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Jem- The Reunion

Ok I am sending out a warning right now, this post is about to get real dorky, real fast. So run the other way if you have concerns. As I type this right now I am still awaiting news from NYCC about Hasbro relaunching Jem and the Holograms. To pass the time I have decided to post some of my Jem fan fiction that I have been working on. My inspiration for this fan fic is to see where Jem and the Holograms would be in the present. For instance, were the nineties good to our cotton candy hair hued heroine? (The answer is no.) But read on, I hope you will enjoy it!

Jem- The Reunion
Chapter 1

Studio lights shine across a glossy desk. Crew members are hurrying about, making sure everything is in place. A television show is about to start. The host, Lindsey Pierce, sits at the desk prepared for the cameras to start rolling. Time is funny, she thinks to herself, everything has its place. Some things just come full circle.

A cameraman motions towards Lindsey, letting her know the cameras are about to start rolling. She has been doing this talk show for decades, and every new episode still makes her slightly nervous, "Hi gals and pals! This is Lindsey Pierce. You are watching the new Z-TV, the only station still dedicated to music, music videos, and the hottest artists in the business. We interrupt the latest Taylor Swift video to bring you a special interview with someone who truly helped define the eighties. She was a part of a band that rolled out such hits as, I've Got My Eye on You, and She's Got the Power, so please give a warm welcome, to Jem!"

The camera pans out as Jem walks onto the soundstage in a bright pink dress with silver pumps, making her way to Lindsey. Looking fantastic, Jem smiles and takes a seat next to Lindsey. It feels like it was yesterday that Jem was even on the Lindsey Pierce show. Back then the station was Lin-Z TV. Funny how so many things change. Jem looks at her old friend and says hello.

Lindsey smiles, "It is so good to see you Jem. We haven't seen you in awhile. For those just tuning in I am talking with Jem, as in Jem and the Holograms." Lindsey smiles and continues, "Let's catch people up on your music history. You were huge in the eighties. Jem and the Holograms had so many hits that were played all over the world. There was the sold out tours. A television show, not to mention all the merchandise. You seemed poised to enter the nineties ready to take control of a new decade."

Jem nods recalling the past, and how a new decade created so many changes, "Yes Lindsey. The Holograms and I were ready to start the nineties at the top of our game. Things changed though when we were set to perform at a huge benefit concert. Due to Eric Raymond's scheming ways, we found ourselves in a deadly situation."

"Jem, deadly hardly covers it. The Stingers and the Misfits were there too, and a fire broke out. You were all nearly killed." Jem nods thinking of the past and what followed, "Yes. It was horrifying. Eric Raymond wanted to stall the Holograms from performing by starting a small fire. Luckily we all survived. However what happened afterwards was just as worse."

Jem holds her breath, she has never talked on air about her experience. Lindsey says what everyone is already wondering, "What happened was that the world found out that Jem was really Jerrica Benton. Needless to say a lot of people were shocked."

"Shocked was an understatement Lindsey. Many fans were outraged. People felt betrayed and lied to, rightfully so. It was a disaster. The Holograms broke up, we had no other choice. I tried to release a solo album, but it tanked." Lindsey listens feeling torn herself about the events from the past. Always a supporter of the Holograms, even Lindsey had been thrown for a loop when the truth came out that Jerrica Benton, owner of Starlight Music, was in disguise as Jem, "Now Jem, a few years ago you wrote an autobiography detailing many things, most notably your experiences with this double persona. Do you still use the computer program known as Synergy to create holograms?"

Jem shakes her head, "No Lindsey. After all the trouble I caused, I destroyed the technology. It was not easy, however I simply could no longer use it. More importantly there were too many companies trying to by the rights to Synergy from me, and I didn't want that technology in the wrong hands. Now, when I am on stage I have to do my own hair and make up." Jem and Lindsey laugh. Lindsey has missed talking to Jem, "Let's go back a bit, what are your thoughts on Eric Raymond being released from prison in a few weeks?"

"Well Lindsey, he has served his time. I hope that the time he spent in prison will have taught him something. I do wish him well, I just hope he can turn over a new leaf without endangering other's lives. I won't be visiting him to say hello though, if that is what you are wondering." Lindsey chuckles, "I can understand. The man has caused you a lot of grief in the past. Now aside from the book, what else have you been up to Jem?"

Jem discusses the various projects she has been a part of, "I have been behind the scenes. My work has allowed me to help new music talent with some song writing, image consulting, even at times doing background vocals." Lindsey is impressed, "Wow, I did not know that. Care to comment on any artists you have worked with?"

"Oh Lindsey, I wish I could. However I prefer to keep that private at this time, but I will say this: I have been helping an artist who has just exploded. She has a monster career right now. The world is just gaga over her." Jem and Lindsey briefly continue talking about the music industry and how things have changed since the eighties.

Lindsey knows there is more to the interview than just simple conversation, "Moving along though Jem, you have managed to still stay somewhat relevant in the public eye. Your book was a bestseller. The Holograms songs sell really well on itunes, there are always rumors of a band reunion. Do you care to comment on any of that?"

This was the moment. Jem hopes this will be exciting news, "Yes, I would like to comment on that. I am proud to say that the Holograms will be reuniting and embarking on a tour. I have been thinking long and hard about this, and decided that now is the perfect time to come back. There may even be some new music as well as some guest appearances." Lindsey's eyes widen upon hearing the great news, "A new tour? And guest appearances? Care to divulge any further?"

Jem smiles, "Well all I will say is that I have reached out to an old rival. Someone who gave the Holograms some great competition. Barbie and the Rockers will be joining us for a couple of concert dates!" Lindsey claps her hands, this information is gold, and it is happening on her show, "So Jem and the Holograms will be touring with Barbie and the Rockers? For those who care to remember, the Holograms may have had problems with the Misfits, but their true rivalry was a certain tall blonde bombshell. How did you even get that to work Jem?"

The process had not been easy, but Jem goes on, "Barbie and I were actually at a party..."

A click is made as the Jem interview is turned off. A large flat screen television hangs in a plush bedroom with a balcony that looks out over a large manicured lawn. Pizzazz throws the tv remote across her large bedroom and screams, "I hate that slag! You have got to be kidding me! She gets a spot on Lindsey Pierce's show after all this time? And I barely get a mention! I hate her."

Laying in rumpled sheets behind Pizzazz a muscular man rolls over with eyes barely open, "Babe, what's going on? Your screams are messin with my hangover." Pizzazz looks over at her guest, "Oh shut it Zipper. Why are you still here? I got what I needed from you last night, which wasn't much. So get your drunk ass out of my bed and go!" Zipper rubs his eyes and yawns, "Pizzazz, why are you talkin like that? I thought you liked good old Zip hangin around? Let's eat something for breakfast."

Pizzazz groans, "Breakfast was hours ago you fool. I have important things to do, and you have to leave!" Pizzazz begins pushing Zipper off the bed. Long ago Pizzazz never would have dreamt of hooking up with one of Eric Raymond's thugs. However the current times were tough. Pizzazz has had to take whatever she can get. Zipper gets up and starts picking up his clothes off the floor, barely able to remember what happened last night, "Alright, I am going! I don't get you Pizzazz."

"What's there to get? I'm a Misfit, and I'm not playing house with the likes of you." Pizzazz throws Zipper out the front door and taunts, "If you don't leave the grounds in five seconds I will sick the dogs on you." Zipper is about to say something when Pizzazz slams the door to her mansion in his face. Clenching her fingers Pizzazz screams. How could Jem be reuniting with the Holograms? Pizzazz laughs to herself, "Like anyone is going to pay to see those rejects sing a song. This is 2011, not 1987. New century bitch." Pizzazz walks off laughing to herself, formulating all kinds of juicy scandals...

Meanwhile back at the television studio, Jem and Lindsey are talking away from the cameras. Jem hugs her old friend, "Thank you for putting me on your show last minute Lindsey. I know you are incredibly busy." Lindsey nods, "Well I knew you wouldn't disappoint. Besides our numbers are way up, it is so funny how people really want music television to actually be about music. I'm glad you came to us instead of that other station. Now how about the other girls? What do the other Holograms say about this reunion?"

Jem smiles, how should she answer the question? "Well Lindsey, there is one slight problem. The Holograms have no idea about the reunion." Lindsey isn't sure she heard Jem correctly, "What? I'm glad I didn't ask that question on air. How is there going to be a reunioin without the other Holograms?"

"I needed to make the announcement, the only other time I would be able to appear on your show was six months from now. I had no other choice but to jump start the news. I just need to talk to everyone and get things in line. It won't be easy, things have changed a lot." Everything had changed. Shana moved to Paris years ago. Raya had branched out with her own wildly popular band. Aja was still somewhat close with Jem, while Kimber wanted nothing to do with her sister. This would not be easy. Lindsey hugs her friend, "Good luck Jem. I hope this tour can actually work out." Jem agrees, hoping for the same. Jem heads out of the studio and starts the process of bringing the Holograms back together. Jem pulls out her iphone to make a call, "Hey. I had a feeling you saw the interview. I'll explain everything, just meet me at the office. We have a lot of work to do..."

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