Thursday, May 9, 2013

It Was Supposed to be a Three Hour Tour...

... that became a fun topic from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers! The topic this week consists of that lovely what-if:

You are stranded for 10 years on a deserted island. You can take with you the following:
One food item (in a never-ending supply), one movie, one game, and one pop culture character.

Oh the possibilities!

So here's the thing. Deserted islands have long been a fun story line staple. Everyone loves Gilligan's Island. I remember a boy in high school told me that out of all the characters from that show, he thought of me as Ginger. It was the nicest thing anyone had told me at that point in my silly life, until I realized he was making the connection because I had just dyed my hair red.

I've always loved the concept of being on a deserted island. I remember when Tea was trapped for what seemed like forever on a deserted island with Todd and Ross on One Life to Live, that would have been my dream come true. And of course our recent foray into pop culture has yielded a return to a deserted island in flashback form courtesy of Arrow. Even video games have taken up the importance of a deserted island as evidenced by the new Tomb Raider. On a side note, that game is terrifying. I don't know that I'm cut out to play that game, let alone actually survive on a deserted island if I really had to. Cal is totally ready to be on a deserted island for 10 years, and would probably survive fairly well with his picks. But, if this is all for fun and fantasy, let's see what my four special items would be if I was stranded for 10 years on a deserted island...

1. Food. So that I wouldn't, ya know, die.

Ok so I'm going to take a cue from Big J and his food topic, because my food choice would also involve a combo.

It would be a cheeseburger, fries, and Dr. Pepper. I'm not sure from where, but the cheeseburger would probably come from McDonald's or Whataburger. I guess there would be like a fast food tree or plant that would provide me with such sustenance. Either way, cheeseburgers from those places would be fine by me for 10 years. I'd make sure I got plenty of exercise too, because I would want to keep my hips in check.

2.  One Movie. To watch forever, and ever, and ever...

Out of the four items, this has got to be the most difficult. I enjoy movies a great deal and have some big time favorites, but I really was stumped on which one I would want to watch for ten years. My first thought was something like The Little Mermaid or Edward Scissorhands, but those movies make me cry too much. I would want something that would be fun and entertaining and would not remind me that my life was utterly depressing being stranded on a deserted island. LeAnn said something about her movie pick that helped me decide on mine. So I ended up going with...

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It is a movie that has it all. It is also a movie that would feel like a close comfort. Plus, I adore Willie Scott. Growing up I wanted nothing more than to be just like her, and I am fairly certain that my being on a deserted island would be very Willie-esque. But, it is also a woman's prerogative to change her mind, so I do realize that I would want to maybe sneak on some copies of The Little Mermaid, Clueless, and Scream too, just for safe measure.

3. The Game. You spoony deserted island.

When I read this, there was only one game that I would be willing to play over and over for 10 years. Of course, I should follow Daniel's lead on his game, but I am just too terrified of that game. Seriously I jumped like five times in the first 15 minutes. I would need to play a game of just epic proportions. So it could only be this gem:

Oh how I love this game. I have played Final Fantasy IV over and over on such a continual loop, that I know I'd be down for playing that game for 10 years. In fact, it took me near that long to beat it the first time around. I'm only half joking. (The key is to make sure you have high levels, a factoid I didn't understand in my younger days.)

4. One POP Culture Character. Hopefully Ryan Lavery won't be busy...

After reading about Victoria's Pop Culture Pick, I knew I really needed to think this thing through. Being stranded on a deserted island with another person for ten years could be bliss or pure hell. So there is only one Pop Culture Character I could ever be stranded on a deserted island with:

I know what your thinking. "Bow!? But Miss M, wouldn't you want to be stranded with She-Ra or Mermista?" Well here's the thing. She-Ra needs to really focus on saving the world, she does not have time for being stranded on an island. And Mermista would simply swim us to civilization. No, no, Bow is the ultimate person I would want to be with on a deserted island. I, of course, have my reasons.

Aside from Bow's dreamy good looks, I know he'd also do his best to make sure that we weren't killed by any wild life. I don't care how deserted an island is, there is always wild life. Plus, wild life and I don't mix too well. I'm too cute to deal with crazy creatures spitting flying eggs at me. Know what I mean?
A deserted island would be the most romantic place in the world! Bow and I would have romantic meals of cheeseburgers and fries. We'd stay up late at night looking up at the stars. I mean Bow just seems like he'd make things really special and romantic. And let's be clear on something, I'm gonna need some romance if I'm going to be stranded on an island for ten years! We're talking no make-up. No razors to shave my legs. No extensive wardrobe to feel fresh and attractive. Romance will be the only thing to keep me alive.
Finally, the greatest thing about Bow would be his ability to play music. I could just hear it now, he'd be serenading me morning and night with his sexy harp skills. Oh I would just be thrilled to hear what kind of music he'd come up with. It'd be just perfect. Until of course he'd go crazy and hit me over the head with that harp complaining about, "All you want to eat is cheeseburgers, and instead of bringing your Nintendo DS, you should have brought a razor along for those cactus legs." Yeah, here's to Bow and I even surviving the ten years...
So that is about it for my four special items on a deserted island. Be sure to check back at Cool and Collected for more on folk's deserted island topics. This should be a very interesting topic for sure.
And, be sure to stick around, I have all kinds of fun stuff coming up soon. Take care everyone!


  1. Sounds like some interesting choices, however, just about anything from McDonald's will kill you and you wouldn't last 4 years, let alone 10! Now you want to give Bow heart problems from the grease...She-Ra isn't going to be happy...LOL!!!

    If I didn't have Gameboy Advance games, I'd say, do you need a crank in the side of the machine to play it! FF 4, how interesting to see that. I'd probably go with SSX Tricky, but even that might bring me some boredom eventually.

    Indiana Jones sounds like a great option (as long as it isn't the last one), Temple of Doom was great and probably worth watching a million times over. I'd go with K-ON! The Movie, I've already watched it 7 times in the last 2 months.

    As always, I love your photos, they are really well thought out and interesting. Who is the character playing "YOU"??? I don't recognize the figure.

    Interesting topic, it was a lot of fun to read.

    1. Yeah Paladin! Yeah, I'm just going to pretend that this deserted island would have magical properties saving me from the disastrous effects of eating fast food for ten years. lol

      And I wanted to take a picture of my original FF 4 game when it was debuted as 2 in America, but I could not find it. I guess the same rules would have applied to the fast food, on this deserted island it would somehow make sense for a DS to work. lol I mean it plays Gameboy Advance games and has a better battery life. lol

      So I am really glad you got K-ON! I need to reply to your email. I've been dealing with Kimber's unruly hair.

      As for the photo of "me in toy form" that is a new style Blythe doll from Littlest Pet Shop. I have been using her for a few posts, and I will probably keep using her for more. There is one I did recently where I even had her, er, myself, in a Wonder Woman costume. lol A mess.

    2. Ah! It is Blythe...Man, what is wrong with me!

      In Japan, there are these very high end Blythe dolls that go for hundreds or a lot more. There are realistic, high quality clothing pieces and the detail is really exceptional.

      In an Anime called A-Channel, one of the girls has a couple of Blythe dolls on a shelf near her bed, the art is detailed in such a way that you can tell it is them instantly--why I couldn't tell that "YOU" were a Blythe doll is beyond me...

      Neat idea, and I like that she has a selection of costumes for "YOU" to dress up in.

    3. Yeah those Blythe dolls from Japan are really cool. I wish they had made it over here more. I know that the mini ones that hasbro was doing awhile ago had that Blythe look, but they redesigned the Blythe doll to go with some cartoon on the Hub. They don't look exactly like regular Blythe dolls, but they sort of have that essence. I have a few of the mini ones that Hasbro did a couple years ago that look more like Blythe. The ones from Japan though are really cool though.

  2. My fave line in this entire post: "Romance will be the only thing to keep me alive."

    Also, high five for picking such a dreamy fellow castaway! Bow, hell yeah!

    1. Oh Victoria I am so glad you share in my opinion of Bow! lol Thank you for the comment!

  3. Bow? Not Sea Hawk? Interesting.... And remember LOGIC need not rear it's ugly head. It's a 10 year stay on a fantasy island. Eat whatever garbage you want!

    1. Well here's the thing, I think Bow and Sea Hawk both have their votes from me for varying reasons, but at the end of the day I like Bow more. He just seems more loyal and I love his heart beating action feature. I dunno, I'm just a sucker for Bow. But I also plan on eating McDonalds for 10 years on a deserted island, so I'm not too sure my thought process is the best. lol

  4. Once again you throw everything into your answers. And I love how you created that character of yourself to interact with what you were saying. Your stuff is always fun to read. I like the style. Oh and watch for the postman. I mailed that figure to you yesterday. Let's see how long it takes to get to you.

    1. Thank you Kal! I do my best to make things fun and entertaining for everyone. On a side note, I never know if I should spell your name with a "K" or a "C" I hope it doesn't bother you that I use both. lol I am bad at those things. I hope you are doing well, and I will keep an eye out for the mail! Thank you again for that.

  5. OMG, Whataburger! I don't have one out by me any longer, but I have had them in other states. Good stuff and story telling with your pics is an awesome idea.

    1. Thank you for the comment John! Yeah, Whataburger is something special! And I have so much fun telling these stories with the pictures. I hope I can keep it fun. I hope your weekend was nice.

  6. This League post was THE BEST!! Bow is handsome, good hearted and his moustache is extremely sexy. Plus the doll playing as Miss M is adorable.