Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Toy Chest Tuesday! Mortal Kombat's Sonya Blade

Hello toy fans! I know it has been awhile, but Toy Chest Tuesday is back and ready to kick some butt! Today we will be looking at a Mortal Kombat gem from the turn of the century. I have always enjoyed the Mortal Kombat series. I remember the local Pizza Hut (when they were sit down restaurants) had a MK arcade. I never really played it there but I would watch other people play. I loved Raiden and his hat. There was something interesting about the rivalry between Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Of course there was all that blood and controversy too. I love a scandal. I also found myself drawn to these characters and their stories that really took on a larger world than just the fighting tournament portion. I found myself immersed in what would happen next in the character bios. (Mileena was a psycho killing clone?! Sindel was Kitana's mom?!) The gaming was fun too, though the movies... not so much.

Of course the video game sequels rolled out one after the other and there have always been a few constants within the MK series. 1) The MK female's breasts get bigger and more obnoxious with every new game. For real, Kitana started out as a B and has now moved up to a HHH. 2) Johnny Cage always remains a d-bag. Always. 3) Typically there is an action figure line to correspond with any new game, and they tend to feature the usual suspects only.

Seriously, the last few MK action figure lines have been rehashes of the same four characters with a few updates. Needless to say I find myself growing restless with every new line. One of the best things MK has going for it is all the unique and interesting characters that are begging for really cool action figures. I'm just gonna throw this out there: the toy world needs to see some awesome female MK figures.

Take a look at this Sonya Blade, quite possibly one of the best Sonya Blade figures ever made. She was a part of a short lived and rare MK line from Infinite Concepts that came out in '00. At the time it featured new patent pending technology called Center of Gravity Joint Integrity Technology, i.e. C.O.G.J.I.T. (That is a Tarkatan mouthful.) Basically these figs had a great deal of articulation and never fell over. Let's look at some pictures!

"I plan on giving Johnny Cage a kiss. Of death. Muah!"

"I don't think we're in Earthrealm anymore."

Sonya vs. Goro
As you can see this Sonya Blade is really tall, perfect for an action figure based on a fighting video game. The sculpting looks good, though the legs are maybe a little too long and her feet look like hooves. Seriously, this Sonya looks like she was the love child of Motaro and Golden Girl. Feet sculpts have thankfully come a long way.
Giddy up.
There have been a few other Sonya Blade figures made, but they have not been that great. I have them all and would normally feature photos of the whole batch if only they weren't hidden in the archival room somewhere. Trust me though when I say that toy companies need to do better.
Now let us take a look at the back packaging of Miss Sonya Blade:

There is a brief summary of MK along with the details of the C.O.G.J.I.T.

Prepare for Mortal Kombat!
Do not adjust your screens because what you are seeing is very real. This MK line had a really cool Mileena figure as well! I mean look at this Mileena! When I first saw this I just about died. (Rumor has it that her face mask is removeable and features her monstrous grill.) This is what MK fans want. By MK fans I mostly just mean me. There needs to be some really great MK female figures, I can't type it enough. I urge whichever company has the rights to this line to hop on it and get to sculpting a Mileena, Kitana, Sindel, and Sheeva (to name just a few.) I find it appalling that we have to sit by and see the 18th Scorpion roll out on shelves when so many other characters are waiting for their chance. MK needs an uppercut of women's rights stat. (Because this is exactly why feminism was created right? Ignore me, I'm a mess.)

Anyways that is about it for this edition of Toy Chest Tuesday. Enjoy the pictures and be sure to write letters to your local toy companies urging them to pass the green light to make better MK figures with more badass females. That is all.

Wondering what is up next? I've got some great posts in the works involving dorky shopping tips, a look at a smart zombie, and some other great surprises!

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  1. Great piece. I managed to get a set of this guys too. Nice set.

    1. I really loved your piece on them too. You have a really great set!