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Adora's Search for Honor Part 3! Chapter 58!

She-Ra Saturday is moving along full speed ahead! One of the things that I always think about when writing these chapters is how I so wish I could have pictures or something to go along with the story. One of the things I hope can happen one day is that Mattel will release every character so that I can at least take photos of important parts of the story. That way there can be some visual element to everything. I see it all flash by in my mind and I just wish I could share those images with you all. Anyways, let's get things going because the story is just heating up!

Previously: Bow and Adora's relationship hit a huge bump in the road as Adora admitted her kiss and possible confusion surrounding her feelings for none other than Sea Hawk... Bow and Sea Hawk consequently got into a tremendous fight... The Horde women rejoined the rest of the Horde. Catra and Entrapta left though to follow their own plan: killing Adora... Feeling her life to be a whole mess, Adora relied on her friendships to get her through a very awkward time. Luckily for them all, a bit of good news came to pass, the portals between Eternia and Etheria were up and running...

And now...
Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 58

Bow and Sea Hawk sit in opposite holding cells inside the Eternos Palace jail. The bruised and bloodied men can only glare at each other. Their fight just mere moments ago, neither can say much to each other. Bow can taste blood on his lip, he isn't sure if it is his or not. Wiping some of the sweat and grime from the fight off his face, the archer spits out, "Why her? Out of all the women you have bedded, why her?"

Sea Hawk looks up with a look of pure anger, "I haven't slept with Adora. We only shared a kiss." Bow slams his foot to the ground, "A kiss that stirred something in her." Sea Hawk sits back on a cot in his cell, "What the fuck do you care man? It was just a kiss. You don't own her."

Closing his eyes, Bow sighs loudly full of disgust, "I would never think of owning that woman. She owns the ground under her feet. I just don't see why out of all the women you could use, why does it have to be her? Do you love her? Because I do, and I always will."

Rolling his eyes, Sea Hawk snaps, "Good for you Bow. I'm thrilled that you love her. That doesn't mean shit though and you know it. You can do this whole nice guy act and profess your love for her; acting like you are soul mates ever since you were some little shit, but it doesn't mean anything. Adora is a woman. She can make her own choices." Laughing at the pirate, Bow shakes his head, "So you think she will choose you? That is funny. I can see it in your face, the thrill of getting the chance to love and be loved by a woman as amazing as her. But you and I both know that is never going to happen. You're nothing but a low down dirty piece of human flesh. She may be stirred by some kiss, but you are far too selfish to ever truly deserve her." The two men glare at each other from across the cells.

Sea Hawk jumps up, itching to take another punch, "Listen up you sorry harp-playin-motherfu-" Before Sea Hawk can finish his sentence, Clamp Champ walks in, "Alright gentlemen, you are both free to go." Bow turns away from Sea Hawk, "You just put us in here." Clamp Champ nods as he unlocks the cell doors, "Just holding you both here until you could cool off. But, as it turns out, Man-At-Arms just told me that the portal to Etheria is now open again. I figure you can both leave and kill each other over there." He flashes a smile to the bruised men.

Slapping a hand on both their backs, Clamp Champ helps walk them both out. Sea Hawk quickly turns to Bow with a finger in his face, "You don't know me. I am not looking to use her." Bow can only shake his head. He is finished with the conversation. All he can think of now is returning home to Etheria...

In another section of the palace, Adora is with Mermista. The mer-maiden is quickly packing her belongings into her shell cases. Mermista is excited, "I can't believe the portal is open. Why aren't you packing your items Adora?" The princess looks away, "I'm not ready to return to Etheria yet. I need to stay for a little while longer. My father seems to be on the verge of finally waking from his wounds. I just can't leave yet."

Mermista pauses from her work, "But you will return to Etheria, won't you? Everyone will be wanting to see you." Adora smiles thinking of everyone else back on Etheria, "Yes. I will return. In the meantime, I want you to give this to Frosta." Adora hands over the Ice Diamond. Smiling, Mermista grins, "Frosta will be happy to have this back." Nodding in agreement, Adora grabs her friend's hand, "And I will return the Lunar Stone to Angella. So you see, I will be returning to Etheria." They hug each other, both so happy that the portals are open again. Breaking away, Adora asks Mermista about her family on Eternia. A moment of guilt washes into Mermista's eyes, "I am going to see them before I leave. But just because the portal is open, it doesn't mean we have to choose right? It's possible for us to have everything work out, right?" Adora looks at Mermista, wondering the same thing...

Duncan, the current Man-At-Arms, steps through the portal inside Castle Grayskull into Etheria. He looks around at the courtyard inside Castle Bright Moon. Word quickly spreads that the portal is open. Many members of the Rebellion begin to crowd around Duncan in excitement. Queen Angella and He-Man soon file into the courtyard. A smile spreads across He-Man's face, "I knew you'd get the portal open."

Spinnerella and Sweet Bee walk closer looking at the swirling portal. Angella smiles, "It is nice to see you again Duncan." He bows his head, "I agree, very nice to see you as well Angella." Glimmer is a part of the crowd as well, she can see her mother blushing around Duncan.

He-Man looks at the crowd and back to Duncan, "I guess we need to get back?" Duncan nods talking to everyone, "If you would like. As we speak here, others are already preparing to return to Etheria from Eternia." Spinnerella smiles to herself, she is finally going to see Netossa after all these months.
Frosta, Flutterina, and Roboto soon join the crowd too.

Duncan motions for Roboto, "Come on Roboto, the portal is up." The robotic master shakes his head, "I will not be returning at this time Duncan. I'm staying on Etheria." Duncan understands and looks at He-Man, "Are you ready?" He-Man closes his eyes at the thought of seeing his family again, "Yes. I am ready." He says his good byes for the time being. Frosta is sorry to see him go, and to some degree so is Sweet Bee. Roboto and Flutterina wish the most powerful man in the universe a safe journey. Glimmer smiles, knowing that this will not be the last time they see He-Man or Duncan.

Before they depart, Duncan and Angella share a moment, "I hope this portal stays open longer this time." She looks at him in earnest. Duncan studies her face, he knows he will see her again soon, "The portal is perfect. I'll be back soon. I want to make sure your legs are doing well... Of course, the portal works both ways. You'd like Eternia, Angella." The queen smiles, "I imagine so." They smile one last time, each one wanting to say something more. They refrain.

Duncan and He-Man wave their last good byes and prepare to step through the portal. He-Man wants to know everything he has missed on Eternia. As they walk through, Spinnerella gazes into the portal and finds herself being drawn in too...

Back on Eternia, Mermista is with her father and sister. King Mercier and Merlia look at Mermista with sadness. They all stand by the palace gates, reluctant to say their good byes. "I'm only going to be a quick portal trip away!" Mermista smiles trying to lessen the blow. King Mercier nods, trying to hold back his tears. He only just reunited with his daughter, "This will simply mean more visits." Mermista nods, "Of course. I would love for you to see the original Salineas. I've tried to make the kingdom look nice even though no one lives there anymore. Maybe there are things you could tell me about the place that I've never known."

Her father nods his head. He can feel the tears starting to form in his eyes, "I would like that." Mermista turns to her sister. The tears are already streaming down Merlia's face, "I'm really going to miss you." Mermista's lip trembles, "Me too. But I'm really not going to be far." Merlia hugs her sister tightly, "Do you really have to go? Can't you just stay on Eternia?" Closing her eyes and wishing she could, Mermista sighs, "I have to return to Etheria. I have to let everyone know I am well. We'll see each other again soon. You won't even feel my absence." Merlia nods wiping away some tears. The three hold onto the moment for a bit longer before it is time for Mermista to walk away. Feeling torn, Mermista turns back one last time to wave at the family she long thought gone. Her heart fills with warmness as she realizes that she is leaving Eternia with the knowledge that her family is very real. Nothing can change that now...

Adora walks through the hallways of the Eternos Palace. Making her way towards Bow's room, the princess carefully taps her hand on the door. Peering into the room, Adora notices Bow and Perfuma both getting their bags together. Perfuma is helping a sore Bow with a few items he picked up on Eternia. Adora covers her mouth at his wounds, "Bow, what did Sea Hawk do to you?"

Bow turns with a smirk, "You should see what I did to him." Shaking her head, Adora walks further into the room, "Bow, you can't be getting into fights like that. You could get really hurt." Perfuma watches them both and remains silent. Bow snaps, "I already am hurt." Nodding at his reaction, Adora sighs, "I know. I guess you are heading to Etheria?" Bow pipes up with a loud, "Yep."

Perfuma chimes in, "A few of us are returning to Etheria. Mermista is saying good bye to her family and Netossa is just getting her items together. I don't know what Castaspella is going to do." Perfuma wants to hum a song as she finishes with the packing, but due to awkwardness in the air, she continues to stay silent. Adora looks over at Bow, "So you are just going to go? I was hoping we could talk." Bow shrugs, "I don't really have much to talk about Adora. I just want to go home."

She wants to reach out to him, to hug him. Instead Adora simply nods, "Ok. I understand. Tell everyone I said hello." Perfuma looks at Adora with such sadness, "You aren't returning to Etheria?" Adora shakes her head explaining she isn't ready to leave just yet. She walks out of the room without saying anymore. Perfuma slumps her shoulders and points a finger at Bow, "You need to go after her! You can't just let her walk away, not after everything you've both been through!" Bow shakes his head, "Perfuma, just leave it alone. There's no reason for me to go after her." He finishes his light packing and prepares to leave. Perfuma can only shake her head, "But she never even got to hear your song. That just doesn't seem fair." Before Perfuma walks out of the room, she rubs her fingers together as magical energy sprinkles out. A lone pink rose grows out from her hand. Perfuma places it on the night stand by Bow's bed, and then she quietly leaves...

Netossa hurries to finish her packing. Her heart is racing, as much as she has enjoyed her time on Eternia, there is just something thrilling about returning home. She can't wait to see all of her friends. As she is rolling up everything into a tightly knit cape, Netossa turns at the sound of a familiar voice at her door, "Spinnerella!?" Spinnerella rushes into the room to hug her best friend, "Yes! I'm here!" Netossa is surprised as Spinnerella explains, "I walked through the portal with Duncan and He-Man. He-Man stayed behind at Castle Grayskull while I walked with Duncan to the Palace. Everything is so stunning here!" Netossa nods, "I know. I am so happy to see you." Spinnerella agrees.

As the two friends catch up, Netossa apologizes, "I feel terrible that I left like I did. I could kick myself for leaving like that." Spinnerella understands, "You had no idea that the portal would close behind you. We can talk about all this later, I'm just happy to see you again." Netossa agrees and smiles, "It's not just me you are seeing! Look what I've got," Netossa grabs hold of a special artifact, "I've got the Eye of Fire." Spinnerella is shocked, "How did you get this?" Netossa quickly explains, "Sea Hawk somehow gathered the three artifacts from Hordak. Adora found this out and gave me back the Eye of Fire. We can return this to our village Spinnerella! Our families will be so joyous!" Spinnerella smiles and hugs her friend even tighter, "Oh goodness Netossa, we can truly return home!" They both laugh in delight.

Their excitement is broken up as they turn to see a visitor at the door. Ram Man walks in with some wild flowers in his hands, "I thought you'd be leaving." Spinnerella looks over at Netossa, "I'll be outside." Netossa nods while accepting the wild flowers from Ram Man, "These are beautiful." Ram Man beams, "I picked them myself. I didn't have your flowery friend make them or anything like that."

Netossa chuckles to herself, "Well I thank you very much." Ram Man stands there, unsure of what to say or do. He scratches the back of his head, "Uh, Netossa? Are you going to be gone for good? Or do you think you'll be back to Eternia?" Netossa smiles reaching out to hug the barrel of a man known as Ram Man, "I am sure I can make a repeat visit to Eternia. After all, I have met so many nice people here." Ram Man nods, "Yes. You have. So it would stand to reason that you would not want to just forget about those nice people you've met." He begins to twist his feet, feeling mushy and uncomfortable.

"Hey, no need to worry Ram Man. Besides, after all the nice ales and drinks you introduced me to here, I think it only fair that I introduce you to some festive drinks from Etheria. Would you be willing to visit me?" She asks looking at him with a big smile. Ram Man nods quickly, "Oh yeah. Sure. I'd love to visit you on Etheria." They hug each other one last time before Netossa grabs her items to leave...

Inside Castle Grayskull, Teela and her mother, the Sorceress, talk, "It is nice to know that the portals are back up." Teela nods, "Yes. It is." The Sorceress looks at her daughter, "You know he is looking for you, yes?"

Teela rolls her eyes, "He can keep looking. I don't know why he is wanting to talk to me." Her mother tilts her head, "You know the answer to that Teela. No matter what may happen between the two of you, he does care for you." Teela sighs, "I'm so tired of getting hurt by so many people, but somehow excusing it all because they 'care.' It is a joke." The Sorceress shakes her head, "No. It is life. People are going to hurt each other. You just need to know where their heart is at. He doesn't mean you any harm dearest daughter..." The two women stop talking as they notice He-Man in the room with them. The Sorceress smiles, "How good it is to see you." She walks up to him with a hug. He-Man smiles, happy to be back home.

The Sorceress walks out of the room, which annoys Teela greatly. She does not want to be alone with him. Her eyes open wide as she realizes that she has to make conversation with the most powerful man in the universe. "I know there isn't much you want to say to me Teela, and I understand. We ended things and there is no reason we have to even speak to each other, but I really have to tell you something."

Teela stands tall, trying not to let his words into her heart, "What do you want to say Adam?" He-Man looks at her as he opens his heart, "These past few months have been a change of pace for me. I've had a lot of time to think about things..." Teela groans, "Oh no. That can't be a good thing." He-Man smiles, "Shocking I know. But seriously, I need to say this. I know I screwed up and I know I kept a lot of things from you. The truth is though, I love you. And I should have been honest. I should have told you who I was. I should have shared my dual identity with you. I didn't though, and I will regret that for as long as I live because I lied to you and led you to believe that you were falling for two different men. I am two different men, but I am trying to be better. I'm trying to do the right thing and be the best man that I can be."

Listening and trying not to crumble in front of him, Teela sighs, "What am I supposed to do with that? Things can't be the same Adam. Too much has happened..." He-Man jumps in, "I know. I fully understand that things can't go back to normal, but can we at least be friends? You are my best friend Teela, you always have been. I may not have the honor of your love, but I at least want to have you in my life." He looks at her, begging for her to understand that he is being wholeheartedly honest with her.

She does believe him and decides that she needs to be honest too, "I can be your friend Adam. Of course I can. You have to know though, things have changed while you were gone. Actually a lot has changed. I'm with Sy-Klone now." The sentence stings. He-Man can only nod, "Got it. Is that such a good thing though? He tried to kill you." Teela shakes her head, throwing her hands up, "Enough. I'm not doing this. Sy-Klone was under Skeletor's influence, he was a damaged man. He has since made up for that. I can accept that, unlike you who purposely led me on. We can do this all day." She stares at him with determination. He-Man smiles to himself, "How I have missed your fiery personality. I understand. I'm just being a friend and looking out for your best interest." Teela can feel his wise ass humor poking through, she smiles, "Right. Sure. Come on, let's head back to the Palace." He-Man nods. As they walk away, Teela fully catches him up on everything he missed...

At the Eternos gates, Perfuma, Bow, Mermista, Netossa, and Spinnerella stand with their items ready to head towards Grayskull and the portal. They are waiting on one more person. "Do you think she is going to join us?" Netossa asks looking at her friends. Bow shrugs one shoulder, "Maybe. I hope she shows up soon though." The friends wait for a little while longer until Mermista points a finger, "There she is!" They all look as Castaspella and Clamp Champ walk towards the group. Clamp Champ looks over at Castaspella as they walk, "Are you ready to leave?" Castaspella nods, "Yes. I have to. I will be back though. There are many things I want to learn of here. The magic is different. Plus I spent so much time under Snake Mountain, that I still have so many sights to see. I have lost a dear friend too. I will never be able to forget this place. Thank you for everything." Castaspella smiles kissing the Champ on the cheek.

She turns to her friends ready to leave. The group heads off waving good bye to Clamp Champ and the other Masters who have come to say good bye. Mermista leads the way as they travel to Castle Grayskull. The walk is simple enough. Perfuma looks around at the familiar landscape. She recalls her first experience on Eternia. The image of Moss Man appears in her mind and she silently sighs. As everyone takes their steps into Castle Grayskull, Perfuma gives one last look to the land around her. She kisses her fingertips and places her dewy fingers to the ground. "Good bye," she whispers as a bed of moss begins to grow around her feet and across the ground. Perfuma walks into Grayskull to step through the portal with her friends...

Adora is alone in her room inside the palace. She feels completely alone. "Hey sis." Adora looks up from her thoughts and grins as her brother walks into the room. "Oh Adam!" She hugs him tightly, "I am beyond happy to see you." Adam can only grin, "I bet. It is really good to see you too." Adora grabs hold of his hands, "Come on, our father is on the verge of waking, we must see him."

Tugging at his hands, Adora pauses as Adam remains still, "Wait Adora. We need to talk." Turning to look at her brother, Adora nods. Adam's face appears solemn, "Teela told me what happened. Adora, you killed our uncle." Adora's eyes widen, she was not expecting this, "Yes. I know."

Adam shakes his head, "I don't understand." He has a look on his face that irks Adora. She points a finger at him, "Don't give me that look. I know that look." Adam pauses, "Forgive me, I am not trying to judge you. But no matter how evil Skeletor was, it was never our place to end his life." Adora stands there in shock, "And I suppose you think I just run around killing people on a whim?" Adam looks at her with a knowing look. Snapping back, Adora crosses her arms, "Don't you dare! I've already had enough of my past being thrown in my face, I don't need it from you. Ya know Adam, I didn't grow up in this world." She motions towards the palace around them, "I didn't get to live in a fancy palace with loving parents. I grew up having to do things that I am not proud of. And yes, I killed our uncle. But he also helped set this whole thing in motion, he helped kidnap me, thus putting me in that deadly environment with the Horde."

Adam shakes his head, "So that makes it alright to have killed him?" Adora takes a step back, "I can't believe this. Of course it does not make it ok! I didn't kill him with my bare hands for the sport! It was either him or me! I was struggling to fight off King Hiss and Skeletor. I was nearly knocked out from the fight, and he came up on me. I had no other choice! What should I have done? Read Skeletor his rights and put him on trial? You and I both know he would have found another way to escape. I did what I needed to do. What is this about anyway? Why are you judging me so? Is it because you are jealous that it was I who rid the world of Skeletor and not you?"

"I am not jealous Adora. I just hate that you had to be in that position. I should have been there. I just wish there had been another way." Adam looks helpless at his sister. Her eyes look sad as she reaches out to hug him. Adora sighs, "You are right, it should have been different. Believe me, I'm not a fan of using violence to end violence. I've done too much of that already, but Skeletor was never going to budge. I don't know that it could have ended any other way." Adam nods feeling sad, "I just hate that he had to be so consumed with such an appetite for destruction. He had so much around him, so much goodness." Adora closes her eyes, "But Adam, he wasn't going to change. He was far too gone to be any other way." They stand their in silence. Adam squeezes his sister's hands, "Please know that I do not judge you. You are my sister and I love you." Adora smiles, "I love you to brother."

The siblings smile before hurrying off to check on their parents. They enter the chambers of the king and queen. Adam and Adora hug their mother tight. Queen Marlena has her children together again and the moment is simply surreal. They look in on King Randor whose breathing is changing. With all the family and love in one room together, something magical truly begins to happen. Randor's eyes open slowly. His eyes begin to focus and for a moment he believes he is dead. His family is standing before him. Tears form in his eyes as he realizes that the daughter he thought was forever taken away so long ago is home. A family reunites in hugs and tears. Joyous times are at hand.

Cheers ring throughout Etheria as Perfuma, Bow, Netossa, Spinnerella, Castaspella and Mermista return. The excitement just builds and the portal still glows bright with a promise of future visits.

Back on Eternia, Adora takes a moment to break away from the festivities of her brother's return and her father finally waking up. She heads to the Palace bar. Her hunch is correct as she notices Sea Hawk sitting alone at the bar with a drink in his hand.

His pet mouse is head first in a bowl of salty snacks. Sliding onto the stool next to him, Adora motions for a drink. Sea Hawk looks over at her, "Hey! A drinking buddy!" Adora smiles, "I'm surprised you are still here. I thought you would have been the first to leave for Etheria, what with your air ship being there and all."

The pirate shrugs before taking another sip, "Guess my priorities have shifted. I don't feel like there is much waiting for me back home." Adora nods as her drink arrives. She takes a sip before going on, "Yes well I am not even sure where home is. My life is certainly a mess, but my brother is back and my father has finally woken." Sea Hawk looks over at her with a swollen eye, "You're life can't be that much of a mess. At least you don't look like you got your ass kicked."

Adora winces at the pirate's wounds, "I hate that you both got into a fight." Sea Hawk shrugs before taking a long swig from his mug, "Sometimes you have to fight." He looks at her intently, the mere act makes her feel warm inside. She isn't sure she should even be sitting next to him, but she doesn't want to look away. They share an unspoken look; after all the battles and dramas, they now have no other choice but to face the feelings that have long been simmering between them both. He can't take his eyes off her lips. Her chest rises and falls. An electric feeling fills the air and for a moment all she wants to do his kiss him again, but she refrains. Shaking her head, Adora whispers, "I need to get going. I'll see you around." She quickly hops off the stool, her drink still fresh on the bar. He turns to watch her go, "Bye princess."

Once she is gone the pirate looks down at his pet mouse, "We're in trouble little guy. Or maybe it's just me." He finishes his drink quickly before grabbing hold of Adora's drink. He places his lips on the edge of the tall glass and pretends it is where her lips just were. He wants to taste her so badly. Gulping the drink back, Sea Hawk places the glass down. He know this much: he can't leave Eternia just yet...

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  1. I have had no time to read these chapters yet-I am so FAR BEHIND ON MY DOSES OF DORKETTE! For all I know, Stinkor came back and married Castaspella and they had lil'l magical Skunk babies!
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    1. Well I can't say if Stinkor came back or not, but I do hope that the chapters are really good once you start reaing again. I'm glad your semester is almost over! That is really good!

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  2. well yes-don't tell me about Stinkor because I am working on a version of him and Castaspella -in my art style, so I can send it to you, so you can post an image of them on your blog. But I do hope he has come back to "Search for Honor" in Tolkein style as "Stinkor the white" or something.but don't tell me! I am going to wait till next week to start reading all the chapters I missed. I've got a lot of Iron Man 3 related partying to do this weekend!
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