Saturday, December 31, 2011

Trashy or Timeless? 2011

Hello dear readers. I was all set to share one final post of 2011 detailing the ultimate question regarding the timeless or trashy appeal of a certain super hero, only I decided against it at the last minute. Yesterday's Cliffhanger Friday for One Life to Live was amazing, which got me thinking about 2011. A great deal of things went on this year. There was of course the personal and global issues that were sad, terrible, and life changing, but I am not going to tackle those issues here. If you haven't already noticed yet, She-Ra is plastered as wallpaper on a loop for this site. I'll just stick to the fluff and fun stuff. It's what I know, what can I say?

Anyways, back to 2011. I found myself asking that all important question, was the year trashy or timeless? There was a great deal of timeless stuff that happened. Catra was released as a POP Classic. Jem and the Holograms finally made it back on dvd. I rocked some bangs all too briefly during the summer. There were some truly great moments of 2011.

However we all had to endure public marriages that were clearly on Planet Mercury time. There was Kim K. Followed by, "Sinead O'Rebellion," shock me shock me shock me with that deviant behavior. Of course now we have that extra terrestrial to add on the list. Not a good year for marriages. Unless you were gay in New York, than you had a lot of reasons to celebrate.

Of course do the dissolutions of quicky celebrity marriages really qualify 2011 as a trashy year? Every year we will see some celeb couple end in a cloud of dust. No, I don't think we should hold those events accountable for much. But let me be clear, I Miss M, find 2011 to be guilty, of total trashiness.

Why? Because ABC Daytime pulled the plug on two of the best shows on television. Back in April I received the awful news that All My Children and One Life to Live would be canceled. I didn't even know how to process that, but I did the best I could by way of signing online petitions, sending emails, and calling ABC Daytime to let them know what was really up. I had been watching both shows for over 25 years. That is a long and fabulous time of following Erica Kane ok? I was ready to follow both shows until I died of really old age.

And for a second I thought I actually would. The company Prospect Park rode in on a white horse with dazzling armor. The soaps were going to be saved and given new homes online. I was going to buy an iPad 2 just to watch my stories online ya'll. That is sad, but I was totally dedicated to an artform of storytelling that is just the best.

Now I won't be buying an iPad 2 (Did I ever really need one? 3 and 4 are probably already in the works.) After months of all these plans and actors signing on with such a prospectful deal, PP decided to suspend further plans to continue with the soaps. Sadly this means that All My Children fans didn't truly get the ending we deserved since the show finale had a shocking cliffhanger added in at the last minute to keep us biting at the quick for the now nixed online version.

I recently read an interview in Soap Opera Digest where Walt Willey (he played the dashing Jackson Montgomery) said "My dream would be to have Pine Valley Revisited, a 90-minute movie in the summer to wrap things up." Umm sign me up please! Put this movie in theaters or make it for tv, I don't care! Just bring these characters back so I can find out who got capped and to see if Erica and Jack stay together or go their separate ways.

This all brings me to One Life to Live. As I mentioned, yesterday's Cliffhanger Friday was out of control. It was like a Batman story arc or something. The power grid goes out in Llanview and the local prison experiences a jailbreak. So apparantly a group of past characters are coming back to the fold to make some mayhem for the denizens of Llanview. Love it.

Word on the street is that with a couple weeks left of this awesome show, an iconic storyline is going to be revisited for the final week. I'm not going to bet any real money on this (that would be illegal) but if I was betting in some sort of soap opera casino in Vegas my hunch would be that OLTL will be revisiting Eterna in some way, shape, or form.

Back in the late '80s OLTL had some really awesome sci-fi storylines. Viki went to heaven and it was like a space ship. Clint traveled back in time to the Old West. Though nothing at all could compare to the Eterna storyline. Eterna was this huge underground city under Llantano Mt. A campy fun mess ensued with all sorts of drama going down. Click here for the tv promo. How could anyone not want to watch this?

How am I going to say goodbye? 2011 was just a trashy year, end of story. I am ready for 2012 to start and see where it takes us. (Fingers crossed that my soaps will still somehow have some more life in them.) I hope that everyone has a safe and fun New Year's Eve, and wish you all a great New Year. Thank you to everyone who has been reading and even to those who have just casually stopped by. 

There will be more dork ass things coming your way in the new year. Toy Chest Tuesday will return, though maybe in a couple weeks. I need to map out which great toys of yesteryear we will be looking at. I also owe you all the original Trashy or Timeless I was going to post today. Spoiler alert, it involves a really popular female super hero. Take care folks!

P.S. Is it sad and dorky that I have been buying certain Barbie dolls that resemble my soap opera characters? The Barbie Basics line has pretty much the entire cast of One Life to Live in it. (I'll post pictures in the new year!) I know, I know. I have issues. And subscriptions.

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