Saturday, December 29, 2012

She-Ra Saturday Surprise!

Happy She-Ra Saturday! Adora's Search for Honor Part 3 may still be a slight ways off, but Saturdays are always for She-Ra. (Well, technically every day is a She-Ra day for this dorkette.) Anyways, let's celebrate She-Ra! Or rather a cast member. Remember when I said I was working on styling a new She-Ra Barbie doll, but I was all vague and mysterious about who it would be? Well the mystery is now going to be solved as I share with you all a styled reinterpretation of Entrapta Barbie!

As you can see, this is not your mother's Entrapta. I like to think of this as Entrapta's other Horde outfit. (I also like to think of the red pieces on her chest as being parts of a Horde bat.) She is often referred to as the tricky golden beauty. I know silver is not gold at all, but Entrapta has always tried to trick folks on just about every level as her Filmation version had the appearance of a silver outfit while the toy was golden.

So styling Entrapta Barbie was not easy. The doll is new-ish. She came out in 2011 as part of a line of super long haired Barbie dolls. This doll was perfect because she had bright pink hair with some purple and was the closest I could find to Entrapta's hair. Making the ponytails was slightly difficult because the length was not as long as I would have liked. The clothing came from a vintage Astro Fashions set from the 1985 Astronaut Barbie line. Barbie is a little more curvy today than she was in the 80's, because I had a hard time fastening the skirt. I got it, but it is being held together by a hope and a prayer. Even though the hair was difficult to manage, I do feel like it contains the spirit of Entrapta and her hair that traps!
Here is the original Entrapta. I did a Toy Chest Tuesday on this toy way back when, but you can read it here if you'd like. I have always been fond of this character because she is one of the more interesting characters from the She-Ra universe. I mean she uses her hair as a weapon. Puts a whole new meaning to the phrase "hair weave killa." 

The differences between the two versions of Entrapta are noticeable side to side. I had originally wanted there to be a purple and pink skirt piece to go over the silver, but could not find one in time. The pointy shoulders on Entrapta Barbie are meant to resemble the collar around the action doll.

It is hard to tell, but there are some similarities. There is a pointy belt above the skirt on both versions and the use of metallic clothing helps it feel like this is maybe Entrapta's off duty outfit.

All in all I am pleased with this version of Entrapta Barbie. I don't think she is finished in the least, but for now I think this will do. If anything this just shows how cool actual She-Ra Barbie dolls would be. I would love for Barbie Collector to make some nice She-Ra dolls.
So that is about it for She-Ra Saturday! This will probably be the last post of 2012, but I have been working on some really cool ideas for 2013. I read some of your comments and a few emails from friendly readers, so I am really excited and will be talking about all of that soon. I hope you all will enjoy the new changes! Take care everyone, and Happy New Year!


  1. Awesome job :) You should do more if and when you have the time. She was always one of my favourites as well, who didnt love whipping her hair back and forth, lol.

    1. Thank you Sarah! I have been trying to do osme more of these. So far I have just done Glimmer and entrapta, and the Glimmer one is really spot on for the toy. And Entrapta was a fun toy. She was one of the few that i never had as a kid, but my friend did and I just thought she was so cool.

  2. well she is cute-but she doesn't look like the character from the cartoon-I guess I wasn't familiar with the original She-Ra doll of the character-just the Filmation version. Doesn't she have like red hair?
    And how many of these "Barbie-Ra's" ("Ba-ra's"?) have you made? This is the first I've seen. Did you do Catra?
    You should make a Ken Bow, or Sea Hawk. Or a Ken Hordak! Or a Ken Leech..the possibilities are endless.

    1. Yeah her hair was a different color in the cartoon from the toy. It was a little more red in the cartoon, but I wouldn't call it s true red. And I have done another one of these that was based off of the toy version of Glimmer. It was posted here, the pictures are at the bottom.

      I do have a doll that would make the perfect catra, I am just now trying to find the right clothing. A Ken Bow or Sea Hawk would be fun. Hordak would be even better, but slightly more difficult I think.