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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 42

Ok, I just can't seem to keep these chapters on She-Ra Saturday. In my defense, I have been trying to get over being sick. But the chapter is ready now, and that is all that counts. Right? (Oh, and grab yourself a snack, because it is a long one.)

Previously: With two large Horde Ships on both Eternia and Etheria, many were left wondering what this all meant. Skeletor knew, and in a moment of truce, proposed the lovely idea of joining forces with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to stop the Horde... Bow finally realized what his heart has known all along: Adora and She-Ra are one in the same... A portal was opened connecting Castle Grayskull to the courtyard in Bright Moon. The goal being for the good guys to travel between Eternia and Etheria in the hopes of stopping this latest threat... With the portal open for only so long, decisions must be made for those who will want to stay on Etheria or Eternia... Hordak took a hit out on Shadow Weaver, while the mistress of dark magic ran off with Catra, Entrapta, Scorpia, and Octavia. While opening a portal of their own to escape Etheria, Cataspella showed up jumping in with the vixeny villains...

And now...
Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 42

"What do we do with her?" Octavia asks her cohorts. Shadow Weaver, Catra, Entrapta, Scorpia, and Octavia all stand over Castaspella's body. They seem to be in a cave, though they really have no clue where they are. Thankfully the portal jump worked, but no one expected an extra person. Shadow Weaver rasps, "I personally loathe this woman. I would be fine with killing her." The robed witch turns to Catra, "But this shouldn't be my decision. Catra? This is your aunt. What do we do with her?"

Catra crosses her arms. Her green eyes glare at the woman on the ground. They may be connected by blood, but blood means nothing to Catra. "Leave her here. She can fend for herself." Catra looks at everyone. Scorpia snaps her pincers, "Catra, are you sure we should leave her here? Alive? This is a problem that could come back to bite us."

Tossing her head back with a laugh and purr, Catra grins, "Silly Scorpia. There are many problems that are waiting to bite us. What's one more?" Her mind thinks of the Horde. Having no idea where the portal took them, Catra can only hope that there will not be any sudden surprises. The group agrees on Catra's decision though, and just like that, they walk away leaving Castaspella alone.

As the women walk through what still appears to be a cave, Entrapta looks around studying the rocks and stone walls around them, "Alright Shadow Weaver. Where are we?" Turning to the side, Shadow Weaver sighs, "Patience. If everything was correct with the portal, we should be greeting our new home soon." Shadow Weaver continues to lead the way as Scorpia and Octavia quickly follow. Catra slinks by with much on her mind. Standing slightly behind, Entrapta simply rolls her eyes and eventually follows. She can't help but think of her life, how she came from royalty and left for even greater royalty with the Horde. And now she finds herself walking in the shadows of walls made up of stones varying in shades of black and purple...

"Blast this useless shit!" Hordak screams atop his throne in the Fright Zone. He hurls the Ice Diamond, Eye of Fire, and Lunar Stone across the room. The three ancient artifacts bounce off the nearby wall and slide across the cold metal floor. He snorts in annoyance, "Taking this power should not be so difficult!" Sitting there, stewing in his anger, Hordak reaches out to pet his dragon. "Imp, all I want is this great power. Is that too much to ask? Blasted Star Sisters."

Fuming, Hordak pops his fingers and bellows for a Horde Trooper to enter his throne room. The Horde Trooper cautiously enters and stammers, "Mighty Hordak. The battle is just beginning. Corporal Romeo has sent a message."

Hordak's eyes glare red, "Don't just stand there! Give me the blasted message you fool!" The Horde Trooper stammers again and produces a small tablet with a hidden code. Snatching the tablet, Hordak reads the code carefully. "So this is it? I so enjoy receiving orders. I should be running this whole operation." Hordak eyes the three ancient artifacts on the floor. "I felt so close too." Shaking his head away, Hordak points to the Trooper, "Fetch me my chariot. I have a job to do." Hordak rises and looks down at Imp, "Rest my pet. We'll prove successful yet." Hordak leaves while Imp rolls around on the empty throne. Breathing a few flames of fire, the dragon notices some very pretty shiny things on the floor. In a quick swipe, the dragon flies down taking the three artifacts in his possession. Floating above to the rafters, Imp places the artifacts in a makeshift nest, where they glow brightly...

Frosta is late. Rushing through Bright Moon, the icy empress is in a hurry to make it to the battlefield outside the Fright Zone. She quietly curses herself for taking too long of a break. Her gaining momentum out of the castle is quickly halted though by what she notices happening in the courtyard. She stops in her tracks as Mermista and Perfuma go over their items in front of the open swirling portal to Eternia.

Mermista is checking her luggage that is all in the shape of large sea shells. Perfuma is adjusting a backpack that looks much like a large flower bloom. Frosta storms up to her friends, "What on Etheria is this?"

Perfuma quickly turns and the color drains from her face, "Oh no." Mermista turns as well, sighing, "Frosta, you aren't supposed to be here." Crossing her arms, Frosta shakes her head, "I guess not. So this was your plan? I would be away fighting to save this planet, while you just abscond to Eternia? I thought we were best friends. I don't even warrant a goodbye?"

Rolling her eyes, Mermista sighs again, "Don't make this about you Frosta. I didn't want to tell you because I already know how you feel about this. I left you a note..." Frosta jumps in, "A note? You left me a note? Well, no thank you darling. You can take your note and shove it."

Perfuma's eyes are wide in fear mixed with shock. Mermista focuses, "Why must you act like this? This isn't a good bye. We will be back." Perfuma nods in agreement, while Frosta points a finger at Perfuma, "Wait, you are going too?"

Perfuma nods quietly, slightly worried that Frosta might smack her. Throwing her hands in the air, Frosta moans, "I don't believe this! You are both leaving?" Mermista looks at the portal, "Yes. We are leaving. But my goodness Frosta, we will be back."

"The portal will close soon, and it is my understanding, that once it is closed it won't be open again. And on a crucial side note, what is on Eternia for you darling?" Frosta pointedly asks Perfuma. The flower maiden shrugs, "I was curious to see what the flowers looked like there."

Dropping her mouth wide open, Frosta shakes her head, "Unbelievable. My best friend is leaving to connect with a family that left her behind. And my other dear friend is leaving for some flowers. Unbelievable." Mermista rolls her eyes, "Well you don't have to believe it Frosta. And contrary to what you think, we will be back. The gentleman that was with He-Man said that once the portal closed they would just need to work on recharging it or something."

Frosta groans, "Or something." Clapping her hands together, Frosta smiles sweetly, "Well. Don't let me stop you. You two should get going. We are all very busy after all. I'm late and it is imperative that at least one of us tries to save Etheria." Mermista looks at her friend. Frosta quickly turns her head and begins walking away. There are hurt feelings for sure, but Mermista has to go to Eternia. She wants answers. She just wishes that Frosta could understand.

Frosta does understand, but it hurts, because for Frosta, her family is Mermista. To watch her friend leave in search of something that is very real, it is almost too much for Frosta. The icy empress leaves the castle to fight, while Mermista and Perfuma look at each other.

"So this is it. We walk through this portal." Mermista quietly says. Perfuma nods. Before they step through, Perfuma reaches out to grab hold of Mermista's hand, "Hey, the portal will still be open for awhile. We can always walk right back through before it loses its power." Mermista nods, but there is one thing she is struggling to admit. She may not want to leave Eternia at all...

A battle is raging on outside of Castle Grayskull. Numerous Horde Troopers have descended from the giant Horde Ship hovering in the sky. Their point person for this mission is the evil energy-draining insectoid: Mosquitor! The fearsome Horde member charges into battle taking Eternos soldiers out with his laser gun. One soldier falls to the ground while Mosquitor hovers above. Reaching down, the Horde member uses his proboscis to stick the soldier in the chest. Breathing in, Mosquitor drains the soldier of his blood and energy. Smiling in victory, Mosquitor lets out a piercing scream as he feels the blood course and pump through his own chest.

Yards away, He-Man and Skeletor are fighting together against a horde of Troopers. Though they are not fond of each other, they both are willing to come together against the supreme villainy of the Horde. Soon their fighting styles merge and become fluid as they hack and slash their way through Horde Troopers.

Eventually the numbers of Troopers become too great. The battle becomes a bit uneven and He-Man looks around to see if any of the Masters of the Universe can help. Skeletor does the same thing, hoping for some help from an Evil Warrior. Everyone is busy.

A familiar voice calls from above, "Need a helping hand gentlemen?" He-Man smiles and looks up at She-Ra. The princess of power swoops in from above. Tumbling to the ground and jumping up, She-Ra helps take down some Troopers. Skeletor shudders and can't help but feel dirty working with the side of good. All three start fighting, and Skeletor mumbles, "After this is all through, I will need a bath. In lava."

In another section of the fighting, Evil-Lyn and Tri-Klops are taking care of some Horde Troopers. While switching eyes, Tri-Klops turns to Evil-Lyn, "This whole set up is ridiculous. How can you even be for this?" He is referring to the Evil Warriors teaming up with the Masters of the Universe. Evil-Lyn shrugs, stomping her foot into the metal dome of a Trooper's head, "It was the only choice we had. We have to do this." Tri-Klops groans, "No. They can do whatever they want. But you and I, we could start all over..." He grabs hold of her arms and looks longingly into her face, "Come on, this isn't you."

Evil-Lyn brushes him off, "What is the matter with you? I am making this as my choice." Glaring in anger, Tri-Klops drives his sword through the chest of a Trooper, "You would still follow a man that would make a mistake by joining forces with the Masters?"

"Yes. I trust his decisions. Now stop this. Nothing more can ever happen between us! Nothing!" Evil-Lyn releases an orb of magical energy that slams into his chest. Tri-Klops is knocked backward and watches her walk away. He spits out, "This is still a bad idea."

He-Man and She-Ra are fighting together. Skeletor is right by them. He looks around at his surroundings. Teela is fighting with Sy-Klone and Beast Man. Rio Blast, Man-E-Faces and Spikor are utilizing a canon to fire up at the Horde ship. Stratos is in the air while Trapjaw pilots a small jet sled. Mekaneck and Mer-Man face a group of Horde Troopers. Clawful uses his claw hand to grab hold of a Trooper by the neck. Snapping the Trooper, Clawful looks on in glee.

Skeletor watches all of this and is not quite sure how to feel about these changes. It boggles his mind. He turns back to He-Man and She-Ra. Their sheer strength and power astonishes him. Who are they? Where did they come from? Skeletor distracts himself with such thoughts, but is brought back to the present as a strange smell fills the air. He looks up to the sky, "Portal!"

Everyone looks up as a swirling mass of energy forms. A portal opens as Hordak flies out in a chariot led by horses made of flame. He takes aim with his arm canon, and fires towards He-Man and She-Ra. Hordak continues flying in the air doing his best to take out the Masters and Evil Warriors.

Mosquitor makes his way to He-Man and She-Ra. He takes aim and begins firing laser blasts. He-Man dodges some blasts and charges towards Mosquitor. She-Ra begins fighting off Horde Troopers and soon joins in to help her brother.

Skeletor eyes Hordak flying around. He raises his havoc staff in the air and fires a blast of magic towards the chariot. Hordak curses in annoyance as he falls to the ground. Dusting himself off, Hordak charges towards Skeletor and takes aim with his arm canon, "Silly little man! You had the greatest opportunity before you!" Skeletor grins and laughs, "Your end is near Hordak. I plan on having many opportunities!" The fighting continues.

Teela looks at everything around her, but her attention is diverted to the Horde Ship. She tugs on Sy-Klone's arm, "Look! Something is happening!"

The bottom of the Horde Ship begins to slide open. Multiple drills all connected to one giant drill soon begin lowering towards Eternia. He-Man and She-Ra are able to knock Mosquitor around until he is left slumped on the ground. The siblings look up as the drills begin to spin. "They are going to drill into Eternia!" She-Ra shouts. He-Man nods.

Skeletor and Hordak are busy fighting, though even they have to pause at the sight of the drills. Hordak grins and quickly escapes with Mosquitor in tow. Everyone else is looking on at the drills getting closer and closer to the ground. Stratos flies by and lands next to He-Man and She-Ra. Teela and Sy-Klone approach too. "What do we do about that thing?" He-Man looks at his friends, "We have to find a way to stop it." She-Ra looks on, "Etheria. I am worried how they are faring." He-Man nods, "We'll go. Can you handle this?" He looks over at Teela and Sy-Klone.

Though Teela is still upset over what happened with Adam/He-Man, she knows that the current situation calls for a different kind of attitude, "We will take care of this." He-Man nods and prepares to rush off with She-Ra. Stratos announces he'll be joining them, "You'll need my help." The siblings nod and then they are off.

Teela and Sy-Klone race off to let everyone know of the new plan. The drill must be stopped at all costs.

On Etheria, a battle is also being fought with varying outcomes. The drills have yet to descend there, but chaos is reigning across the Fright Zone. The Rebels are putting up a good fight against the Horde. Glimmer is leading the way. Netossa, Spinnerella, and Bow are not far behind. Off to the side, Flutterina is attacking some Horde Troopers with the help of a few Masters: Snout Sprout and Roboto. Peekablue is on the sidelines informing the Rebels which areas are weakening. Other guards and soldiers from Bright Moon and Castle Chill are helping as well as the Mages from Mystacor. Leech and Grizzlor are trying to take down some Bright Moon guards. They are quickly stopped by some arrows courtesy of Bow.

Netossa finds herself fighting against an old enemy by way of Modulok. The captivating beauty can't help but notice a strange metal rod sticking through one of Modulok's heads. She also notices that the multi-limbed beast is not talking to her very much. Shrugging it off, Netossa is mostly interested in staying alive.

Spinnerella dances through some Troopers with a flurry of fists and kicks. Making quick work of the Troopers, Spinnerella joins in with Bow. "Everything ok Spinnerella?" The nimble beauty twirls, slamming her fist into a Trooper's face, "Oh perfect Bow! Just perfect!"

Fresh from her goodbye to Mermista and Perfuma, Frosta soon joins the rest of the Rebels. Madder than ever, the icy empress is thrilled to take her anger out on some nasty Horde members. Creating walls of ice, Frosta finds ways to slam her enemies into the walls. Leaving a trail of the Horde behind her, Frosta dusts her hands clean.

Glimmer is fighting her way through a never ending run of Troopers, but she ends up facing off against an unfamiliar Horde member. Corporal Romeo has a helmet on with a blood red visor. His vision with the visor is not the best, but due to the mechanics of his armor and the protective visor, he can fight based off of heat signatures while taking in less damage.

Shrugging this latest threat off, Glimmer slides to the ground sweeping Romeo to the floor. Jumping up, Romeo tries to shoot Glimmer with a laser blast. Missing the blast by just a small bit, Glimmer releases a burst of light from her fingertips that alters Romeo's visor. Kneeling to the ground, Romeo tries to fight, but can't see much. Glimmer plants a sharp kick to his side and gives a nice uppercut to his chin.

Falling backwards, Romeo lands on the ground motionless. Glimmer walks past him confident that she has rid herself of this enemy. The visor slides open, and Romeo spies Glimmer's foot. Reaching out, he grabs hold of her, dragging her to the ground. Glimmer rolls over prepared to fight even more, "This won't end well for you Horde scum!"

Expecting a fight, Glimmer notices that the Horde member is just quietly staring at her. Romeo gasps, "You are a woman!" Glimmer looks back, surprised to see a human underneath the helmet, "You're just now realizing that?" Romeo shakes his head, "My visor only shows heat signatures. I did not know. Why are you fighting? I do not fight women."

Glimmer keeps her fists ready, "Good. In that case I'd give up the fighting now, because there are a lot of women fighting around here." Romeo looks around at his enemies, most of whom are women, "What is this?" Glimmer shrugs, "The Great Rebellion." For being such a strong and terrifying member of the Horde, Romeo is actually thrown off kilter, "I've never seen anything like this before."

"Well you might wanna get used to it, because we are not going to let the Horde destroy our home." Glimmer stands there in utter defiance. Her heart is beating incredibly fast and she isn't completely sure if she should be talking to him, but she has never felt more in control. Romeo shakes his head, remembering his purpose on Etheria, "I will not fight you miss. But I will ask that you turn yourself in as a prisoner of the Horde."

Glimmer can't help but laugh, "Excuse me? That's pretty funny." Glimmer rushes him and throws off a burst of light. Romeo misses the attack and stands there. He is actually unsure of what to do. He has never experienced something like this before.

Trying to trip her up, Romeo reaches out to grab hold of her. Instead, Glimmer plants a swift kick to his side. Doubling over in pain, Romeo refuses to fight her, "Miss, do not make this more difficult than it needs to be. Turn yourself in." Glimmer sighs, "Why are you still talking? I'm not going to be your prisoner, but you can certainly be mine!" Glimmer sweeps him to the floor and quickly ties some rope around his wrists and ankles. Netossa and Spinnerella come racing over, "Need any help Glimmer?" The princess of Bright Moon grins, "I think I've got it. Look at this, we have another prisoner!" They look down in surprise. Of course, Glimmer has no idea that she just took down the Horde member in charge of the giant floating ship above.

Inside the Fright Zone chaos is spreading like wild fire. Troopers are running every which way. Hordak is gone, and a few other key players seem to be missing. This all makes for the perfect moment for Sea Hawk and his crew member Lir to do a little snooping around. "Hawk, what are we doing?" Sea Hawk continues to walk in the shadows heading to Hordak's throne room. "Lir, trust me on this, ok?"

They glide by and peek into the throne room. Sea Hawk grins, the plan couldn't be any more perfect. Hordak is gone. Racing into the room Sea Hawk and Lir search for a ring of keys. In what seems too good to be true, Sea Hawk finds a set of keys by Hordak's throne. The pirate kisses the ring, "Perfect! That old bastard!" Lir claps his hands, "So we got 'em!"

Sea Hawk nods, "We'll be able to unlock the fuel containers now. We won't ever need to worry about running low on fuel for the airship, ever!" The pirates smile at each other and prepare to leave. Things are not so simple though. Imp flies down from the rafters breathing fire towards the pirates.

Lir ducks, "What in the world!?" Sea Hawk takes a few steps back as he tries to fight off Hordak's pet dragon. Imp flaps his wings ferociously and breathes even more fire. Having had enough, Sea Hawk waits for his chance, and quickly punches the dragon. Imp flies to the ground knocked out cold. "Where did that little shit come from?" Hawk asks looking over at Lir.

The crew member sits up and shrugs, "I think from the rafters above." He points upwards, and Hawk looks up. Shaking his head, Hawk is just pleased that they don't have to deal with the pest. Though something else catches the pirate's eye. "You see that Lir?" Following Hawk's gaze, Lir squints above at a strange glow. "Yeah, I see it Hawk." The pirates walk closer, "We got some time Lir. See if we can get up there..."

Inside Grayskull, Duncan is busy loading up some paperwork and gear to help with on Etheria. He stands over a table with a variety of items on it. He pours some water from a pitcher into a canteen. He goes over his items again to make sure nothing is missing. The Sorceress glides into the room with Orko. "Duncan. The drills are close. As the current Man-At-Arms, I don't think you should be leaving Eternia." The Sorceress stands with Orko as Duncan is near ready to step through the portal into Etheria. Duncan sighs, "Clamp Champ is delivering wonderful orders. There are plenty Masters here to make sure that nothing could possibly go wrong. I have to go, I want to help the Queen of Bright Moon. Besides, He-Man and She-Ra just stepped through. I want to make sure they have everything taken care of." The Sorceress nods. She reaches out to Duncan. Her love for him is great, but things have been strained as of late.

Turning away, Duncan sighs, "I'll return soon. I don't plan on staying on Etheria." The Sorceress nods, "When you come back... there are a few things I would like us to talk about." Duncan closes his eyes, "Of course." The Sorceress turns and rushes off. Orko is the only one to remain.

"Orko? Take care of everything. I shouldn't be gone long." Orko blinks, "Of course Man-At-Arms! Nothing to worry about!" Duncan waves to Orko and steps through the portal. The portal casts a strange glow and Orko continues to stare at it. The swirling energy is hypnotic. Floating towards the swirling energy, Orko wonders what it would be like if he stepped through.

"My place is here." Orko says quietly and turns to leave. As he turns, Orko loses his balance. His vision is slightly blurry from looking into the portal. He bumps into a nearby table knocking everything off. Papers go everywhere and the pitcher shatters spilling water across the floor. Water makes its way near the portal key that keeps the portal open.

Orko sighs, "So much for me taking care of things! I can clean this up!" Orko twirls his hands in the air and chants a spell that should hopefully clean the mess up. To his relief the spell actually works. "Would you look at that! Maybe I am good for something after all!" Orko quickly leaves the room as the portal continues to glow...

Inside one of the giant Horde Ships, Sweet Bee continues to work on the lock on her cell door. She looks over towards the mouse who keeps her company, "I think I have finally gotten this to work!" In a matter of seconds Sweet Bee hears the lock turn and the door buzzes open. Sweet Bee motions for the mouse to join her. Running into her hand, the mouse crawls up her arm and neck, finally finding a safe resting place in her mass of golden curly hair.

Sweet Bee slowly makes her way outside of the cell and walks down the hall. The ship seems to be deserted, though Sweet Bee isn't entirely sure. Continuing to walk around, Sweet Bee is nearly caught by a lone Horde Trooper. She strikes the Horde Trooper from behind and walks off with his laser pistol.

There certainly seems to be a lot of commotion going on outside, but Sweet Bee isn't exactly sure what is going. She just continues to wander around the ship, hoping that at some point everything will start to make sense.

On Eternia, the Masters and Evil Warriors are both working hard to destroy the drills that are tearing into the Eternian soil. Evil-Lyn shoves Teela over, "My magic will work on this!" Teela can only roll her eyes. Clamp Champ is trying to dismantle one of the smaller drills. It is a dangerous job for them all, because one wrong move could have any one of them caught in the drill's path.

Ram Man is growing tired of throwing stones and other items and looks around at the massive piece. "Something has got to just shut it down!" Buzz-Off flies to the group, "Ok, I couldn't get into the control room to stop the drill."

Clamp Champ calls out, "Was there anyone trying to stop you?" Buzz-Off shakes his head, "No. The ship seemed mostly empty. The door to the control room was locked tight. There is no way in." Clamp Champ shakes his head, "We've got to stop this drill!"

Ram Man speaks up, "I might have an idea!" He looks over at Sy-Klone, "Listen, I have an idea from a comic I once read that might work..." Sy-Klone listens to the plan, "And you think this could actually work?" Ram Man shrugs, "It never hurts to try."

The Masters and Evil Warriors look on as Sy-Klone grabs hold of Ram Man's hands. Sy-Klone shouts, "I hope you don't get sick!" Sy-Klone quickly spins as fast as he possibly can. The momentum of the speed soon starts to lift Ram Man up. Everyone looks on in awe. Even Skeletor is impressed. Soon the spinning is so fast, that everything looks like a blur. Sy-Klone focuses and with the right amount of timing, launches Ram Man out into the air.

Like a super fast bullet, Ram Man takes off and tears through the spinning drill. With helmet intact, Ram Man tears clean through the drill completely dismantling it. Mini explosions occur throughout the drill that spark all the way to the ship. The Masters and Evil Warriors shout in victory. They wonder about Ram Man, but that worry morphs into an all new concern as the exploding Horde Ship begins to rain down on the ground below. "Take cover!" Clamp Champ shouts as the Masters and Evil Warriors scatter about trying to avoid the dangerous debris.

While running from the carnage, Skeletor grins. "This is my perfect chance!" The threat of evil gone, Skeletor races off towards Grayskull. "No one is going to stop me this time!" He can do nothing but laugh.

On Etheria the battle is letting up. The Rebels are proving to be very tough. Hordak is back and not very pleased. He barks out orders to anyone who can listen. The Fright Zone is in disarray. Multi Bot is passing by Horde Troopers. Everyone is rushing towards the battlefield outside the Fright Zone. The Horde robot is going against flow to simply follow his original orders. He is going to take care of Shadow Weaver.

Sneaking into Horror Hall is easier than he thought it would be. "Shadow Weaver?" Multi Bot looks for her, careful not to completely give himself away. How would one kill Shadow Weaver? It is a question that Multi Bot does not even know how to answer. He'll have to figure something out soon though. Multi Bot turns towards the back of Horror Hall. Strange sounds are ringing out. "Shadow Weaver?" Multi Bot walks slowly towards the noise, his arms producing multiple weapons. Prepared for a fight, Multi Bot jumps to surprise who he thinks will be Shadow Weaver. Instead he finds a rather pleasant surprise, "Huntara?" The warrior from Silax sits up in a daze, "I'm finally awake... Now where is that witch..."

Outside the Fright Zone, She-Ra and He-Man work with the Rebels. They all notice the drill beginning to descend from the Horde Ship. She-Ra looks over at their prisoner, "How can we stop that?" Romeo looks at the Rebels, "You strange people can put up a fight, but no one can stop that drill. No one." Glimmer shakes her head, "Don't listen to this jerk. She-Ra, something must be done!" Stratos looks up at the Horde Ship, "I can make it up there."

Frosta cozies up to He-Man who appears oblivious, "But Stratos, you won't be able to do this alone." An idea sparks within She-Ra. The drills are approaching, but this can be their chance to do something bigger than just destroying a drill. She-Ra looks over at He-Man, "You said there was a portal inside that ship, yes?" He-Man nods, "Skeletor said as much. The portal leads to Horde World..." She-Ra nods and whistles for Swiftwind.

He-Man shakes his head, "I'm not letting you go alone." She-Ra nods and notices Sea Hawk in the distant. "Well then hop on a ride, I'll meet you at the top." He-Man nods and races towards Sea Hawk. Frosta looks around, "Wait a minute! You aren't leaving me behind!" She races after He-Man.

The other Rebels look on. Bow watches She-Ra in the air. He curses himself and races after the airship too. Flutterina and Peekablue look at each other and shrug. Netossa helps Glimmer with Romeo, "What do we do now?" Glimmer shrugs, "We have our prisoner, but I guess the rest is up to She-Ra."

Flying high above the clouds, She-Ra makes her way to a part of the Horde Ship's deck. Stepping onto the ship, She-Ra pats Swiftwind, "Thank you Swifty." She-Ra surveys the ship. No one seems to be around, "Where could everyone be? Surely we haven't fought them all?" She-Ra walks around hoping to figure out what can be done next. Soon she hears the whirring of Sea Hawk's ship. Turning to see her friends, She-Ra smiles. Her smile soon turns to a look of worry as not only He-Man, but Frosta and Bow quickly follow. Sea Hawk jumps on the deck as Stratos flies up from below.

"Well, this is a party." Sea Hawk says, looking at everyone. She-Ra looks back at everyone, "I thought it would just be you He-Man." The muscle man smiles at his sister, "Yeah. Well. Things change." Frosta brushes past Stratos and stands close to He-Man, "Yes She-Ra. Things change! Now let's do what we need to do!"

She-Ra smiles to herself and a plan is set. They are going to look for a control room. "There should hopefully be controls for the drill that can be stopped." She-Ra nods and they are close to running off when the air suddenly changes. A piercing scream wails in the distance. She-Ra's heart sinks, "You all go ahead. I'll catch up." Bow looks at She-Ra, "You sure?"

She-Ra smiles wanting to hug Bow, and kick him, for showing up on the ship. "Bow, I'm good. Just go and get the drill stopped." He gives her a look. The love between them is evident, and could give each other away if anyone noticed. No one does. The others are already off while Bow rushes to catch up. Meanwhile, She-Ra prepares to face a dreaded enemy.

He-Man charges into the Horde Ship and carefully looks around. No one seems to be aboard. The group heads down a hall and before they realize what is happening, someone screams, "I've got a gun! I'll shoot!" He-Man looks around, the voice sounds familiar. Sea Hawk is ready to fight. Frosta calls out, "Go ahead and shoot! I doubt you'd want to mess with us!" The voice calls out, "Frosta?" The empress looks at her friends and shrugs.

Sweet Bee walks out of the shadows and sighs, "Oh, it's you. I am so happy." He-Man smiles at the sight of Sweet Bee while Frosta's mouth drops open, "You're here? Of all the people, you are here?" Sweet Bee smiles in relief and hugs Frosta, "I am so happy to see you!" Frosta groans, "And I'm positively thrilled. Darling."

Outside on the deck, She-Ra looks around. The piercing screams are louder than before. Soon the zombie Double Trouble swoops in on her horse with metal wings. She-Ra watches the metal wings tear through the side of the ship as the horse lands. Recoiling in sadness, She-Ra watches her former friend slide off the winged horse. Rising up, Double Trouble gurgles and hisses. Making her way to She-Ra, the undead beauty lunges forward wielding a sword.

The two fight, if it can be called fighting. She-Ra shudders as her fists make contact with her friend's face. This is no longer her friend though. Whatever the Horde did to her, they created a monster. Double Trouble hisses and tries to bite into She-Ra. Tossing Double Trouble against a wall, She-Ra screams as she drives her power sword through her chest. The blade goes through, pinning Double Trouble to the wall.

Much like a past experience in the Midnight Lair with a Pyre, the magic from the power sword instantly does something within Double Trouble's body. Her face changes. Her solid black eyes dissolve away, almost revealing the violet eyes she had when she lived. She-Ra looks on in sadness, "Spira?" Double Trouble looks around, her pupils and iris still black, "She-Ra? What... what is happening to me? What... have I done?" Her lower lip trembles. She is fighting something within her. The darkness, that all consuming hunger, it is fighting within her. "P-p-please. She-Ra. Stop this..."

She-Ra shakes her head. Tears are in her eyes. She isn't sure what to do, she is lost. Soon the power sword no longer has an effect on Double Trouble. The piercing wail returns as her eyes are filled with the black venom again. Reaching out to strike, Double Trouble nearly harms the princess of power. Bringing herself to reality, She-Ra quickly reaches over her shoulder and draws out her golden ax. Swiping quickly, She-Ra drives the blade through Double Trouble's neck, slamming the body into the wall. The ax is wedged in with Double Trouble's head resting on the blade. Separated from the neck, her body falls to the deck floor. The black venom fades away revealing her once bright violet eyes.

She-Ra screams in agony and sadness. She is looking at her friend. Her once joyful and strong friend. Caressing Double Trouble's cheek, She-Ra cries, "I'm so sorry Spira. You deserved so much more. I'm so sorry." She-Ra removes her ax and places her friend's severed head by her body. "This never should have happened."

With a new sense of purpose and a flow of anger running through her veins, She-Ra rushes after her friends. She soon collides with everyone and is surprised to see Sweet Bee. He-Man gushes, "Sweet Bee has been on this ship for awhile. She helped us find the control room and helped stop the drill." Sweet Bee nods. Bow looks at She-Ra, "Are you alright?" She-Ra nods, "I will be. Where is the portal to Horde World?" They all look at Sweet Bee for an answer, "I'm not entirely sure. But there are maps in the control room. It is important we follow those maps, because the others from my Hive are on this ship somewhere too."

"Ok. We'll find the others from the Hive as well as the portal." She-Ra nods looking at everyone. A mad dash is made through out the ship. Bow travels to the holding cells to release the other prisoners. The plan is for everyone to be on the ship. However the portal to Horde World is calling.

He-Man and She-Ra stand before the gleaming swirl of energy. He-Man calls out to his sister, "A lot is happening right now. Are you sure you want to do this?" She-Ra nods, "Yes. I've never been more sure. I want to end this now." Stratos appears, "I will be joining you." He-Man nods. Sweet Bee finds the group, with Frosta right behind. "Bow is saving my people, but there may be others on Horde World. I must follow you all." Frosta quickly speaks up, "And I must be along with you, my powers over ice may come in handy." Shaking his head, He-Man sighs, "I don't think that is necessary..."

Sea Hawk jumps into the room, "My crew is helping Bow, so my hands are free for this mission too." He flashes a grin to She-Ra. The princess of power shakes her head, "No. There are too many of us, this needs to be a smaller group." Sea Hawk shakes his head and races for the portal, "Don't think so. You'll need our help. See you suckers on the other side." She-Ra jumps forward, "What is he doing!" He-Man jumps after the pirate while Stratos, Sweet Bee and Frosta jump right after.

She-Ra hakes her head and sighs. She feels a hand reach out on her shoulder, "Be careful." She-Ra turns to Bow, "Oh Bow." She hugs him tightly. Bow whispers, "You ok? I saw her body." Thinking of Double Trouble, She-Ra fights back tears, "I have to stop the Horde. After everything, this has to end now. This will be for Spira. For all of us..." He kisses her, "Don't let me get in the way. I've got everything taken care of here. Finish the Horde." She-Ra nods, "I'll be back soon." She-Ra turns and walks towards the portal. She knows Bow is still there, watching her. She turns one more time, "Bow, I love you." Bow nods his heart racing, "I love you too. Adora." And with that She-Ra steps through the portal to Horde World.

Once through, She-Ra joins her friends. Though their journey is just beginning. Once they are clear through the portal, the group of heroes find themselves in front of a large firing squad...

Next Time!
This is it! The end of Part 2 next week!
Will Skeletor sneak into Grayskull?
What will await our heroes on Horde World?
You'll have to find out with the final chapter that concludes Part 2!!!       


  1. Ahh cool, we got some Mosquitor action in here as per my request. I will have to make more requests for other favorites to appear. Have you used Scare-Glow yet? No time left in this chapter, but there is always part three!
    Do you think Imp is supposed to be a dragon in the other media? I always thought of him as an..well, an Imp. I am trying to picture your version.
    Also maybe I never saw the original episode you are basing the love triangle on, and maybe I didn't pay close enough attention to your earlier chapters, but-why is He-Man all ga ga over Sweet Bee but he isn't interested in Frosta? I would think Frosta is more his type because she fits the bitch mold and could probably kick Teela's ass.
    Now, I always confused Romeo and Prince Zed, so I looked them up, and it turns out there is a good reason for that..They have almost the same exact character designs! But I guess Glimmer lighting up Prince Zed would have been robbing the cradle so they made a new character.In any case I'd like to see little miss Glimmer get her freak on! She strikes me as quite the-hmm, how to put this delicately, un-burst little blast of light.(I couldn't use un-bloomed flower because that metaphor would be better for Perfuma)
    Another thing I try to imagine is how tall all of these women are. Are they amazonian? Or just normal girl size but with powers? Amazons are hot and all but I kind of have a thing for this girl in one of my classes who is a little tiny blonde girl-but she is like a cheerleader with a perfect body who can flip around and stuff, so little girls can kick ass too.

    1. Well here is my secret about who ends up making an appearance or not. I have it set up story wise for specific characters to have a part in it, but then there are parts that can kinda be interchangeable. Like with the Horde Ship on Eternia, I knew there would need to be a Horde member in charge of that ship, and there could have been other characters, but I went with Mosquitor. He is a favorite and he comes out this month on mattycollector. As for Scareglow, I did have a special story for him in the notebook that has the original story in it, but I am not sure if it will be in this fanfiction or not.

      Now the thing with He-Man, Sweet Bee, and Frosta. I don't think he finds Frosta unattractive, but one thing that I play off of that was hinted at from the cartoon, is that He-Man is quite smitten with Sweet Bee's appearance and just over all the curiousity of who she is. Frosta is more in your face, what you see is what you get. But Sweet Bee is a bit mysterious. And I may not have written that in very well, but He-Man is a little more intrigued with Sweet Bee. But things are going to be very interesting with these three, especially since Adam/He-Man will still be somewhat pining after Teela so to speak.

      Romeo and Prince Zed were similar looking characters, but I never really cared for Prince Zed. He was one of the few characters that I was never a fan of from the cartoon. It always bothered me that he was the son of Horde Prime, like why would he be the son of a monstrous being like Horde Prime? And I have a very fun story planned for Romeo and Glimmer. A story that was inspired by the cartoon, and I hope it will be good.

      Now the tallness of these women. I think it varies. And I also choose to leave that open to the readers, because I know that is a topic that is different for a lot of fans. I think some of the characters are tall while some may be shorter and slight. I don't see any of them as being like a body builder type. I would say some are curvy and some are fit. I don't see any of them as being frail and super skinny. If only because it just doesn't fit in my mind for how they look. But that is me, I want readers to have their own vision of how these characters look. Some may see the filmation versions, some may use their favorite actresses or actors in these roles. I like to leave that up to the individual.

  2. when I envision your Hordak I see this guy:

    Just kidding but gaaahh! How awesome and hilarious is that footage! First off, they have a friendly meetable version of a despotic dictator! But the way they were just showing off the figures at a display in a mall! I wish I could have been there. I think I was scared enough to sit on Santa's lap as a kid-I probably would have crapped my pants at the prospect of coming face to face with fucking HORDAK!
    But that being said, I would run a nun over with a bus to get that costume! the hurricane arm thingy even lights up! I really hope more home videos of obscure motu history come up because that is what makes youtube and the net in general so damn magical!
    I don't know if we talked about this yet but it looks like there are gonna be snake face and octavia figures for motu classics and then next year Ram man will finally come out.
    what is this Power Con? a motu convention? Even the dorky guy in the video talks about how he hopes Glimmer is next in line for a figure!
    Also looked up some of the new bios and Mosquitor has a real name now ,and it's something hilarious like Darkelson Blackmore or something, and Frosta has a real name too! I think it was maybe Marissa? That may be wrong. Did you know of this?
    Seeing the figures makes me drool! wish I could afford them at the moment..
    I would like to see your spin off story about scare glow-perhaps if you work it in as a subplot you can include it as part of the main story. Maybe scare glow could bring Double Trouble back from the dead-maybe he has the power to capture souls or something like a grim reaper type figure and they have to fight him form her soul! You devoted a whole toy chest post to a another non-motu glowy skull guy so it's only fair to include some scare glow action!
    Also, I want to hear more about your creative process-I believe this is the first mention I have heard of a magical"notebook" where you write these stories down. I assumed they came to your head and you typed them on your computer, but I see now there is more to the process...

  3. Holy cow that video was the coolest. Thank goodness for youtube. And that Hordak was terrifying! I can't believe those kids weren't screaming away in terror. that is an amazing Hordak costume. My goodness I love this video. And we may not have talked about Octavia and Ram Man, but I am believe I posted something about some of the 2013 releases awhile back. I am super excited for Octavia. I am also thrilled for Netossa, who will be here very soon.

    They gave the name Mackenzie for Frosta, which I am not a big fan of. I feel like Frosta's name is Frosta. But that is just me. I have not read Mosquitor's bio yet. Sometimes I like to peek ahead and read the bios, and other times I like to be surprised. I think with him I am gonna wait to be surprised. He seems like such an interesting character. And though I am somewhat familiar with MOTU characters, I don't know them like I do the POP characters. And Power Con is a MOTU convention as well as for ThunderCats too I believe. Like from what I understand they have the Power Con and Thunder Con which occur at the same time. I mean, that is what I believe. But yeah, Power Con is a big deal for MOTU.

    As for Scareglow, I might be able to do that story in part 3. I may have to change some things around, but I think it could work. As for Double Trouble, well, she will not really be in anymore story. At least not in the traditional sense.

    And my writing process, hmm, I am tryng to remember what I have mentioned and what I havent in the past. This story has mostly already been written down in a notebook of mine. That story was actually much much longer and fleshed out with a ton of stuff. But I needed to cut some things while rearranging them becuase it would just be too much to type. So every week I type up a chapter based on the story I have written down. So I add things like dialogue and make changes as I see fit. But the very interesting thing is that the story I have written in the notebook ended at about where things are going to end in part 2. So Part 3 is really going to be open to a lot of things. There are some things that are for sure going to happen in Part 3, but there is still a great deal that is really up in the air.

  4. Groovy-are you gonna use the Karak Nul bounty hunter that tries to break into Grayskull story? Or do you have your own idea for an origin?
    I have a skull character in my comic universe-he was partially made in tribute to Skeletor, Scareglow, the Red Skull, The Golden Bat ( a very old Japanese skull faced hero) and the Abominable Dr. Phibes (Vincent Price movie where he has a skull like deformed face) but my guy wears a skull mask instead of having a motu like skull for a head- anyway after I drew the first part of one of the comics for my blog I looked at it and he had a crack on his head that made him look too much like the Scareglow figure so I went back in and erased the crack in his head! Scareglow was seeping into my psyche! Anyway it probably didn't look too close, but I am really OCD about making stuff too similar, and if I ever decide I want to put the crack back I can always right a scene where the mask gets damaged!
    How many MOTU classics do you own? I actually don't have any yet. Once I get a real job or become famous and rich I will buy them all though!

    1. The story I had in mind was slightly similar to that of the Karak Nul bounty hunter bio, but how it was going to go down was that a thief breaks into Snake Mountain and is killed trying to steal some stuff from the Evil Warriors. As a result, his ghost haunts Skeletor and the other Evil Warriors in annoyance for dying. It ends up driving Skeletor crazy and as a result, Skeletor tricks the ghost into becoming an Evil Warrior and thus Scareglow is created. There were also going to be some other pieces to the story too, but I just don't know how much it will all play out. But your skull guy sounds cool! Anything that is a partial tribute to Vincent Price is never a bad thing. It is very interesting, because a lot of people are actually really big fans of Scareglow. It is just very interesting how certain MOTU characters end up striking a chord with people.

      As for my Classics collection, I have a decent amount I guess. I don't have them all, but I have pretty much every female character barring the Green Goddess. I also have all the POP characters and most of the main MOTU cast. I also have some of the NA releases too. I hope you are able to get some at some point, they are truly the greatest action figures. At least for me. lol

  5. Are you a member of the club or whatever? I don't get how that works-you subscribe and then you get first crack at the figure as they come out? Or if not where do you usually buy your figures? Are you going to get Mosquitor? ooh do you have a scarglow?
    I like your scareglow story better than the real story. It reminds me of how Spike was haunting Angel as a spirit at the start of the last season of Angel before he became corporealized again. It makes sense as he is the "evil ghost of skeletor" and that was what sent fans into a tizzy- "is he skeletor dead?"-actually that would have been a very cool story too. The other theory was that Skeletor could astral project his spirit. All of those ideas beat the actual story they came up with.
    I think some characters stick out to people merely because they look cool. I actually kind of like Ninjor for some reason-I think it's the black and red colors-I think he's way awesomer looking than Jitsu (who will be getting a classics figure first I believe) Actually in Jitsus bio they make him out to sound like that ninja guy from the Turtles movies who was shredders right hand man-like after Skeletor is gone Jitsu takes over snake mountain-I never knew he was that important of a character!
    Actually I'm a big fan of most of the late series weird guys like Ssssqueeze, Scarglow, Ninjor, Dragstor, Snakeface,Blastatak, Mosquitor--probably my top 10 most wanted toys I never owned:
    10.Webstor (only "early in the line" figure I regret not owning)
    7. Dragstor
    6. Blast-a-tak
    5. Snakeface
    3.Sssquueeze (weirdest figure in the line? maybe)
    1.Modulok ( can't be beat)

    1. Well the subscription works like this. You sign up before the new year, and you basically agree to purchase all the figures that come out in the year. You are billed right before they are released, and Mattel ships your items to you. It is a big commitment, becuase you don't know what will be released for the entire year. I have done them for the previous year and for the new year. It is nice, but it does cost money as opposed to just picking out the ones you want on sale day.

      Jitsu does have an interesting bio. I am curious as to why he was the one to take on the role of taking over Snake Mountain. It will be interesting to read over all the bios once they are done.

      And the last waves of MOTU toys were pretty cool. I love Modulok. Mosquitor is pretty cool (I think you will like him even more in the last chapter of Part 2!) Sssquueeze was kinda weird when I think about him. lol

  6. one other comment -I promise I will read the awesome new last chapter of part 2 as soon as I have..well,I'm guessing two hours? I dunno-your chapters are long! but I have finals this week, so I have to wait to read it until I have the time to read it, think about it, and make a comment about it-you deserve some comment on these because you put so much of your soul into them, it wouldn't be fair if you got no response.
    Anyway, my main point-Hemsworth said no to He-Man! I guess it had been brought up to him and he said it would be "too much like Thor"-I agree that it is very similar, and I think he is afraid of type casting. But after you suggested him as He-Man,I mean, I think he is PERFECT! But I can see his point too. Just kinda sux though for us cuz he would be perfect. Whatevs! Now who do we cast as the ultimate 80's hero?

    1. lol Well take your time! Focus on finals, those are important. I do tend to make these chapters long, but there is just so much that I have to type! lol It does get to be a lot.

      Now after I made the comment about Chris Hemsworth, I did end up reading his quote! I can't believe that! i do understand where he coming from though, but my goodness he'd make the perfect he-Man. So let's see... I am not even sure who else would make a good He-Man. Maybe Kellan Lutz. I read somewhere that he was a fan of he-Man. So I think he could do it. I dunno.

      Good luck with the finals! And when you do get the chance to read the latest chapter, I hope you enjoy it. I am very fond of it, I think it turned out well.

  7. actually I had planned on going back to my apartment tonight-I was at my moms house for the weekend-I was helping her put up her Christmas tree and all-but now, I was studying tonight- I am not going back to my place till tomorrow afternoon cuz I am too tired to drive and it is foggy out tonight.
    wow that must be hard to be forced into getting figures-especially for you, because you aren't as into Motu as you are into PoP. I would like to punch them in the nose and say:"where the hell is a glimmer!" for folks like you-cuz I am sure there are some other girls who cannot wait to see that lady!
    Wish I could focus on stuff like this, but I must study. Can't wait to send you my blog spot-but it's a work in progress! haha,maybe during break I will have it up-can't wait for u 2 see it tho!and I will set some time aside to read your latest epic chapter-talk 2 ya then!

    1. Well the only thing that really annoys me about the subscriptions are the fans that hate POP and complain that they have to pay for a random POP figure that they think is ugly or stupid, when someone like me purchases an entire sub to hopefully see more POP when there ends up being a ton of stuff released that I'm not super crazy about, but I enjoy it anyway because I want all the POP characters released. It just gets annoying with how some people respond to the POP characters released.

      But, good luck with your finals! I hope your week is well and I look forward to your blop spot getting up and ready!