Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Toy Chest Tuesday! The Crystal Castle

If you close your eyes and concentrate just long enough, I swear you can hear She-Ra saying, "By the Power of Grayskull!" Welcome to the final Toy Chest Tuesday of 2012! And I promise, this will be the most epic Toy Chest Tuesday of the year! I seriously don't even know how I'll be able to top this in 2013. (But I'll certainly try.) So this is it, a look back at the Crystal Castle!

Ok so let's do some toy talk before we delve into the Crystal Castle. Some of you may already know this story, and if this sounds familiar, I do apologize for repeating. I was born with a genetic disease that I still have to deal with to this day. Luckily I can handle it, but back then I bounced around from hospital to hospital a great deal. It was not always easy, but I had my wits about me and I of course had She-Ra. I lived for that show because she was just everything to me. She could pick up mountains and got to fly around on a unicorn. Nothing got her down. For a kid that was sick like me, she was just a comforting presence. I felt like I could be invincible too.

So the idea of owning the Crystal Castle just seemed like a logical choice. I always kinda figured that one would appear under a Christmas tree or at a birthday party. But that never happened, which was ok. With being so sick, I usually ended up being concerned about other things. One day I had to be prepped for a bone marrow test. I was about 5 years old and it all just seemed so terrifying. My parents and the doctors did their best to explain to me what I would be going through, but all my 5 year old brain could comprehend was that a needle was going to be stuck into my hip bone "pinching" my bone. All I could think was, "How is a needle going to pinch my bone?" I didn't really know that I'd be having a sample of bone marrow removed for testing. Looking back it just seems so crazy, like some sort of sci-fi show.

Anyways, the day had arrived and I was so nervous. It was a painful process, but I was so dazed that it was like my body couldn't even feel anything. Though the pain did follow. Well after it was all over, my parents felt terrible for me. So when I should have been home resting, my dad being the protective man that he is, said, "I'll take you to the toy store and buy you whatever you want." Goodness. I guess I should say it was the 80's. I came from a family that firmly believed if you were having a really shitty day that some hugs and a toy purchase would clear that all up.

So there we were. My dad was carrying me and rushing inside of Toysrus. I'm sure the whole scene looked beyond odd; my dad who looks like an Italian mafia guy with his olive skin was carrying me, this little pale sickly thing. All I could think of was, "I'd love a Crystal Castle." It just seemed so surreal! Like play sets and such were always reserved for Christmas or Birthdays. To have the chance to just walk into Toysrus and soon own a Crystal Castle just seemed crazier than the darn bone marrow test.

My dad rushed me to the She-Ra section, but it was no dice. There was no Crystal Castle, they were sold out. So there we were, I was lost on what to do next. I had no idea what else to pick. I finally decided on a different approach. I ended up with a Snake Mountain instead. It was no Crystal Castle, but I figured that my Catra, Evil-Lyn, and Skeletor needed a home too.

That whole day was just surreal. I remember going home and thinking, "Did we just buy a Snake Mountain? Do I actually own this thing?" The rest of the day saw various family members stopping by to see how we were doing. And pretty much everyone would walk in and see me with Snake Mountain and say, "What is a sweet child like you doing with such a creepy looking toy?" And I'd reply, "It is purple. It can't be that creepy." As a fan of She-Ra and her brother, you simply don't pass up on a play set no matter what it may look like.

By now you are probably wondering, so just how did I end up with a Crystal Castle after all these years? I never gave up the hope that I would one day own the play set, but nothing ever really fell into place. The Star Sisters were just never aligned. That all changed though this past summer. My dear husband who has had to put up with a lot of my collecting dramas, has always been aware of my hope to one day own She-Ra's dream house. Well I was totally unaware, but he ended up finding a mint Crystal Castle from an older married couple that lived like 30 minutes away. He got it for a song and helped complete one of my life long dreams, to own a Crystal Castle! (Yes, I realize that it may be odd to put 'life long dream' and 'own a Crystal Castle' in the same sentence, but to that 5 year old gal that was sick and in pain, this is truly a wonderful item to own.) So since I had this mint Crystal Castle in my well-ish manicured hands, I decided to chronicle the most epic of all epic Toy Chest Tuesdays! So now let's finally check out the pictures! Enjoy.

First up- the sticker sheet. The top sticker was for the Etherian flag. Below (from left to right) was a map of Etheria, sticker for the fire place, and a sticker for She-Ra's throne. There was still some stick to the stickers, but not much. I believe the box had been stored in either an attic or garage. So even though the item was unopened, there were some minor issues with age.

A dark blue plastic was used for the chandelier, banisters, front doors, windows, and a treasure piece of gems. This play set came with a lot of pieces!

A light blue plastic was used for a vanity, fireplace, table and chair, treasure chest with lid, and a really pretty accessory rack for She-Ra's sword and shield. I love the total mash up of this play set. I mean of course the Crystal Castle would have a vanity and a rack for She-Ra's weapon.

Golden items made up the latches for the place set, flag pole, fence for the fireplace, and butterfly barrettes that could either be worn in your hair or used to pull back the canopy on the bed. There were plastic seat cushions in the pale blue. The piece with the 'S' was part of the pulley system for the action feature in the castle. Inside the bag was a fluffy purple rug, pillow, bed sheet/comforter, and the canopy curtains. A blue string was also in the bag. The string was used for the action feature. The Crystal Castle was made in the U.S. This is so very interesting, because the POP toy line was really made throughout various countries. That is a rarity these days. Usually a toy line is just made in one country. But there was an international effort to get the POP toy line together.

These three items were part of the throne/elevator piece for the castle. When placed together, She-Ra could either sit on the throne, or stand and have the the string pull the elevator up. Stopping at the second floor, or ascending to the very top, the Crystal Castle had a very nice action feature. I wanted to show the feature of the throne elevator working, but due to age, the throne does not really work well. In fact when pulled up, the throne comes apart from the base piece. If you are interested in what that looks like though, head over to this vintage toy commercial for the Crystal Castle here.

Similar to Castle Grayskull, the Crystal Castle also had two floor bases that slid into the inside to create a second floor. There was also a nice etched design for the pink floor.

Here is She-Ra's crystal sleigh bed. The bed was a nice sized bed, and can sort of fit a Masters of the Universe Classics figure, though their legs may hang over just a bit. 

Here is the bare bones front of the castle. Isn't it just stunning? The pink and gold really work well together and the white clouds and rocky mountain area really gives the illusion that this castle is high above the clouds.

The inside though it just all pink. "This place looks like it has been hosed down with Pepto Bismal!" I personally love it. The Crystal Castle is also very tall, about the same height as Grayskull.

The back piece is all mountain with a mysterious entrance/exit and window openings. I really love how the gold highlights the rocks and just really makes for a pretty image. It is a striking play set.

This side of the back piece had a vertical bar that already came attached. The throne piece wrapped around the bar so that it could slide up to the top. From a design perspective, Mattel really packed a lot into this play set. Let's check out the packaging though!

Like all the Princess of Power items, the artwork on the boxes just speak for themselves. I am in awe of the stunning art. The castle is captured quite nicely. She-Ra, Swift Wind, Bow, Arrow, and Kowl all make an appearance. I love that Bow is on the box. I realize that there is some division among fans on who She-Ra's love interest was supposed to be. The cartoon made a strong case for the pirate Sea Hawk, but the toy line hinted at a connection between She-Ra and Bow. This box further cements the idea that Bow and She-Ra were indeed an item. (At least in my mind.) And of course if you have been following along with Adora's Search for Honor, than you know that She-Ra might get caught up between them both!

This was the only other picture I could take from the Crystal Castle box. The backside was completely ripped away and the other sides were either damaged or similar to this picture. But, let's look closer!

The images further describe all the details and features of the most powerful play set in the universe.

I love that the doorway to the back of the castle is a "secret" exit for She-Ra. Though the play set had a lot of beauty and glamor to it, there was still a focus on She-Ra maintaining her secret identity and saving the world. And look! Bow makes another visit to She-Ra!

These pictures also display what the items look like put together. I couldn't get the bed to look like the picture above, but that is because the pink panel didn't have all the holes in it to attach to the canopy part.

Here is the castle fully put together! What a magnificent play set! I love the flag. My favorite though would be the crystal doors. It is just really pretty. The thing about the Crystal Castle was that the toy was never really in the cartoon. Yes, She-Ra would go to the Crystal Castle to talk with Light Hope, but the Crystal Castle from the cartoon looked nothing like the toy. It just made the play set all the more special.

With the doors opened, a nice view of the crystal throne can be seen. This was not the original design though for the Crystal Castle. I have seen images before of the original prototype for the Crystal Castle, and what we would have gotten from the prototype would have been drastically different. The prototype featured a bird's face in the front. The prototype was more styled like a Castle Grayskull. However the final product ended up looking more "girly." I think both versions looked really neat, but I must admit, I am fond of this version of the Crystal Castle. (For more information on the Crystal Castle prototype, head over to He-Man.org a site full of all kinds of MOTU/POP information.)

The secret exit in the back shows off only a small peek inside. The flag though looks very cool. I know this will probably never happen, but I kinda hope that Mattel could recreate the Crystal Castle for their new Classics line. It seems like they were going to go above and beyond expectations with the new Castle Grayskull, but could you just imagine the Crystal Castle all new? I'd even be interested in the Crystal Castle getting remade in the original prototype form. Of course, I think I'm having some major wishful thinking on all that.

But wait! There's more! All put together, the inside of the castle looks stunning. I love the chandelier above the front doors.

The table and chairs fit in nicely with the play set. The map of Etheria was also such a nice touch. I am really glad that Mattel ended up doing that.

The treasure chest had a "magical" feature. You could display the gems with the lid open...

...or you could open it again to look like Catra had snuck in to steal the shiny baubles. The gems fit under the lid, and when the lid was lifted, you could hold the treasure piece under the lid for the effect of "wait, where'd it go?"

The mirror on the vanity is reflective, but more like toy reflective. Actually, the vanity looks like it came from the Crystal Falls. Maybe Mermista makes furniture by the sea shore?

The bed is not entirely the greatest. I think you have to get some cotton or other fluffy material to fill in for a mattress and the pink panel for the curtains does not really stay on that well. However, all of that can be an easy fix. I just haven't had the time to go about fixing it.

The new MOTUC figures look pretty good against this wonderful toy from the past. Even jealous beauties can't help but want to visit the majestic Crystal Castle. (Look carefully.) 

Together with the growing members of the Great Rebellion, the Crystal Castle makes for a perfect backdrop! I look forward to more of She-Ra's friends popping up because they all look so great!
So there you have it folks! The Crystal Castle! I thank you all for reading, and I also thank my husband for surprising me with this treasured item. I am beyond thrilled to finally own this play set. It is a fantastic toy and a reminder of just how wonderful the POP toy line was. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for She-Ra.
That is about it for Toy Chest Tuesday! Like last year, I will be taking a brief break from Toy Chest Tuesday. It will return in the new year. I will still be posting things on Diary of a Dorkette though, so don't go anywhere! I've got to do my annual Top Ten Toys of 2012! There is also a December Heroic Hottie that must be crowned. And I'm sure there will be some other fun things to talk about too. As always, I enjoy your comments and thoughts. I hope you are all well, take care!


  1. Congrats in getting your Holy Grail Miss M i for one know how this feels because i have several of them and i have manage this year to add a few to the Cosmic Ark but am shooting for a few more in the coming new year.

    1. Thank you jboypacman! I am so glad to have this item! I hope that you get the items you are looking for in the new year. : )

  2. Gotta love Catra looking though the split in the walls, now that is funny!
    I love Castle Grayskull, but the Crystal Castle is really something. The opening windows and doors are just cool for starters, but the doll house appearance with all of the furniture makes it something special for girls--although, I'd look into getting it if I could.
    If the stickers start failing, use Elmer's glue and use a thin layer and wipe away the excess and it should hold without any issues depending on the climate.
    The bed...I see the edge of what holds the curtain in place is not staying, but if you know what to do to fix it, then when you get the time, go for it, just take your time to do it right (famous words).
    I love the box art as with Crystal Falls and all the He-Man packages of the 80's, I think the artwork is amazing in such a way that it should be framed and hung on a wall.

    Really nice, enjoy Crystal Castle and one day, if you don't have them, get She-Ra's sword and shield from ebay or somewhere on the internet to finish off the weapons rack.

    ...She-Ra would approve!

    1. Yeah the Crystal Castle is truly a stunning looking toy. I mean I know pink may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it just looks so beautiful. I will keep that trick in mind with the glue. I think I may need to do that with the flag. It doesn't want to always stay put.

      The bed is interesting. There are three pegs on the blue plastic for the curtains, and the pink strip was supposed to have three holes on it so that it could connect. But there is just the one hole in the front of the pink strip. So I need to poke holes throughout the rest of the strip. I'm lazy though.

      And you bring up a plan of mine! Since the box is so damaged, I am planning on cutting the front part off and framing it! I think it will make a great framed piece!

      I do have the vintage She-Ra sword and shield, but they are in a small box hidden away with all my POP pieces. It was going to take too long to get it all out. lol But I will get them out soon and do an updated photo for sure! It is the honorable thing! lol

  3. Wow, great review, I had only seen this toy on the backcard of some PoP figures, it is really a great toy, with all that furniture and accesories. I guess there were very few of these sold outside the U.S.A. it is quite a rarity!

    Congratulations, by the way, it must have been sooo beautiful after all those years to find it, I think I do not have such a holy grail I'd like to have/find, except maybe a laser power He-Man?

    Thanks for the review!

    1. Thank you Gog! I am not sure how many of these were in production, but they do seem to be slightly on the rare side. And I am very glad to have this piece. A laser power He-Man is pretty nice! I hope you can one day find him. I hope you are doing well.

  4. Congrats on getting your Crystal Castle, Miss M! I think it's an amazing playset, even cooler than Grayskull. I had Grayskull as a child, but a friend a few houses down received Crystal Castle and several of the figures for Xmas one year. I remember being in awe of the Castle, sitting on the hardwood floor with late afternoon light coming into the bedroom and thinking how magical it wall was. And also reading that minicomic with Double Trouble and Frosta, which I didn't have, and thinking that was pretty wicked too.

    Years ago I ended up getting one of these sets, NRFB, from Italy! Paid a penny to get it shipped over to the US, but it was great to see it all again in person. Of course, I ended up selling it off again for various reasons. But I'm kinda jealous (meow!) seeing yours. It's a gorgeous set and you should be very proud to own it! Happy Holidays!

    1. Hey TJ! Well I have to admit, you can't help but be in awe of this toy. It is completely stunning. I really wish I had the minicomic with Double Trouble and Frosta. I wish I had all of my minicomics back. I lost them throughout the years.

      And my goodness, I can't even imagine what the shipping would have been from Italy! I hope you are able to one day rejoin with a Crystal Castle! Happy Holidays. I hope you are doing well.

  5. Great entry Miss M! Your story reminds of something. I was very young, and very sick...but it was just a bad flu or something, nothing like your situation (which by the way I'm very sorry to hear about), I was so sick I slept all day long. When my Mom got home from work that evening, she brought me Brad Turner and his transforming motorcycle Condor, form M.A.S.K.!!! Toys make everyone feel better! I love that you got Snake Mountain. You are so right, playsets were for birthdays or Christmas. My 6 year old self would have been smitten with a girl who had Snake Mountain. It's so cute you said purple stuff can't be creepy!

    It's awesome you finally got Crystal Castle! If your husband is anything like my wife (who doesn't understand my toy collecting, at all), he must really love you! They get us stuff to make us happy even though it's kind of weird!

    That castle is nice. I especially like the box art as well. I feel like if I ever were to run across it, I'd try to pick it up. Really cool playset. As always great blog and I look forward to your top toys of 2012!

    1. Thank you EightiesMan. I love your story. That would have been a nice thing to wake up with a M.A.S.K. item. I do remember M.A.S.K. and I hope you still have Brad Turner and Condor. There was a boy who was a few years older than me that lived down the street, and he thought I was pretty cool (for a girl) for having Snake Mountain. lol I've always been girly, especially when I was younger. So I think it was jarring for some of the people in my life back then. But I loved owning all kinds of collectible things.

      And my husband kinda gets my collecting stuff. I think he was put off at first, but he gets it. I try not to be too overwhelming with it all. lol

      If you ever stumble upon this Castle, you should totally pick one up. I realize it might not be an item on most men's wish list, but it is really a great toy. Thank you for always commenting and enjoying the blog!

  6. EPIC!! I'm so happy for you Miss M! Enjoy your Crystal Castle you deserve it! :)

    1. Thank you Nastyroker! I knew i needed to end the year of Toy Chest Tuesdays with quite possibly one of the greatest toys ever! I hope all is well, thank you for always commenting. : )

  7. First off, I have to say I still have not got around to the final chapter of Adora's search for honor-it has been a busy week-but I hope to get to it this weekend.
    Secondly, with this post, I have discovered we have another thing in common. we both were sick kids. I was born with a heart condition and actually had open heart surgery like right after I was born, and later on when I was in middle school I had an update open heart surgery to replace the conduit they had put in. The first one I can't remember of course (the second is a different story-nothing in my life, except for maybe my propensity to love women who don't love me back has ever caused me that much pain. Still remember screaming for more morphine!) my mom attributes me being on the heart lung/machine as a possible factor that caused me to develop my terrible ADD (this has been reported as causing ADD in other kids), and, of course, my terrible ADD is one of the main causes of my creativity.(which is why I don't medicate it. That and I don't wanna mix the pills with my booze-for writers booze comes first! It's a rule!) So maybe sick kids always end up being the creative ones. Also, because of that, I was overprotected and coddled by my mom and grandparents, which probably both contributed to me being so creative. I got a lot of toys and books and I got to watch a lot of cartoons!
    Anyway "how could something purple be evil?" I'm sure Skeletor would have something to say about that!
    I can hear him now :"WHAT! My hood is purple! My fortress is purple! My cat is purple! Even my damn Ghost is wearing a purple cape! Curse you Miss M! I'll get you for this!"
    Congrats! You just managed to make another MOTU villain want to drop you down their trapdoor! Speaking of which, it doesn't look like the Crystal Castle has any trapdoors! Seems unfair to the girls to leave them without any trapdoor fun as that was probably the best part of castle Grayskull.
    It was cool of your husband to buy you that, I would do the same for a collector wife,but I honestly have never even dated a girl who remotely cared about any of this stuff-simply because I've never met any hot girls who were into it. (in person that is-they only seem to exist on the internet)
    It's a good thing you have the vintage crystal castle because, with the amount of love given to POP by motu classics, you are likely to see a slime pit, fright zone, -hell even that weird cat faced tower thing with the monorail- before they come out with a new Crystal castle.

    1. Well it sounds like you went through a lot as a kid. I hope all is better now and that you don't have any problems. Heart conditions can be scary. So I hope you are doing well. And I don't know what lends a hand to a kid being creative or not, but I do tend to think that had I not been so sick growing up and spending so much time inside developing my imagination I probably would not have been as dorky as I turned out to be. And there are plenty of hot nerdy women out there. I was just at my comic book store Christmas party, and there were tons of really pretty nerdy girls. So I know there are some that exist in this world, you just shouldn't give up!

      And the Crystal Castle does not have any trap doors, but I guess the elevator more than makes up for that. I mean trap doors are fun, but I also like an elevator that doubles as a throne that also doubles as a high point for She-Ra to look out over Etheria.

      You are right though, I doubt there will ever be another Crystal Castle. I can see all kins of other play sets getting the chance before Mattel even touches another Crystal Castle. The Eternia play set with its monorail system is cool, but for me, nothing can beat the Crystal Castle. What would be cool though is if they were to remake it, they could maybe add a trapdoor to it!

      lol I guess I do need to be careful from offending the evil forces of Hordak and Skeletor. From painting Hordak in a bad light to liking a purple play set to being less creepy, I guess I should be more careful. I don't think Skeletor and Hordak would make for pleasent house guests. But! Once you read the latest chapter, I will be wondering what you think about old Hordak. Anyways, I hope you are doing well spazzblister!

  8. I won't give up-but I don't know if I actually want a girl who is like that. I tend to like to go with girls who are my polar opposite, sorta like you marrying a non-dork. Though I bond with many of the hot girls I like on music. I have met many cuties who enjoy the rock n roll...just not the toys.comics etc.
    And I can't find any that like teen drama!What the fuck! ?Chicks are supposed to be into that stuff!! and yet I always dig soaps more than they do! (by the by, you should have done a memorial thingy for Larry Hagman.I am more familiar with him from "I Dream of Jeanie" but
    I know you loved "Dallas") anyway those girls at the comic store party you went to may have been pretenders-you never know. And why were you at a comic book store party anyway?
    Do you just get invited cuz they know you are the illustrious Miss M?
    Next thought: How could Hordak make me not like him? Be despicable? I mean-he's done that-now I can't wait till I get a couple minutes to read this chapter and see him really be insane! Sometimes I wish you did them shorter only cuz then I would be able to read them faster!

    And my heart is fine now.But, eventually, I must go back to a doctor and find out if and when I need another update surgery. Which I dread. But my conduit should be good for my adult sized body for a while.
    How is your illness?

    1. Well you do have a point about being with someone that shares the exact same things. I often joke with my husband that it would probably difficult if we both were toy collectors, because we'd probably have major serious issues with space.

      I am surprised though that you haven't met many girls who like teen dramas. I mean my girlfriends and I all love teen dramas even though we are in our thirties. But I'm always going to watch a drama because I grew up on them. I had thought about doing a post on Larry Hagman passing away, but I was not sure what to do just yet. I would watch Dallas with my parents so I love that show. I will probably post something once the new season starts up.

      And I am hardly illustrious. I get invited to my comic book store holiday party because I am a subscriber. And they also have it open for everyone to attend. There is food and raffle prizes and the entire store is on sale. It is a lot of fun and I get to catch up with some acquaintances and talk about comics and when Jena Grey will finally come back. lol

      And I don't mean that you will not like Hordak in the new chapter. It will make him slightly sympathetic. At least that is my hope. And I do try to make them shorter, but it is just so tough! If I could somehow make these into a comic or animated short or something I think they would be much shorter. But, I do not have the ability to do any of that.

      And I am glad your heart is ok. I hope your conduit will stay strong for many more years to come. I'm ok with my illness. All is well as long as I still have my gene therapy and infusions. Without that it might get a little troublesome, but I am doing just fine. Thank you for asking!

  9. Gaah-speaking of teen drama,tonight is the last Gossip Girl ever. You don't seem to watch that show, but, it is kinda the follow up to the O.C, so I have watched it all along. Don't judge me if I cry!
    Anyway, my heart is good. And, now.later in life I got buff-but yes,much like you, when I was a kid, I didn't do sports or outside stuff,(I would help my Gramps with outside stuff, mostly plant related stuff though) I was a scrawny lad. Being inside was always my favorite. Cartoons, comic books,Soap Operas (I would watch them with my Grams and girl cousins) and drawing, were my fave things to do.
    Do you mean that your comic store is where you subscribe to your MOTU classics? You said Subscriber so I don't get what that means.
    Random thought: I want Arrow and Vampire Diaries Figures! They did them for Buffy-why not a nice little bloody Klaus figure holding the little head of that bitchy hybrid girl? or a nice TV style Oliver? (and how awesome was it when Merlyn said "how about Green Arrow?" and Ollie was like, "lame."

    1. Ya know I don't know why I never got started on Gossip Girl. It is one of those shows that I know I would like, but for some reason I just never did. I think because once it started I was already watching so much tv. I may catch it on netflix now that everything will be over. And I know what you mean about being inside. I think I liked being inside so much that I have developed an aversion to the smell of nature.

      And the subscription I have for MOTUC is different from the subscription at the comic store. I subscribe to a couple of X-Men comics and have a box at my local comic store.

      And I would love Arrow and Vampire Diaries figs! That would be so cool. I would love them in the style of the old Buffy items. And I loved the exchange when Melyn said that to Oliver. It was funny and I like it when shows do that sort of inside humor things.

  10. I had this, tell me again why I gave it away!!! :(

    1. Oh no Sarah! That is terrible. Well, maybe you had no other choice but to give it away? Oh I am familiar with that feeling of things that have been given away and later on you are like, "Really? Did I really do that?"

  11. hi can you tell me what sword goes on stand please

    1. Hello! Thank you for the comment. Yes, the sword that can go on the stand can really be any sword, but the sword that came with the original She-Ra is meant to go on the stand.

  12. Hi Miss M, I've been reading your blog for quite a while and found this post about Crystal Castle right now. Congratulations about finally getting your long-yearned playset, I know the feeling! It's a definitely fantastic item.
    By chance, I got my Crystal Castle last week! Found a mint exemplar in its European multi-lingual box. It's a made in France toy, colours look a bit different than yours. Even if I'm a guy, I always loved She-Ra, but when I was a kid I was ashamed about asking for a Princess Of Power item, since they were supposed to be girl's toys. This year I decided to finally fulfill my old dream and started collecting this awesome toyline :)
    Cheers :)

    1. Destron! That is just awesome! I am so happy that you have started collecting this line after all this time. I am also so sorry that I have just now gotten around to replying to your comment. I have been so swamped. The Crystal Castle that you got sounds amazing. Do you have an Instagram account or something where you could post those pictures? I'd love to see them! I also thank you for reading, and commenting. I hope all is well, keep me posted on what you collect from the She-Ra line!

    2. Hi Miss M, here's a link to my photobucket where you can find pics of my She-Ra collection. It's not complete, I stil need to take pics of the most recent items I got, like Clawdeen and Loo-Kee. There's an extensive gallery of the Crystal Castle though. Hope you enjoy. You can also find pics of the other toylines in my collection: http://s91.photobucket.com/user/Destron79/library/POP?sort=3&page=1

  13. Would you happen to have a scan of the Crystal Castle sticker sheet? Looking to make reproduction ones. If anyone does send a copy to blaine.huffman@gmail.com


    1. Oh goodness I am afraid I do not. I am so sorry about that. If I ever come across anything I will certainly email you!

  14. Thanks for posting! I've had the butterfly hair clip for years and had no idea what it went to.

    1. Oh awesome! I love when something like that can happen and you can find out what something belongs to. I am always thankful when that happens.