Monday, January 16, 2012

Did you see...

... any television this weekend? There were some interesting bits of programming that I feel should be addressed. First off Napoleon Dynamite aired on Fox. I am in love. The show is so funny. If you aren't watching it, than hop on it! The Goof Nuts Band is a total mess. I am so happy that the powers-that-be decided to bring Mr. Dynamite back. (Now there just needs to be some sweet action figures and this dorkette will be a happy camper.)

Let's move on to the Golden Globes. I totally watched from the arrivals to the end. Ever since I was little awards shows have been a family affair. We all meet up and gather round the television to make comments about the nominees and what everyone is wearing. It's a good time. This year's Golden Globes did not disappoint either. There was a lot of stuff going on from Elton's catty-fest with Madonna to Angelina needing just a few bites of a cheeseburger (seriously her arms looked like twigs.) The fashion was good too, and how gorgeous was Michelle Pfeiffer? I really hope I look flawless like her one day. It will be my life's mission. Anyways, I loved it all.

One of the things I think about when I watch awards shows is this: do any of the stars collect action figures and dolls? Am I the only one that wonders this? I want to know who makes trips to Toys-R-Us for the latest Lego Minifigures. I am dying to know which actors fight the drama on a Matty sale day for a She-Ra doll. I mean at least a few of those people have got to be dorky, it just makes statistical sense. Why else buy those big mansions? Dorky collections need a lot of space to grow. 

I digress, I've got one more thing to discuss about weekend television. Back in September there was an episode of Ringer that featured a clip of a really great song. I completely went into obsession mode over this song and while using my Nancy Drew skills quickly found out the singer. The title of the song was Video Games and it was sung by Lana Del Rey. Once I found this out I went to her youtube station and completely found myself immersed in the songs and homemade music videos. The songs were great with this dash of vintage Nancy Sinatra. I was hooked.

With a new song and video out along with a debut album set for release at the end of the month I have been really looking forward to where this singer goes. Even more so when I found out she was going to perform on Saturday Night Live (which aired this past weekend.) I was telling everyone to sit and watch, this was going to be a killer performance. Well it killed alright. Put simply her voice sounded really off. Now I'm not sure if it was the acoustics, stage fright, or maybe Lana was recovering from a drunken bender the night before, but it was not pretty. I felt so bad for her.

More so after I went online and read some of the comments that people were ready to type about her performance. People can be so mean. There was legitimate comments about how her voice sounded bad but those comments were usually backed up with something to soften the blow. There were other comments that were just scathing from how her lips are too big all the way to her personal background and how her voice is studio manufactured. Just wow. If Lana wanted a second butt hole, she certainly got one. I believe in opinions but I also have never understood the concept of ripping someone to shreds.

Who cares about her past? Does it really matter if she was poor or comes from a really rich dad who may have bankrolled her musical aspirations? Or a bit of both? I don't care! What does it even matter? I don't even think I could tell you all the life stories of most of the musical acts that I like. I typically am in the here and now. Just let me listen to the music.

The other thing that drives me nuts is the whole, "That artist is manufactured, their voice is completely created in a studio." Ok. So? Does any of that really matter? We live in a world where there are movies with giant transforming robots, green screens, and air brushed photos on every corner. I think the days of us wanting anything to be real and not manufactured are over. If a singer needs some studio magic to sound better than they might actually be, what is the big deal?

All Lana needs is a voice coach and someone to teach her how to shake off the nerves. I am looking forward to her new album and hope other people are too. Folks need to lighten up. With that said I am off. I am going to do some research on celebrities that are really big nerds. I just have to know the dirt!

So make sure to be back tomorrow folks, because there will be a brand new Toy Chest Tuesday! It is going to be awesome!

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