Monday, October 3, 2011

Why aren't you watching?! New Fall TV!

Hi dear readers! Let's talk about TV today. Fall is a special time of year for my television. The networks and cable stations all rally together and throw a ton of new shows my way. It can be hard for a girl to keep up. So with a few weeks until the return of the Walking Dead and premier of Once Upon a Time, I thought it'd be nice to look at some of the offerings that are already airing. Or rather, the ones I am watching. With soaps and all, I can't watch everything people!

New Girl (Fox)- I am on the fence with this new show that sees Zooey Deschanel play a really awkard nerd girl who moves in with three really awkward-in-their-own-way guys after she suffers a break up. I love Zooey, she is really funny and always looks so pretty. However her humor with the show can be a bit much. I have only seen two episodes so far, and there are times where the nerd girl humor is slapped on a bit thick. I don't know exactly how to explain it, but with nerdy quirky humor you have to be careful. The character can become too cartoonish and silly. The three guys are pretty funny though too. In fact the guys have a "douche bag jar." Whenever a roommate says or does something "douchey" they have to put money in the douche bag jar. I love it! I want to carry a small douche bag coin purse and pull it out whenever I see some douchey stuff go down. I will be rich! (I'll have a new car in no time!) Also the storyline makes me wonder if at some point a couple or all three of the guys are going to end up falling for the "new girl" and she will be forced to choose. I say give the show a shot though, it isn't that bad.

2 Broke Girls (CBS)- Love this show. Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs are just pure comic goodness. I just love this show! The premise is simple enough, Kat and Beth become an unlikely pair as they end up working and living together. The writing and acting are both fantastic. The show makes fun of everything and has a real wicked sense of humor going with it. If there is one comedy show that must be added to your DVR list, it has to be 2 Broke Girls.

Suburgatory (ABC)- This is a promising show. I have only seen one episode, but it was cute and funny. Basically the show is a satire of suburban life. Sometimes satire can be awful and just eye rollingly unoriginal. However this show adds some heart to it so it is still engaging without swallowing itself up. Plus the actor who plays the dad (Jeremy Sisto) is Elton from Clueless! That is enough to make me want to watch! Plus Cheryl Hines plays a suburban mom that is just hilarious.

Dirty Soap (E!)- Ok I do not usually follow a lot of reality shows. I tend to prefer my scripted stories. Dirty Soap though is the perfect reality show for me to jump on board with. This show follows a group of soap stars as the deal with their lives and relationships. It is amazing. First of all some of the stars are from soaps I watch, so you just know I will be hooked. I always roll my eyes when non-soap people groan, "Oh soap actors can't act." That is total bull crap. Watch this show, you will see. Farah Fath and John-Paul Lavosier are nothing like their characters on One Life to Live. John-Paul seems really geeky and cool in real life, unlike his character Rex who is kinda goofy but was also a huge player. And Farah seems like a lot of fun in real life. Regardless if you love soaps or not, this is a really good show. The first episode has a scene with the son of a soap actor totally pounding his fist on the family dog after the dog bit him. It was so funny! Not because the kid got bit, that is never good. But that little kid was ready to go after that dog! This show is out of control, DVR it now!

Pan Am (ABC)- There was definitely a trend this Fall TV season with period dramas. Especially period dramas taking place in the '60s similar to Mad Men. The big issue I had would be, do I watch Pan Am or the Playboy Club? I gave both a chance but Pan Am won hands down. Why? The Playboy Club just could not interest me. I didn't really care about what the characters were going through. The show reminded me of Dick Tracy, except without the cool colorful mob guys with facial deformities. Whereas Pan Am has really been a good show so far. I cared about the characters after the first episode, which is always a good thing. It is also a visually great movie. I feel like if there were to be a cross over between Mad Men and Pan Am, it would flow well and look good. I don't see that with the Playboy Club and Mad Men. I even like the whole spy storyline on Pan Am. I wasn't sure how I'd like that, but it is working for me.

Charlie's Angels (ABC)- Ok so I grew up watching reruns of the original Charlie's Angels and it was always fun and campy. I also loved the movies that came out recently. I mean when Demi Moore walked out of the ocean in Full Throttle all I could think was, "I pray I look as good as her when I am her age." So it was only natural that I would give the new Charlie's Angels a try. I have to say, it isn't bad. I do like it.  However, I do see myself getting bored with the show. Each episode is like a repeat. The Angels have a case to solve and through some action and glamorous scenes the case is eventually solved. I like cliffhangers. And serial story telling! I can't help it. So the jury is still out with this reboot. I will keep watching for now though.

Ringer (CW)- My favorite new show of the Fall season! Here is why: Sarah Michelle Gellar. I loved her on All My Children and of course followed her to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is great, and Ringer is such a fun show. There is so much drama, mystery, and intrigue! I'm not gonna even try to explain the plot, you just have to watch it. It is so good. I really hope it continues and people tune in. The show is a playground for former soap actors making cameos as well. And Ion Gruffudd (Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four movies) is awesome in the show too! I can't stop talking to people about the episodes! Another thing I love about Ringer is the music. There is always great music in each episode. In fact, check out Lana Del Rey. Her "Video Games" song is so gorgeous. I love it!

So that is it for the new Fall shows. I have a lot added to my TV schedule. Of course this isn't counting the shows I watch that have returned for the 2011-12 season, along with my soaps. That all needs to be saved for another post, the DVR is busy! I am excited though for the Walking Dead to come back, and I am really interested in the new show Once Upon a Time. It seems like Lost meets a fairy tale. I think I will be hooked!   

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