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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 43

This is it folks. The final chapter that will conclude Part 2 of Adora's Search for Honor is finally ready. Before we delve into it though, I want to just say that I really thank you all for taking the time to read this. These chapters are a true labor of love. I know that fanfiction may not be every one's cup of tea, but I hope that this story can be taken for what it is. She-Ra and her friends are important to me and for awhile now I have had this story in my mind and in my notebook that I have been tentative to share, but I am glad that I have shared it. The story may not be written perfectly, but I hope I am able to convey what I see in my mind with you all. There are not a lot of She-Ra stories out there and I hope if anything this simple little fanfic can help inspire other fans to rally for She-Ra and keep her alive. I am not able to pay tribute to She-Ra and He-Man by drawing really cool pictures. Or creating my own comic. Or by taking some awesome photos. I realize there are many people in the MOTU/POP community that share their talents for this property, and do they ever do a fantastic job if it. So this story is my way of paying tribute to She-Ra and He-Man. I see this story has a nod to everything that has come before (the mini-comic, toy line, Filmation cartoon) while also adding a new twist on how it could be or where it could go. So hooray for She-Ra Saturday, and let's get on with the chapter! I have been waiting to post this for awhile now, and I hope it is a enjoyable! Thank you again.

Previously: A great many things have happened leading up to Chapter 43, so here is what you need to know. The Horde did not succeed in drilling for the magical energy on Eternia and Etheria. Sensing a moment for himself, Skeletor decided that with all the chaos happening around our favorite heroes, he would finally sneak into Grayskull... She-Ra had a final fight with the undead beauty Double Trouble. She also joined He-Man, Frosta, Sweet Bee, Sea Hawk and Stratos through a portal onto a Horde Ship that took them to Horde World... The portal connecting Eternia to Etheria via Grayskull and the courtyard in Bright Moon is not going to stay open forever, so a few folks have been determining which planet they are going to be sticking around on... And now with that whirlwind behind us, we can start. (If you are still confused, just go with it. Everything will make sense. Unless you have no idea who these characters are, and then we might be in trouble.)

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 43

As the destruction from the destroyed Horde Ship rains down upon Eternia, Sy-Klone and Teela fall to the ground doing their best to cover themselves from the debris. The feisty red head is under her former boyfriend and the only thing she can do is close her eyes. They are near some rocks that have formed a makeshift shield from anything too nasty. However there are pieces of debris and metal that land near them creating sparks and flames. She can feel bits and pieces of items with heat hitting her bare arms and legs. Sy-Klone looks down at her, "It's ok Teela, everything is going to be ok."

Quickly looking up, Sy-Klone spots a large piece of metal falling towards them. Reacting quickly, he spins them both away to another location that is safe for the time being. He surveys the land. There is no sign of Ram Man from the earlier spin 'n toss. However the scene is mostly filled with other Masters and Evil Warriors rushing to take cover.

At first the magical barrier surrounding Grayskull had been obliterating any signs of debris, however the Horde Ship is in many pieces. The force field around Grayskull is now very weakened allowing anyone to enter. Skeletor knows this and is finally seizing an opportunity long on his wish list. Sliding past two Eternos guards at the front of the castle, Skeletor disposes of them both with a fast snap of the neck. His eyes are filled with glee. "Now is my perfect chance. Grayskull will be mine!" In a manner of mere moments, Skeletor has the door to Grayskull open, and his quest for the ultimate power begins.

Outside the smoke is starting to clear. The land around the heroes is in shambles. A large drill sticks out of the ground as pieces of the Horde Ship litter the grounds. Evil-Lyn stands to dust herself off, a trail of blood seeping down from under her helmet. "Are we through with this nightmare yet?" She looks around for her allies. Beast Man is nearby. Laying on the ground, he quickly rolls over to remove a ragged piece of metal from his thigh. Trapjaw, Spikor, and Tri-Klops both stumble around in a daze until they notice Evil-Lyn.

The Evil Warriors regroup and are wondering if there will be another fight as Clamp Champ and Mekaneck approach them. "We are doing a head count, no need to start fighting." Clamp Champ says this seriously, knowing full well that the Evil Warriors could attack at any moment. They don't though, "We will do no more fighting. For now." Evil-Lyn spits out speaking for everyone, regardless if the other Evil Warriors agree or not. Sy-Klone and Teela limp towards the group, "We're ok. Has anyone found Ram Man?" Teela asks looking around. Clamp Champ nods, "Rio Blast and Buzz-Off went looking for him."

Everyone is quiet as they assess their bodies for damages. Something seems off though and it causes Teela's heart to sink, "Wait. Where is Skeletor?"

Laughing with a hint of menace, Skeletor walks through the halls of Grayskull. He is not entirely sure what he should be looking for, but he will know it once he sees it. Or so he thinks. He is careful not to be noticed. No one should be expecting him. "Most everyone is outside, I should be able to do this." Skeletor whispers to himself before hiding in the shadows. He hears the sounds of voices approaching.

Orko and Cringer are racing towards the damage outside. Neither notice the close presence of evil. Skeletor watches carefully and smiles as the two are gone. "I surely will not be thwarted by Orko." Sneering at the thought of the floating magician, Skeletor shakes his head and continues walking around. He is anticipating being caught by the Sorceress, but he reasons that the Sorceress may hopefully have other concerns on her mind. He just walks, looking at everything: the walls, artifacts, various hallways that might lead to all kinds of magical places. The plan does not matter. Skeletor stands there taking the experience in. "I am standing inside Castle Grayskull. Eternia will finally be mine!"

There is a more hopeful mood on Etheria. Queen Angella is sitting in her throne room with Duncan, the current Man-At-Arms. He is equipping her legs with removable cybernetic seams. "Once everything is hooked up, I have full faith that the device will drive a charge to your body. With some focus and determination, you should be able to walk while wearing this device." Angella is sitting back in her throne as Duncan is attaching the seams to her legs, "What of my wings? Will I have use of them?"

Duncan looks up, smiling, "This will literally be one step at a time. For now it will just be your legs, unless of course a miracle happens and you regain the use of everything..." Angella shakes her head sadly, "I fear that will not be happening." Angella looks across her throne room at Kowl. The know-it-all owl is still busy rereading over ancient texts to see if he is missing anything about the myth of the Star Sisters. Angella hopes that Kowl can find the answers he is searching for. She is suddenly brought back to her conversation with Duncan, "These cybernetic seams sound like they will take some getting used to. Are you sure you want to help me? I feel like you should be back on Eternia."

Shaking his head, Duncan smiles again, "The portal will be closed soon and will need to be recharged. I will return to Eternia in just a little while and once the portal is back open I will of course return. But before I leave I want to make sure these seams work. I assured you I would take care of this, and I will not go back on my word." Duncan looks down at his work, there is a vertical seam across the front of Angella's legs while numerous seams form rings around the circumference of her legs. He knows this work is important. Of course, he also enjoys being around Angella.

The Queen sits back and smiles. The idea of being able to walk again thrills her. Duncan continues to work. Trying to make small talk, Duncan asks casually, "I haven't noticed, but is there a King of Bright Moon?" He is wrapping a seam around her ankle and notices a great silence. Looking up to make sure Angella is alright. He notices the winged beauty looks distant. Focusing her attention to the question, Angella tilts her head, "Yes. Well. There was a king. I shared this kingdom with a loving man. His name was Micah, but he was killed by the Horde." Duncan looks down, "I'm sorry to hear that."

Waving her hands in the air, Angella sighs, "It was a long time ago. I think of him often, but as time goes by it doesn't hurt as much. I prefer to think of him fondly and not of all the sadness." Their eyes meet and he can see her sadness. His heart breaks for her. Sensing his empathy, Angella quickly asks a question of her own to avoid feeling uncomfortable, "Well, what of you? Is there a woman-at-arms?"

Duncan chuckles continuing his work, "Now that is a very long and complicated story." Angella nods, "Ah. I see." They continue to talk for a little while, until the doors to the throne room are thrown open. Bow rushes in with Sea Hawk's crew member Lir right behind. Angella and Duncan look up in surprise and ask what is happening. Bow catches his breath, "We've stopped the drill. The Horde Ship is still in the sky, but it is in Rebel control. Glimmer captured Corporal Romeo, the man in charge of the ship. The Horde is running scared. But I've got even better news, even though it sounds crazy."

Angella and Duncan look on in shock as Bow says, "She-Ra, He-Man, and a few others jumped through a portal into Horde World." Duncan shakes his head in disbelief, "What? Is that even possible?" Bow nods, "Yes. It is. I believe this will be it. She-Ra and He-Man are going to stop the Horde." Angella sits back with tears in her eyes. She can only cry, "Is this it? Is this finally happening?" Bow grins, "Yes. She-Ra is going to save us."

Deep in space, She-Ra and her heroic friends find themselves at the receiving end of a batch of Horde Troopers. Sea Hawk is ready to fight while Stratos is surveying their odds. Frosta is standing close to He-Man making sure Sweet Bee is a safe distance away. Sweet Bee is oblivious to Frosta's jealousy. She-Ra looks around at Horde World. They are at the end of a tunnel made of thick glass that looks out into space. The sight would be incredibly beautiful it they all weren't in the face of so much danger. A Horde Trooper barks out, "Do not move. You are trespassing into Horde World and will need to speak with Horde Prime." The Horde Troopers make movements to apprehend She-Ra and her friends. He-Man whispers, "No one do anything sudden." She-Ra nods, "I agree." A Horde Trooper places cuffs around her wrists. The material is strange. It looks to be flimsy, but the cuffs are incredibly strong with flickering specs of light coursing through out.

The group is led down the tunnel into a hallway with a track of some sort. The environment around them is cold and sterile. A Horde Trooper motions for someone down the track. She-Ra focuses her eyes on the vision before her. A Horde member rolls up on the track. He stands before them as if in a transformation. A cart with rows of seats seems to be melded into his legs and backside. The main Horde Trooper ushers the heroes onto the cart, "Dragstor, take them to Horde Prime. They have trespassed." He-Man and Sweet Bee take a seat in the front as Stratos and Frosta sit in the middle row. She-Ra and Sea Hawk are the last.

Dragstor's head turns around to look at the visitors, "I am in pursuit of Horde Prime." Quickly taking off, Dragstor races across the track through a network of tunnels, massive rooms, and bridges. Everyone is looking around at the strange network that is Horde World. She-Ra takes everything in. There are Horde Troopers busy at work. She notices beings that look similar to Hordak walking around in what appears to be a bustling metropolis underneath the track. Eventually the track travels upwards into one final tunnel that is more like a hallway. Strange doors are on both sides as Dragstor races towards the end.

He-Man looks at Sweet Bee. He doesn't know her very well at all, but something within him stirs when he looks at her. He grabs hold of her shaking hand, "Don't be scared. I'm here." Sweet Bee smiles, "I'm not scared, just cold. It feels so cold. Don't you feel a chill?"

Sitting right behind Sweet Bee, Frosta glares with icy breath, "Well maybe I'm scared He-Man." Stratos looks at the icy empress and nearly wants to gag, "You don't strike me as one to be scared of anything." Frosta grimaces, "Don't act like you know me." Stratos groans, "I don't think there is much to know." Turning with a purpose, Frosta flips her hair at Stratos, "There is plenty to know darling. Like when to expect my fist across your face." Stratos simply ignores her and focuses on the track ahead, "Are we there yet?"

In the back, She-Ra looks over at Sea Hawk, "You are a foolish man." Sea Hawk looks smug, "Heh. I've been called worse." She-Ra shakes her head, "I am serious. What would possess you to just jump through a portal into Horde World?" The pirate flashes his teeth, "What can I say? I crave adventure." Sighing in annoyance, She-Ra can only shake her head, "There are too many of us here. It never should have come to this. Too many people to look out for." Sea Hawk chuckles, "Listen princess, you don't have to worry about me. I've been in far worse. All I need now is a good drink." She-Ra rolls her eyes and prepares for what happens next as Dragstor comes to a stop in front of a large metal gate. A familiar looking red bat is emblazoned across.

The gate slides open as Dragstor turns his head, "Your destination awaits. Horde Prime will see you." Frosta is the first to stand. She pokes Sweet Bee in the back, "That means get up darling." The heroes rise and step off the cart. She-Ra is the last to walk through the gate. She turns at the sound of Dragstor transforming. The cart folds away until he stands at the gate with his legs. "Turn back and I shoot." He glares at the princess of power with a crossbow in his hand.

She-Ra turns and follows her friends. She could easily take him, but they have just been handed to Horde Prime. This is actually the perfect plan. Her motivation is to simply destroy Horde Prime. How hard could it be? They walk up a metal spiral staircase into a large room full of smoke and what appears to be a light show.

Panels light up in the smoke as an evil laugh bellows in the darkness, "I take it by your arrival that my ships will not be bringing me my magical energy." Horde Prime's voice is made up of sounds that the heroic warriors have never heard before. He continues to speak, "Tell me, who makes up this group of warriors brave enough to be so stupid." Sweet Bee looks on in awe. Frosta actually finds herself speechless. Sea Hawk and Stratos both stand tall. She-Ra stands next to He-Man and calls out, "I am She-Ra. This is He-Man, we are protectors of Etheria and Eternia."

A low chuckle emanates throughout the room, "Ah yes. I've heard a great deal about you two. So you are the two that have been making life very difficult for Hordak. Persistent, I can see it clearly. What of the others?" Frosta rolls her eyes becoming slightly bored with the games, "I am Frosta, Empress to Castle Chill of the Kingdom of Snows." Horde Prime lights up, "Royalty! How nice. What does an empress do exactly?" Frosta grits her teeth, "I simply rule. Darling."

Horde Prime laughs again, "Of course you do." Wanting to change the subject, Stratos steps forward, "Stratos. Lord of Avion on Eternia." Horde Prime can't help but laugh again, "Another royal? I'm sure we can find some use for all this royal blood around here. Horde World does have an obsession with royalty." Frosta tilts her head while crossing her arms.

Sea Hawk tips his head, spitting on the ground, "Name's Sea Hawk, a pirate of immeasurable talent." The light panels are in sync with Horde Prime's words, "A pirate with talents... A noble way of describing one who forever works hard to never get ahead. I have lived to see many pirates fall before me. But there is one more of you isn't there?" Sweet Bee looks off in the darkness. She cannot really make out what Horde Prime is with all this darkness, or if he is even able to see them. There is no safety in the darkness, she still feels vulnerable, "My name is Sweet Bee. I am a space pilot from the Hive..."

"Ah. A worker like the pirate. What a pair." Horde Prime lights up and then shouts, "DRAGSTOR!" In a few moments Dragstor barrels up the staircase, "Yes Horde Prime?" He-Man looks over at She-Ra as Horde Prime doles out an order, "I want you to take a few of our guests. Lead the workers to the check-in and as for our royals... well they must be treated like royalty." Dragstor looks at the group of people, studying them carefully.

He-Man speaks up, "Sorry Horde Prime. We arrived together and I'm not going to be separated from my friends." Horde Prime chuckles again as a large robotic hand appears out of the darkness. A sharp finger with a blade at the end points at He-Man, "Silly fool of a man! Do you think you can step into Horde World giving me orders? I make the rules here. Now step out of the way. Dragstor has a job to do." She-Ra grabs her brother's arm, "We'll get out of this." He-Man shakes his head, "This isn't right." Sweet Bee steps forward to Dragstor willingly, "I'm ready."

"Sweet Bee! Don't!" He-Man shouts. She-Ra holds her brother back. Horde Prime shouts again and emits a wave of laser blasts. Sea Hawk grabs Sweet Bee and they fall to the ground. Stratos dodges the attack while Frosta stands screaming. Horde Prime bellows, "Are we done trying to struggle? Take them Dragstor, but leave He-Man and She-Ra with me..." Dragstor ushers the other four away. Sweet Bee is staying strong while Frosta is beginning to look rattled. Stratos flashes a look to He-Man, he is hoping for a plan of some kind. Sea Hawk casually leaves skipping down the stairs. Dragstor transforms on the track to take the small group to their new destinations.

Back in the giant room, Horde Prime sighs, "Now, it is just the three of us. Tell me He-Man and She-ra... just where does your power come from?" The siblings can only stare at each other...

Back inside Castle Grayskull on Eternia, Skeletor finds it difficult to hide his excitement. After much walking and peering into room after room, Skeletor is finally where he wants to be. He is in a lower level of the castle in a large room with a drop off in the middle. He walks to the edge and looks down at a stream of raw energy travelling like a river. The energy flows through a tunnel on both sides leading to unknown and mysterious places. "I must have it!" Skeletor kneels down to look closer at the blinding energy that looks white hot. Reaching out further, Skeletor grins as he dips his fingers into the power.

As his fingers touch the magic energy he almost recoils at the sight of his fingers being bent and twisted backwards, the energy and his hand seemingly melt together becoming almost fluid. "I can feel it, the power of Grayskull is going to flow through me!"

Lost in his hunger for power, Skeletor is unaware of a presence behind him. Before he can react, the Sorceress kneels behind him and whispers, "If you want it Skeletor, you can have it." Her hands grab him tenderly. Skeletor is lost in his own world as the Sorceress pushes him into the magical energy. Skeletor doesn't understand what is happening to him, and he doesn't care. He becomes one with the power of Grayskull. He flows through the magical stream and uncovers all of the castle's history. Secrets upon secrets are revealed. He sees it all. The origins of the castle and King Grayskull. Various protectors, powerful men and women, fighting throughout the ages for Eternia, all with a bond running through the generations. Skeletor can feel is body twist and turn. His mind is melting and pouring out of his sockets. With no idea of where he is traveling, one of the last things he sees is the image of a baby Adam and Adora. The final secret is revealed to him and he wants to laugh because the answers have been there this whole time. Randor and Marlena's twins, they are He-Man and She-Ra. Laughter reverberates in his skull. He wonders if that is his own laughter. All he can do is travel along with the magical energy, feeling his body spread out like a liquid on the ground. He travels until he can't travel anymore. Skeletor reaches his end...

Frosta and Stratos are dropped off at their destination by Dragstor. Right off the track, the two are shoved towards a door that quickly opens. Frosta curses out loud as Horde Troopers grab both Stratos and her. They find themselves in a very posh dining room. A large gilded table rests in the center. Plates upon plates of interesting types of Horde food are laid out. A Horde Trooper barks at Frosta, "Find a seat. Horde Prime offers his best for his most special guests." Frosta looks over at Stratos, "Well we are royalty darling."

Stratos is cautious as he is ushered to a seat. "Yes, but would you eat strange food from the Horde?" Frosta rolls her eyes as she is placed in a seat next to Stratos, "Of course not darling. What kind of fool do you think I am?" Stratos laughs, "Am I supposed to answer that?" Frosta snaps at him, "Would you just hush! Obviously sitting in a dining room is much safer than standing across Horde Prime. Now what are we going to do?" Stratos shrugs, "How should I know? I've never been to Horde World before." Stratos turns to the sound of loud smacking from a rather large man at one end of the table, "Apparently the food is good though." Frosta looks down at the man gorging himself on a strange plate of flat circles with squishy tentacles radiating around. Trying not to be sick, Frosta shakes her head, "That is disgusting."

A loud noise stirs up from their seats and Frosta jumps as she feels clamps loop around her wrists and ankles, "Oh you've got to be kidding me!" Frosta gives a worried look to Stratos as he is apprehended in his seat as well. Stratos looks around at the table, "Let's stay calm." He notices a few other people at the table eating much like the larger man, "Frosta, look at these people. They are restrained too, but they simply eat. No one seems to care at all..." Frosta fearfully shakes her head, "Ok bird man, you need to start thinking of something now." Stratos shakes his head in a stupor.

Frosta yells at the large man at the end of the table, "Hey! Hey! Stop eating for a second darling! What is up with this place..." The man won't stop eating. Frosta stammers, "Well that is just rude." Stratos shakes his eyes, "They seem to be in a daze." Slumping in her chair, Frosta wonders how Sweet Bee and Sea Hawk are faring...

Dragstor makes the last stop off for Sea Hawk and Sweet Bee. They are looking at a gate made of bars. "Get out and prepare to be checked-in." Sea Hawk steps off the cart and tries to make a quick move and is hit in the head by a Horde Trooper. Dragstor laughs, "Look at this guy! He thinks he can escape Horde World. No one escapes Horde World..." Sweet Bee helps Sea Hawk, but both are pushed into a dank room with very tall gray walls.

The gate closes behind and Sea Hawk slides to the floor with heavy eyes. Sweet Bee kneels down to him, "Oh come on! Wake up!" Sweet Bee's pet mouse crawls out of her hair and scurries down to Sea Hawk's shoulder. The mouse lightly drags its feet on his neck, trying to get his attention. Sea Hawk lifts his head and jumps up, "The heck is this? A mouse on me? Get it off!" Sea Hawk tries to brush the rodent away. Sweet Bee smiles, "I think he has found a new friend!" Sea Hawk groans, "Sorry lady, this thing is not my friend."

One of the tall walls slides up. A Horde Trooper walks through quickly grabbing Sea Hawk, "Time for your check-in!" Sweet Bee jumps back as Sea Hawk and the mouse are taken to another room. The wall slides back down as Sweet Bee finds herself alone. Trying to figure out what she is going to do, Sweet Bee turns to the sounds of blades snipping.

"Who are you?" Sweet Bee asks looking at a tall man with blue skin and a chest made of robotic pieces. His head is solid silver with two horns at the sides. The most noticeable thing about this beast is his hands, or lack thereof. Sweet Bee shudders. A large pair of scissors take the place of where his hands would normally be. He slithers his tongue out, "Cy-Chop, at your service. Ready for a check- in, pretty girl? First we'll need to clip those wings..." Sweet Bee's insectoid wings flutter while she screams. Cy-Chop's large snipping hands loom towards her...

Inside Horde Prime's main chamber, She-Ra and He-Man listen to Horde Prime, "Such power between the two of you both. You must be siblings." She-Ra and He-Man are surprised to hear that. Horde Prime laughs, "Don't look so shocked. I know many things in this universe. Did you know that Hordak had a sister? Poor Annila. I had joined her in Horde union. She was the oldest and wanted to rule the Horde, but couldn't because of what was between her legs. By joining in Horde union, she could maintain at least some status as queen while I ascended to rule as Prime."

She-Ra gasps, "I never knew that Hordak had a sister..." Horde Prime's voice shifts, "Sadly she died. We were both infected with a techno organic virus on our home planet." She-Ra and He-Man both turn at the sound of a new visitor. Horde Prime lights up, "Well look at this. We were just talking about you Hordak..."

Fresh from Etheria, Hordak enters the room snorting, "You blasted piece of garbage. You should not even be talking. How dare you talk about my sister to these two miserable thorns in my side!" Horde Prime bellows as more smoke fills the air, "I'll talk about whatever I want Hordak. I am in charge, remember? Of course since you failed in acquiring the magical energy on Eternia and Etheria, I can't help but wonder if you want me dead." Hordak crosses his arms ignoring She-Ra and He-Man, "You should be dead. My sister never should have joined you in union."

"Old news Hordak! Stop whining so. Now stay silent, for I have to clean up the mess you have made. I need to maintain this machine. I need supreme power for a supreme ruler." The robotic arm descends from the darkness and points towards He-Man and She-Ra, "You both are full of power. Have you ever thought of what it would be like to rule the universe?" Hordak shudders at what he is hearing, "I did not just return from Etheria to hear this!" Horde Prime groans, "Too bad Hordak. I think we've just found the latest members of the Horde..." She-Ra looks at her brother, "Get ready He-Man. I have a bad feeling..."

Horde Prime releases a light show from the panels surrounding his machine, "Come now She-Ra and He-Man, let the darkness of the Horde into your hearts..." A loud piercing noise rings out into the room. She-Ra and He-Man both reach for their ears. The princess of power screams, "Don't let it in brother!"

The darkness sweeps over She-Ra and she looks right at it. She has seen the darkness in her heart before. For years she did nothing but live in that darkness. Now, for her, it is easy to step away. Turning her head away from the call of Horde Prime is easy, "I have been battling this my whole life." She-Ra whispers.

He-Man reacts differently to the darkness. This is truly his first time at looking into the scary and dark places of his heart. Always doing the right thing, He-Man isn't sure what to do when faced with this new kind of power. He can feel his grip on reality loosening. The darkness washes over him. She-Ra looks on in horror as her brother's eyes become a milky white and then a blood red drips over the milky white. "No! He-Man! Fight this!!!" She-Ra stands there in shock as He-Man's eyes become Horde Red. He growls letting out a guttural scream. Drawing his sword, He-Man takes aim for She-Ra. Shaking her head, She-Ra sighs, "Oh. No." He-Man charges towards his sister with murderous intent. Horde Prime simply laughs, "Now we will see who wins." Hordak listens and looks on...

Back inside her prison, Sweet Bee dodges one of Cy-Chop's blades. Screaming, Sweet Bee tries to figure out a course of action. Cy-Chop is furiously trying to cut the beauty, but she is cunning if anything. Thinking on her toes, Sweet Bee produces a string of sticky honey comb ladder, "Get yourself out of this!" Artfully dodging an attack, Sweet Bee slides to the ground and buzzes up into the air weaving the honey comb ladder around one pair of the scissor hands. Cy-Chop recoils as he can't chop with his hand, "GRR! What did you do to me?" Sweet Bee grins and goes after the other scissor hand.

Eventually, Sea Hawk and the mouse burst through the wall. He has a gun courtesy of a broken down Horde Trooper. "Look at you Sweet Thing." Sweet Bee smiles, "My name is Sweet Bee. Try not to forget." Sea Hawk smiles and shoots Cy-Chop in the chest, disabling him. "Ok, you gotta see this." Sea Hawk leads Sweet Bee to his room. Stepping over the broken Horde Trooper, Sea Hawk shoots through another wall and they enter what looks like a large assembly line. Sweet Bee scours over the large number of prisoners working on weapons and armor for the Horde, "What?" Sea Hawk nods, "These people are working to death for the Horde."

Sweet Bee shakes her head, "We have to free them!" Trying to figure out how they will do that, Sea Hawk and Sweet Bee come across a large muscular worker. She has three eyes and her skin is pale blue, but she can speak to them. "Listen, the jailers are disposed for now. Can you get everyone free?" Sea Hawk asks, looking at the blue woman. "Yes. I think so. Is this a trap?" The blue woman looks fearful. Sweet Bee smiles, "No. This is very real. Will you be able to escape?" The blue woman nods, "I think so. There should be escape pods on Horde World that can take us anywhere." Sea Hawk nods, "Or even look for portals. Here, take this gun and free these people. Be their hero."

Grabbing Sweet Bee's hand, Sea Hawk calls out, "Let's get Frosta and the feathered dude." Sweet Bee's pet mouse crawls out on Sea Hawk's shoulder, squealing. Sea Hawk groans, "Alright little guy, your line ends here." Brushing the mouse off, Sea Hawk runs off with Sweet Bee. "We can't just leave him behind! That little guy helped me!" Sweet Bee shouts. The pirate groans, "Too bad Sweet Cheeks. I don't have time for rodents." He drags her away and they run out onto the tracks.

Looking around, Sea Hawk and Sweet Bee race down the track trying to be careful, "I think they were dropped off this way!" Sweet Bee nods in agreement. As they are running, neither are surprised as alarms start to sound off. Soon Dragstor is barreling on the track after them. Sea Hawk curses out loud, but Sweet Bee has an idea. Producing another honey comb ladder, the honey of a guide flies up and manages to wrap the sticky comb around Dragstor's face. Hopping on with Sea Hawk, Sweet Bee pulls on the Horde member's head, "Take us to our friends or else this honey comb will start melting your face off." Dragstor screams in pain and Sea Hawk shakes his head, "I'm impressed."

Inside the dining room, Frosta and Stratos continue trying to break free from their restraints. The larger man seems to be slowing down on his eating. Frosta wants to gag at the whole experience. Suddenly though, the large man begins squirming. He screams in a strange daze as he arches his back. "Oh how foul! He is going to burst!" Frosta shudders. Stratos shakes his head, "No. Look." They both stare in disgust as the large man further howls in pain. Shaking and writhing in agony, the large man looks as if something is sucking his insides out through a straw. Soon the large man is becoming thinner and thinner. His face starts to sink in showing off the outline of his skull. Frosta begins to see someone behind the body. Squinting, she gasps, "Who is that?"

A familiar scream greets the air as Mosquitor jumps up from behind the body and onto the dining room table. He growls in satisfaction. Frosta screams as she notices the large man's blood and energy dripping into Mosquitor's clear thin membrane chest. She can't stop screaming and tries her best to free herself. "Stratos! Darling! Get me out of here!!!" Frosta screams even more as Mosquitor walks across the table towards her. Stratos struggles but can't break free.

Frosta can't stop screaming. The screams get louder as Mosquitor jumps in front of her. His stinger is deadly sharp and he has it aimed at her chest. Frosta keeps screaming, but as she is screaming, her powers over ice are freezing up the latches over her wrists. Mosquitor hisses and screeches, "Give me your blood!!!"

Continuing to scream and feeling her throat go hoarse, Frosta feels relief as the localized freeze around the latches snap, breaking her hands free. With fists fully thick with ice, Frosta brushes Mosquitor's stinger and face away. She then follows this action with a hard punch to his chest. Hovering over her again, ready to sting and drink, Mosquitor howls in pain from the cold punch. Frosta punches him again and screams even further as her fist easily goes through his clear chest. The thin membrane melts away almost like slime. Blood from Mosquitor's previous feasts pour out all over Frosta's chest and legs.

"AHHHHH! Get this filth off me!!!" Frosta screams in agony. Mosquitor recoils onto the table as blood is spurting everywhere. Stratos can't break free and keeps shouting, "Calm down! Calm down Frosta! Focus! Free your ankles and then get me out of here!" Frosta is shaking at the blood all around here.

In a matter of seconds Sea Hawk and Sweet Bee charge into the dining room, "Cavalry is here!" Sea Hawk calls out before nearly vomiting at the blood, "Oh shit." Frosta screeches, "Just get us out of here you buffoon!" Sea Hawk and Sweet Bee hurry to free their friends before anything else can go wrong...

Inside Horde Prime's chambers, She-Ra and He-Man are in a deadly fight against each other. The fight is hopeless though. How can two people that equal each other in their power destroy each other? She-Ra is slammed into the wall, and the look on He-Man's face is terrifying. "He-Man, please! You have to shut the darkness out! Listen to me! Let it go!" He-Man screams, grabbing She-Ra by the hair and tossing her across the room. Trying to get up, She-Ra coughs up a little blood. He-Man charges at her screaming in rage. Shaking her head, She-Ra jumps up and does something that hurts her deeply. Taking hold of her power sword, She-Ra swiftly swings dragging the blade across He-Man's chest.

The damage to his battle armor is severe. He-Man falls backwards hitting the floor hard. Rushing to his side, She-Ra cries out, "My dear brother! Please! Let this hatred in your heart go. It does not belong there!" He-Man lays there in searing pain. He blinks back though and She-Ra smiles as she notices the Horde Red blinking away and her brother's eyes returning to normal. "He-Man. My brother." Looking up at his sister, He-Man sighs, "I'm so sorry..." She-Ra shakes her head, "No time for that..."

Horde Prime is watching all of this. Displeased supremely, Horde Prime screams, "FOOLS!" The large robotic hand reaches out grabbing She-Ra by the waist. Dangling her in the air, Horde Prime screams, "Shoot this miserable piece of trash Hordak! Now! Rid the universe of She-Ra once and for all!" Hordak grins turning his arm into a canon, "Finally. We agree on something." Hordak is about to nail a blast to She-Ra's head, while He-Man staggers up in pain.

Leaping into the air, He-Man hurls himself towards the large robotic arm. Taking one quick swipe, He-Man brings the sword down, slicing clear through Horde Prime's robotic arm. She-Ra falls to the floor missing Hordak's blast. Quickly standing up, She-Ra grabs hold of the detached robotic arm, "Enough Horde Prime! Enough!" She hurls the arm into the smoky darkness towards the massive robotic structure that houses Horde Prime's true form. "NOOOO!" Horde Prime screams as an explosion occurs rocking the entire room. The light panels are going off erratically and the smoke is starting to clear. Hordak looks on in complete shock. No one has been able to do this, ever.

She-Ra stands with He-Man and their gaze is in awe at the massive robotic body with arms as well as a mass of engines and other machinations. With the smoke gone, regular lights turn on as if on emergency. A small glowing red pod slides out from the machine avoiding the rest of the collapse. Hordak's eyes grow wide in worry, "Horde Prime won't survive this..."

The pod glows eerily and begins to inhale and exhale. A slender hand rips through the pod. The hand is covered in a slimy substance. Soon the pod begins to fall apart. She-Ra and He-Man look on in shock as they stare at the body of Horde Prime. Covered in the slimy substance, Horde Prime chokes out, "Hordak, help me..." The voice sounds nothing at all like the fearsome robotic voice from earlier. She-Ra looks on and feels something strange happening. She looks at Horde Prime and whispers, "That looks like a female..."

Hordak is not paying attention to She-Ra or He-Man. Hearing Horde Prime's real voice sends him back thousands upon thousands of years, before Horde World. Before Horde Prime. This is a voice he knows, because he grew up hearing it. He whispers, "Annila?" Racing to Horde Prime's side, Hordak looks down and underneath the slime, he finds his sister. "Annila?" Kneeling down by Horde Prime's side, Hordak lifts the frail head of his sister. She looks up at him with eyes in a faded red, "Hordak. I can finally see my brother." Shaking his head, Hordak cries out, "You died. The chancellor put your body in the incinerary." Annila shakes her head, "No. That was a double. It was part of my plan. I had the machine built for me. I am the one who survived to take on the role of Horde Prime. Your brother-in-law died from the virus on our home world. But I had to live like this if I was going to ever succeed at being the supreme ruler of the Horde. If not it would have had to go to you. I'm sorry Hordak, but I wanted the chance to rule..."

Hordak snorts, "You foolish woman. You could have told me. I would have looked past the old rules of the Horde. This whole time I have grown hating you, but you have really been my sister..." Coughing up sparks, due to the effects of the techno virus, Annila looks up at Hordak, "This entire lifetime on Horde Worlds... You have not hated me. For it was you who have been keeping me alive this whole time." Wiping the slime away, Hordak looks down at his sister. Her skin is strange. He can see the techno organic virus growing and spreading underneath. He is feeling her body grow heavy. Snorting in agony, Hordak groans, "No. We've got to get you back into the machine. I'll find more magical energy..."

Annila reaches up to grab his face, "It is done Hordak. It is done." Her body becomes heavier. The virus is quickly taking over. Snorting again, Hordak tries lifting her up, "No. This will not happen. I'm putting you back inside." With all his strength, Hordak lifts Annila up taking her to the machine that has been her home. The weight of the virus is too great and the mighty Hordak falls to his knees. His sister's skin starts to crack, revealing the techno organic effects below the surface. She can no longer speak, only the faint red remains in her eyes. They both look at each other and Hordak clutches Annila's hands tightly. He looks down in sadness as the red fades away. His sister is gone.

She-Ra and He-Man look on, unsure of what to do. Hordak leans over Annila's body and screams. Aiming his arm canon any which way, Hordak fires blast after blast. Tearing into the walls, the blasts cause new alarms to go off as Horde World becomes compromised by the deep space outside. She-Ra grabs He-Man, "We have to get out of here. Now." Hordak remains over his sister's body, but He-Man and She-Ra never look back. They run. Racing down the stairs and through the gate, the most powerful woman and man in the universe race onto the Horde World tracks.

As they run, they hear the familiar sound of Frosta yelling about something. Dragstor is racing towards them and comes to a slow stop. Sea Hawk hops up and looks at his friends, "The gang is all here!" She-Ra nods, "Yep, and now we are leaving. We have to get back to the portal, we don't have much time." The alarms continue to blare loudly declaring that Horde World is in big trouble...

On Etheria, most of the Rebels are back from the Horde Ship and the Fright Zone. Most are wanting to take a break. Glimmer has placed Corporal Romeo in prison next to Mantenna. Bow is looking over his arrows, making sure he is ready for any other problems. Spinnerella and Netossa are discussing the portal. All joking aside, Spinnerella explains to her close friend that her home is going to be on Etheria. Netossa isn't so sure though. The captivating beauty suddenly realizes that in the last few months nothing has really been a home for her. Her family blames her for troubles she never created. Her new friends in the Whispering Woods are all battle worn, and all Netossa seems to be thinking about is starting anew, which is exactly what she does.

In a surprise even for herself, Netossa hugs Spinnerella tightly and quietly sneaks away. Making her way into the courtyard, Netossa walks through the portal and into Eternia. "Maybe I'll have a new start here?" Netossa asks no one in particular. Stepping through the inside of Castle Grayskull, Netossa looks around in awe. "What did a just do?" Possibly regretting her decision, Netossa nearly steps back through to Etheria. However the portal key makes a strange sound and a few sparks fly out from it. She notices that it seems as if something has spilled around the floor. Hurrying away, Netossa leaves the room and embraces this sudden new change...

On Eternia inside the Eternos Palace, Mermista meets up with her father. King Mercier is ready to talk to her, ready to explain just why the mer-people left Etheria for Eternia, and just exactly how Mermista ended up getting left behind. "I am so glad you decided to come to Eternia Mermista." The King smiles, unsure if he should hug his daughter or not. Mermista is prepared to listen, but the conversation is halted as a young mer-woman walks into the room, "Father? The Masters are meeting to talk with Queen Marlena..." Mermista's heart stops, "Father..." Mermista looks at the young woman before her. She has long white hair with strands of pale pink spread throughout. Mermista shakes her head, "Is this my sister?" The two women stare at each other in surprise...

Inside Snake Mountain, Evil-Lyn and the rest of the Evil Warriors make their way into Skeletor's throne room. "Where do you think Skeletor is?" Beast Man asks. Evil-Lyn snaps, "How should I know? He just left us there. Luckily we managed to walk away from those idiotic Masters of the Universe." The group enters into Skeletor's throne room and Evil-Lyn wants to pinch herself. A horrifying sight is before her, and all she can do is scream....

She-Ra and He-Man make their way to the portal they came from on Horde World. Frosta is in a daze. She can't even look at the horrors all around her. Stratos is beyond ready to get back home. Sweet Bee looks back, hoping that the innocent lives on Horde World will make it to safety. Sea Hawk looks at the portal, "Alright. Let's get back home." He is ready to jump, but he feels something moving in his pants, "What the?" Sea Hawk looks down as Sweet Bee's mouse friend peeks out of his pocket. He burrows back inside the pirate's pocket and nestles in. Sea Hawk looks on in shock as Sweet Bee grins, "Oh am I happy to see him!" She-Ra and He-Man smile at each other, even if there is much sadness in the air. Neither have discussed what they just experienced, but both agree it is time to head home. The group jumps through the portal, leaving the alarms and madness of the Horde World behind. As they travel through the portal heading home, She-Ra can't help but feel her heart grow heavy. Something doesn't feel right, but she knows once she can hug Bow her heart will feel free and the idea of happiness will truly begin to make sense.

Sitting in the courtyard in Bright Moon, Bow looks over his arrows with Glimmer. He polishes his magical heart arrow. The large heart shape at the end looks polished and gleams in the light. He misses She-Ra, and hopes that everyone gets back soon. Glimmer looks over at Bow, "The portal looks like it is going to close soon."

Bow looks over and notices that the portal is acting strange. It swirls erratically and looks as if it wants to fade away. "Yeah, it does. I thought it was going to stay open for awhile longer. I hope everyone knows where they want to be." Glimmer nods, "I know. I can't believe Mermista and Perfuma left." Bow agrees, "I know Glimmer. But I think Duncan will just need to work on recharging the portal key or something. I doubt it will be permanent. Can you even believe that the portal even exists?" Glimmer nods, "You got me. Never in all my life would I have thought we'd get to see something like this exist. In the courtyard no less..." Bow and Glimmer laugh at that statement. He is happy to be talking with her. After everything they have been through, it feels like their friendship is back to normal.

Suddenly Flutterina and a Bright Moon Gaurd race into the Courtyard, "Hurry. They have. Returned!" Flutterina is grinning. Bow's heart instantly begins to beat faster. Glimmer smiles in relief. She calls out for the others to join them. Duncan and Roboto race out from the castle. Spinnerella is dancing into the courtyard on a cloud of happiness. She looks around for Netossa. Unable to find her dear friend she quickly races to catch up with the rest of the group. Peekablue stays behind with Queen Angella. She uses her special abilities over sight to inform the Queen what is going on.

The Rebels race into the Whispering Woods. Glimmer calls out, "If the portal was from the Horde Ship, they've had to travel a ways back to the Whispering Woods! I bet they are tired!" Bow nods, but all he can think about is She-Ra. The love he has for her is so genuine and real. He hopes she is safe.

Some Bright Moon soldiers are helping the returning group, and the Rebels race in to shout their praises for She-Ra and He-Man. Duncan is thrilled to see He-Man. The most powerful man in the universe looks worn down and exhausted. Glimmer looks on at a shaken Frosta and spies all the dried blood. "Come on Frosta, we need to sit you down." Sweet Bee smiles at the people around her, saying hello to her friends, Sweet Bee is glad to be home. Something is wrong though. Bow looks around, "Wait. Where is She-Ra?" He looks around and notices that some people are missing...

Rolling over on the ground, She-Ra sits up. Rubbing her head, she feels as if she has fallen from sky. The princess of power looks around. There is debris everywhere. Feeling slightly dizzy, She-Ra pauses, "Did we make it?" She-Ra looks at her surroundings again and notices Sea Hawk laying on his stomach. "Sea Hawk? Are you alright?" The pirate slowly gets up and nods, "I think so. Did we hit something?" She-Ra shakes her head, "I'm not sure, but I think we fell on the ground. Where are the others?" The pirate looks around at the ground taking in all the debris around him. He spots Stratos to the side, "I see Stratos."

She-Ra stands up, dusting herself off. Taking everything in carefully, She-Re feels that something doesn't make sense. Until it does: The drill in the ground. The debris everywhere. A castle in the near distance. "We're on Eternia. How did we end up here?" She-Ra shakes her head recalling briefly the strange experience with the portal. "But that must mean..." She-Ra's heart sinks and she turns to run towards Castle Grayskull. Sea Hawk looks after her as Stratos begins to stand. She ignores everything. The wind is blowing through her hair. The only thing on her mind is Bow. She runs as fast as her legs can carry her...

Bow screams for the others to get out of his way, "Move! Move! I don't have much time!" The Rebels look on in shock, "Where is Bow running off too?" Glimmer looks on in worry. Bow can only run. His heart is beating because he knows. He knows where she is and he knows what is happening. "No. Come on, run!" He charges through the Whispering Woods. Leaping over tree stumps and brush, Bow makes his way into Castle Bright Moon...

She-Ra throws the doors to Grayskull open and remembers exactly where she needs to be. Travelling down a hallway and down a few stairs, she makes her way into the makeshift room that has the portal in it. The swirl of the portal is changing. It is going to close. "No! It's supposed to be open still!" She-Ra screams as her body shakes. She can't be separated from him, not after everything they have been through.

Bow races into the courtyard, his eyes trained on the portal. Looking right at it, he feels like he can make it. "She-Ra!" She can hear him from the other side. Her heart sinks as she races towards the closing portal, "Bow!!!" The portal is swirling to a close. Sparks are flying every which way. Something is wrong with the portal key. She-Ra wants to jump through it, but she isn't going to make it.

Grabbing his arrows, Bow reaches for his magical arrow. The one from his heart. Having never used it before, he hopes that its magic will work. He only has one shot. Taking aim, Bow shoots the heart arrow towards the closing portal. Hoping that it will land just right, Bow smiles as the arrow lands right in the middle of the swirling energy. The arrow is holding the portal open, just enough. They rush towards it. He is hopeful that he will fix this. They can see each other through the small portal opening. She-Ra has tears in her eyes, "Bow! I don't know what is happening, something is wrong with the portal key." He looks around at the portal, "I can't open it. Do you think it will open again?" She-Ra shakes her head, "I'm not sure." Bow looks at her eyes, "What do we do?" She-Ra looks back at him, "We hold onto this moment. I love you." Bow closes his eyes wanting nothing more than to touch her. Blinking back tears, he nods, "I love you too. Adora."

The magical arrow is just not strong enough. Their eyes meet for one last brief moment. Her lip trembles, he is so close. Bow has tears in his eyes as the portal slices the arrow down the middle. It all happens blindingly fast. The portal is gone and they both stare into the closed space where they were once looking at each other. "Bow?" She-Ra calls out, reaching towards the empty space where the portal was. "Bow?" Her hand touches empty space. "He was right there. He was right there."

Bow closes his eyes with fists clenched. "She was there. I saw her. I could hear her. I don't understand..." He looks down at the broken arrow. She does the same inside Grayskull. Both pick the broken arrow up, each with a piece of the heart split in two. Kneeling to the ground, She-Ra buries her face in her hands. She feels completely alone. Standing in the courtyard, Bow turns as his friends arrive. Duncan is standing there in shock, "The portal is gone? But I'm not on Eternia to fix this..."

Castaspella is tired. After jumping through a portal to chase Catra, the enchantress who hypnotizes realizes just how stupid that action was, "Where am I? I've been walking through this strange place for what feels like an eternity." With no sign of Shadow Weaver and the other Horde women, Castaspella is wondering if she should try to find a place to rest. As she continues to walk through the rocky cave like structure, she stumbles upon a pair of doors barred by a mystic seal. "I can sense a mystic seal any day, but why are these doors locked? I wonder what this place is..." Her hands graze over the doors. She can see etchings in the stone facing that appear to be of men that are half snake...

Skeletor is not entirely sure what is going on. The last thing he remembers is making a quick dash inside Castle Grayskull. Now he finds himself walking back into Snake Mountain. "How did I end up back here?" Skeletor is highly confused, but hopefully his Evil Warriors will make some sense of things. He walks the familiar path to his throne room, but he takes a brief pause. There is a great deal of yelling echoing out from his throne room. The yelling is pounding his already troubled head. The evil lord of destruction busts into the throne room demanding to know what all the noise is about, "You fools! You'll wake the blasted Snake Men with all this noise!"

Evil-Lyn stands tall and glares at Skeletor, "Oh honey. You're home. We seem to have company. Care to explain?" Evil-Lyn is furious. Stepping out of the way, she unveils some unwanted house guests. Skeletor groans, "Oh no..." His former lover on Etheria, Shadow Weaver, stands with Catra, Entrapta, Octavia, and Scorpia. Together, the Horde women find themselves inside Snake Mountain looking around at the Evil Warriors. Shadow Weaver rasps, "It's been awhile Skeletor." Trying to figure this out, all Skeletor can do is wince from the pain in his head. Pleased to be safely away from the Horde, Catra isn't quite sure what to make of Snake Mountain being her new home...


  1. Well I have to say that I thought it was going to be the Snake Men at the end-but with Shadow Weavers history with Skeletor I think this is a better way to go. I could see her becoming the big bad of the next part with Catra serving her instead of Hordak.
    Actually for a minute, I thought after Skeletor vanished that he was going to appear on Horde World and kick everyone's ass. I think that was one of the few cool concepts from the movie, when Skeletor turned into a super skeletor after getting power of grayskull-at least I'm pretty sure that's what happened. I know he got supercharged at the end.
    I like how you described Mosquitor's chest as an organic membrane type thing instead of glass. And Cy-chop was a surprise. I don't even know his origin, is he a horde character in the toyline?
    I had a feeling that the mouse would hitch a ride on Seahawk. Sucks for him that Bow gets the girl and he gets a rodent!
    Speaking of girl getting, is there supposed to be sparks between Stratos and Frosta? Maybe we won't be seeing her hook up with He-man after all. And I thought Sweet Bee being bad ass was a hilarious moment.
    Also appreciate the use of Dragstor. They must keep the more bad ass hordesmen on horde world. And speaking of which, does this mean Hordak will be the new Horde Prime? Many questions are left to be answered in the next part, but I would like to commend you for putting so much time and effort into these. You have finally given the She-Ra story the rich treatment it deserves. After years of these characters being ignored and treated like the red headed stepchildren of the motu franchise, you have given them depth, and proven to the world once and for all that it is awesome when frilly, adorable, princess type girl characters say the word "shit"- I applaud your efforts and look forward to part three in 2013...With Scareglow!

    1. Well the Snake Men may or may not appear in Part 3. Technically in my notebook that has the larger story, the Snake Men were already featured. In the beginning of Part 1 the Horde is coming back from a failed attempt at trying to take over Eternia. Well before that all occurred there was a story with the Snake Men. So they might make it back in Part 3.

      And I really loved the idea of all the Horde women showing up in Snake Mountain where 99% of the folks are men. Now I can't say exactly who will be the next bad guy, but there will more than likely be a few. It is going to be a fun story, at least i hope it will.

      I also wanted Mosquitor to be really gross, because he is such a gross character. The membrane aspect made it grosser, at least for me. Cy-Chop was thrown in at the last minute. He is a Horde character, but being one of the new 30th Anniversary characters, it just seemed like a fun idea to mention him in some way. Plus I loved the idea of his scissor hands.

      Bow didn't really get the girl though! The story between Bow, Adora/She-Ra, and Sea Hawk is far from over. I am also glad you picked up on the stuff between Stratos and Frosta. There may or may not be a spark there. Sweet Bee had to have a bad ass moment because she is one of those characters that some people just loathe.

      Dragstor was fun, I tried to make him like the toy version but also by changing a few things up. I really liked the idea of Horde World being a place where there were all kinds of interesting Horde people. Hordak might become the new Horde Prime. Maybe. There were a lot of things left unanswered, and I hope that Part 3 will continue to be fun. Thank you for taking the time to read this Spazzblister! (Here's to Scareglow in 2013.) lol

  2. Maybe Mosquitor is a gross character for a lot of people but blood has never been gross to me-maybe it's too much time in hospitals as a kid perhaps and having a more medical POV of it. Though snot and poo can still gross me out.(especially when they are emitted from children. Even though I love children's toys, I've never really warmed up to liking kids.Hopefully that will change if I have one of my own!

    Frosta getting all bloodied up was funny and a blow to her dignity-can you even imagine her reaction to being slimed? I think she would be more upset about getting messy than she would be about becoming a slave!
    I also loved when she tells' He-Man "maybe I'm scared" and he completely ignores her. But why did you pick Stratos as her romantic interest? Is it because they are both royalty?
    And Skeeletor really does have a deficit of women on snake mountain usually. Except for Evil Lyn, but I always felt he could care less about her romantically and just wanted to use her for her power. Personally I'd be more on the Hordak side of things if I could get myself minions I would want a bunch of sexy lady ones. Although that's probably a bad idea because this story says some disturbing things about the loyalty of women- probably unintentionally, and just because most of the characters are women, but if you think about it, all of Hordak's girls have abandoned him and Evil Lyn has abandoned Skeletor in the past. Even Teela cheated on He-man! although it was not actually cheating in the end but she thought it was at the time. However, I'm going to assume all of this duplicity is more due to your love of soap operas than it is a statement of any kind about the fairer sex.
    Now in the cartoon I had read that Sea Hawk becomes She-ra's boyfriend instead of Bow-but I have no recollection of what happened because I have to think back to 1985 to remember. Is that what happened on the show?

    1. Well my own blood doesn't bother me. I am like you, I am very used to dealing with my blood being taken from me or having needles in my arms for my infusions. However I would never want someone elses blood to just pour out all over me. And with Mosquitor, I like to think of his chest as being filled with all kinds of different blood from his various feedings. So for Frosta, that would be the grossest thing ever, to have all this blood on her from different people. And as for Frosta, I don't know why I picked Stratos to be a possible romance for her. The royalty aspect is part of it, but I have long thought about who would date who if it came down to the Masters and the ladies of the Great Rebellion all meeting up and stuff.

      And I don't think that I am trying to say anything duplicitous about women in general. I mean the Horde women that abandoned Hordak, well he was controlling and not the best presence in their lives. So with them leaving it was more like, "We are not going to be in his grasp and take this terror from him." I think there was this illusion that they had their own power and standing in the Horde, when in the end, Hordak was dictating it all. Evil-Lyn was so disloyal to Skeletor because after Keldor became Skeletor he became a totally different person and treated her like an afterthought, to say nothing of his deelings with Shadow Weaver. Hordak's sister pretended to be her dead husband so she could keep her power as Horde Prime, because if not her gender would be seen as too weak by Horde standards. So it may look like disloyalty, but it is set in a context. And Teela may have been under the impression that she was cheating, but I think that says a far worse thing about Adam/He-Man that he would lead her on like that. I mean one of the things I want to do with this story is not to say that this is how women are or this is how men are. What I like is the soap element but also the element that these people are not perfect and they are all searching for something in the end. I mean the title is about Adora searching for honor, but all of the characters are searching for something.

      And the cartoon emphasized more of a flirtation and "relationship" between Adora and Sea Hawk. Relationship is in quotes because it was a kid's show so it was never fully explored. The toy line had a slight emphasis that something was special between Adora/She-Ra and Bow. (His heart had a special beating feature for when she was around...) So that is kind of where this triangle is coming from.

    2. Well in other Motu news today I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping-or as I like to call it "Christmas shopping" (because the only minute I ever operate on is the last one.) and I was at my local Wal-Mart looking through the bargain DVD bin to see if there was anything extra I could find like movie- wise for my mom, and they had all of these DVDs in cardboard containers with blister bubbles. The packages were shaped to look like Christmas ornaments, and I think you are supposed to hang them on your tree for people. -Really I'm sure this is their less than subtle way of moving thousands of DVD units and getting rid of them without having to manufacture more boxes to put them in, so they can change everything over to Blue Ray-anyway they had stuff like Teen Wolf and Moon Struck in these blister packs-and then-what to my wondering eyes should appear- The He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special!
      With the little picture of He-Man, She-ra, Orko, and Kowl on the DVD. Well for some odd reason I didn't already own this, so I snapped it right up. Even if I had owned it I may have still bought a copy because of the novelty. I don't think I ever even saw this when I was a kid. I don't remember when it was on. But I have read about it and I know Snout Spout is in it! And Skeletor (who for some reason is working for Horde Prime) "feels the true meaning of Christmas"-and there are robot dogs in it or something, so it sounds ridiculous! Can't wait to see it! Maybe it will be in my yearly rotation of Christmas movies I have to watch, like It's a Wonderful Life and Scrooged and Gremlins. (am I the only one who watches Gremlins around the Holidays? It is technically a Christmas movie!)

    3. OMG! First off, I watch Gremlins too for Christmas, because I do consider it a Christmas movie. And the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special is the best. The sing a long song leaves much to be desired, but it is a really great piece of television. I watch it every year too. I just absolutely love it. Skeletor is technically working for Horde Prime because he was once Hordak's apprentice and is sort of indebted to the Horde, even though he does not like it. I don't think this was an original intention of the story, but ended up happening once She-Ra and the Secret of the Sword storyline came into play. You will have to tell me what you think about it. I just love it. And I love that you watch Gremlins too on Christmas!

    4. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. The part where the kids tell Skeletor that "Christmas is a time of year when you get people presents" and Skeletor is like "and when you open them they explode right!?" -I thought that was incredibly funny. Maybe it was because I was drunk. I don't know.
      A couple of thoughts though, the "Manchines" -which seem to be a mix of smurfs-or the other cutesy type toys from the 80's, Care Bears, etc.- and the transformers-I'm surprised they didn't try to make toys out of those.
      And the Monstroids, oddly enough, I don't know if you remember this, but there actually was a toy called the Monstroid, but it looked nothing like the ones in this special. It was like a crab vehicle, and the whole point of the Monstroids in this seems to be to rip off transformers, so why not make toys that resemble these guys that transform? Later they did the "Meteorbs" and those rock guys, and they both kind of transformed. I don't know why they came up with these ideas and then scrapped them. My only thought would be that Filmation came up with them, but why would filmation make toy friendly concepts like that? Usually Mattel forced them to work stuff like that into the show. Maybe they were working off early concept designs that never made it to the toy shelves.
      And I wish everyone recognized Gremlins as a
      Christmas movie. It is the rare movie that manages to be a comedy, a Christmas movie, and a horror movie, and be effective as all of those. Actually, when I was a kid I thought it was scary and I still think it would be to some kids. In 1984 kids thinking they were going to see something like E.T had to be taken out of the theater by angry parents cause it was too scary for them-its one of the movies that made the MPA come out with the PG-13 rating. (Gremlins and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)

    5. Well Skeletor's reaction to Christmas is one of my favorite parts of that whole special. I laugh every time I see that. It is truly a funny episode. And I believe that the Monstroids and Manchines were meant to be tests for a possible introduction into the line. I don't think they ever really made it to any other stage of development. In fact from what I recall seeing in the making of Christmas Special, the whole reason the Monstroids and Manchines were featured in the episode was too lay the groundwork for these characters to be made into toys, but I might be wrong on that. I might need to rewatch. The Special I have was released a decent number of years ago and came with some cool extra features. I am not sure if the version you picked up is the same.

      And I am very fond of Gremlins. I remember seeing it in theaters and being terrified, but I loved every minute of it. I had a Gizmo stuffed animal and I just really enjoyed the movie. I also love the sequel immensely. But yeah, the first Gremlins was very scary. It still kinda creeps me out with certain scenes to this day. But I will always file it as a Christmas movie.

    6. I love Gremlins 2 as well. It was one of the best number 2's in any series because it totally sends up the first one. (Phoebe Cates Lincoln's Birthday speech is something I could laugh at for hours.)
      I wish Gremlins 2 would have been a bigger commercial hit.
      I didn't get to see the first Gremlins in the theater because it came out in 1984 -the year after I was born. I woulda been a wee bit young. But you know, it came out on the exact same day as "Ghostbusters" ! and if I had a choice to go see one on opening day,
      I would have had to pick Ghostbusters. Only cuz it is like my favorite movie ever.
      But as a writer-if I was allowed to write either Ghostbusters 3 or Gremlins 3, I would want to write Gremlins 3. Only because the Ghostbusters movies are more about the comedic improvising of the actors on set than the writing itself. Gremlins, however, are all about the scripts. Plus I kinda feel if Bill Murray doesn't wanna do another Ghostbusters the franchise might as well be put to sleep. And even if he did want to do one, they are all too old.
      But Gremlins..I have a lot of ideas for a third Gremlins.What would you do with one?

    7. Well I was really young when Gremlins came out and probably had no business whatsoever watching that movie in theaters, but my parents have always been movie people. So we were always watching movies. I mean they weren't taking my brother and me to go see R movies, but we did grow up watching a lot of movies. And Gremlins 2 was a big deal for me when it came out in theaters. I remember my mom took my brother and I and two of our cousins to go see it. I just loved it. The satire about almost everything including the previous movie, I mean it was just fantastic. It was the perfect film to celebrate and poke fun at pop culture and I hate that it is divisive among fans.

      As for a third one, I have no idea what I would do if I had the reigns. There are so many possibilities. I mean they could go on a grander scale with satire, but I would tend to think with a third one that it would go back to the roots of the first one. That it takes place in Kingston Falls and even though there is still the feel of a small town, everything is more connected and whatnot because of technology and Billy and Kate would maybe have a son or daughter and the kid would have no use for Gizmo because the kid would be more interested in other gizmos and gadgets and somehow the kid would need to watch Gizmo and while busy updating a facebook status Gizmo would get wet or eat something and then Gremlins would come back shattering everyone's world where technology would then be useless. I don't know. I mean I think there would still be a place for a third movie. And the girl Gremlin would have to be in it somehow. lol I love the girl Gremlin.

      But what would you do with one if you had the chance?

    8. I had the thought that a Gremlin is either good or bad based on a nurture thing thing-even if they are bad by nature,meaning, because Gizmo was raised by the wise old Chinese guy he learned to be nice-but another gremlin could be good also if properly motivated. So maybe have a gremlin fall in love with a girl and then have to fight other gremlins or bad people to protect her.
      Maybe have a joke about how someone is rehabilitating evil Gemlins in a Monastery in China-and the Gremlin travels there-and we are set up to believe it's the wise old man, but we get there and it turns out to be Gizmo! Now old, and wise and yoda like.
      As you can see I'd be going for the cheesy on purpose camp factor. I set it farther in the future and make it so Billy and Kate have allowed Gizmo to do this but not actually feature them because Phoebe Cates doesn't do Films anymore(sadly) and it would be unthinkable to recast her part.
      Most probably they will end up doing a remake-and if so they might go for scary again. One rumor I had heard was that Joe Dante was refusing to do another one unless they used traditional effects instead of CGI. I hope that's true -because that's awesome if he said that. I don't think he owns the franchise in anyway though so it really won't be up to him in the end.

    9. Those are fun ideas! I like them, especially Gizmo being yoda like. And I completely forgot that Phoebe Cates won't do movies anymore! That is so sad! I would love to see her in a Gremlins movie. I love her movies. Becuase you are right, she could not be recast at all. It would be terrible. And I don't think I'd want a CGI movie either. Gizmo can't be cgi. It would just be too weird.

      I do like the idea of some Gremlins being good if brought up that way with proper motivation and what not. Now I really hope a new Gremlins movie will come out.

  3. One more could be said, based on your good explanation of the ladies actions, that you would be trying to vilify the men, but you aren't trying to do that either. You made Hordak(the guy that everyone should hate) be sympathetic. The men that have caused the women to be bad have their motivations. In your version, Skeletor is maybe less sympathetic than Hordak.Which is a really interesting take. But you haven't really gone too far into Keldor, so we don't know how redeemable he can be, but it is still possible.
    He-Man being a dick and doing that stuff in your story, well it was bad, but I think He-Man, in every version, isn't the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. He really does have the mind of a kid in the body of a superhero-like Shazam.
    So, when you think about it,in your stories the men and the women are equally complex, and it's less a battle of the sexes than a complex narrative-but, ya gotta admit, calling the girls "ladies" and the men "Masters" does sound misogynistic! haha! I know,I know, it's that thing where they call the heroes "the Masters" in the 2003 series (and I believe they carried that over to the motu classics line)that is what you are playing on, but, there was an early version of the idea where they actually had the bad guys be the "evil Masters of the Universe"-and the good guys were supposed to fight them.
    I think, personally-"Masters of the Universe"-should mean-ALL of these guys. Women, men, monsters, robots etc.
    Strong characters that take control of their own fate and their situations. They all are, in effect, "Masters of the Universe"-because they are using their extreme power in a way that affects the universe. Do you like how I used affect and effect there? You are a writer. You get it.

    1. Well I agree, I do not want to vilify the male characters. Actually the fun thing about all these characters is that they each have rooting value. I mean who doesn't love Skeletor as much as He-Man? That is the fun thing about these characters. And I certainly don't want any of them to be seen as perfect.

      And I can see how referring to the females as ladies and the males as Masters could sound sexist, but it really is based on the heroes on Eternia calling themselves the Masters of the Universe, and that included Teela, while the heroes on Etheria are just called the Great Rebellion. Of course they are all Masters. And though I may use the word ladies, I also refer to the female characters as warriors and other words too that have a projection of strength. Of course I don't think that calling them ladies lessens the impact of how strong they are anyway.

      And Skeletor hasn't really been much of a sympathetic character yet, but I am sure things will change with that. Maybe. lol