Friday, December 16, 2011

The Misfits Are Gonna Get Ya!

Hello toy fans! I'm tired of driving. Holiday drivers are out in full force and ready to run their cars into anything to get to the next sale. I'm ready for Santa to arrive, pass out everyone's shit, and go. Either way let's talk about Jem and her enemies the Misfits, shall we? I bet Pizzazz never would have put up with anyone's crap on the road. She would have likely sped up in her Misfits Van and tried to drive folks off a bridge or something. All while singing a catchy tune to boot.

So as most of you know I have had my fingers crossed for a new Jem line. Sadly it doesn't look like Hasbro is going to release any new Jem product. The dvd cartoon series will probably be all we get. This travesty has propelled me to put together my very own custom Jem dolls. I'm tired of waiting.

While Hasbro continues sitting on their thumbs baking pies, Mattel has been releasing all sorts of Barbie product that has aided me in my quest to make really great Jem dolls. The Misfits have been a tad bit difficult though. Apparently no one wants to make a Barbie doll that could be the basis for Pizzazz, Roxy, Stormer, and Jetta. I have been looking and combing the streets high and low, and there is nothing.

Until very recently... Mattel has helped me out again and practically finished most of the work for me. I found a new doll from their line of Barbie Fashionistas that is going to be the perfect Jetta! In fact she could pretty much be Jetta as is, but I may add a few more bells and whistles to her. More is always more right?

Here is a before photo of the original Jetta doll (courtesy of Ghost of the Doll)

Jetta is to the left. She has jet black hair with strips of metallic fibers woven in. Her outfit was typical '80s rocker chic, tight pants and a true-to-form Dynasty top. Her instrument of choice was a saxophone. Clash is to the right, but who cares about her anyway? She was so annoying.

And now let's look at my new custom stand-in Jetta doll. (Technically she isn't much of a custom as I haven't added anything to her, but she is totally Jetta for the 21st Century.)

As you can see this Jetta has some skinny rocker pants and some super fun sparkly platforms. Her top is a bit Dynasty-ish, but the pink may not be exactly what '80s Jetta would have worn. This Barbie doll is also lacking the awesomely bad tacky face paint like the original. I have no clue how to paint on a Barbie doll's face. I'm afraid I would ruin everything. And that is the truth, caps on the lock.

I just can't stand Jem! She should really cover that face of her's! Ha!
 So there are some things I need to work on with her. She needs a bitchin' saxophone. Like something Lisa Simpson would play. I also need to find a way to really get her hair poofed up and ready to rock out with the other Misfits. That is once I can find suitable updates.

Jetta was the troublemaker of the Misfits. Well they all were troublemakers really, but Jetta was the kind of troublemaker that would also upset the other Misfits. When Roxy thinks you have gone too far, you have gone too far. Ya know what I mean?

I think this doll can really make a great Jetta, which is very interesting. How funny is it that I am getting inspired to "create" Jem dolls from Mattel's Barbie brand? Hasbro, get with the program! Your competitors are helping me out! Hurry it up and make some damn new Jem dolls. What else is it going to take? A petition? I'm a soap fan, I know how to roll out a petition.

Anyways, good luck out there everyone. Be careful on the roads. Misfit drivers are out and ready to rumble. Ah the holidays.



  1. Who cares about Clash! C'mon...Clash has a yellow dead animal on her back and even if it was faux, its still a symbol of true evil; AND she annoyed people with her cymbal bracelets. She stole all the time and mostly got away with it until she was caught--she might have been able to get away with murder if it wasn't a kids show! BUT, the Misfits just go for misdemeanors, NOT murder.

    I used to watch Jem because it was actually a good action/adventure show that featured females for once--now I'm reliving it with the DVD set and its even better now that I'm older.

    Clash was great, she was really a low-life and always and still makes me laugh.

    Poor Kimber was still the best character, I'm surprised she didn't end up in therapy after all of the peril and jealousy for her sister.

    Nice Jetta though. You should look into "Dolfie" for some really awesome customs, but hey, if Barbie is already made, then go with it!

    1. LOL Clash has always gotten on my nerves. I love the Misfits because they are so bad and never get away with it, but even they always were kinda like, "We tolerate Clash at best." lol

      Now the Jem cartoon was so wonderful. I truly can't get over it. I love how Kimber is always flirting with two men at the same time and it never ends well. She's always the first one in a dangerous situation. lol She is a mess and I agree with you, she is the best character.

      Now I use the term custom loosely, because I am lazy. I've seen some people actually create something and really customize cool looking dolls. lol Changing some clothes and styling the hair differently is as far as I go. I couldn't really customize something if my life depended on it. But I will check Dolfie out, because I love looking at the custom work that people do.