Monday, May 20, 2013

Adora's Search for Honor Part 3! Chapter 62!

She-Ra has been getting around a bit lately huh? I mean she is poised to make a big splashy return into comics. Kylie Minogue is playing her on an all new NBC series. (That Funny or Die video skit was hilarious, check it out here.) I mean I think it is high time that people start getting with the program. The love for She-Ra and all the endless possibilities of her story should be celebrated! So I'm doing my little part to help spread the awareness of She-Ra! She-Ra Saturday may have been slightly delayed, yet again, but it will all be worth it! Read on for the newest chapter of Adora's Search for Honor!

Previously: Adora and Sea Hawk took to the skies to figure out what exactly was brewing between them. Her heart is torn and he actually has a couple of lies he needs to confess to. They also stumbled upon the Sun Tower in a bit of shambles. Adora feels with all her heart that someone was there, someone sinister... Speaking of Sea Hawk's dirty secrets, Netossa and Spinnerella fell upon his previous actions by happenstance. The two made it to Bright Moon to share what they hope could not possibly be true... Hordak and his Horde left the Sun Tower and set up shop in an all new Fright Zone... Catra and Entrapta found the perfect hideaway in the Valley of the Lost in a nice little tree-plex... The feud between Sweet Bee and Frosta officially kick started in the most silent of ways as Sweet Bee stumbled upon a letter for Frosta's eyes only...

And now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 62

Stalking their way back into the Valley of the Lost, Entrapta and Catra head back home. While sneaking into town for fresh food and drink, the deadly women quietly walk back to their secret hideaway pleased to have some fresh food for a nice breakfast. As Catra walks, she quickly turns to her side looking towards some wild brush. Something is keeping up with them and has been since they returned to the Valley, she can sense the presence of eyes watching her every move. At one point she swears that she can see a pair of bright green eyes looking at her from the side, "Do you see that? Over there?" Catra glides past her friend and drags her hands across the brush. Slashing the lush wildlife open, Catra expects to rest her eyes on a watchful stranger.

Entrapta peers over Catra's shoulder, "There is nothing there Catra." The jealous beauty purrs, "I saw something. I felt it." Entrapta can only stare blankly at her friend. Catra turns to Entrapta and snaps, "Don't look at me like that!" The golden beauty shakes her head as her living ponytails scramble to pick up their food, "Catra, I'm not looking at you in any way. There is nothing there."

Shrugging her friend off, Catra purrs, "Something was there. I'm not seeing things." Entrapta listens and tilts her head, "Maybe you have just been reading too much from Shadow Weaver's books? This isn't the first time you've seen something that wasn't there..." She is of course referring to the time that Catra saw a visage of Adora. Catra snaps, "I'm not crazy! Don't dare infer it." Sighing slightly, Entrapta goes on, "I'm sure it is nothing to be concerned about. Come on Catra, let's just get back home." The two women walk away, Catra still feeling the watch of a stranger's eyes on her.

A bright morning light shines through a few windows at Castle Bright Moon. Glimmer is with her mother, Queen Angella, as they greet some visitors. The current Man-At-Arms is there with his daughter Teela. Sy-Klone stands closely behind. Calling out in excitement, Angella rushes into Duncan's arms, greeting him hello. Glimmer and Teela both give each other a look. Angella holds onto Duncan's hand, "I am so thrilled to see you, what brings you here?"

Duncan smiles at the winged woman, "I wanted to bring my daughter here. She has already met some of the people from Etheria, but she wanted to meet everyone." Teela steps forward smiling, "It is nice to meet you Queen Angella." Angella smiles, "Oh how nice it is to meet you." Angella pulls her daughter forward, "This is my daughter, Glimmer."

Teela smiles, "Your friends have spoken very highly of you." Glimmer smiles still observing the looks between Angella and Duncan. There is something between them, and it is becoming more and more evident. Sy-Klone steps forward introducing himself to the two Etherian women, "This castle is very nice." Angella thanks him and prepares to show them around.

As Duncan, Teela, and Sy-Klone walk out of Angella's throne room and into the lush hallway of Castle Bright Moon, Glimmer stands back, "Wait a moment mother. Is something going on between Duncan and you?"

Angella turns caught in surprise, "Excuse me? I do not know what you mean. Besides, you are my daughter, you do not need to concern yourself with any matters like that." Glimmer crosses her arms with a smirk, "Oh really? And what of my affairs of the heart? You insert your opinion about Romeo and me at every turn." Angella looks towards the doors to the throne room and sighs, "I insert my opinions because you are sleeping with the enemy." She gives a look to her daughter as if to end the conversation. Walking away, Angella turns to catch up with her guests.

Glimmer snaps a burst of light in front of her mother momentarily blocking the way out of the throne room, "How dare you! I am not sleeping with Romeo. I love him. He is a good man. My matters of the heart are no trivial matter." Angella rubs her head in consternation, "My dearest daughter I do not wish to talk of this right now. The man helped the Horde. He was a Corporal that helped with planetary invasions! If you expect me to condone a romance with him, you are sadly mistaken."

Glimmer's feelings are hurt and instead of speaking her sadness, she feels a burst of anger bubbling up, "We give everyone second chances here, how can you be so cruel? Adora was a member of the Horde and now we embrace her! Our friendly pirate Sea Hawk may have done something terrible to us all, and yet we will more than likely forgive him with open arms. Why can't you do the same for Romeo?" A steel covered face washes over Angella, "I will not do the same for Romeo because I do not trust him. You are my daughter and you deserve to find a love that does not contain those terrible actions. The man helped destroy worlds! I can only imagine what your father would say if he were alive."

Glaring at her mother, Glimmer spits out, "I'm sure father would have a great deal to say if he were. I can't help but wonder what he'd say over your moon gazing at Duncan." Glad to have stung her mother, Glimmer stands in shock as Angella strides towards her. Raising her hand high, Angella slaps Glimmer across the face, "How dare you speak to me that way! I am your mother!" The act surprises them both and Angella does feel terrible, however she refuses to back down.

Crying out in shock, Glimmer shouts, "I can't believe you! All you ever say is how I must grow up so I can one day be queen, and yet when I make my own choices you treat me as a child when you disapprove! It makes no sense. Father never would have treated me as you have! I wish we'd never rescued you from the Midnight Lair. You've never been the same since." Storming past her mother, Glimmer pauses at the throne doors as Angella calls out, "Wait, Glimmer, I am sorry. I never should have slapped you. Please, I am sorry. This is not easy. Before I was taken by the Horde you were still a child and now here you are, a grown woman. I'm sorry. You are going to make your own choices, but I'm still your mother and I may not always agree."

Tears form in both their eyes. Glimmer touches her cheek, feeling the sting from her mother's hand, "I don't care. I love Romeo. You don't get to flirt with a man who is not my father and then pretend to know what is best for me! Romeo is a good man and he deserves a chance." Angella tries to plead with her daughter, "Glimmer, these are different things. Your father is gone, he is never coming back. If I find myself in a position to feel for another man, that is simply my own business and it is of no disrespect to the memory of your father. Glimmer please, understand. This man you say you love was a prisoner a very short while ago. I just want you to be aware of what you are doing."

Throwing the doors to the throne room wide open, Glimmer gives a burning glare to her mother, "I'm perfectly aware mother. Perfectly." She slams the doors shut and quickly breezes by Duncan, Teela, and Sy-Klone. Duncan tries to stop her, to slow her down to see if she is ok. Glimmer snaps at him, "You're being here is more than enough!" Racing down the hallway, Glimmer runs off to find the one person she truly feels close to: Romeo.

In another section of the castle, Sweet Bee slowly approaches Frosta. Alone in a sitting area, Frosta is looking over a book. Bored already, Frosta places the book down and narrows her eyes at Sweet Bee, "Oh what do you want?" Sweet Bee smiles warmly, buzzing into the sitting room, "Nice to see you too Frosta. I have something for you." The winged woman produces Adam's letter. Frosta's eyes open wide, "Give me that! What are you doing with this?" Frosta snatches the letter from Sweet Bee and prepares to read it over.

Standing still, Sweet Bee continues to smile, "I noticed it on the ground in the Whispering Woods. It had your name on it, so I assumed it belonged to you..." Frosta rolls her eyes at the sound of Sweet Bee's voice, it grates on her nerves, "Well, wonderful darling. Now buzz off." Sweet Bee smiles again and slowly begins to walk away. She is waiting for it... Frosta opens the letter and shouts, "What is this!? It's gone!"

Sweet Bee turns, "Oh? What's gone?" Frosta stands up in a panic, "The words! The letter! Everything is smeared! What happened to my letter?" Sweet Bee walks over, "Was there supposed to be something written there?" Rolling her eyes yet again, Frosta snaps, "Of course you cow! It was a letter, letters have words in them! This is smeared and means nothing. Did you do this?"

Feigning surprise, Sweet Bee shakes her head, "Oh Frosta, I just found it on the ground. I never messed with it, I promise." The curly blond continues to lie, expressing that the letter probably got dirty, "Or something. There's no telling how long it was on the ground Frosta. I'm terribly sorry, whoever wrote it hopefully didn't have anything important to tell you."

Frosta crinkles the letter, continuing to glare at Sweet Bee, "Get out of my way. And if you find anything else that belongs to me, leave it alone." Frosta prepares to exit the sitting room, but both women end up getting a surprise. Angella stands before them with Duncan, Teela, and Sy-Klone. "Hello Frosta and Sweet Bee. You are both familiar with Duncan, but this is his daughter Teela and her boyfriend Sy-Klone."

Breezing past the visitors, Frosta sighs, "Charmed. Enjoy the castle." Frosta continues to walk but pauses. Turning real quick, Frosta points a finger at Teela, "Your name is Teela?" The warrior goddess stands there trying to understand what is going on, "Yes that is my name." The group sort of stands there, trying to understand what is happening. Frosta folds her arms with a slight smirk, "Yes, I've heard about you. How interesting." Frosta knows exactly who Teela is and the relationship she had with Adam.

Angella looks over at Duncan and whispers, "I think we should keep on going. Come along, I will take you to the dining hall." Angella motions for the Eternian visitors to follow her. Frosta says a quick goodbye and watches the group leave. Sweet Bee stands next to the icy empress, looking curiously at Teela, "What's the deal with her? Do you know her?" Frosta grimaces, "Don't stand so close to me. And no, I don't really know her. But I do believe she used to date Adam."

"Really? As in, Adora's brother Adam?" Sweet Bee looks to Frosta. The icy empress shakes her head, "Yes you foolish woman. How many other Adams do you know?" Sweet Bee ignores the comment and follows her gaze on Teela as the group rounds a corner. Frosta shakes her head and walks away, "Looks like things just keep getting more and more interesting around here."

No longer high in the air, Sea Hawk's ship sails the open sea as the sun rises. Adora and the pirate sit on the quarterdeck taking in the shining sun. A table is between them covered with delicious food fit for the perfect breakfast. Adora casually takes a few bites from some warm toasted bread. The atmosphere is thrilling and peaceful, yet Adora seems elsewhere.

Sea Hawk takes a sip of coffee and looks across the table at her shining face, "Somewhere Adora?" Looking over to Sea Hawk, Adora shakes her head, "Excuse me?" Sea Hawk leans on the table, looking at her, taking her in, "You just seem far away. Are you still thinking about the Sun Tower? I'm telling you, there is nothing there for us to worry about."

"I wasn't thinking about the Sun Tower." Adora looks across from him. His gaze is as important as the sun shining on them. She is enjoying this moment, but it is not enough, "What are we doing?" Sea Hawk makes a face, confused by the questions, "Well we are having breakfast for starters. Care to tell me what is going on in your head?"

She isn't sure how to talk about this. Adora looks down at the table before looking up at him, "We've been travelling the air and seas for days now, and it has all been wonderful, but what happens next? What are we doing?" Sea Hawk grins opening his arms wide, "Anything can happen next. The world is ours. What would you like to do today? Search for treasure? We could go swimming by the Crystal Falls." Adora shakes her head, "No, I'm not talking about today. What are we doing with us? Don't you ever think about what you want for the future? I have loved seeing the world through your eyes, but Sea Hawk, I don't know that I can fly through the air and sail the seas forever. My life isn't meant to stay in the clouds."

Sea Hawk pauses as he realizes what Adora is trying to talk about, "Why not? It's not so bad. The air and sea are always changing, there's never a dull moment." Adora sighs, "I know that. But I don't know that this is what I want for my whole life. What about other things that have nothing to do with travelling the world? What about your future? Do you ever think about finding someone to share everything with, to maybe raise a family with..."

Shaking his head and sitting up, Sea Hawk starts to panic, "Whoa Adora, you're getting ahead of yourself. Why don't we just focus on the here and now. Why do you want to get bogged down with the future?"

"Because Sea Hawk, I am currently thinking about such things. I understand that being in the present is important, believe me, since leaving the Horde I have been doing my best to enjoy my life. There was never any time to live in the moment with the Horde, but it can't always be about the present. I've been thinking about the directions of our lives. I think I might want more than just drifting."

Sea Hawk stands up, he wants to get away from the table, from the discussion, "I don't know what it is that you exactly want Adora, but I'm not giving up my life on this ship." Adora quickly stands to pace with him, "Who said anything about giving up life on this ship? I'm talking about experiencing more Sea Hawk, more than just looking for treasure."

He turns to her, so close he can feel her heart beat, "Look princess, I don't know what it is you think can happen between us, but I'm not the guy that settles down. I'm not someone to be involved with for the future, I'm just not good enough." Adora refuses to listen to his words, she doesn't understand them, "Stop talking like this! Why would you not be good enough? I've been enjoying this time with you, I felt like we were getting close."

This moment is at hand, he can feel it, though he is doing his best to refrain from the truth, "Adora, I'm just not the guy you think I am. This has been nice, but it needs to end. I will take you home now." He cuts her off, trying to clean the table up. Adora stops him, "What is going on! Sea Hawk! Stop acting like this, after everything we have experienced, you are just going to shut down?"

Gritting his jaw, the proud pirate refuses to budge. A part of him is trying to snap some reason into his heart, this stunning woman is standing before him, and he can't be honest to her. He would rather hide behind his swagger instead of exposing his truth. Adora continues to block his way as he tries to step around her. Finally realizing he is stuck, Sea Hawk groans before cussing. He flips the table over scattering the breakfast food over the wooden floor, "I'm a fake Adora. A fucking fake. I have been lying to you, to everyone."

Adora looks at him in concern, "Sea Hawk, what did you do?" Her heart is beating fast, she isn't sure what he is going to say, and then he just says it, "I'm the one that took the artifacts. I ripped the Ice Diamond from Frosta's chest. I robbed the Eye of Fire from Midlaria. I gave them both to Hordak and I let him know how to get into Bright Moon for the Lunar Stone. I did it all for fuel. All for my fucking freedom, and now I feel like I have nothing."

The confession hits her hard, and though he is expecting an angry wrath from her, Adora can only hug him. He looks at her in shock, "What are you doing? Did you hear anything I just told you? Where's the fire, the anger?" Adora looks at him, "Do you think that I am in any position to be mad at you? I've done far worse. I'm not condoning your actions Sea Hawk, but I'm not going to suddenly hate you. Though I am curious, why did you do it?"

Sea Hawk looks out to the sea, "I did it for this. Hordak was blackmailing me. I had finally stood up to him, ready to free myself from the Horde and running items for that evil jackass. However it wasn't that easy to just quit my job. I was going to lose everything, he had the control over the fuel reserves, there was no way I'd be able to fly this ship. This ship means everything to me, it is the only piece of my family ancestry. I couldn't leave it to rot." He looks at her in such sadness, "Of course it wouldn't have mattered anyway. Even if I hadn't agreed to Hordak's terms, he would have killed me."

Adora sighs, "Or maybe not. I know this ship is important to you Sea Hawk, but so are your friends, the members of the Great Rebellion. You have to tell them what you did." Sea Hawk shakes his head, "No, I can't do that. I mean shit Adora, I got the artifacts back. I fought off Hordak's pet dragon for the items. They are all returned, in one piece." Grabbing hold of his arm, Adora whispers, "Hawk, you have to tell them. They all deserve that much. I can understand your position, and I am sure they will understand too. I'm not thrilled about this, but I know you care about us all. I know you do."

The moment takes hold and he can do nothing but kiss her, "I can't tell them. I just can't princess." He leans into her, hoping she will understand. Adora looks at him, realizing just how complicated it is to be with this man. She steps away, so much racing through her mind. Things are becoming very clear to her. The wind picks up the air blowing through Adora's blond hair, "Take me back Sea Hawk. You do what you need to do, I'm not going to tell you what to do about your actions, but it's time for me to be back." Adora walks away, needing to be alone. Sea Hawk hangs his head. He starts the ship up and they are off, heading to Bright Moon.

She thinks about his actions. Should this matter? "He had his reasons. And deep down I know he is a good man. But he hurt people I care about. Oh what am I doing?" Adora looks around, wishing Madame Razz were there with her. The old witchy woman is there, at least in thought. Adora recalls something that Madame Razz mentioned before, "I have to think of myself and what I need." The truth is that his actions are far from ruining a potential happiness with her. She knows that his response is not the best, but the threat of Hordak is gone. The Great Rebellion is really no longer a rebellion, and if his truth ever comes out is besides the point. There is a bigger issue that Adora has yet to touch upon, and now she isn't sure of her own truth.

The ship sails through the sea before the sails shift and change turning the large ship into an airship. Adora looks down as the sea becomes distant. Time seems to slow as they make their way to Bright Moon. The time spent with Sea Hawk has been important for Adora, but she feels close to figuring out her life. Walking away from the noise in her head, Adora approaches Sea Hawk, "I need to ask you something."

The pirate is expecting more of the same in regards to his actions with Hordak, "Go ahead." He looks out towards the vast sky. His head turns strangely as Adora asks, "What do you think of She-Ra?" Sea Hawk looks at her, "That is odd, why are you bringing her up?" Adora looks away, trying to give nothing away, "She-Ra is important to me. I feel as if she is a part of me, of all of us, and I am just curious to know what you think of her. An actual honest opinion of her."

Shrugging while trying not to laugh at the silliness of the question, Sea Hawk grins, "I guess about all I can say is that she is a beautiful woman. What kind of answer are you looking for?" Adora smiles at him, "I told you, an honest one." Sea Hawk looks at her, "Well honestly, she's a very sexy woman. And a total ass kicker." Adora laughs, feeling the tension from the previous conversation begin to dissipate, "Yes, she has kicked a great deal of... ass. But what about other things, I mean, is she someone you could see yourself with? Like is she the type of person you could share a life with?" She is searching for a way to tell him who she is. She wants to share in her own truth.

Sea Hawk looks at her deeply wondering why she is even asking such an odd question, "I've never really thought about it before. Like I said, She-Ra is sexy. But I don't think I'd ever want to fall in love with her. She isn't the type of woman a man wants to truly love." Adora feels her heart acting funny, "Why is that?" The pirate chuckles at his own private joke, "What self-respecting man wants to get lost in a shadow as big as hers? I've seen her capable of so much, and though it all looks good, I could never come to love a woman like that. I'm sure I'd have some fun though." He winks at her as if he is sharing the private joke in his own head. Adora looks away, trying to give nothing away.

The pirate notices a change, "Hey, did I say something wrong?" Adora shakes her head, "No, of course not. I wanted an honest answer, and I got it. I was just curious." He looks at her trying to understand what is racing through her mind, "Ok. Any other odd questions you want to ask me?" Adora turns to him with a smile, "No, I don't think so." She walks away as the ship slowly prepares for its decent into the Whispering Woods.

As the ship flies overhead making a nice landing, Frosta and a few others head towards the ship. Mermista looks over at Perfuma, "Adora's back." Frosta listens to them both and hurries to greet Adora and the pirate first.

Stepping down from the ship, Adora waves to her friends. Sea Hawk hops down and stands close to Adora. They look at each other, "Adora?" The royal Eternian princess looks at him, "Yes Sea Hawk?" He reaches out to hug her, "Thank you for not judging me. I appreciate that, and I really had a great time with you. I think things might be different..." He hugs her tightly. She has tears in her eyes. They both have so much they want to say. She wants to be honest and tell him who she really is while also admitting that she might actually be judging him slightly while he is very close to admitting his love for her.

The words are not spoken as Frosta interrupts the two, "Well we thought you'd never return. It is so nice to see you both. Especially you Sea Hawk." The pirate grins, "I never thought you'd be happy to see me darlin." Frosta tilts her head with a grin before punching the pirate in the face, "That's for being a duplicitous bastard."

"Frosta! What are you doing!?" Adora shouts while trying to help Sea Hawk up. Frosta folds her arms, "Can it darling. He's a sorry piece of filth. We know about your betrayal you scoundrel." Sea Hawk gets up looking at the crowd growing towards them. Sea Hawk and Adora look at each other, "What are you talking about?"

Frosta snaps, "You've been had darling. Netossa and Spinnerella returned from Midlaria, they found out it was a band of pirates who took the Eye of Fire. Your crew soon admitted to the misdeeds. Now you have a great deal to answer for Sea Hawk. A great deal indeed." Mermista and Perfuma are quiet as Glimmer, Angella, Netossa, and Spinnerella approach the group with a few Bright Moon citizens behind.

"Is it true Sea Hawk?" Netossa asks hoping it can't possibly be true. Expectations are let down as Sea Hawk admits to everything. Adora watches on, her heart breaking for him. An angry member in the crowd yells that he should be locked up. Sea Hawk waves his hands in the air, "Now hold on a second! I made sure these items were returned! I'm truly sorry. Believe me, I am." Frosta slaps him hard before Mermista and Perfuma try to hold her back, "You bastard! I let you into my home! You drugged me!"

Angella tries to calm Frosta down, "Please, this is not helping Frosta. He spoke his version." She looks at him in a strange way, "He isn't going to be locked up in Bright Moon. He also will never be allowed in the Whispering Woods again." Sea Hawk's eyes widen in shock. Adora looks at him with such sadness. Netossa looks at her friend, shocked that it is coming to this, "Surely he can work off his crime. Queen Angella, Sea Hawk saved my life. He is not a bad person." Spinnerella is slightly surprised to hear Netossa's defense of the pirate.

The winged queen raises her hand to Netossa, "I understand that Netossa, but he jeopardized us all. I've had some time to think about this, and I've made my choice. Had he made the choice for a different action, the sneak attack by the Horde would have never happened." Angella wants to add that her injuries and the injuries of so many others would have been spared. "Besides, Sea Hawk has already made it clear that his home is the sky. I am sure he will be fine to never return here." Sea Hawk hears these words and he realizes that for the first time he very much wants Bright Moon to be his home. He looks at the people before him, his friends and in many ways his new family, and he is losing it all.

Sea Hawk nods, "I understand Angella. I'll leave now." Angella nods, glad he is not putting up a struggle. The decision pains her, but underneath her calmness is a rage towards him for his actions. She isn't sure she'd be able to control that false sense of calm with the pirate still living in the Whispering Woods. This is the only decision that makes the most sense.

The crowd begins to disperse as people realize there will not be some manhunt or capturing of a prisoner. Sea Hawk's crew begins boarding the air ship. Frosta huffs away refusing to look at the pirate any further. Netossa hugs Sea Hawk good bye, much to the surprise of Spinnerella. "Good bye Hawk." The pirate smiles sadly at Netossa, "I really am sorry Tossa. I don't expect you to be so nice to me." Netossa hugs him tightly, "I'm not happy with what you did, but you are a good person. I know it." She has tears in her eyes. He tries to wipe them away. She steps to the side, trying to compose herself.

Mermista and Perfuma aren't sure what to exactly say to Sea Hawk, but they stick around with Adora. They aren't sure what she is going to do. The pirate looks at Adora, "Some homecoming. Looks like there was no reason for me to try and hide this. The truth always has a way of coming out, doesn't it? Are you going to come with me?" Adora shakes her head sadly, "I'm so sorry." The pirate nods, "There's no need to be sorry."

Adora has tears in her eyes, "No, there is. I can't go with you." The pirate nods, "I had a feeling." Adora holds onto his hands tightly, "I don't exactly know what it was that happened between us, and maybe that's ok that there isn't some title for it. Some things don't make sense. I enjoyed my time with you Sea Hawk. But this is it." He can see she has made her decision. It is written in her eyes and on her heart. He kisses her cheek, "He is the better man princess." Adora has tears in her eyes, she hates having to be in this situation, but they both know their story ends right here. Adora steps away as Sea Hawk and his crew start the air ship. The women look up as the ship flies off. They look up with trained eyes on the ship until it is gone...

Night falls on the Valley of the Lost. Catra and Entrapta are both asleep in their respective rooms in their fancy tree-plex. A strange tapping sound creaks throughout the tree-plex waking Catra from her slumber. She stretches up trying to pinpoint the sound. She looks towards her bedroom door and notices a shadow move, "Clawdeen, is that you?" Catra slides out of bed and follows the sounds. She can make out what looks like the body of a large cat slinking outside of her home. Catra's green eyes light up in the darkness around her, she grins, "I knew someone was following me."

Walking outside, Catra looks around trying to follow her mysterious guest. Walking through a path, Catra walks through some brush and trees, making her way further into the Valley of the Lost. She soon enters a clearing with the moon shining bright on her. Catra stands tall as her eyes fall upon a large gray and silver cat, its exact species unknown. The cat has bright green eyes, much like hers. Catra lowers her voice, "What do you want with me?"

The large cat growls dragging a paw across the ground. It wants to fight her. Catra grins, "Of course." Lowering her mask, Catra leaps into the air transforming into her panther version. The two vicious cats circle each other, keeping each other in check. The gray cat rushes her, trying to swipe at her neck. Catra slides away, avoiding any fatal attacks. The two cats struggle. A claw slices through Catra's side. Howling in pain, Catra growls focused on destroying this creature. Taking a bite, Catra tears into the gray cat's neck. Jumping on top of the beast's back, Catra drags her claws across the cat's back, shredding the beast.

Transforming into her human form, Catra looks down at the mess before her, "I am triumphant! You can't stop me! No one can!" She won and is ready for her reward, the next step in her quest for power. Reaching for her sword, Catra removes the head from the cat. Peeling the skin back, Catra grins as she removes the cat's face from its skull. Kneeling on the ground, Catra notices the shiny gray and silver fur gleaming in the moonlight. Fresh blood drips onto her thighs as Catra raises the cat's face into the air. Screaming in madness Catra places the cat's face over her own. She can taste the blood in her mouth. All she can do is howl and scream into the night air.

A few yards away, someone watches Catra. Huntara peers through the wild brush trying to understand what Catra is doing. All Huntara can see is Catra writhing around on the ground and screaming with her hands covering her face. There is no sign of the gray cat or the bloody mask over Catra's face. All Huntara can see is the woman she loves descending into madness, "Oh Catra, what is happening to you?" Huntara makes a step out of the brush to help Catra. The hunter steps on a branch and it startles Catra from her bloody delusion.

The raven haired beauty darts her head around, trying to find the location of the sound. Huntara is motionless, unsure of what she should do. Catra's green eyes narrow and in an instant she runs off back into the darkness of the Valley of the Lost. Huntara makes her way into the clearing, trying to follow Catra's trail...

Bright Moon is a flutter of activity. Word is spreading about Sea Hawk's actions, and many people are milling around discussing Angella's decision to ban the pirate from the Whispering Woods. Adora is ignoring everyone, she can only think of one person she most wants to talk to. She finds Bow in his room, laying on his bed. He is looking up at the ceiling, unaware of her presence, though his heart suddenly begins to beat faster.

"Bow?" Adora walks in as the archer looks at her. He sits up, "What do you want?" Adora rushes to him, "I know I hurt you. But please, listen to me." Bow gets up trying to avoid her, "Listen to what? If you came here to tell me about your dalliance with the pirate spare me, I don't want to know."

Adora shakes her head, "Stop Bow, nothing happened between us. I told you I needed to figure things out, and I did." He is trying to ignore her, but she grabs hold of him, "Stop acting like this! I screwed up! I love you Bow. You! I love you." Bow looks at her, his heart beating fast. He wants to kiss her so badly, "You love me?" Adora nods, "Yes. And I know I asked a lot from you to bare with me. I was struggling with so much Bow, so much, but it's always you. It's always been you. You know who I was and the terrible things I have done, and yet you love me still. You know who I am and who I can turn into, and you still love me so completely. I know that there is so much for us still. Please, say something."

There is a silence from him that worries her. He holds onto her face kissing her passionately, "I want to spend forever with you, that has never changed and it never will. I love you Adora." They hold onto each other kissing strongly. She looks into his face, so happy to be seeing it, "I'm so sorry I went through all this. I was just so confused. I'm certain though, my love for you is real and so strong. Please know how much I mean that. This isn't like last time. I'm not worried about the world ending. I am very clear. This is coming from my heart, I'm not wasting anymore time." Bow nods, "I know. And I do believe you. I do Adora." He is so happy, the feeling between them is magical.

Adora looks at him, and realizes that there is one other way for her to truly show him that she truly loves him. "Marry me." Bow smiles unsure of what she is saying, "Excuse me?" Adora grabs his hands, she can't stop from smiling, "Yes, marry me! It's a saying that is tied to a custom. My mom told me about it. Um, let's see if I remember this. Where she is from people who fall in love get married. It is like a celebration where the people in love share vows about honoring each other forever in front of family and friends."

Bow listens, "It sounds really nice." Agreeing with his words, Adora continues, "I know it sounds a bit much. Couples on Etheria have special ceremonies all the time, but I don't know, from what my mom was telling me it just sounds like a magical experience. I want to share that with you." They both look at each other with so much hope in their eyes. There are no more complications or problems. Adora finally knows what it is that she wants; the man that has always been there. She knows her actions have hurt him but there is no denying the special bond between them. A love so strong made for this moment shines in the air. Two people destined for love reunite, ready to see where their story will take them next...

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  1. It has been such a long time since I had a chance to catch up on this story that I had no idea how many chapters I've missed or where I should start, so I just started with the most recent one.
    -but it was an important chapter and I'm glad I got to see it. Sea Hawks' secret gets out and Adora finally makes her choice. But if I've learned anything from all my years spent watching soap operas and teen dramas-it's that beautiful fictional women change their minds a lot in these types of situations, so I'm still not giving up complete hope that Sea Hawk could make a comeback.
    I guess I missed some stuff between Frosta and Sweet Bee so I don't really get what's going on there. I thought Sweet Bee didn't like He-Man/Adam anymore but she seems to be tormenting Frosta about him. I also think last time I read a chapter that He-Man and Frosta ended things. What did I miss?
    I don't even think I saw when Glimmer and Romeo became an actual thing. I guess I've been away from the blogosphere for a couple weeks.
    I do like the symbolism of the characters being like Romeo and Juliet -what with the parents disapproval and all. Did Angela tell Glimmer not to date Romeo in the episode of the show he was in too? Or did you come up with the romeo and Juliet allusion yourself?
    and wow, Catra is fucking nuts-maybe if Huntara actually got back with her she would calm down a little. that seemed like the only time she was almost happy.
    Finally,what the hell is this about Kylie Minouge playing She-Ra on a series? They are giving she-ra a series? You must be going crazy!
    Although that's not exactly the person I would pick to play her.
    In other news I posted some new covers over on the Moose Comics Blog for all the different characters including covers for Sateena and Dairy Stars' first issues-as well as a slightly updated and re-inked first part of the Rock n Roll Porpoise Man story with more pages added:

    1. Oh you have missed a lot! But I'll do my best to catch you up. Sea Hawk might still have some story yet, I'm not promising anything though.

      Frosta was about to have hot steamy sex with He-Man until he couldn't do it and basically told her who he is. She freaked out realizing that she was lusting after Adora's brother, but there was still something sort of there. Adam wrote a letter to Frosta and asked Adora to hand it to her. Well, Frosta was about to read it in the woods but got into an argument with Jewelstar and she dropped it. Sweet Bee picked it up and read it herself. she realized she could give it back to Frosta or she could mess with Frosta, because Frosta has always been a bit mean to Sweet Bee. So Sweet Bee is trying to get back at Frosta, and one way she is doing that is by flirting with Adam, because Frosta has some connecton to him (from the letter.) Sweet Bee though has no idea that Adam and He-Man are the same.

      Now the whole Romeo thing is exactly from Romeo and Juliet and it is a play off of what happened in the cartoon when Glimmer met Romeo. I wrote a chapter awhile back where Romeo tells Glimmer how he became a part of the Horde. The Romeo in this story is actually the Romeo from Romeo and Juliet. (That part I did, it was never in the cartoon.) He never died with Juliet and instead was scooped up by Hordak to join the Horde. It sounds goofy, but the way I wrote it, it made total sense. Anyway, Glimmer and him ended up developing a romance. Angella hates it because she still thinks of Romeo as nothing but Horde scum and wants someone better for her daughter.

      Catra is indeed losing her mind, and all I can say is that you haven't seen anything yet.

      The Kylie Minogue thing was a spoof from Funny or Die. They aren't really doing a show.

      And I will need to check out some of your new stuff, it sounds really good!

  2. Ok-maybe I already asked you this question and forgot what you said-but in the cartoon doesn't She-ra date Sea Hawk instead of Bow?
    And where was Sea Hawks mouse in this chapter? Don't tell me you killed him off too! I don't think I could take anymore cute animal deaths in this story after Stinkor.
    I love what you said about the Romeo being the real Romeo thing. "It makes total sense the way I wrote it." lol. I wonder if Shakespeare would enjoy this twist to his character.
    "Uhhh-Bill, it turns out Romeos not dead-he's in outer space dating a pink haired woman."
    And Teela is officially dating Sky Clone now-so that means Adam doesn't have the option of going back to her. Funny-because when I was a kid I kind of thought Sky-clone looked like a clone of Adam. I mean "clone" is in his name and all. But I think they were just going for the play on cyclone.
    Did you hear Kindle has payed for the rights for a couple properties so people can do licensed fan fiction and get paid for it? Just a tiny amount per story though. So far they have only optioned three properties, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars.(If I was getting paid I would totally do fan fiction for the first two!) Sadly I don't see them paying for the rights for She-Ra-though there is a lot of MOTU related fan fic out there. You never know.

    1. Well I believe I have mentioned about She-Ra, Sea Hawk, Bow and the cartoon before, but I don't remember what I wrote, so let's see if I can get it right. lol from my recollection, Adora and Sea Hawk had a bit of a flirtation, but he wasn't that interested in She-Ra while Bow seemed to be interested in She-Ra. His heart would beat faster when she approached. I wanna say that Bow even had a crush or tried to like she-Ra but she rebuffed him! lol Either way there always seemed like there could have been this underlying love triangle between the three, and I went with Bow in this story out of preference. I like both guys, but I just really like the idea of Bow being with Adora/She-Ra.

      And I'm willing to bet that Shakespeare would be looking at me like I was crazy if he knew that Romeo would be off with the Horde conquering worlds while also holding some resentment for being taken away from Earth. lol A mess. But I just thought it would be a fun twist.

      As of right now Adam does not have the option of going back to Teela. She is trying to move on and he is finding that he has no other choice but to do the same thing. However in my mind I feel like they would get back together in the future.

      And that is so cool about the Kindle and fan fiction! I mean it would be awesome if they got the rights for She-Ra, but those other three aren't too shabby. Writing some Vampire Diaries would be interesting. I wonder if it would be set from the perspective of the show or the original books?

  3. I think you could do either books or tv shows-I mean I am pretty sure the reason kindle paid for those particular properties is because of the popularity of the TV versions. The only restrictions I know about are that you cannot do porn so know matter how hot I think a Katherine/Elena Slash fic would be I wouldn't get paid for it.
    I also hope they get the rights to the Buffy characters! I actually have a good Spike story in mind set in Cleveland. (if you remember from the show they mention there is another Hellmouth located in Cleveland) I live close by the Cleveland area and let me tell ya, it would be a great place for vampires and Spike in particular!
    Any properties besides She-Ra you would want to do fan fic for?

    1. Oh your Buffy idea sounds cool! I really like Buffy, but I don't know that I could do a Buffy fanfic. It has been so long since I watched that show and stuff. I'd imagine awhile back I could have. In fact I feel like some Buffy characters were in that massive hodgepodge fanfic I did agaes ago.

      But, aside from She-Ra, I think writing some Dynasty, Jem and the Holograms, X-Men, and Monster High fanfic would be fun. I'd have to think of some other stuff. I'm sure there is a lot I would want to write. I think a Mad Max fanfic would be pretty fun even though it is a movie.