Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We Only Have One Place to Sleep

I have to hand it to the amazing people who are part of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, there are always topics to be had. This week's topic was innocent enough: You have the opportunity to spend the night at any residence in pop culture. Where do you go?

Now it would appear that the one place that I would want to spend the night would be the Crystal Castle on Etheria. I mean who wouldn't want to sleep there? It's a pink mound of sparkly rock with an elevator, fire place, and comfy bed. I can just imagine renting some bad B movies and having a total girl's night with She-Ra and her friends. It'd be fun until Ram Man and Mekaneck would try to spy on us with Sea Hawk. Thinking they'd be catching some fluffy pillow fight with the women of Etheria, the boys would be in for a shock as the girls would get Swiftwind and Clawdeen to race after them scaring them away. We'd laugh at their plight while eating pizza.

But that isn't what I am going to pick for discussion. While reading the topic I realized that I wanted to actually talk about a real place; a place that I've always wanted to visit and would totally spend the night at if I ever had the chance.

I'm talking about Llanview, PA:

Oh how I would love to stay the night in Llanview. But where would I sleep? That was the next problem. I could stay the night with the Cramer women at La Boulaie, because nothing can compare to the awesomeness of a Cramer woman. But people have a tendency of falling out of windows there:

I could maybe enjoy a night beneath Llanview in the underground city called Eterna. I mean it is not every day that major cities have hidden cities underneath them:

However Eterna isn't even in one piece anymore! So where would I end up sleeping for my one night in Llanview? Well first things first, I need to break down just what I'd be doing during my night in Llanview. I'd start with a nice meal at the Palace Hotel, preferably with the company of one of the Vega brothers.

Afterwards I would want to travel to the hot spot Capricorn for some dancing and the chance to hear Blair Cramer sing live. I'd have to be careful with my mode of transportation because something strange happens to the citizens of Llanview when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Assuming I make it to my final spot for the night in one piece, I would probably retire at Llanfair, the home of Victoria Lord, Gordon, Riley, Burke, Buchanan, Carpenter, Davidson, Banks, and maybe Buchanan again(?) In my mind I'd be able to stay there because it would somehow be revealed that Viki and I were related. I've always wanted to spend just a moment of time in that mansion. It'd be so cool! There are plenty of nice looking rooms with plush beds. Plus the mansion is full of history! Failed weddings, hidden dungeons, a cool library, and plenty of drama are practically etched in the walls. A surprise visit from David Vickers in the middle of the night would not be that bad either. (Get your mind out of the soap, we'd merely stay up late eating ice cream and making Dorian jealous. My heart belongs to one of those Vega brothers.)

That is how I would spend the night at a residence from pop culture. And thankfully, I will certainly have the opportunity to experience that. My beloved soap, once thought dead, is returning this coming Monday April 29th! In just a mere few days I will finally get to reunite with One Life to Live and all the characters that I have known and loved for all these years. It will no longer be love in the afternoon, it will be love anytime as fans everywhere can watch online, anytime! I am flipping out.

But enough of that geekdom. What about other members of the League? Where would they spend their one lone pop culture night? Victoria would slumber with something very simple, though the toothpaste might fetch a pretty penny on the secondary market... Jason would stay the night and rediscover just why this place could be the most terrifying place ever (at least to me)... Ian is looking to stay the night and find the glorious achievements in couch comfort and a really badass mullet... And enter the Vault to check into a fun thrilled night at 1313 Mockingbird Lane... and as always be sure to check back at Cool and Collected for what other people pick for this week's assignment.


  1. That's fun Miss M ! From the Crystal Castle to Llanview! Today I ask to my workmates wich Pop culture residence they will spend the night...
    Until next time :)

    1. Hey Nastyroker! You will have to tell me what they come up with! I hope you are doing well!

  2. Now if you could only build on Crystal Castle it could be your summer home lol.

    1. Now that would be something else wouldn't it! lol I'd get She-Ra to bring the Crystal Falls over for a backyard pool. lol