Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dorkette Shopping 101

Oh dear readers, where do I even begin? I guess I could start by saying I'm not really good at many things. Horrible does not even describe how clumsy I can be. Brain wise I am kind of clueless and highly gullible. I am not good at athletic things. I only run if someone is chasing me or there is a major sale. I suppose I do deserve an award for the heights my feet will go in a terribly nice pair of shoes. None of this truly matters though as I do have one really good thing going for me, I know how to shop. And I don't mean, "Wow! I just spent $5,000 at Gucci on a bag and heels!"

No, I mean the type of shopping that is methodical and full of training. Almost like the Predator creature from the movies. I have the ability to cloak myself with invisibility and get shit done. These days certain dorky items can be found in various places at varying prices. It can be very overwhelming for dorky folk. Some people panic and spend double (or triple) on an item that can be found for pennies elsewhere. So let's get started on some Dorkette Shopping 101.

Location truly can make or break a dorky purchase. First of all do your best to avoid buying something on ebay unless you have patience for the right price to show up. Now I know what you are thinking, "But Miss M, you love ebay. Why would you mutter such a thing?" I may love ebay but sometimes the prices are silly, especially in regards to something that is still currently in stores. Scalping is so common, don't fall victim to it.

Sidebar yes? Scalping may not be illegal, but there are times when it just seems like kittens are being killed with each scalped purchase. I dislike it when someone goes to a store and buys everything on the shelf only to put it up on a secondary market at astronomical pricing. I mean who wants to be high jacked? It is one thing to part with a vintage collection at a high price that cannot be found anywhere else, that is just the nature of rare items. Some things demand a high price with old age. Like a Vegas Cher concert. But seriously there is no reason to try and sell a brand new Cheetara for $29.99. I'm not saying for people to not scalp (hey everyone has the right to get their entrepreneur on) but be reasonable! Otherwise you'll end up selling nothing.

Take this story into consideration. Hasbro had a special Transformers Prime set for $29.99 at the New York Comic Con. This set consisted of Bumblebee and a pink Arcee with two little figures based off the new cartoon. Needless to say this was an awesome set and people were going nuts over it. The problem was that one could only buy this set at the Comic Con. Hasbro would eventually release the set on their online store too, but people must have glossed over that.

So a bunch of sellers put the sets on ebay for really high prices, like ranging from $49.99 to $99.99. I saw this and pretty much gave up on wanting to own one. Until I found the sets on Hasbro's online store for $29.99. And as of this post, those sets are still available. I have no idea why anyone would pay for the overpriced version on ebay. It just makes no sense! Say no to scalping! There are other ways to get a clean and healthy fix!

So here are some more tips. Check as many sites as possible online. You would be surprised at how low certain items can go. Even ebay will occasionally have in demand items at low prices. Buyers just need to be vigilant. Hold true to yourself and never over pay unless there is an absolute emergency, like a mint on card Entrapta for eighty dollars. (There are some items that aren't good at doing the limbo ok?)

For those that dislike stalking online shopping sites looking for the best deal, there are certain stores that are begging for your business. We all know the virtues of Toys-R-Us (those reward points!) Wal-Mart (those low prices!) and Target (those prices and selection!) However where do the toys from those stores go when they have been evicted? Enter such greats like Marshalls, Tuesday Morning and Big Lots. I do not know if these stores exist in your neck of the woods, but if they do, they have fantastic toy aisles.

I just recently started my excursions into Big Lots. Sure I knew of the place, but I never had a reason to step in one. Until I saw an add for a slew of discontinued Barbie dolls for really low prices! I put my Nancy Drew skills to the test and investigated. What I found was truly shocking. Big Lots had a toy aisle consisting of items from like years ago! I had actually stepped back in time. They had all these collectible Barbie dolls for a fraction of the price! I even picked up a lone Golden Compass figure for four dollars! No one recalls the movie but damn was that a great line of figures!

I'm sure some of you dear readers already know this information, but I feel it bears repeating. I've heard too many horror stories from folks who paid an arm, a leg, and a kidney for an item that had no business costing that much. Look, the world economy is melting like the icebergs in the Arctic. We all want our plastic fix but we also need our arms, legs, and kidneys too. So beware out there! Shop smart.

Ok folks, be here next time for the smartest zombie on Earth!


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