Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trashy or Timeless? Prince Adam of the House of Randor

Alright today we are checking out Prince Adam from the Masters of the Universe Classics line brought to you by Mattel. What do we know about him?

Let's see, he has really big biceps...

There are many women who fight over him...

Though his heart belongs to only one...

His sister is also the most powerful woman in the universe...

Which isn't such a bad thing when the Evil Lord of Destruction and his minions want Adam dead all the time...

Prince Adam is even cool with having a scaredy cat for a pet, not to mention a sometimes-annoying sidekick (thank goodness Orko is cute)

He is Prince Adam of the House of Randor. He is royalty! What else do we really need to know? I guess the biggest thing would be this: is He-Man's alter ego trashy or timeless? Alright toy fans, let's be serious here!

I would imagine there are good arguments for either side. Honestly, he is wearing lavender pants. It can't get trashier than that. Of course Prince Adam is from another planet (Eternia.) It is possible that princes just happen to wear skin tight lavender pants on Eternia. The original Prince Adam was made in the '80s so it wasn't far fetched for a toy to wear lavender pants at that time. Of course let's all make a pact to never ever wear lavender pants. I say this now, but watch me want a pair after they become trendy jeggings in the near future. Who's the trashy one now?

Moving past the lavender pants some could also argue that Prince Adam comes from a toy line that is no longer relevant to collectors and society at large aside from a group of rabid fans. How can he be timeless if no one remembers him? This could be true, but would that mean he is trashy by default? I don't think so.

If anything Prince Adam has no other choice but to be timeless, regardless if people know of him or not. Hello, he turns into He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe! This guy has appeared, in some form or another, in every decade since the '80s. That is kinda cool, and so far equals timeless to me. We won't truly know his timelessness potential until hundreds of years from now. Though I am going to guess that in those hundreds of years from now some dorky person will be holding a sword aloft and shouting, "By the power of Grayskull, I have the power!" That may be slightly far fetched, but I believe it! Of course what no one really knows yet is that He-Man's sister She-Ra will have a huge resurgence in popularity and actually become the more memorable twin. (Let's hope this comes true over the whole lavender jegging trend I spoke of earlier.)

That is it for now. Prince Adam is timeless, even if the lavender pants aren't. Until next time! Be sure to also look at some outtake pictures below. I had a blast taking all kinds of pictures in preperation for this edition of Trashy or Timeless. It was actually hard to decide which pictures to use. My favorite are the ones with Frosta and Sweet Bee. I even like a few of the Skeletor photos, though I am by no means a photographer.

Who knew that Prince Adam could cause a royal rumble?

Prince Adam and Cringer, braving a new decade.

Evil glows in the dark.

Skeletor, all by himself.

The Evil Lord of Destruction gets some help.

Sweet Bee never knew what hit her.

Frosta never stood a chance...

Adam isn't sure what he should be doing, maybe he needs to call He-Man?

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