Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Toy Chest Tuesday! Enchanta

Alright toy fans it is that time of the week! Another Toy Chest Tuesday is here and ready to take to the skies. What shall we be looking at this week? Enchanta of course! One of the things I love about the Princess of Power toy line was all the vehicles and playsets for She-Ra and her friends to use. Swiftwind may have been She-Ra's main ride, but let's be real, unicorns are so passé. If you really want a pimped out ride you need a flying swan with pink hair. Seriously.
Enchanta was a part of the first series of POP toys. She also had a fantastic appearance in the POP cartoon episode #85 entitled: Sweet Bee's Home. Possibly one of my favorite episodes ever, this is the episode where Frosta has a mad crush on He-Man. Sadly for Frosta, He-Man only has eyes for Sweet Bee. Oh, and Enchanta gets zapped and makes the funniest noise ever as the poor dear plummets to a frozen piece of ice. This is a truly wonderful record of cartoon history so go check it out on iTunes or something.

Now let's look at the toy!

As it stands right now Enchanta is still living inside the box. I can't help it, I am just to worried about opening her up. What if she has not aged well all locked up in a pink colorful box? I prefer thinking of this item as a delightful pristine vintage find. Maybe I will open her when I am 98 and on my last gasp.

As you can see She-Ra and Glimmer are flying through pink and purple clouds on the majestic Enchanta. They look so happy, Glimmer has her arm waving in the cool Etherian air. Doesn't she know that flying on a large swan is dangerous? She could slip and fall. A Horde ship could shoot them down. It just isn't worth it. Below Enchanta's name is a nice description "Beautiful sawn "flies" She-Ra and her friends on amazing adventures!"

I always loved the idea of the different adventures She-Ra and her friends could go on with Enchanta. It just seems like if a person is on this swan they must be on a serious and legit adventure. If we look at the back of the box we can see what Enchanta really looks like.

She has this shocking pink mohawk and a whole lot of silver, pink, and pearly accents. I wish real swans could look like this. I would actually be more prone to visiting a zoo or any other sort of nature themed place. I typically dislike being outside. Everything smells. I have to always be careful where I walk because people think it is common to just throw any old piece of nasty on the ground. Why should I have to worry about dodging dog poo, used gum, or broken beer bottles? I just think being outside is overrated.

Anyways, we also can see the other characters from the first series of POP toys.

There is:

She-Ra- The most powerful woman in the universe!
Catra- Jealous beauty!
Frosta- Ice empress of Etheria!
Castaspella- Enchantress who hypnotizes!
Double Trouble- Glamorous double agent! (I didn't realize that being a spy was glamorous.)
Glimmer- Guide who lights the way!
Angella- Angelic winged guide!
Bow- Special friend (i.e. She-Ra's booty call)
Kowl- The know-it-owl!
Swiftwind- She-Ra doll's magical flying unicorn
Storm- Catra doll's powerful flying horse
Enchanta- Swan friend of She-Ra
Arrow- Bow doll's noble flying horse
Crystal Castle- Home of Princess Adora (This is the ultimate playset ever)

That is it for the lovely Enchanta. What else can I say? I think the toy pretty much speaks for itself. Enchanta is flat out awesome! 

So another Toy Chest Tuesday is over and dear readers we are quickly approaching the end of the year. I tend to think of this time as a moment of great reflection about the important things. As in what was the best toy of 2011? Or what is there to look forward to in 2012? (Besides the "end of the world" and the fact that I turn 30, funny that those are both happening in the same year.)

The point is this, get ready for some fun posts coming up. There will be some end of the year lists. There will also be the much highly aniticipated dedication to She-Ra! I will get to it if it is the last thing I do. There may also be some other great stuff as well, so check back often! And readers please be on the look out for flying swans.

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