Thursday, May 2, 2013

Friends of a Dorkette!

Ok, so I know that I tend to ramble on and on about dorky things on this blog, it is after all why you are reading. I mean you certainly didn't stop by here for my soaring intellect or my ability to solve complicated math equations. However, every now and then I do have other things to talk about that do not involve the dorkier things in life. Take for instance by dear friend Patrick, who recently won big at a Pole Competition...

My best guy friend in the whole wide world has been working and practicing to become a really fantastic pole dancer. Patrick is crazy talented, and has taught me a ton of stuff about pole dancing. I was a very clueless dorkette that believed pole dancing only occurred in dimly lit clubs with raining dollar bills. Oh I am so wrong. Pole dancing is like this out-of-control-cool art form/exercise/sport. So very recently Patrick joined into a Doubles Partners competition at the 2013 Capital of Texas Pole Championship. This is like a really big deal. Huge deal. And I am just so thrilled because his Doubles Partner (Lisa) and him totally won!

Check out the video to see their routine, because it gives me chills every time I see it. I am beyond proud of him, because I surely could not get my clumsy behind to even do half the stuff that they do. It is just a beautiful performance, and now I'm going to shut-it so that you can check out the video:

Just amazing. I am totally speechless! So if you thought that was cool, be sure to stop by his blog: The Pole(r) Opposite where he breaks down all kinds of cool and interesting information about pole fitness/dance/art. It is a great little place on the Internet.

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well. I have a lot of fun stuff coming up, especially a lovely little assignment for the League about comics. Stay tuned, it should hopefully be entertaining!

Oh, and by the by, I ate some of that new boneless chicken from KFC, and it is not all that. This new boneless fried chicken is essentially chicken strips, which they already sold. So I don't understand what the big deal is. And another thing, Toysrus shipped me an action figure in a bubble mailer, and it arrived crushed. I mean who does that? Anyways. Take care everyone!


  1. I thought you said he won at "Pole Position" at first and I was like "Awesome! What a great arcade classic!" lol.

    I would email TRU about this because using a bubbler is not acceptable in my book. They most likely won't do anything but who knows maybe you can get a discount next time you shop or some of your money back. Worth a try right?

    1. OMG, so the arcade classic Pole Position was like the hardest game ever. lol I also love that you thought that was what I had typed at first! lol

      And I am planning on emailing TRU. I have never had this happen before, they usually ship things out pretty well. But I just couldn't believe it when I got it in the mail and opened. Thanks for the tip JB! Hope you are doing well.

  2. That was so impressive!!! I fully expected to be weirded out when I started the video, but it was really beautiful and sad and graceful. Congrats to them on their win!

    1. Thank you, I will let me friend know! One of the things that he really tries to do is dispell any ideas that people have about what he does. I mean I was expecting all kinds of crazy stuff when he first told me what he was doing. But after seeing and learning from him, it is so impressive! I wish I had half that talent. I hope all is well!