Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Toy Chest Tuesday! Entrapta

Hello extravagant toy lovers! How is everyone? I am doing perfectly well, because it is a new Toy Chest Tuesday! And this week's edition finds me talking about a toy I never thought I would own. Ever. I know some of you have probably been wondering, "Miss M, when are you going to tackle any Princess of Power toys for a Toy Chest Tuesday?" Well here is the thing, before I could talk Princess of Power (POP), I needed to make sure I had a special POP toy to serve up for Toy Chest. Enter the tricky golden beauty: Entrapta. I think she is a perfect POP start for Toy Chest Tuesday!

It takes some dorks and dorkettes many years to hone and craft their toy edge. They may spend decades learning the ways of the toy store shelves, trying to figure out how to find rare items, even which toys are rare, all kinds of nerd knowledge. Others, like myself, have known at an early age the joyous wonders and collectible market value of rare and hard to find toys. I'm a natural, that, or it is just pure luck. I have always known where to go to find certain items. I am a genius at hiding certain rarities in a store hopefully saving it for a later date (yes I am one of those people.) I once hid a Marvel Legends Invisible Woman in a Wal-Mart for 5 months until I was finally ready to decide on making the purchase. No one found it. For 5 months. I don't play.

Anyways when I was little I loved nothing more than getting separated from my mom or dad at any given store and "finding" my way to the toy aisle. One day while grocery shopping with my mom I "wandered off" innocently enough to the makeshift toy aisle. There before me was Entrapta. As in the tricky golden beauty. This had been my first time ever to witness seeing a real life Entrapta. In a package, for sale. I instantly formulated a sob story that would pull at my mother's heart strings until she found no other way but to place Entrapta safely in the cart. After all, Entrapta would need a good home.

Well here is the thing, sob stories never worked on my mom. My dad was always another story. I could have gotten him to purchase every POP toy at the grocery store with just a bat of my eyes. However my mom was not having it, "I'm not buying this toy, you have enough She-Ra dolls!" I begged to differ, "But I don't have Entrapta! She is so hard to find Mom!" I pleaded. Made promises I knew I'd never keep. Swore I wasn't moving until Entrapta was with me. Nothing worked. I had to keep on walking. I was even reprimanded for running away from my mom when we first got to the store! As if I was some common villain!

Anyways time would pass and eventually there would be another chance in my life to own Entrapta. Now 20+ years later and an Ebay auction death match to end all death matches, I am now a very happy owner of Entrapta! Let's take a look!

Here is the front of Entrapta and her packaging. Entrapta was from the second series of POP toys. On the second series card, there is a smaller photo of Starburst She-Ra riding Swift Wind to the side. The colors are just bright and beautiful. I loved the Princess of Power font. It was just really great packaging and marketing. And look at Entrapta. She came with a shield, brush, and comic.

Do not adjust your eyes, you are looking at a toy with long braided pink and purple hair. Above the plastic dome is a statement about her infamous hair, "With hair that traps." Her extensions are deadly. Seriously. Parts of her are also painted chrome! How cool is she?

The back of the toy consists of a larger photo of Entrapta above a list of the other POP characters, and playsets in series 2. This picture of Entrapta is so great.

Upon closer inspection, we find out that Entrapta is a tricky golden beauty (as I have stated on repeat.) Her bio also states, "I help Catra make mischief in Etheria. With my golden beauty, I trick She-Ra and her friends into coming near. When they get close, I trap them in my long, colorful braids." She is vicious! In the cartoon, her hair was like extentions of her actual body. The braids moved like whips and helped operate machinery. Just awesome! 

Also in the mini-comics that came with the toys, Catra and Entrapta were just the best partners in vile crime. Catra had a thing for Bow (She-Ra's special friend, i.e. booty call) and would always enlist Entrapta to help her try and capture Bow's affections. Bow wanted nothing to do with Catra, which always enraged Catra. Either way Entrapta was a true friend, she'd help Catra do whatever it took to snag that guy. Kidnapping. Death threats. Evil plots. She kept it real. I mean what a great friend!

Here is the back of the card! Series 2 was a really great series for POP. There were some heavy hitters, like:

Starburst She-Ra- Most powerful woman in the universe
Entrapta- Tricky golden beauty
Sweetbee- Honey of a guide
Peekablue- Watchful "feathered" friend
Crystal Swift Wind- She-Ra doll's "flying" crystal unicorn
Crystal Moonbeam- Nighttime protector of Crystal Castle
Perfuma- Scent-sational flower maiden
Mermista- Mist-i-fying mermaid
Scratchin Sound Catra- Jealous beauty, hear her scratch!
Flutterina- Beautiful flying lookout
Crystal Sun Dancer- Daytime protector of Crystal Castle
Clawdeen- Catra doll's glamorous cat
Sea Harp- Traveling melody maker
Butterflyer- Winged carrier for She-Ra and her friends
Crystal Falls- Refreshing water wonderland

So that is it for Toy Chest Tuesday! A look at Entrapta! The tricky golden beauty who gives good hair! I love her! And be sure to check back this week, there should be some great stuff!

As for next week's Toy Chest, prepare to meet Alf's girlfriend Rhonda! It's gonna be so great! 



  1. Now how awesome is Entrapta MOC and the condition is great! Nothing like winning an ebay war.
    You have a great site, keep it up!
    Make sure you find a Zoloworld.com case for Entrapta, I have my She-Ra in one and I feel the Princess of Power is safe--or get her Graded.

  2. Hi Paladin, thank you for the comment! Yes, it is very nice to have Entrapta MOC. I never thought I'd see the day! Thank you for stopping by this site, I hope you continue to read and enjoy. And thanks for the link to zoloworld.com, I will be checking that out. I am always looking for nice cases for my collection. I have thought about getting her graded, but I haven't gone through that process yet. Anyways, take care and hope all is well!

  3. Entrapta is way cool. One of my favourite Princess Of Power characters. I have fond memory of a childhood friend who had almost any POP toy and I remember I liked Entrapta a lot. Your MOC exemplar is pristine, congratulations. Mine is loose, it kept the original hair style, but it misses the collar. Maybe I can find a cheap loose one in bad condition but with the collar. Cheers :)