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Adora's Search for Honor Part 3! Chapter 61!

So if you've been reading, I'm sure you are wondering, "When is this long drawn out story going to end Miss M?" Well have no fear. The end is near, I promise. But for now, just sit back and relax. Enjoy this soapy fanfic full of heart and humor. It is what She-Ra would want you to do!

Previously: The Star Sisters began fitting in with the residents of Bright Moon... Madame Razz had a lovely reunion with her love Light Hope, courtesy of She-Ra... In a shocking move, Adora ran off to travel the air and sea with Sea Hawk. Adora is doing her best to figure out who she cares for, Sea Hawk or Bow... While returning a special artifact to their home village of Midlaria, Netossa and Spinnerella found out something shocking: Sea Hawk may have been responsible for taking all those artifacts from his friends... Meanwhile, various threats of evil are laying in wait, to destroy Adora! Catra and Entrapta are making head way in the Valley of the Lost while Hordak and his fledgling Horde camp out in the Sun Tower!

And now...
Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 60

Peekablue is resting in her bed. Her plush room is quiet and at the far end of a long hall in Castle Bright Moon. The green haired beauty is struggling to sleep while her magical vision is beginning to act erratically. With feathers lighting up behind her, Peekablue rolls over in a restless state. Her eyes open up slowly and a sense of fear fills her heart. She is not alone. Sitting up, Peekablue slides towards the back of her bed, tucking her knees into her chest.

Catra is standing at the foot of her bed with a strange silver and gray mask covering her face. The mask looks like the face of a deranged cat. Catra is standing there in silence, looking at Peekablue. Terrified, Peekablue calls out, "What are you doing here?! What do you want?!"

The two women stare at each other. Peekablue is waiting for Catra to lunge at her. Instead Catra raises a hand in the air, it is covered in blood. The jealous beauty begins to smear the blood down her neck and over her chest. A slight grin flashes across Catra's face as her other hand picks something up from the ground.

Peekablue tries to scream, but no sound can be made. Catra keeps grinning as she picks up She-Ra's bloodied head. Peekablue furiously shakes her head, trying to look away. Catra tosses the decapitated head towards Peekablue as the green haired beauty jumps up finding her voice.

Screams rip through the air as Peekablue sits up in her bed. Distraught and looking around her room in a panic, Peekablue realizes she just woke up from a dream. Loud footsteps race down the hall as Starla bursts into Peekablue's room, "I heard screaming! Is anything wrong?"

Peekablue shakes her head, "Oh no, I am so sorry. I hope my screams weren't loud." The blond Star Sister shakes her head, "No, they weren't that loud. I was just down the hall and ran once I heard the screams. Are you sure you are ok?" A very shy Peekablue nods quietly, how could she even share her dream?

Starla places her hand across the shy woman's chest, "Peekablue, you are sweating so much." Peekablue feels surprised by the contact, she is not used to people touching her. The act feels nice. Peekablue sighs, "I just had a bad dream. I'm going to be ok Starla." The Star Sister nods her head while removing her hand, "Ok. I will leave you alone. Will I see you later?" Peekablue nods and watches her new friend walk away.

Stepping out of her bed, Peekablue looks around, half expecting to see Catra again. "What could that have been about?" She asks herself trying to shake off the terrifying dream. Peekablue is concerned, "I think it is happening again." The watchful feather friend of the Great Rebellion rushes off to start her day in the hopes that her dreams are simply just dreams...

Adora stands in Castaspella's room watching her friend pile some items together. "I can't thank you enough for helping me Castaspella. I left in such a hurry, I didn't really think about packing. I've been wearing the same outfit for a couple days now." The enchantress looks at Adora with a smile, "Do not worry. These extra clothes and toiletries should get you through your... what exactly are we calling this thing with Sea Hawk? A vacation? A change in living? How long are you planning on being gone?"

Laughing slightly, Adora shakes her head, "I am not sure what to say about this. Oh Castaspella, I don't know exactly what I am doing with Sea Hawk or how long it will last." Castaspella looks at her friend, "Be honest though, are you at least having fun?" Leaning back slightly, Adora sighs, "Leaving with him so suddenly made me feel so alive. I know it has only been a couple days, but I just feel such an electric feeling. I don't know what I am doing." Adora places her hands on the items she is borrowing from Castaspella.

"Adora, I think after everything you have been through, it is nice to see you enjoying life. But..." Adora grins, "I had a feeling there would be a but..." Castaspella tilts her head, looking at her friend, "But... What are you going to do? Is this some sort of fling? Sea Hawk is a dashing man, but I just don't want you to get lost." Adora listens and knows her friend has a point, "I know. I am not planning on getting lost at all. I just want to figure things out. And! Do not worry. This is not some fling. Sea Hawk has actually been a gentleman."

Castaspella gives a look of surprise, "Oh really? After his record with women, I would have assumed he'd be anything but a gentleman." Adora shakes her head, "No, he hasn't been trying to make a move. We've actually just been enjoying each other's company. He really loves flying around Etheria, it is thrilling to see this world from a different perspective." The two friends continue to talk for a bit until they hear a knock on the door. Adora turns to see a most surprising guest.

Clamp Champ walks in, "Oh. Hello Princess Adora." Adora shakes her head, "Please, just call me Adora Clamp Champ. How are you?" She walks over to give him a hug, "I thought you were on Eternia?" Adora shoots a look to Castaspella. The stunning enchantress steps forward to greet the Champ.

"I am here on a visit Adora. I wanted to see Mystacor, and help with any efforts to rebuild the kingdom." The trio stands still in Castaspella's room. Adora feels slightly strange. Castaspella quickly speaks, "He just arrived yesterday. I think it is delightful that he wants to help." Adora nods and wonders if there is anything else to this visit. A small stretch of silence lingers in the air before Clamp Champ smiles, "I will leave you ladies alone. I'll be outside talking with some of the Mages Castaspella."

"Great. I will see you in just a little bit." Castaspella smiles as Clamp Champ hugs Adora goodbye before leaving. Alone again, Adora crosses her arms, "Well, I think you need to fess up Castaspella. What is really going on with Clamp Champ?" Waving her hands in the air, Castaspella tries not to blush, "Nothing is happening between us at all. He is simply here to help with Mystacor and to see the sights."

"And by sights, are you meaning you?" Adora makes a funny face as Castaspella rolls her eyes, "Oh please. There is nothing going on." Adora doesn't believe it. Castaspella sighs, "Alright! Goodness you are worse than Frosta. Yes, there may be some unspoken flirtation between Clamp Champ and myself, however, nothing is going on. We simply share a bond, what with our experiences on Snake Mountain. That is all."

Adora smiles picking up her borrowed items. She smiles at her friend, "I think it is nice. Whatever happens, simply happens. Right?" Castaspella nods. "Thanks for helping me out Castaspella." Adora lifts her arms up motioning to the clothing and other items. Castaspella nods, "Anytime. I'm glad you stopped by. And Adora, I know you are having fun, but just be careful."

"Of course." Adora says goodbye and makes her way out of Mystacor. The kingdom of mages is far from its former glory, but Adora is glad to see the mages working to finish the kingdom. The royal princess heads towards Sea Hawk's floating docked ship. Her eyes rest on his body. He is leaning against a wall talking to Clamp Champ and a few mages. He looks good in the light, his unshaven face adding to his good looks. Adora makes her way towards him and soon they are off, taking to the clear blue Etherian sky...

Mermista makes her way towards Bow's room in Bright Moon. A few people have already been talking to him, trying to get him to come out and have fun with everyone. He isn't budging. It is now Mermista's turn to try and talk to him. The mer-maiden lightly knocks on his door and walks into his room. The archer is sitting at his desk, blankly looking out of his bedroom window.

"Bow?" He ignores her. Carefully walking towards him, Mermista calls his name out again. Bow whispers, "Leave me alone Mermista. It is nice that you are all so concerned, but I really want to be left alone." Mermista sighs, "Bow, we are worried about you. Don't you want to come down and spend some time with your friends?"

Bow shakes his head, "Not really Mermista. I'm fine in here." It kills her to see him in such pain. Mermista wants to curse Adora for leaving the way that she did, even though she understands just why Adora had to. "Bow, do you want to talk about it?" Chuckling to himself, Bow groans, "Talking is the last thing I want to do right now. I don't even know what I would talk about."

Slightly shrugging, Mermista sits on the bedroom floor by Bow's desk, "You could start by yelling. Yelling helps." Bow looks at his friend, "Nothing will help this. My heart, it hurts so badly. She just left. With him." Mermista is about to speak, but refrains as Bow slams his fist onto his desk, "I'm just pissed off! How could she do that? I thought everything was wonderful between us." He shakes his head, trying to wipe it all away.

Mermista touches his knee in a gentle way, "Bow, I don't know all her reasons, but Adora is struggling. And I think maybe the best thing to do is just let her find out her own answers." Bow looks at his friend, "Mermista, what if her answers don't include me? I love that woman. I always have. My heart can only beat for her." Looking sad, Mermista sighs, "I know Bow. I know. But the thing is this: Adora has never had an easy time of things. Look at her life. I know she loves you, but I don't know that she knows just how much she loves you. Give her time. Don't give up on her."

Bow laughs at the thought as tears fill in his eyes, "That's the thing Mermista. No matter what could possibly happen between us, I could never give up on her. How can you give up on the love of your life?" Mermista shakes her head in agreement. She stands up to hug her friend, "It's all going to be ok. I just know it Bow." Bow can only hope she is right.

Outside of Bright Moon, Glimmer and Romeo go out on a date. They enjoy spending more and more time together. their love is blossoming so true and free. In the distance Tallstar and Flutterina pick some fruit for a meal. Roboto meets up with them to assist in any way. Angella practices getting the hang of her new legs while finally beginning to feel movement in her wings. It is a nice feeling.

Everything seems just peaceful in the land. Perfuma travels with a basket of food to her favorite spot in the courtyard. There is a special bench in a secluded spot that is a true sight to behold. Perfuma loves this location for its breathtaking beauty at all the lovely flowers. As she approaches her special place in her secret section of the garden, her heart sinks slightly. Mantenna is sitting on the bench eating some lunch. The scent-sational blond crosses her arms, "Excuse me Mantenna. You are sitting in my spot."

Mantenna's large yellow bug eyes look down at the bench, "I don't see your name on it." Perfuma shakes her head, "That's because my name isn't actually on it. But it is still my spot. I eat lunch here from time to time, and I do not wish to have lunch with you!" The words surprise Perfuma, as she is typically a very friendly person.

Mantenna groans, "Yes, well I like this spot too. I'm not used to seeing so many flowers, and I am not moving." Perfuma shakes her head, "I don't get you. At all. No way." Mantenna turns to her, crossing his arms to mimic her, "What don't you get? I want to eat lunch and look at beautiful flowers." Perfuma storms over to him and sits on the bench next to him, "I mean you were this fearsome member of the Horde. You never cared for being nice to anyone, and now I'm supposed to believe that you like eating lunch and being with the flowers? That you are now some reformed villain?"

He slightly tries to take up more space on the bench by pushing her ever-so-slightly, "I wouldn't expect you to understand. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf Perfuma. Take that for what it is." Perfuma slightly pushes her way into Mantenna, trying to take over the bench herself, "Please. The only thing I am taking is my bench. Now go eat lunch somewhere else!" Mantenna snaps, "You eat lunch somewhere else! I was here first!" Perfuma shouts, "This is my spot!" The two begin pushing each other until they both drop their lunches onto the ground. Mantenna curses and tries to pick up his food.

Perfuma thinks for a second that she could easily take over the bench without budging, but she is surprised when Mantenna begins picking up her lunch too. "Here, I'll help you." Perfuma tries to help him, but he brushes her away, "No. You win. Go ahead, stake your claim on the bench. What does it matter? I'm just some Horde monster right?" He looks at her, this strange looking creature, and Perfuma suddenly realizes that Mantenna is a different person from his days as a member of the Horde.

Something dawns on Perfuma. She wonders just how hard it must be to live in a world where you look completely different from everyone else. Perfuma taps her hand on the bench, "Here Mantenna. We can share the bench together. I'm sorry I was being rude, I'm not usually like that." Mantenna cautiously sits next to her, this large insectoid looking man with four legs and very large yellow eyes. Perfuma thanks him for grabbing her food and the two begin to eat in silence.

Mantenna eats and looks intently at all the stunning flowers around them, "I think I like this place so much because it is a beauty that doesn't run away from me." Perfuma looks over at him, "What do you mean?" Mantenna slowly looks at her, afraid to make eye contact, "Come on Perfuma. Look at me. I scare most people here. I'm not really friends with anyone. I'm working on it. I'm working hard to prove that I am not the person I was. I fear that people can only see this scary creature. You are lucky Perfuma. No one runs from you. I wish I looked normal, so that I would not frighten anyone. But here, in this secret spot, I'm surrounded by nothing but beautiful flowers. And these flowers can't run away from me screaming. I look at them and they look at me. We exist in the same world where we can appreciate each other. I never thought I'd be so thrilled to see so many flowers." He grins, thrilled to be in this special place.

Perfuma smiles, "I'm glad you like these flowers. I love flowers, as I'm sure you know." Mantenna nods, "Yeah. There weren't that many in the Fright Zone." Perfuma takes a bite of food, "I know. That's why I secretly planted some throughout that dreary place." Mantenna looks over at her, "I figured that was you. Hordak was always annoyed to find them growing so well, even in the darkest of places." Perfuma smiles, "I'm glad they continued to grow." She reaches out to squeeze his hand, "And I am glad you are here. I'm sorry I have been cross with you Mantenna. I hope that we can be friends." Mantenna grins, "Really? You'd want to be friends with me?" Perfuma nods, "Of course." Mantenna reaches out to hug her, "Oh wow! This is great!" Perfuma chuckles, "Yes Mantenna. It is." The two continue to eat their lunch while enjoying their natural surroundings.

In another section of Bright Moon, Frosta takes a walk throughout the Whispering Woods. She is carrying a letter given to her from Adora. The letter has Adam's handwriting on it and Frosta is nervous to read it. She isn't sure what the letter contains and has refused to open it since its arrival. Her plan though is to find a nice spot in the colorful Whispering Woods and finally open up the letter.

Spotting a bright pink colorful gem nearby, Frosta decides to take a seat and find out what is in the letter. Opening the envelope up carefully, Frosta begins to read the letter when she notices her sitting spot begin to move, "What on Etheria!" Frosta shouts as the dazzling pink rock begins to shift. Plopping on the ground and dropping her letter, Frosta looks on in surprise as the pink rock shifts and transforms into Jewelstar!

"I beg your pardon!" Jewelstar calls out, fully transformed with shiny pieces of jewels jutting out of her body. Frosta stands up rolling her head, "Well pardon yourself darling! Were you just pretending to be a giant piece of rock or something? How strange!" Frosta stands tall with her arms crossed. Jewelstar shakes her head in annoyance, "There is nothing strange about me. I was merely meditating in my gem state, when you decided to sit on me! I'm not some chair!"

"Well when you blend in to nature, what else do you expect? You Star Sisters are a strange lot." Frosta dusts herself off. Jewelstar looks on in shock, "I could say the same thing for you. My gem state is a defense mechanism. If I need to hide from my enemies all I must do is transform into a sparkling jewel that blends in. Afterwards, I have a strong jewel armor wrapped around my body ready for a fight." She makes a face at Frosta.

"Darling, if you think for a second that starting a fight with me will be wise, I have something to share with you: I will shatter your ass all over these woods." Jewelstar is shocked, "I have no reason to fight you. As I said, I was meditating. I was merely schooling you on just who I am." Frosta taps a finger under her chin, "Oh that's right! I forgot. You and your sisters are practically Etheria's elders since you've been sleeping in a comet for so long. Well darling, how nice of you to teach the young. Now tell me, could you scrape any of those jewels off of you? I do rather love collecting jewelry."

Jewelstar shakes her head, "I think it best you stay away from me. I have never seen someone so disrespectful." Jewelstar storms off. Frosta smirks while following, "Oh wait, I haven't begun to show you disrespect!" Frosta laughs to herself enjoying the slight taunts. The icy empress doesn't mean any harm, but she is truly honest, the Star Sisters are simply strange.

As the two women walk away, a third person appears from the woods. Sweet Bee steps into the clearing and shakes her head, "I don't understand why Frosta must be so cruel! Someone needs to teach her a lesson." The honey of a guide wonders if she should follow the two women. She wants to take up for Jewelstar, but before Sweet Bee goes anywhere, she spots Frosta's letter on the ground. Buzzing towards the paper, Sweet Bee picks it up, "Oh, this is from Adam." Sweet Bee looks off towards the sounds of Frosta and Jewelstar bickering. For a moment Sweet Bee contemplates if she should read the letter or not.

She decides to read it, reckoning that Frosta would probably do the same if the roles were switched. As her eyes travel across the words, Sweet Bee begins to blush. And she slightly grows jealous, realizing that Prince Adam seems like a nice catch. She has no idea that Adam and He-Man are the same person and that her lack of a spark with He-Man might also translate towards Adam as well. All she knows is that Adam and Frosta share something special, and Sweet Bee is curious to know just what is so special about Adam. Gears begin to turn in Sweet Bee's mind, and the sweet honey of a guide wonders how she can use this to her advantage. "Alright Frosta. You think you can treat people any which way, but maybe you need a dose of your own medicine." Sweet Bee buzzes off with the letter, and a plan, in hand.

Far inside the depths of the Valley of the Lost, Catra and Entrapta hang around their new lair. Their new tree-plex is the perfect hideaway. Sitting together while sipping tea, the two friends relish their lush surroundings. Entrapta grins, "Catra, I must say, when you said we could live in a tree house I was truly thinking of something more... rustic. But this tree-plex is simply everything a girl could ever need."

Catra leans back with a book on her lap, "Of course. But there is more I need. For starters, I won't give up until I have Adora's head mounted on the wall!" The deadly woman flips her book over, continuing to read up on this strange topic known as Despondos. She is trying to understand what it all means, "This book is so strange." Entrapta wants to know more of what Catra is reading.

The fearsome raven haired beauty purrs, "I'm reading on Despondos, but this book won't explain what it is exactly. From what I have been reading though, I believe it is a way of thinking, a way of putting all of your energy into motion to make all your dreams come true." Entrapta listens and uses her hair to refill her cup of tea, "So pray-tell Catra, just what are your dreams?" Catra is silent, thinking over her vast list, until she smiles with her green eyes shining bright, "I've already said it. I want Adora's head mounted on the wall. And I'm going to make my wish come true, it's all in this book. This book about Despondos will get me there!"

Flying high in the air, Adora and Sea Hawk look out across the land below. "It is beautiful Sea Hawk. The world is so beautiful up here." The pirate places his arm around her waist, "Of course it is princess. Aren't you glad you decided to come with me?" Adora turns to look at him, their faces so close. Close enough for a kiss. Adora grins, "Yes. I am. It feels good to be this..." Sea Hawk finishes her sentence, "Impulsive?" Adora nods, "I guess that was the word I was going to say." They continue to talk and revel in their company. She feels so alive.

As they fly across Etheria though, Adora notices they are above the Crystal Sands. She remarks that this is where Peekablue used to live. Scanning across the land below, Adora's eyes meet the familiar Sun Tower. "Slow the ship down Sea Hawk! I want to show you where Peekablue used to live." The ship slows as Adora looks out across the glistening sand below. The Sun Tower looks different.

"Wait, Hawk, stop the ship." The pirate obliges and anchors the ship from the air. Grabbing hold of some binoculars, Adora looks more closely at the Sun Tower. Sure enough something does seem different about the place. Adora has a funny feeling in her stomach. "Everything ok down there princess?" Sea Hawk walks towards her, trying to see if there is anything he can do.

Adora pauses, "I need to go down to the ground. I want to check out the Sun Tower. The building just looks odd. It looks damaged." Sea Hawk nods and says he will join her. They each wrap a recoiling rope around their waists to soar down to the desert below. Adora notices they are a ways up, "We could just use the ladder, right?"

Sea Hawk looks over at her as they both stand on the ledge of the ship, "We could use the ladder. But if something is wrong and we need to get back up really fast, these ropes will fling us back up quickly. What's the matter princess, scared of heights?" Adora wants to laugh at the statement, if he only knew, she thinks to herself. He leans in close, waiting for an answer.

Adora grabs him by the waist, "I'm not scared in the least." Holding on tight, she jumps off the ship taking him with her. They fall head first as the rope drops them to the ground. The free fall feels like forever and is completely exhilarating. Their eyes lock and in an instant their lips meet. Rushing to the ground, Adora and Sea Hawk kiss as hard as they can. Her body begins to feel warm and she can only hope that her legs will not be wobbly once she lands.

They continue to kiss as they flip upwards and begin to land on the desert sand. The ropes recoil just enough for them to drop free. The pirate lands on his back with Adora on top. They break from their embrace just long enough before they kiss each other again. Rolling around on the sand, Adora and Sea Hawk both get caught up in a lustful moment. Pressing into each other, Adora wants to surrender herself to him, but quickly composes herself as she notices something strange.

Sea Hawk groans as Adora gets up, "Calm down Sea Hawk, we jumped off the ship for a reason. We need to focus." She heads towards the Sun Tower as Sea Hawk sighs, "Yeah, we need to be focusing on what we were just doing." He catches up and looks up at the tower, "If Peekablue is at Bright Moon right now, who are you expecting to be home?"

Adora carefully walks up the steps to the Sun Tower, "I'm not sure, but someone has been here. Look at the doors, they are blown open. I'm fairly certain they weren't like this before." The pirate shrugs, finding this brief tour in the desert to be pointless. Adora has a differing opinion though, something feels very strange, "Can you feel that Hawk? There is a strange energy in the air."

The two enter into the Sun Tower and for a split second Adora is fully expecting to be facing a threat, but there is no one there. The place is empty. Adora looks around clearly concerned. Sea Hawk shrugs, "Looks like no one is here." Adora walks up to the gilded throne in the main room, "There may be no one right now, but there was someone. I can feel it. I have a strange feeling about all of this." Her hands trace the gilded throne and she wonders who could have been sitting there, "Sea Hawk, something happened here. And I wish I knew what." She looks back at him with some concern and he can tell she is serious. He nods, "Maybe so, but there is nothing we can do about it right now. Let's get back to the ship, huh?" Even he starts feeling something strange in the air. Adora nods and heads off with Sea Hawk. Before they step back outside, Adora gives one last look to the empty tower. Shaking off any sense of strangeness, Adora turns, walking away.

In another section of Etheria, Hordak and his group of Horde members finally find their new home. Grizzlor is thrilled, "It feels so good to be away from that dreaded desert!" Leech agrees, "The Sun Tower was not our home for sure. This place feels much better." Various Horde members work together to settle themselves in. Octavia and Scorpia work with Multi Bot while Modulok gets a feel for new members Rattlor and Tung Lashor.

Hordak looks on at his Horde, pleased with their new home. He looks over at his pet Imp, "Ah Imp. We've found yet another new home haven't we?" The pet dragon looks up at Hordak before breathing a slight trail of fire from his nostrils. Hordak looks around the rubble and rock. This new base is smaller than the original Fright Zone, but it will do. "This fallen Horde Command Post still has many traps and is the perfect stronghold of terror. This is the new Fright Zone! And it will be the perfect place for my plans to fall into place." The new Fright Zone is very close to the former and is a spot that no one would ever seek to look. Hordak grabs hold of his powerful sword, "And with the Chaos Sword in my possession, Etheria will be mine again. And soon after, the universe!" He snorts out a laugh as he watches his Horde band together.

Netossa and Spinnerella slowly make their way into Bright Moon. Their trip to Midlaria now over, the close pair return to their friends with sadness and worry in their eyes. Glimmer and Romeo notice them from the distance and approach with a hello. Netossa nods, "Yes, it is nice to be back." Mermista and Bow soon join in the group. Hugs and hellos are shared. Spinnerella explains that they are planning on staying at Bright Moon.

Glimmer grins, "I'm happy to hear that, but are you sure you both want to stay in Bright Moon? You each look ready to cry." Netossa is calm and sighs, "We've recently found out something strange. It involves one of our own." Spinnerella is quick to add, "Have any of you seen Sea Hawk?" Everyone has a strange look on their faces. Spinnerella looks at her friends, "Has something happened? Is Sea Hawk here?"

Mermista shakes her head, "No. Sea Hawk left." She looks over at Bow to make sure he is calm. Spinnerella hangs her head, "Oh no. We really need to talk to him." Glimmer inquires as to why. Netossa isn't sure there is any other way to say it, "We believe Sea Hawk was the one responsible for taking the special artifacts from Frosta and our home village. We also believe he led the Horde to Bright Moon for the Lunar Stone. This is why we need to talk to him. We need answers." Netossa further explains how her statements came to pass as the group listens. Bow clenches his fist, angry that Adora is alone with the pirate. Glimmer shakes her head in disbelief, "If this is true, then he will have no other choice but to answer for his actions." Bow looks at Glimmer, "He'll have to also face the consequences." Netossa listens to the exchange and hangs her head, Sea Hawk is in trouble. Big trouble...

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