Thursday, January 5, 2012

All My Children turns 42!

Hello dear readers! I thought I would take this time to celebrate what would have been All My Children's 42nd Anniversary had the show not been canceled. On January 5th, 1970 AMC debuted and the world got hit upside the head by Susan Lucci playing Erica Kane. Now I wasn't around in the beginning of AMC as I was not even alive yet, but I did watch with my mom in the mid to late '80s and did my best to keep up ever since. I was a steady every day recording watcher from '98. That is longer than most of my relationships.

I wish AMC had not been canceled. For me though the show does live on (in my heart and fan fiction journal, don't judge me!) so I think the perfect way to celebrate AMC's 42nd Anniversary is to take a brief trip down memory lane, courtesy of Mattel.

It is crazy to think that just a little over ten years ago soaps were still popular enough to warrant a Barbie Collector series of dolls called, "The Daytime Drama Collection." Soaps were still so popular, I can't understand what went wrong. The daytime landscape looks like a barren wasteland today. Either way it only seemed appropriate that Erica Kane would mark the first doll in the Daytime Drama series. Actually aside from a second Erica kane doll (a nod to one of her weddings) the only other doll in the series was Days of Our Live's Marlena.

Here is the first Erica Kane Barbie doll. The whole design paid tribute to Erica's reintroduction into society life at the Crystal Ball. (That is a long story best saved for another day.) 

The Crystal Ball was always a fun event in Pine Valley. First of all, any soap watcher worth their weight in soap knows full well that a ball is never without scandal or drama. In fact if you ever find yourself in a soap be sure to prepare yourself for any shocking revelations at balls, weddings, and grand openings. Also never get into a car. Whatever you do never ride or drive a car. You will more than likely end up in a really awful wreck.

If we look at the Erica Kane Barbie doll we can really see the dedication to making her face look very close to the real Erica. Her gown was also a really great representation of what she wore on the show. 

Here is the back of the box. There is a really great picture of her and it has her signature at the bottom in true red along with a brief bio. Oh how I wish they had made more of these dolls in this series!

This picture shows more of the wording and bio in a larger print. The top quote is just the best. Actually the various writers of AMC have always written the best lines for Erica. I can't even begin to explain all of the great things that she has said. Maybe one day I will post some of my favorites.

Anyways, Happy 42nd Anniversary All My Children!


  1. That's actually not a bad looking Barbie! Sometimes it feels like they don't put as much effort as they can into the pop culture tie in Barbies.

  2. I know what you mean. I really thought they did a fantastic job with this Barbie, the other Erica Kane doll looks good, but not as nice as this one.