside, "What happens in there?" A Roach looks at Glimmer, "Death matches. Two Roaches enter, only one Roach leaves." Glimmer shakes her head, why does she feel like she is living in a movie? If only...

Sky-Spy and Slashor walk Glimmer to an elevator that brings the pair up to a room on top of some scaffolding. As the elevator doors open, Glimmer notices a large Roach off to the side, with a cloud of smoke surrounding him. Crumbs of food are littered around his face and legs. Sky-Spy pushes Glimmer out of the elevator, "Don't touch me!" she shouts. Slashor jumps up with a blade drawn at Glimmer's face, "Pretty pretty." Glimmer closes her eyes.

A voice calls out from the darkness, "Leave her alone." Sky-Spy and Slashor step to the side. The saxophone playing Roach walks out of the darkness first, followed by a female Roach. This is the first female Roach that Glimmer has seen. The female Roach looks to the side, "Ton-Ton, play something... tragic. You must be Glimmer. Would you like something to eat? Cracker crumbs? Old fruit?" The female Roach snarls at the lounging Roach, "Roach-Clip! Get up! Stop eating all of our food!"

Glimmer gags, "Ugh. I'm not even close to being hungry. What am I doing here?" The female Roach looks at Glimmer, "My name is Rita, daughter to the Cockroach King and Queen, may their insectoid souls rest in peace. The oaf in the corner is my older brother, Roach-Clip. I have been granted leadership of the Roaches. Welcome to Roach Town."

"I don't want to be here." Glimmer says crossing her arms. Rita laughs uncontrollably, "That is funny. You won't be leaving. I have uses for you. So please sit a spell and let me explain why you are the key to the Roaches finally taking over total control of the House." The Roaches in the room all start to cackle, except Roach-Clip. He isn't quite sure what is going on. Glimmer sits there, terrified, "Oh Miss M, where are you?" She whispers to herself, silently shedding her tears...

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