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Adora's Search for Honor Part 3! Chapter 59!

She-Ra Saturday was totally delayed! A great deal of things happened this weekend that interfered with getting this chapter together. First off, I went to see Book of Love in concert with my brother, mom, and my brother's friend. Oh my goodness, it was so much fun. But it made me realize that I am old and cannot hang with the young folks. I wore these crazy high heels and danced the whole night. I've since been paying for it because my hips hurt so bad! Oh goodness, what a mess. Anyways, Adora's Search for Honor is all new, and this chapter is full of reunions and revelations! Enjoy.

Previously: Decisions were made and goodbyes were given as certain characters stepped through the portal connecting Eternia and Etheria. Perfuma, Mermista, Netossa, Spinnerella, and Bow returned home to Etheria while He-Man finally made it back to Eternia... Adora and Sea Hawk remained behind, both feeling a bit flustered over their attraction towards one another... King Randor finally woke up from near fatal wounds he received at the hands of Skeletor. A happy family came together as King Randor and Queen Marlena got to reunite with their children... Everything seemed wonderful aside from the various threats of evil still seeking to control the universe...

And now...
Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 59

"Do you really need to leave so soon?" Queen Marlena asks with concern in her eyes as she sits with her daughter in the royal master bedroom. King Randor sits up in his bed looking back and forth at his wife and daughter, he is hoping that Adora will stay. The newly crowned royal princess looks at both of her parents with much guilt, "I don't want to be leaving so soon, but I must return to Etheria. I have some matters I still need to attend to. Please understand." She looks at her parents for just an inkling of understanding.

Queen Marlena is nervous, "Your father only just woke a few days ago. It is just too soon, we have all finally reunited together." She is wringing her hands in concern, "Adora, what if you go to Etheria and the portal shuts down again? I can't bare to lose you again!" Marlena's lower lip trembles. Adora's heart breaks. The feeling is strange. For so long Adora has been nothing but an adult, but in this moment, she feels like a kid. Reaching out to hug her mom, Adora whispers, "Please don't cry mother. I'm only going to be gone a short while, and even if the portal were to close, Duncan is here. He will certainly be able to reopen it."

King Randor adjusts his position in the bed, "Will I get a say in this matter? Or are you two going to work it out without me?" He gives a sly smile to them both. Marlena playfully slaps his thigh, "Oh don't you start acting like that. This is our baby girl, we've just gotten her back." Randor chuckles, "You've actually had plenty of time to spend with her. I just woke up, if anyone should be wanting her to stay, it should be me."

Adora raises an eyebrow, "You don't want me to stay?" Randor shakes his head, "Of course not. I want you here with us, no doubt. But I also understand that you are a grown woman, and if you are anything like your mother, you are simply going to do what you wish." Adora nods, "Thank you for that. I am going to do what I wish, and it is a terrible position I find myself in. I wish to be at many places all at once. I want to stay here, but I have to return to Etheria for the time being. There is still so much for me to do. Please understand." Adora looks at her parents, in the hopes that they will respond differently. Marlena can only sit in silence, a bit of worry and sadness spread all across her face as Randor is sitting in a stoic form of solitude.

Standing up, Adora hugs her parents goodbye, "I will return soon, I promise." Quickly turning away, Adora hurries out of her parent's room to avoid any further sadness. Marlena watches her daughter leave and turns to Randor, "I can't believe you just let her go!"

Randor shakes his head, "What should I have done? Marlena, our children are grown." Folding her arms, the queen sits next to her husband in the grand master bed, "They may be grown, but we just got her back. We just got her back Randor! Our baby girl is leaving us." Randor sighs clutching his wife's hands, "Marlena, she may be our daughter, but we don't really know her."

"Of course we know her, what could that possibly mean?" Marlena stares at her husband as if he is crazy. Randor sighs, "There are many years that we know virtually nothing of our daughter. When I look at her I can see she has experienced great pain and suffering. We may be her blood family, but the people on Etheria have been her family much longer. If she has to go, I don't think we should stop her." Looking at her husband with such sadness, Marlena graces her hand over his face, "Oh my dear husband, you have no idea the things she has been through. Our daughter is an incredibly strong and courageous woman. I only want her to be safe." Randor agrees, "When I think of what Hordak and Skeletor both did to this family... I am so glad that Skeletor is dead. If I ever meet this She-Ra person, I am going to shake her hand for ridding the world of that monster."

Gasping at her husband's words, Marlena is quick to react, "But Skeletor was your brother! Randor, you shouldn't say that." The King shifts his weight to look into his wife's eyes, "Marlena, that man was no longer my brother. The brother I grew up with never would have been involved with acts of trying to kidnap our children and succeeding in the case of Adora. My brother would not have nearly killed me either. I am saddened that he is gone, but wherever Skeletor is at, I hope he is rotting." The statement worries Marlena. This is not like Randor at all, "I know that your brother was forever changed at the hands of Hordak, but no matter of a new face and name should change that at his very core, that man was your brother. I just don't want you to forget about all the good things your brother possessed." Randor feels tears begin to well up in his eyes, "After everything, I simply cannot see any good in him. Not anymore." Marlena nods and hugs her husband close. She hugs him because they have their family. She hugs him because he is awake and getting stronger. And she hugs him because the threat of evil is gone, and though Randor may not know it: Marlena knows that their daughter Adora is responsible, as She-Ra, for ending a long reign of evil across the land. Marlena can only weep for her family.

In another section of the palace, Adora stops by her brother's room. Adam is sitting alone at a desk. He is drawing some images on a sheet of paper and stopping every now and then to pet his faithful companion Cringor. The large cat is thrilled to see Adam again and is practically glued to his side. Adora lightly taps her fingers to the door, "I'm leaving brother."

Adam keeps his head down and mumbles, "No need to say bye. Just go." Adora's blue eyes dim a little, "Oh not you too. Adam, please, I can't handle anymore of this guilt." Finally looking up from his work, Adam turns to his sister, "Then don't go. Stay here." Shaking her head, Adora walks through Adam's room and takes a seat on the end of his bed. She looks at him, "I have to go. I have to see my friends on Etheria. I also need some time to figure things out."

"What do you need to figure out Adora? Everything is as it should be. You're with your family. The world is moving towards a direction of peace. Our father just woke up! I can't believe you are so ready to leave." Adam refuses to see things from Adora's perspective. Sighing, Adora rubs her head, "I know our father woke up. He is going to be fine though, and I won't be gone long. I just need to do this and I would appreciate someones support in this decision instead of everyone giving me these strange looks! I feel like I am being torn in all these different directions..."

The siblings look at each other. Adora is pleading with him to understand, and she hopes he can hear her. Adam hangs his head, "I'm just nervous. I know what's on Etheria. You have a wonderful group of people waiting for you there, and I just want my sister here. I want this to be your home." Adora stands up to move closer to him, "Brother, I am going to live here." She wants to add I think, but she doesn't. "I just need to do this."

Adam nods, "I get it. And I guess if you are going to go back there, you could deliver a message for me." Adora smiles, "I can certainly do that." Adam explains that he has a letter for a friend. Adora takes the letter and promises to deliver it upon her arrival.

The two siblings smile at each other. They hug each other goodbye as Adora walks away. She walks through the palace trying to make sense of things. Surely going back to Etheria will be a good choice for her. She feels safe knowing that there are no problems left behind on Eternia. It is time for a moment of peace...


In another section of Eternia, the Evil Warriors band together inside of Snake Mountain. Clawful, Whiplash, Mer-Man, Spikor, Trap Jaw, and Beast Man gather around in Skeletor's empty throne room. The group is not sure what to do. Without their fearless leader, the Evil Warriors feel lost. Clawful and Whiplash converse about heading deeper into Snake Mountain to find other places to live. Clawful is still heartbroken over the sudden departure of Scorpia. Trap Jaw refuses to give up Skeletor's plans of taking over Eternia. Beast Man and Spikor realize that as a group they are not in good hands without Skeletor. Mer-Man quietly contemplates leaving and forming some sort of truce with the people of Salineas.

As the group is sitting there, they can hear a strange sound at the closed doors. Spikor panics slightly, "It's not the Snake Men again, is it?" Trap Jaw shakes his head, "The Snake Men are done for, someone else is here." The Evil Warrirors look on as a magic burst of energy blows the doors to the throne room wide open. Evil-Lyn strides in with a look of evil on her face, "Where is he?" She looks around in anger, "Where is he hiding?" Tri-Klops walks in right behind her.

Evil-Lyn screams out loud, "Skeletor! Where are you, you bastard!" Beast Man steps in front of Evil-Lyn, "Skeletor is not here. He's dead Evil-Lyn." The evil goddess slams her staff on the ground, "Liar!" Tri-Klops mumbles to Trap Jaw, "We heard word of Skeletor's death, so we came."

Beast Man hears this and snarls at Evil-Lyn, "How nice goddess. You arrive too late. You should have been here sooner!" He is furious that one of their own had ran off. Evil-Lyn glares at her colleagues in evil, "There was no other choice. You all knew what the Snake Men were capable of. Now show me where Skeletor is, I do not believe he is dead. He can't be."

Trap Jaw grinds his metal teeth, "He is gone Evil-Lyn. He was killed." Evil-Lyn turns, her eyes in a twisted rage, "Impossible. Who could kill him?" Beast Man answers, "It was She-Ra who threw him off of Snake Mountain." Clenching her fists in rage, Evil-Lyn feels her nails dig into her skin, "No. This can't be happening. Skeletor cannot be gone. Where is the Shadow Witch?"

Clawful groans, "Shadow Weaver left unexpectedly, along with the other Horde members." The room is alive with the electricity from Evil-Lyn's magic, "Good. I'm glad that trash is gone." The evil goddess looks at everyone in the room before her eyes fall upon Skeletor's empty throne. She'd never admit it, but his death is gut wrenching for her. However, life does go on, "What are we to do now?" Evil-Lyn turns looking for an answer.

The Evil Warriors look on in a daze. They have all been through so much, and they are craving someone to deliver the necessary orders. Evil-Lyn grins and strides towards the throne, "Skeletor can never be replaced, but his work must go on. I'll be the one to usher in a new dark reign from Snake Mountain. Who is with me?" Beast Man finds her words to be disgusting, "You turned your back on us. You are not worthy of that throne."

Lifting her head high, Evil-Lyn widens her eyes just enough before she purses her lips. Her cheekbones are sharp, ready to cut glass, "I am beyond worthy." She prepares to sit on the throne, staking her claim over Snake Mountain. Before she can take a seat though, a ghostly image travels through the wall behind the throne and bellows, "You dare to sit on my throne?"

Evil-Lyn turns in shock, "Who are you?" Scare Glow grins, his image glowing in the dim room, "I am the remaining essence of Skeletor, I am the evil ghost of Skeletor!" The Evil Warriors are in a daze. Beast Man mumbles, "Impossible."

Scare Glow walks through the throne and takes a seat as a surprised Evil-Lyn takes a few steps back. Evil-Lyn stammers, "They told me you were dead." Scare Glow grins, continuing the charade he worked on with the real Skeletor, "Of course I am dead Evil-Lyn. What can I say though, this place has a strong hold on me." He tosses his head back, trying to mimic Skeletor's laugh. The laugh is slightly off, however Scare Glow feels confident trying it out.

Eyeing the Evil Warriors, Scare Glow grins in the darkness, "No one will be claiming this throne as their own. It will forever belong to me. Now that you are all here, let us address a few things. I am dead, but my thirst for power is not quenched! The whole of Eternia has yet to feel our wrath. I need you with me Evil Warriors, who wants to take down this world?" One by one the Evil Warriors begin shouting their approval. Even Tri-Klops feels the movement and stands aside from his reluctance to give this "new Skeletor" a chance. Evil-Lyn is the last to say anything. She stands there, eyeing Skeletor's ghost carefully.

Scare Glow notices this and points a finger to the evil warrior goddess, "Well Evil-Lyn? Will we continue our deadly dance?" She isn't sure she can trust him, but there is something about this visage before her that feels like Skeletor. Maybe even a Skeletor from older times. Evil-Lyn agrees, "Yes, I'll be here. I must say Skeletor, I like you dead far more than alive." The Evil Warriors all laugh at this, thrilled that there is still a direction to take in ruling Eternia. Of course, none of them have any idea that the real Skeletor is already far far away, somewhere in space...


With all her items together, Adora makes her way to the portal in Grayskull. She also has a traveling companion, "I'm truly surprised you stayed this long on Eternia Sea Hawk." The pirate looks over at the royal princess and grins, "Ah, I wanted to wait for all the hoopla to die down. I'm not very popular by some people right now." He is referring to Bow. Adora nods as they continue to walk, "I know the feeling. I'm not very popular by some people either. My family was not thrilled with me leaving to Etheria."

Sea Hawk nods, "But Etheria is your home, right?" Adora can only shrug, "I don't know where my home is. I don't know much of anything at all anymore. I feel like I keep saying that. Now that there isn't any fighting, or finding a way to save the world, I am now having to face important decisions in my life. And I haven't the slightest clue on what to do." The pirate pulls out a piece of cheese from his bag to feed it to his pet mouse, "Sounds like you need to get away darlin."

Adora laughs at the statement, "Where would I get away? There aren't that many places to go." Sea Hawk shrugs, "There are always places to go. You just need to be inventive." Adora absorbs the sentence and thinks about it. Maybe she does need to get away, but the most important thing for now is returning to Etheria. So far that will have to do...

Life is as normal as possible on Etheria. Everyone is settling into their routines at Bright Moon. Perfuma is thrilled to see her garden again. The one thing she isn't thrilled about is all the help from Mantenna. Standing still while trying to tend to a bed of roses, Perfuma shakes her head at Mantenna, "I really can handle this on my own. This is my garden after all." Mantenna continues to work next to her. He chides her, "Yes, it may be your garden Perfuma, but while you were gone, I was busy looking over it. So it is my garden too."

Perfuma's mouth drops open, "That makes no sense. It is my garden! Everyone knows that. Flowers are my thing." Mantenna rolls his eyes, "So? Flowers are my thing too. We never had these in the Fright Zone. They are very interesting. Now if you'll excuse me, I have more work to do." He steps over her to get to another section in the courtyard. Perfuma looks on in a daze, "I can't believe he was even set free!" She shakes her head and goes back to work.

With the threat of Ultimera vanquished, the Star Sisters are stepping out from hiding and getting to know those living in Bright Moon. The three sisters have been away from civilization for a long time, so there are plenty of things they are not used to. Certain Bright Moon guards patrol the grounds on flying pods taken from the Fright Zone and re-purposed for the Rebellion. Starla looks on in delight, "What a truly wonderful world we are living in!" Jewelstar agrees, "I never want to think about that stuffy shooting star ever again." Tallstar smiles warmly, "Sisters, we have a future to live now. Peekablue has yet to find any trace of Ultimera and we are surrounded by interesting people. We are finally getting the chance to live!" The sisters smile and travel to visit Flutterina. The winged beauty is still dealing with an ever growing stomach, though she is trying not to worry too much.

In another section of Bright Moon, Mermista finally catches a moment to talk with Frosta, "You can't keep doing this Frosta. I need to talk to you." Frosta swoops around glaring at her friend, "Darling, did you ever think that I do not want to speak to you?!" Mermista crosses her arms, blocking Frosta from getting past her, "It has been a few days since we returned, you can't keep ignoring me!" Frosta rolls her eyes, "Of course I can darling. You left. And now our friendship is just different."

Mermista sighs, "Must you always be so selfish? Frosta come on. I never intended to stay on Eternia for that long. No one knew that the portal was going to close. I had to go to Eternia though. I wanted to meet my family. Please, can we just talk? You have no idea the things I have been through." Frosta flips her blue hair to the side and makes a gasp, "Ha! What you've been through? You don't even have the slightest idea of what I have been through. But now that your family is alive and well, I guess you and Adora can be best friends with all your similarities."

Trying to stay patient, Mermista shakes her head, "Stop being so petty. You know why I had to leave, and if our roles were reversed I would have been more than happy for you." Tapping her foot in smugness, Frosta shrugs, "But those roles can't be reversed now can they darling? I saw my parents die. I won't get to share in that plot point of surprising family reunions."

Snapping back with her chest rising and falling fast, Mermista groans, "So that means you get to be a total bitch to me? I need my friend right now Frosta, stop acting like this." Frosta refuses to back down. Her ego is hurt from various events and she has no idea how to let her guard down properly. Mermista throws her hands in the air, "Fine. Whatever Frosta. If you want this friendship to be done with fine. This works out perfectly for me anyway, because I do not want a friend that is going to be unable to be there for me." Mermista turns to leave, but pauses, "Oh, and one more thing. Here, this is why I have been meaning to talk to you since I came back." Mermista produces the Ice Diamond in her hands and hands it to Frosta.

Looking on in complete surprise, Frosta gasps again, "Is this really my Ice Diamond?" Mermista nods, "Yes." Frosta asks how it came to be in her possession. Mermista answers, "Sea Hawk picked the artifacts up when Hordak was losing control of the Fright Zone. Once the dust had settled, he gave them to Adora, but we were on Eternia at the time, so it took us awhile to bring them back." Frosta admires the family heirloom in her hands, "I can't believe that greasy pirate saved these for us." Mermista shrugs, "Yeah, well you got it back. Glad to see something that doesn't upset you." Mermista quickly walks off, fed up with the difficulties of being friends with Frosta.

Standing alone in the hall way, Frosta is thrilled to see the Ice Diamond, yet she looks sad. She is alone and all she wants in the world is to have her friendships still intact. Sighing to herself, Frosta walks off wondering if she can truly find a way to make things right and move past her own emotional baggage.

Catching up to Mermista, Frosta calls out her name. Mermista ignores her friend and continues to walk. Shaking her head in annoyance, Frosta raises up a wall of ice in front of the mer-maiden. "Come on Frosta, I'm tired of this crap." Mermista turns to look at her friend. Frosta tries to crack a smile, "Look. I know I can be a bit... much. But I've really missed you, and it was hard for you to leave. You are my best friend Mermista."

"I know." Mermista looks at Frosta, waiting for the other boot to drop. Frosta looks around the hallway, "This isn't easy for me... but I am sorry darling. And thank you for bringing this to me." Frosta smiles, being sincere. Mermista cracks a smile, "I thought you were going to curse me out." Frosta shakes her head, "No. I need to grow up. I'm happy you are back and I want to hear all about what happened to you on Eternia." The two friends hug each other and walk towards the dining hall for something to eat.

As they walk, Mermista begins to rattle off the recent events, "I was swallowed up by this giant sea creature with an Evil Warrior. It was terrible, we had to crawl through his brains..." Frosta quickly interrupts her friend, "Darling, please. We are about to eat." They both laugh and continue towards the dining hall. They both know that everything between them is going to be just fine...


In another section of Etheria, two deadly and very dangerous women make their way through uncharted territory. Catra is atop Clawdeen as Entrapta walks slightly ahead, her hair moving obstacles like brush and other wild life out of the way, "Catra, what is this place?" The raven haired beauty scans the area and purrs, "We are in the Valley of the Lost; the perfect place for us to find a secluded hideaway." Entrapta nods continuing to make a path. The two friends continue to talk. Entrapta pauses for a brief moment, "Catra? You aren't taking Hordak's words seriously, are you?"

Entrapta is referring to a statement Hordak made earlier. She continues, "I'm with you to the end Catra. I'm not going to betray you, you do believe me, right?" The tricky golden beauty looks back at her friend for some form of confirmation. Catra maintains a sense of composure, she finds Entrapta's behavior to be full of desperation. They have bigger issues to deal with. Catra purrs lightly, "Of course I believe you Entrapta. You wouldn't be here otherwise. Let's just focus on finding the perfect hideaway. That is what is most important. After we've taken care of Adora, we will need to be in a secure place where no one will ever find us. We'll get away with the perfect act." Catra can only grin as they walk further into the Valley of the Lost. Their plan is nearing the end...


Bright Moon continues to be a place of excitement as Adora and Sea Hawk arrive, greeting their friends. It is a happy and joyous occasion. Spirit senses Adora's presence first. The noble steed races to her, nuzzling the side of her face. Glimmer and Angella are next to greet their friends and are thrilled when Adora produces the Lunar Stone, "This belongs to you." Angella takes hold of the Lunar Stone and thanks Adora and Sea Hawk profusely for bringing this artifact back. Sea Hawk grins but tries not to betray his real role behind the various artifacts.

Perfuma, Mermista, and Frosta come together to say hello. Perfuma grins, "Long time no see Adora!" The royal princess laughs and hugs her friends. Mermista grabs her hand, "I'm really glad you came back." Adora nods and looks at her friend, "Yes, I'm here. For how long, I do not know." Turning away from Mermista, Adora hands a letter to Frosta, "My brother wanted you to have this." Frosta's eyes widen and she raises an eyebrow to Adora, "How nice. Now listen darling, we have a lot to catch up on..." Frosta gives Adora a knowing look. Smiling, Adora has no idea what Frosta is trying to convey.

Sweet Bee, Flutterina, and Roboto are soon part of the group, each with their own kind words for Adora. Peekablue slowly approaches with some new faces: The Star Sisters. Adora is pleased to meet them and is just overwhelmed with the support. She asks where Castaspella, Spinnerella, and Netossa are at. Glimmer smiles, "Castaspella returned to Mystacor to assist in the rebuilding of the kingdom. And Netossa and Spinnerella returned to their village..." Adora nods looking around for Bow. She notices he is not around, and it makes her sad. This is not how she wants to experience things.

Slightly whispering to Glimmer, Adora asks where Bow is. Glimmer has a look on her face and whispers back, "He has been keeping to himself." Adora has no idea what all Glimmer knows, but she hopes that the issues between Bow and her are not fodder for everyone else.

While all the reunions are occurring, Sea Hawk quietly excuses himself from the group. He is feeling nervous with all the excitement. As he walks away, he feels a finger tapping his shoulder. Turning around, the pirate is face to face with Frosta. The icy empress grins, "I seem to be in a strange mood these days, but I must thank you." Sea Hawk looks at her in a strange way. Looping her arm with his, Frosta sighs, "Darling, I have to thank you for saving my Ice Diamond. That was beyond remarkable."

Sea Hawk grins nervously. He knows that the truth would have a different effect on Frosta if she knew, but for now all he can do is nod, "It was nothing. I happened to see the Ice Diamond and other artifacts during the raid on the Fright Zone, and I knew the Ice Diamond was important to you." Frosta tilts her head, "Are you alright? You seem nervous..." Sea Hawk shakes his head, "Nah. I'm just tired is all. If you haven't noticed, my face looks like mangled meat." Frosta nods looking at his bruises and cuts, "Right. I heard about that. Who knew Bow could throw a punch?" Sea Hawk mumbles a joke and quickly rushes off. He isn't sure how long he can keep his lies up. He cares about these people so much, but he has also greatly hurt them, and they all have no idea...


In yet another section of Etheria, Netossa and Spinnerella make their way to their old village: Midlaria. Spinnerella looks at her best friend, "Is this smart Tossa? We aren't welcome here." They walk closer to the entrance, anticipating a problem. Netossa looks around, "We never did anything wrong. This is our home. Besides, we have to return the Eye of Fire. They'll at least want that."

Walking carefully into the village, both women continue looking around. Spinnerella shakes her head in frustration, "I don't understand this." The women turn as Netossa's mother walks out from a hut, "What are you two doing here? You were told to never return."

Standing still with her head high, Netossa tries not to let her nerves get the best of her, "Mother, this is our home." The older woman shakes her head, "Nonsense. This is no longer where you belong." Spinnerella jumps in, "We never did anything wrong! We don't deserve to be treated this way." Netossa and Spinnerella both stand tall as more of the villagers step out from their homes and businesses. Netossa's mother sighs, "You two both wanted to leave so badly, and your holiday is what left this village open to unwanted visitors. They took our most precious artifact!"

Netossa quickly produces the Eye of Fire, "But look, it is here mother! We are bringing this back where it belongs!" The villagers all crowd around the women. There are cries of joy as the special relic from a time long past is fully returned. Netossa's mother shakes her head, unable to comprehend what is happening, "How did you get this back?" Netossa smiles, "A friend found it. We can discuss the details later, all you need to know now is that the Eye of Fire is here and safe. The Horde cannot take it from this village ever again." Spinnerella and Netossa both smile, hoping for a chance to be embraced into their families again. Netossa's mother can only look at her daughter with a strange look, "The Horde never took this item. What are you speaking of? It was a group of pirates who stormed into this village for the Eye of Fire."

Dread pours into Netossa's heart. She looks over at Spinnerella. They both share a look. Netossa turns back around, "Pirates took the Eye of Fire?" Netossa's mother nods, "Yes. Their leader had hair the color of fire..." Netossa's heart sinks. Spinnerella whispers to Netossa, "Do you think she is referring to Sea Hawk?" Netossa shrugs, staring blankly at her friend, "If so, why would Sea Hawk have done that?" The crowd of happy villagers bring the Eye of Fire to its rightful place, as two dear friends stand together in total confusion...


Madame Razz is resting in her bed, though the loud sounds of chatter slowly wake her up. The old witchy woman looks at her bedroom door and bursts into tears as Adora walks through, "Dearie! Oh you're back!" Adora rushes to hug the old woman, "Yes Madame Razz! I finally returned."

Reaching up with frail old hands, Madame Razz grabs hold of Adroa's face, "Let me get a good look at you dearie. Oh it is so good to see you." Adora has tears in her eyes, this is really why she wanted to return to Etheria, "How are you doing Madame Razz? You still look so weak." Madame Razz nods resting back on her bed, "I think I'm reaching the end of my journey dearie. These old bones aren't going to make it much longer I'm afraid." Adora has tears in her eyes, "Don't say that Madame Razz. You have lived this long, you can certainly live longer."

Madame Razz takes a big breath and sighs, "I'm just happy to see you. So very happy to see you. I need you to do something for me Adora." Wiping the tears from her eyes, Adora nods, "Of course. Anything." Madame Razz smiles, thinking of a time long past, "I think I'm finally ready. I want you to take me to Light Hope. I'm ready to see my one true love." Nodding, Adora whispers, "We can do that." Hugging Madame Razz tightly, Adora chants her familiar words to transform into She-Ra. Scooping the frail woman up, She-Ra carries Madame Razz out of the bedroom, ready to take her to the Crystal Castle...

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