Friday, October 14, 2011

Rants and Randomness

Looking for some R&R? Well look no further. I have got some rants and randomness for the week. Let's start off with a rant, shall we? I hate driving. If I could teleport to the places I needed to be, I would be one happy chick. People have no concept of safety or etiquette on the road. It drives me insane.

Here is the scoop. Earlier in the week I was driving to work dealing with the usual morning rush hour traffic and the like. I was listening to a local radio morning show, finding out that this past week has been National Pet Peeve Week. Which was very interesting because as I was hearing this, I noticed this newish SUV speeding by in the left lane with a crack in the passenger drive window.

At first I was like, "They should fix that." Then I started to notice something strange. The cracked window started to rattle and all of a sudden part of the window flew out towards my car! As in glass, flying, at my car. It was such a weird experience to see glass hit my wind shield. It got worse though as the rest of the window flew out and hit my car. It was like put my car on a pole, because the glass was makin it rain all over the place. All I could do was scream.

My screams turned into anger as I realized that some moron was close to causing a major accident! To make matters worse the SUV drove off faster. I had no idea if there was some kidnapped fool in the front seat. Or maybe they were having a health problem occur on the freeway. I had no clue, but I couldn't catch up. So I just went to work. A little jittery, but I went to work. Of course I totally memorized the license plate number and texted it to myself. I will put my Nancy Drew skills to good use and find out the mystery of the SUV with the busted window. In fact that will be the title of the caper, "The Mystery of the Busted SUV Window."

Alright on to my next rant. I hate romance movies. I really do. I just had to sit through Love and Other Drugs, and I feel like I need some drugs. So let me get this straight, Anne Hathaway has perfect orgasms with Jake Gyllenhaal, and gets to have him romantically profess his love to her on a bus with old people? And he will take care of her with her health problems? Oh, and get this, it is based off of a true story. Really? That is not real life. People do not get perfect orgasms and over the top professions of love by Jake Gyllenhaal. Maybe one or the other, but not both. I mean really.

On to the randomness, does anyone ever wonder if they will cross paths with the people they bid against on Ebay? I was thinking about this, I have had a few Ebay death matches over some serious items in the past. And I have no clue what happens for the people that lose. Do they punch a wall? Do they stop by Dairy Queen and get a tub of soft serve ice cream? I have lost some auctions, and it did not feel good. At all. You just feel defeated.

So I wonder what would happen if warring bidders ever crossed paths in real life? Like would a real life death match actually ensue? I would like to think that the other bidders would be nice. I'm sure we'd have a lot in common. After all we would be bidding on the same item. Who knows though? I hope I never have to find out. I am not entering into Mortal Kombat over Ebay bidding wars. I just won't.

Speaking of death matches and Mortal Kombat, I thought you all might be interested in some random factoids. One of the neat things about blogspot is that I can view which of my posts get the most clicks. So drum roll please... Trashy or Timeless? Velvet Sky is my most popular post! I don't know what to think about that, I just hope that if the real Velvet Sky (and not the toy) ever reads it that she won't think I am actually calling her trashy. Just her action figure. That's all. No need for a wrestler to want to kick my dorkette behind or anything. Though I will say this, I can mimic a mean Catra voice, so hypothetically I could put up a good fight. I think.

Anyways moving along. Here is the thing, good things are about to happen. (Lord knows there needs to be some luck around me right now) New York Comic Con has begun and I have already seen a picture of Hasbro's Preview Night. They have a nice section for Jem and the Holograms featuring old Jem items. The most exciting thing is that Hasbro is actually going to be showing new Jem product at some point this weekend! This is really big. I am just hoping that the new Jem stuff will be truly outrageous. After all the speculation, it looks like Jem's relaunch is actually going to happen. I feel like it is the late eighties all over again. Now I just need some hot pink boom boom shorts and I am good to go!

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