Monday, December 19, 2011

Fraternity Row is canceled!

I saw such a great episode of One Life to Live today. I don't know what I am going to do when this show ends. Life just isn't going to be the same. So the soap is having this meta moment where the characters of Llanview are distraught that their favorite soap (you guessed it) Fraternity Row is getting canceled. Roxanne Balsom is the biggest soap fan ever and decides she is going to do her best to save Fraternity Row.

What happened today was one of the best hours of television. Roxanne and David Vickers visit the set of Fraternity Row (which is actually the real set of One Life to Live) to try and save it. Roxanne then passes out when she finds out that Fraternity Row taped its last show and sadly there will be no more new episodes.

After coming to, Roxanne wakes up and finds herself in her favorite soap Fraternity Row! She also finds out that she is now very, very rich. What an amazing treat! Most of the OLTL heavy hitters played against type and got to just have flat out mayhem and fun. Viki and Clint played the hired help. Gutsy attorney Téa Delgado played a clueless cop against Blair's vixen detective. Soulmates John and Natalie played lovers who may or may not be siblings. The Buchanan butler Nigel played Nigella. I mean this is just the tip of the iceberg folks.

It was a blending of the real soap inside a fake soap telling the tale of what we soap fans are all going through. Roxanne eventually wakes up, back in Llanview, and realizes that it was all a dream thanks to David. He tells her that the soap is over. Reaching behind her ear, foxy Roxy pulls out one of the jewels she was wearing in the dream. A part of her is like, "It had to be real." They both end up walking off the set, and I just don't know what I will do when this show goes off the air.

That was just a brief description of how awesome the episode was today. If you have ever watched this show or were always interested in watching a soap (and honestly, how could you not) than you must start watching One Life to Live. For those who have been keeping up, amazing right? This show is an important piece of television history and just like that it is going to be gone. January 13th, 2012 will be the final episode. Everyone better go out and watch this show right now!

And be ready folks! Tomorrow's Toy Chest Tuesday is going to be one for the books!

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