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Adora's Search for Honor Part 3! Chapter 67!

Here we are; the final chapter of the three part fan fiction extravaganza called Adora's Search for Honor. I can't believe I have finally made it to this last chapter. I have been actually putting it off because I am just really nervous about posting this. I have been writing and typing this story for a long time now, and I can't believe it is finally at its end. I really thank each and every one of you who have given this story even the slightest of glances. It is from my heart and it is my own personal love letter to Adora/She-Ra and as many of the characters that I could possibly fit in and celebrate. So enough of the rambling, let's get this story going!

Previously: While in space on Horde World, Skeletor finally started realizing what his future would be capable of by way of Shadow Weaver... Still reeling from the death of Bow, Adora and her friends in the Great Rebellion decided to try and stop at least some of the forces of evil threatening to tear apart Etheria. An ambush was brought to the Horde and their new Fright Zone, only the heroes found themselves a part of an ambush gone wrong. After a long fight, the heroes prevailed. She-Ra made the ultimate choice in killing Hordak once and for all, while Catra slinked her way into the fight before taking off with Glimmer as a hostage. An agreement was made that Glimmer would be let go upon Adora's arrival on Skydancer Mountain... Sea Hawk used his air ship to fly the wounded (Teela, Man-At-Arms, and Sy-Klone) back to safety before heading back for everyone else. The remaining heroes took just the briefest of moments to catch their breath at the Fright Zone, before one last familiar foe made her presence known: Ultimera!

And now, in conclusion...
Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 67

Lieutenant Icarius Kaz, nicknamed Flipshot among his peers, looks out his bedroom window down at Earth. The handsome and rugged man lives and works in a giant space station known as Levitan that orbits the long suffering planet below. Earth is in danger, and it has been for a very long time. He often wonders what it would be like to step foot on Earth again, it has been a few years since he touched soil. His job as a space pilot has brought him to Levitan along with his other colleagues. The great work being done to explore and understand the vast solar system around them is important, because the scientists aboard this space station are hoping to find clues to save Earth from decay.

Icarius is broken from his thoughts as a familiar friend and colleague knocks on his bedroom door, "Flipshot, we just got more information from our satellite feed, I think you are going to want to see this." Icarius turns to look at Mara. Her hair is pulled high in a slight bun, the look of excitement and exhaustion is written on her face. They have been working hard for various types of important information, and now it is finally happening.

Walking with Mara, Icarius hurries to their work room where he notices the slightly bothersome co-worker named Kayo trying to read out the print outs. "Kayo, just leave it alone for now. What have we got?" Icarius looks over the readings on the paper and his heart stops, "Is this possible?" Mara nods, "Yes. After all this time, we've finally located Captain Glenn's ship."

A meeting is quickly called into place. Their current captain of missions, Captain Hydron, calls forth a meeting with all the big shots on Levitan. Sitting at a large metal table is Icarius, Mara, Kayo, Captain Hydron, Nocturna, and the woman in charge of the entire space station: Crita. She sits at the head of a metal table and asks to know more, "I want all the details." She is a chilling woman that can easily strike fear into most anyone. Kayo whispers to Mara, "What's so special about this Captain Glenn dude anyway?" Mara sighs, "Seriously? Captain Marlena Glenn is not some dude. She helped pioneer the work we are doing all these years later. We were in diapers when she was trying to make the world a better place." Kayo nods before quieting down.

Hydron motions for Icarius to go on ahead. Standing up while presenting a slide show of various images from the past, Icarius begins, "30 years ago the Galactic Space Guard introduced the public to a new campaign called Photog. On the outside looking in, Photog was seen as a mission to go into space with the sole purpose of capturing images that the world had never seen before. Behind the scenes Photog was code for a top secret mission involving the search for other life. We've long known that Earth is fading fast. Our reliance on technological prowess is only hindering our attempts to insure that Earth continue to thrive. Captain Glenn was going to pilot a ship into space to find new life that could potentially offer new ideas to save the planet. Along the way, we lost communication with Captain Glenn's ship..."

Crita listens feeling slightly bored, "We've all heard this story before. What is so special about the dearly departed Captain Glenn?" Hydron speaks up, "Crita, I do not mean any disrespect, but you weren't really around when Captain Glenn was here. I had just entered the Space Guard myself. Captain Glenn was brilliant, her plans for finding other life in the universe was going to be spectacular. The fact that we have found her location, this is very important." Shrugging the statement off, Crita rolls her eyes, "Explain to me what you have found."

Icarius goes on, "Her ship had been readied with a tracking device, should any communication be disrupted. Well, our satellite technology has finally managed to pick up on it. Her ship is sending out tracking coordinates and has been for a very long time. The ship seems to be on a planet much like the size of Earth on the other side of the galaxy."

Crita laughs, "Impossible. How in the world would she have traveled across the galaxy in such a short time? This is all sounding silly. I am a very busy woman, I do not have time for these silly meetings that are stuck on the past." Mara quickly jumps in with paperwork on possible explanations, "Captain Glenn could have easily gotten to the other side of the galaxy with the use of a wormhole. I know it sounds crazy, but we have been working hard and it seems that there may have been a wormhole that Captain Glenn found herself in. If this is the case, it would have been very simple for her to make it that far in a short span of time."

"Fine Mara, let us for a moment pretend that this is possible. What do you want to do about it? Just because a former captain's lost ship is emitting a tracking signal into space means nothing. We have no idea if she landed on a sustainable planet. We also have no idea if she is even alive. I really don't see the significance of this." Hydron shakes his head, "Crita, you aren't getting this. The planet must be sustainable to human life or that ship would be unable to send out a tracking signal. It's be gone. As for Captain Glenn, we owe it to her memory and spirit to find out what happened to her."

Icarius motions for Kayo to hand over some other paperwork, "There is one more thing. We haven't been able to capture images of this planet yet, but we have been tracking some energy signatures from the satellite, look at these readings." He passes the paperwork around to the table. Nocturna takes a glance at the findings, he is stunned, "Blessed stars. Is this possible?" Crita demands to know what is going on. Icarius sighs, "We've been noticing very strong and powerful energy signatures. Powerful enough to light the sun. I don't know how that is possible, but there seems to be a mystery unfolding on that planet. A mystery that could help us save Earth."

Crita sits back in her chair, as the potential for greatness spreads across her brain, "We could save Earth..." Icarius nods. Captain Hydron claps his hands together, "Alright, what's it going to be Crita? Are you going to continue this mission and find out just how much bigger this story can get, or do we just end it right now? Do you want to know what happens next, because it is going to be up to you." Crita listens and looks at the other members of the Galactic Space Guard. She thinks long and hard before arriving at her answer...

On Etheria, a whole other set of heroes struggle to survive against the evil sorceress Ultimera. Shaking and rattling the ground around her, Ultimera curses at the sight of her destroyed Chaos Sword. She is slightly weaker now, but still a serious threat. Raising her hands in the air, she picks every one up as if by magic. Screaming as loud as she can, she drops them all to the ground. Mermista tries to soften the blow by releasing bubbles everywhere. The ground continues to shake and rattle.

Down below the Fright Zone, Frosta and Sweet Bee both try to steady their footing. "I don't think we are getting rescued anytime soon. It sounds like the world is ending out there!" Sweet Bee calls out while Frosta does her best to ignore the honey of a guide.

Back above the ground, the Star Sisters look at each other. There isn't much anyone else is going to be able to do against Ultimera. Tallstar stretches her body out to help Perfuma and Mantenna out of the way from Ultimera's wrath, "Find a way to take cover!" Perfuma and Mantenna try to follow Tallstar's orders.

Drawing his sword high, He-Man tries to fight off the vicious Ultimera. It is not easy, but he does his best. Angella grabs hold of Peekablue as they try to find a safe haven from the chaos around them. Netossa and Spinnerella both try to fight, but there just is not much they can do. Netossa hopes that Sea Hawk doesn't return soon from his journey to drop off the wounded. Castaspella tries casting some magic of her own. Ultimera senses this use of magic and quickly silences Casta from doing anything. Clamp Champ and Stratos are the only two Masters still left, and they are finding themselves useless against such evil. They are all facing the most terrifying being in all the universe.

Starla, Tallstar, and Jewelstar both communicate to each other in ways that only sisters such as them can. They channel as much power and magic as possible. Calling forth a spell from the stars above, each sister whistles a special tune calling forth their pet Glorybird! Soaring high into the sky, Glorybird flaps his wings and unleashes a flurry of comets and stars that come shooting down to Etheria, each taking aim at the evil Ultimera. Cursing out loud, Ultimera sneers, "You dare think that this magic will harm me! I am all! This world is going to be crushed in my hands!"

He-Man jumps towards her, ready to take a swipe. Ultimera twists her face before tossing him to the ground. Raising his body up from a short distance, the evil sorceress pulls his body towards her. Her inky eyes focus on He-Man. Her vision of him is not what it seems, instead of seeing the powerful He-Man, she instead sees Adam! "It's you. I know you." Time begins to slow down, as her mind drifts to her another time more recent. "I lived in the woods, in a cottage..."

As he is caught in her clutches, He-Man is hit with a sudden realization, he knows Ultimera, only this is not the exact same woman, "Arem?" Ultimera loses some of the darkness in her eyes, "I took care of you..." He-Man nods, "Yes, you did. I couldn't remember who I was, and you helped care for me..." Ultimera laughs with a bit of joy as she recalls her time in the woods so long ago with Adam. This brief moment is an opening for the Star Sisters. The three women look at each other, they know that this might just be their chance to stop her...

Catra sits with Glimmer on a wide clearing on Skydancer Mountain. They have a wide view of Etheria before them. Catra can only smile to herself as she recalls this exact spot. Letting the moment slip by her, Catra furiously flips through a book from Shadow Weaver's library in Horror Hall. Cursing before tossing the book across the clearing, Catra purrs, "That book makes no sense! No sense at all! What is it trying to tell me?!" She recalls the familiar words and passages about Despondos, but she still doesn't know exactly what it is.

Glimmer looks on fearful, her knees tucked under her chin, "Are you going to kill me?" Quickly turning to look at the rebel princess, Catra's green eyes brighten, "Maybe." Standing up with a stretch, Catra slinks down to the ground crawling towards Glimmer. Shaking slightly, Glimmer panics wondering if she is about to be struck.

Grabbing Glimmer's arm tightly, Catra spins her around to look at the glory of Skydancer Mountain, "This mountain and I have a story Glimmer. It is where I sought greatness, and now I am getting my chance to get it right." Nodding at the words, Glimmer just looks at Catra.

"Your cousin was Spira, correct?" Catra asks pointedly. Glimmer nods as Catra breaks into a chilling laugh, "It's a shame what happened to Spira or Double Trouble or whatever alias she used for herself. I should thank her. It was in part due to her role as a double agent that I created my own plans to kill Adora. I knew someone was spying on the Horde, and I used that information for my own personal gain. I pinned it all on Adora with the hopes that I'd have permission to take her out. And that's what I did. I led her up here, to this very spot on Skydancer Mountain, and we fought. I even threw her off the side of the mountain certain that I'd be finished with her." Catra pauses before shaking Glimmer slightly, "But she came back! She survived! She always survives! Adora endures all. But not tonight Glimmer. Oh no, not tonight. For tonight I am going to finish what I've longed to do. I'm going to kill Adora." Her green eyes burn though Glimmer. The rebel princess can't stop shaking in the presence of Catra. Glimmer's only guiding hope is that Adora and her both can survive the night...

Ultimera is lost looking at He-Man. Her mind fuzzy from her strange freedom not so long ago, she tries to pick up the pieces of her life. The Star Sisters keep looking at her, paying careful attention to her mood. Starla looks at her sisters, "I have to stop this with the the only power I can." Jewelstar's shiny jewel armor reflects on her face, "You can't even think that! If you invoke the All-Star you could die." Starla nods holding onto her sister's hands, "It must be done though." Tallstar refuses to listen to such notions, "Starla, no! We've finally been free from our frozen stasis in the comet, we have a world to experience all over again. There has to be another way." Shaking her head at her most noble choice, Starla sighs, "If we don't stop her, there won't be a world to view. We promised this planet long ago that we would protect it, and that is what I am going to do."

Breaking away from her sisters, Starla whispers out her call to the stars as she makes her way towards Ultimera. Sensing that something is afoot, Ultimera breaks from her glimpses into the past. Her eyes fill with the familiar inky purple as she whips around to face Starla. Howling in anger, Ultimera prepares to strike, but it is as if time stands still. The strike is slowed down as Starla throws her arms in the air releasing a flurry of stars and light. A dome of energy surrounds them both spiriting them away with bright bursts of light exploding in their wake.

Tallstar and Jewelstar rush to the spot that their sister was just at. They hold onto to each other tightly. He-Man looks at them both, "What did Starla just do?" The other members of the Great Rebellion stumble around, making their way to the sisters. They all are asking the same thing. Tallstar looks at her friends, "Starla is able to transport herself to the center of the All-Star. If she can, she will leave Ultimera there to burn, but Starla might not come back."

Angella shakes her head, "This is insanity. Why would Ultimera want to destroy this world?" Jewelstar looks around, "She is the evil sorceress that hated us so much that she trapped us in a shooting star. Luckily, we were able to trap her with us to prevent her from tearing this world apart. Ever since we have known her she has been trying to take this world as her own." Angella sighs, "Everyone wants to take this world for their own."

He-Man listens to the stories, but he is confused, "I don't understand, what did you ever do to incur such a wrath from this evil sorceress?" Tallstar hangs her head, "Our mere existence was more than enough to anger Ultimera. After all, she's our mother..."

As the heroes await the fate of Starla, both Starla and Ultimera find themselves inside the burning hot center of the All-Star. Magma, fire, and raw cosmic energy flow freely as the two women find themselves in the large burning sphere. Starla is protected for only a moment. Doing her best to shake Ultimera free, the evil sorceress tries to hold on to Starla's hands. The magma flows through their hair like water as their faces meet.

The inky purple fades away as Ultimera realizes the depths of her power and hatred. Starla lets her go as a silent goodbye speaks volumes between them. Reaching out one last time, Ultimera feels the raw heat of the All-Star eat away at her, consuming her raw. Starla finds her skin growing hot and she quickly chants the familiar words to bring her back to Etheria. A burst of stars and light swirl around the magma and heat before she is gone.

Starla returns in a flash to the delight of her sisters. Falling to the ground, Starla is met by everyone. Making sure she is alright, the group surrounds her with love and care. Starla hugs her sisters tight as they cry tears of joy and sadness. Netossa can hear the whir of Sea Hawk's ship in the distance, she is relieved that he is back. Spinnerella takes a seat on the ground, she finds herself actually dizzy from the rush of so many events. Perfuma leans on Mantenna for some rest. Angella is greatly concerned about her daughter, but Peekablue and Mermista remind everyone that Frosta and Sweet Bee are still trapped below.

Underneath the Fright Zone, Sweet Bee listens for more sounds of world destruction, "Either they won the fight or we are all about to die, I don't know which Frosta. It is all very quiet above us." The honey of a guide looks over at a very silent Frosta. "It is pretty quiet here too. I'm not used to seeing you so quiet Frosta."

Stewing in her anger at being trapped alone with Sweet Bee, Frosta spits out, "I don't talk with trash like you." Sweet Bee rolls her eyes, "I can't get over how terrible you are. What did I ever do to you?" Frosta stands up with a shocked expression across her face, "What did you ever do? You dare ask something so insipid? Where should I begin? Oh yes, you slept with a man I was interested in, if only to make me angry."

Sweet Bee defends herself, "Oh please. Don't play the victim. My actions were in direct retaliation to your sheer hatred for me. I did nothing to you, and yet from the moment we've met you have had it in for me!" Frosta screams at Sweet Bee, "You stupid cow! I had every reason to dislike you! I come to my home and find you living in my basement with all my heirlooms, dripping all your honey droppings everywhere!" Sweet Bee opens her mouth, "Oh give me a break Frosta. I did not ruin any of your items. What was I supposed to do? I had no where else to go for shelter. It was freezing out there." Frosta shrugs, "Not my problem. Build yourself a blanket next time."

Sweet Bee shakes her head, ready to finally have it out with Frosta, "No. You are full of it. The real reason you disliked me so much was because He-Man was so smitten with me and he wanted nothing to do with you. The spoiled little ice empress wasn't getting her way, huh? Unbelievable! You are evil. Pure evil Frosta."

Recoiling from the words, Frosta stands tall, "Oh don't be ridiculous darling. How am I evil? I'm a member of the Great Rebellion." Frosta walks away trying to avoid the conversation, but Sweet Bee keeps buzzing around, "True, you might not be evil in the way of wanting to rule the world and kill people, but you are still evil. You are filled with so much hatred for other people it is astonishing. No one stands a chance around you, because you don't even believe in handing chances out to people. You are so nasty and cruel. That is why you are nothing but an evil hateful bitch!"

Frosta glares in anger towards Sweet Bee, "I'd rather be a hateful bitch than a dumb one like you. Your little stunt with Adam, you don't realize how stupid you look." Sweet Bee shrugs, "I don't care. I may have shared a bed with him to get at you, but I actually might like him." Frosta covers her mouth to hold back her laughter, "Oh darling, keep talking. Please keep spouting off. You just make yourself sound more and more stupid."

"How am I stupid Frosta? Because I actually care about someone? That doesn't make me stupid." Continuing to laugh louder, Frosta points a finger at the honey of a guide, "You are an idiot. You slept with a man that only a short time ago you could not stand. Adam and He-Man are the same person. Can those tight blond curls process that? You were so turned off by He-Man and yet you want more of Adam, when in reality they are the same."

Totally caught off guard, Sweet Bee shakes her head, "How is that possible?" Frosta laughs while explaining the power that Adam has to transform to the mighty He-Man. Sweet Bee slumps to the ground trying to understand what this could mean for her feelings and heart. How can she like someone that she lost interest in not so long ago? Frosta shakes her head, "Oh darling, how pathetic." Sweet Bee looks up at her, "I feel sorry for you. I don't pretend to have a life that makes sense, but I'm at least able to care about people. You are cruel Frosta. Completely cruel." There is something about the tone in Sweet Bee's voice that rattles Frosta. The icy empress feels like she won in the battle of wits with Sweet Bee, but she doesn't really feel victorious.

The two women soon direct their attention to the sounds of their rescue. He-Man, the Star Sisters, and Mermista find a way to open the trap door from above. He-Man walks into the room first, "Are you both ok?" Sweet Bee nods, unable to really look at him. She walks past him to her path outside, "I'm just fine." He-Man gives a look to Frosta as she snaps, "Darling, it's about time someone got us out of here." Frosta walks out with Mermista, "Now tell me, what did I miss?"

Sea Hawk's ship is landing in the distance as everyone cheers the chance to be back home, though there are a lot of thoughts on Glimmer. Romeo wonders if he can make it Skydancer Mountain, but he is a bit weak from all the fighting. Angella hangs back around as her thoughts drift to her daughter, "Please Adora, save my daughter." She silently whispers a hope into the air before heading with everyone else back to Castle Bright Moon.

The sun is going to be rising soon, and Glimmer's heart is just about ready to burst out of her chest. She is not ready to die yet. Catra stands on the edge of the mountain and breathes in the air, "She is here." Catra turns around, motioning for Glimmer to stand up. Groaning in pain as Catra roughly drags Glimmer around, the rebel princess calls out, "Please, let me go." Catra purrs, "Shut up."

Standing with a dagger at Glimmer's throat, Catra waits for her visitor. She-Ra makes her way up the mountain and into the clearing. Catra narrows her eyes as she lightly digs the blade into Glimmer's neck, "I said I wanted Adora here." She-Ra slowly nods, "I know, and Adora is going to be here. But let Glimmer go first. Adora and I agreed that you can have us both. This isn't a trick." She-Ra carefully grabs her sword and places it on the ground, "See. Adora is going to be here soon. Just let Glimmer go."

Glimmer has tears in her eyes as she can feel the blade digging into her flesh. Beads of blood are starting to form. Trying to stay calm, Glimmer screams as Catra shoves her forward to the ground, "Get out of here." Glimmer quickly gets up shaking and unsure if she is actually going to be able to escape or not. She gives She-Ra a look, as if asking to be of assistance if need be, but She-Ra nods for Glimmer to leave the mountain.

Turning one last time, Glimmer looks at She-Ra and Catra. She begins to cry as she realizes that something bad is about to happen. Making her way down the mountain, Glimmer can't stop shaking and crying. She comes face to face with Huntara and nearly screams out loud from surprise before Huntara places a hand over her mouth, "Is Catra up there?" Glimmer nods her eyes wide open. Huntara looks up the mountain ready to sneak above and help out in any way she can. Huntara explains to Glimmer to head to the base of the mountain, "Swift Wind is there and Catra's pet Clawdeen is sedated. You'll be fine." Glimmer nods. Before leaving, she turns to find Huntara quickly gone.

Back on the clearing, She-Ra stands tall looking across at Catra. The jealous beauty purrs, "Where is she? I want to see Adora. Now." She-Ra nods catching her breath, "And you shall see her Catra." She-Ra lifts her tiara off her head as the familiar vacuum of energy reverses itself bringing She-Ra back to Adora. Swirling sparks of energy pop and flash on the side of the mountain like a mini explosion of fireworks.

Adora stands before Catra in all her truth. Catra looks on with a smirk, "I had the slightest inkling that you were both the same. This truly makes my job easier." Adora stands still, so many feelings racing through her mind and heart, "Alright Catra. You know my secret, now I want to know something from you. Why did you kill Bow?" Catra walks towards Adora and stops when the question is posed, "I didn't mean to kill him. He was supposed to help me. When it comes to you we both had our issues, I wanted us to be free from you. I lost control though."

Tears form in her eyes as Adora realizes that Bow's life had to end surrounded by madness, "Catra, why? Why go this far? What have I ever done to you? You are the first person I ever spoke a word to. We were raised in the same crib, I wanted us to be so close. How did it all fall apart?"

Catra feels her sharp nails digging into her hands, "Not everyone wants to be close Adora. I've always wanted to be alone. I hate people. I hate having to be in relationship to others. But I couldn't do that with you around, now could I? Sweet perfect Adora, the golden child of the Horde. It made me sick with how much people liked you." Adora rolls her eyes, "Oh not this again. What is this jealousy about? I'm tired of this petty jealousy!" Catra's green eyes flare open with burning anger, "I am not JEALOUS! I just hate you!"

The two women storm towards each other with so much anger, Adora screams, "Hate me then!" Catra lashes out and back hands Adora across the face. Tasting blood in her mouth, Adora draws back a strong punch into Catra's cheek. Catra falls to the ground and begins laughing uncontrollably. Adora stands there horrified, she doesn't want to hurt her. Tears pour down Adora's face as she kneels next to Catra, trying to hold onto her, "Why do you hate me Catra? Why have you always hated me? I've wanted nothing more than to be your friend..."

Catra stares at her in a daze, the moment of truth is at hand, "I've hated you because I've loved you." Adora sits back, confused, "I don't understand..." Catra grins in a state of delirium, "I've always wanted to be in your orbit. I've always toyed with the idea of opening myself fully to you, to join in the love and friendship that you have so easily done with others. And I hated myself for that too..." Adora shakes her head in sadness, "Why Catra? Why hate yourself for that? What is wrong with being close to people?" Smirking, Catra yells, "Because you were never going to love me like I wanted to love you! Don't you see, it has always had to be this way. Especially when you did the unthinkable to me..."

Adora looks on in even more confusion which only angers Catra further, "You don't remember do you?" Adora hangs her head, "Catra, I don't know. I don't know what you are talking about." A flash of rage flashes across Catra's face as she shoves Adora away. Scrambling up with a pointed finger, Catra screams, "You kissed me! You!" Adora shakes her head, "Catra, what on Etheria are you talking about..." Catra rakes her fingers through her hair, "Oh you piece of shit! How simple of you to destroy a person's life! You kissed me. We were on a mission for Hordak, and we nearly died..."

The memories bubble to the surface for Adora as she realizes her actions, "Oh my. Yes. I'm so sorry Catra, I did kiss you. We were in some temple and it was falling apart. There were these creatures, I knew in that instant that we weren't going to make it. I was so sad at what I thought was the end. I remember we were holding onto each other..." Catra shakes out, nervous to finally be addressing this significant moment in her life, "And that's when you placed your lips on mine and kissed me. Why did you do that?" Adora shakes her head, trying to recall her feelings at that time, "I don't know Catra. I honestly don't know. I thought we were going to die, and I just wanted to feel something. We'd both been working so hard to improve our ranks in the Horde and I was just becoming so numb to all the misery we were causing for Etheria. I just wanted to feel something."

Catra smirks, "Well I felt something too. From that moment on I couldn't get you out of my heart, and it made me angry. I don't want you in there! I want you gone! I hate you!" Adora places a hand over her mouth, "I'm so sorry Catra. I didn't know that what happened would have had such an effect on you." Catra points a finger, "And you never even bothered to ask." Adora throws her hands in the air, "Give me a break Catra! What did you want me to do?! You have never been a pleasant person! How was I supposed to talk to you about something when you have always been cold and distant!" Catra screams, "You could have tried! You could have done something! It was you who kissed me! And then when we survived, you went back to the Fright Zone and slept with Bow."

Adora holds her chest, "How did you know that?" Catra stares at her in anger, "I went to find you, and that is when I saw your disgusting lovemaking. I ran off with nothing but more hatred for you." Adora groans out, "Catra all of this could have been prevented. I would have listened to you, I would have been your friend. I may not have been able to love you as much as you wanted to love me, but I would have supported you..."

Catra looks at her, cold and detached, "I don't want your support. I want you gone. I want you out of my life. I don't want love, I bathe in hate. It fuels me." Adora has tears streaming down her face, "No Catra. No. Your hatred is killing you. It is driving you to madness! You killed Bow!" Catra has the same tears streaming down her face. She hisses, "I know I killed him! I know! He haunts me..." Catra hangs her face in her hands. Adora closes her eyes and asks, "What happens now?" The two women face each other with the fate of everything they've ever known hanging between them. Catra purrs, "You know what happens next."

Nodding at the statement, Adora sighs, "Yes, I suppose I do. You've said enough, but it doesn't change your actions. You must pay for what you have done." Catra tosses her head back with a laugh, "That's funny isn't it? When do you get to pay for all the things you've done Adora? I guess since you've been granted the power of She-Ra, you've been absolved of all misdeeds, hm? No, no, no. Only one of our secrets gets to leave this mountain." Catra is ready for a fight.

Adora is not, "I'm not fighting you Catra. I'm done fighting. I'm tired of all this violence." This is her truth, Adora feels it in her bones. Catra slinks towards her adversary, "For just one last time, I want you to fight me!" Catra charges Adora and lands a painful blow under Adora's chin. The blond hero takes the punch in stride as she is knocked to the ground. Catra circles Adora, delivering a swift kick to her side, "Get up! Get up and fight me!" Catra lifts Adora up and flings her across the ground.

Refusing to fight, tired from all the pain and suffering, Adora is motionless as Catra tries to draw a response. Screaming in anger, Catra lifts Adora up, shoving her back against a wall of rock, "Fight me!!!" Blinking back pain, Adora looks up at Catra with sadness in her eyes. Shaking her head, Adora whispers, "No. I won't." Catra's lip twitches as she realizes this is not as simple as she thought it would be.

In a surprise move, Adora reaches out with her arms wrapping around Catra. She hugs her enemy tightly, refusing to let go. Catra breaks away and looks Adora in the face. With a stillness between them, Catra leans in placing her lips on Adora's, and they kiss. It is a kiss that is far from sexual and yet it is sexual. It is a contradiction of many feelings and experiences all at once. It is a greeting. It is every memory they have ever shared and a further reminder that the connection between them is one of the greatest in all the universe. There is love. Hate. Sadness. There connection is a relationship born in the scariest of times and faltered by the notion that they were destined to oppose each other, when a friendship would have sufficed. The kiss is also a goodbye. Catra closes her eyes and raises the dagger in her hand. In the quickest of moments, she slices through flesh.

Adora is not sure what she is doing, but she breaks away from Catra as she begins to feel blood pouring down her chest, soaking through her clothing. Unsure from where the source of blood is originating, Adora looks at Catra and panics, "No! Catra, no!" The green eyed beauty with eyes of fire falls to the ground with a gaping wound slit from her own neck. Her life is leaving her body. Adora tries to help, sitting Catra up, "Oh no, no, no! Don't do this!"

Huntara enters the clearing in time to see Catra bleeding out. Rushing to help, Huntara stares in horror at the woman she loves fading away. Catra looks up at Huntara, willing herself to say something, but no words can be said. The eyes that were once ablaze with green fire slowly fade away into a dull dimness that eventually looks empty and lost. Adora chokes out a sob, unsure how much more grief she can handle. Huntara is silent, staring down at Catra in sadness. The two surviving women share in their pain as the sun rises high and bright, shedding new light on Skydancer Mountain, ready to start a new day.

Time seems to move slowly. The members of the Great Rebellion wait for the return of Glimmer, Huntara, and Adora. Nerves are calmed as the three women make their way inside the gates of Bright Moon. Romeo and Angella both rush to Glimmer, thrilled that she is safe. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief at the sight of Adora. Mermista and Perfuma are the first to hug Adora tightly. Refusing to let their friend go, Frosta and Castaspella soon try to get in to show their happiness for Adora's safe return. Netossa and Spinnerella are overjoyed, as are Kowl and Madame Razz. Peekablue is relieved that the group is safe and sound. The Star Sisters look on, pleased that all major threats to Etheria seem to be taken care of. Huntara looks at all the joyous reunions and it upsets her too much. She quietly walks away from the group. Sea Hawk looks on, pleased to see Adora safe, but he soon walks away as well. He isn't sure where he stands with the rest of the Rebellion.

Adora finally looks out at all of her friends, but her heart really melts when she sees her brother in the crowd. Running to Adam, Adora holds onto her brother tight. Everyone is excited and thrilled to see each other, as entries into what happened are left to be discussed at a later time. For now everyone wants to just breathe and take a moment to enjoy each other's company. Adora looks on at her friends as Perfuma walks up to her with a whisper, "What happens next Adora?" The grand hero of this story looks at her friend and wonders about that very same question.

In the vast darkness of space, Horde World slowly drifts along as Skeletor sits in a giant room while two former Horde members bow down before him. Mosquitor and Cy-Chop refuse to look up at him. Sneering at them both, Skeletor growls, "Hordak is not here. He left you all to die on this miserable piece of floating garbage, and yet you still desire to serve him." Mosquitor makes a strange sound as Cy-Chop tries to quiet him. Skeletor snaps, "A change is coming, and you two should do the smart thing and join me. Join me, or perish on this floating dump." Mosquitor and Cy-Chop look at each other, debating what they should do when Shadow Weaver finally walks in.

Rasping out her arrival, Shadow Weaver steps out of the way for their guests, "Skeletor, I present to you the Space Mutants." A band of terrifying creatures that look to be partially human walk into Skeletor's makeshift throne room in space. Looking at the group with a bit of strangeness, Skeletor is introduced to the leader of the group, a creepy looking space warrior by the name of Flogg. His voice gurgles, sounding slimy, "I am Flogg. We've been told by this woman of a most unique partnership you wish to embark on with us." Skeletor nods as he is introduced to the other Space Mutants: Karatti, Lizorr, Optikk, Quakke, and Slush Head. Together promises are made between both parties of a journey to Hordak's original home world with promises of power and technology along with the keys to ruling the universe. In a moment's time, the Space Mutant's ship is boarded and ready to leave Horde World behind. Mosquitor and Cy-Chop both relent and join this new adventure. A whole new band of evil beings are together flying through space with nothing but the thirst for universal power in their eyes...

Time passes slowly on Etheria as life begins to settle back to normal. With old wounds beginning to heal, many of the guests from Eternia are getting their items in order to head back home. Stratos pulls Frosta aside. In the past few days the two have actually spent time together. "I'm going to be leaving soon Frosta." Shrugging his departure off, Frosta grins, "That is fine darling." Stratos shakes his head, "Seriously, if you find yourself on Eternia, I would really like to take you out to dinner. A real dinner, not like the disasters we've been through before." Frosta laughs, "I suppose something could be done about a dinner. Now fly off, I have a busy day." He shakes his head before meeting up with Man-At-Arms.

Frosta watches him go. She never would have guessed that she'd actually enjoy his company. Frosta walks away to meet up with Mermista. Their friendship is back to normal and Frosta is actually looking forward to meeting Mermista's sister who is finally making a trip to Etheria.

Perfuma and Mantenna work together on fixing the courtyard. With all the recent destruction, Perfuma firmly believes that new flowers will make everyone feel better. Mantenna is just pleased that he finally belongs to a group of people that actually treat him well.

Clamp Champ and Castaspella continue to work on rebuilding Mystacor. She finds him to be a joy to have around, they have a special relationship that is getting closer with each new wall that is put up for the great kingdom of Mystacor.

Flutterina is thrilled that her friends are safe and her wounds from the Winged Warriors are healing nicely. Roboto is still by her side while Peekablue and Sweet Bee continue to build upon a strong friendship with them. Other dear friends like Netossa and Spinnerella travel to their home town to spend time with their family members. Huntara removes herself from everyone, and works on finding a way off the planet and back to Silax.

Queen Angella is overseeing Bright Moon and making sure that the Whispering Woods can make a comeback. It is also hard for her to say goodbye to Duncan. There is something special between them, but neither knows exactly what to do about those feelings. Angella is finally coming around to her daughter's relationship with Romeo. After everything they have been through, Angella is no longer going to be upset over her daughter's happiness. Glimmer and Romeo are very much in love.

Before Teela and Sy-Klone prepare to leave for Eternia, Teela finds Adam alone in a side room in Bright Moon, "Hey Adam." He looks at her, glad to see her doing so well. She asks him if he is going to be joining them back to Eternia. Looking at her carefully, Adam sighs, "I think I'm going to stick around on Etheria for awhile." They both look at each other, so much lingering between them. With the recent life altering events, Teela feels like there are things she needs to say to him, and just when she is about to open up, Sweet Bee interrupts the pair, "Oh, excuse me. I thought Adam was alone."

Teela looks at them both and shakes her head, "No, he is alone. I was just leaving." She says a goodbye to Adam before quietly leaving. Adam turns to look at Sweet Bee. Asking what she wants, Sweet Bee sighs, "I need to talk to you. Ever since I was trapped under the new Fright Zone, I have been wanting to talk to you. I have to be honest, I think I might like you. I also know that you are He-Man, which makes this all very awkward, but I want to be true to you." Adam stands there, confused about how to handle the news. Sweet Bee also reaches out to him, "I also must be honest with something else: we never slept together."

Adam's eyes bulge out in surprise, "What do you mean? I remember you in my room and sharing my bed..." Sweet Bee hangs her head, "That did happen, but before we went all the way, you passed out. I had placed a few drops of stinging honey in your drinks that night, and it hit you pretty hard. Please don't be mad." She looks at him, hoping he can understand and believe her. He nods, "I think we have a great deal to talk about... which is good because I am going to be staying on Etheria for awhile." He smiles at her as the potential for a romantic future grows between them both. He is ready to see where a new romance could go.

A few more days pass as Netossa and Spinnerella return to Bright Moon. Just in perfect time too, as one special person is getting ready to leave. Inside her room at Bright Moon, Adora goes through some boxes preparing to move to the Eternos Palace on Eternia. Glimmer is helping Adora with some of the boxes, "Oh Adora, I hate that you are leaving." Adora stops her packing and smiles, "I know. But I'm only a portal away. I really need to do this though. I want to spend some time with my parents." Glimmer knows that Adora also wants to get away from all the sadness. She is really going to miss Adora.

"Oh, look at this Adora!" Glimmer motions towards a special box, "These were Spira's books!" Walking towards the box, Adora looks over the books, "Oh I remember you giving these to me after we lost her. She wrote these books. Wow, I need to read these. Are you sure that it is ok for me to take them?" Glimmer nods, "Please take them. You both had a close friendship. Enjoy them."

Soon the packing is all set and finished. Adora finds herself saying goodbye to the people she has come to call her family through all these years. The Star Sisters promise Adora that they will protect Etheria in her absence. Jewelstar also wants to tell Adora something about Bow and the past, but she refrains knowing it would sound strange. There are tears flowing as Adora continues her goodbyes. Hugging Madame Razz tightly, Adora whispers, "Please tell Light Hope I'm sorry I couldn't say goodbye. I just couldn't return, not after everything..." Madame Razz nods hugging Adora tight, "Dearie, I know he would understand."

It is hard to say goodbye, especially to all the people who are hating to see her go. One last goodbye is made between Adora and her brother Adam. She smiles at him, "Would you look at us! We are swapping homes." Adam nods feeling tears in his eyes, "I'll be back to Eternia soon." Adora nods wiping her eyes, "Love you brother." Adam nods choking back some tears, "I love you too sis."

Adora gives one last look to her friends. She notices that Sea Hawk is not there, and somehow that feels fitting, he has always been one to fly off on his own. Mermista and Perfuma are wiping their eyes trying not to be too emotional at the sight of her leaving. Frosta stands tall, wishing Adora nothing but the best. Angella looks at Adora walking off and is so proud at how far Adora has come. Glimmer holds tight to Romeo's hand and recalls all the memories she has had with Adora. Netossa smiles knowing she will see Adora soon. Spinnerella and Peekablue are cheering Adora on while Flutterina watches a dear friend walk away. Kowl and Madame Razz are hollering Adora's name in celebration. For an instant Adora wonders if she should leave Etheria, but then she sees her brother and Sweet Bee close to each other and so happy. In that moment Adora realizes that they are all going to be ok. Life is going to go on, even her own. Through all the sadness and loss, they are all going to be fine. There is life all around her, ready to provide them all with new experiences and new joys.

With Spirit right next to her, Adora gives one last wave before walking through the portal into Castle Grayskull. Her items are already there, and in the coming hours Adora settles in her room in the Eternos Palace. Things feel different already. She thinks about this new journey she is going on. She is pleased to see her parents and the other kind people that help make Eternos her new home. But this new journey is all her own, she is going to make it all her own. Alone.

Curling up into her bed before night, Adora takes one of Spira's books in her hands. Marveling at the golden cover, Adora flips the book open smiling at the handwriting from her friend. While pouring over the book, Adora's eyes scan the first page as she reads about a strong woman trying her best to survive the pitfalls of a place called Despondos. Immersed in the book, Adora can't wait to find out what happens next.


The first thing that wakes him is the smell of strange smoke in the air. Rolling over onto the ground, he tries to breathe in the air and feels terrible. His stomach hurts and he isn't sure why. A voice calls out from above, "I thought you'd never wake up."

He sits up with a head spinning so fast. Focusing his sight on the familiar person in front of him, he stammers, "Catra? Is that you?" Catra slinks towards him, "Yes, it is me." He can see a strange mark across her neck, "What happened to you?" He looks around trying to understand, "More importantly where are we?"

Catra's green eyes look into him, "We are in Despondos Bow. And like I've been saying, you are going to help me." Bow shakes his head as he remembers things, "Wait a minute, you... killed me... what is going on?" Catra slinks towards him kneeling to the ground, "You are going to help me." Bow looks at her, something is different about her. She feels free. "What am I going to help you with?" Catra purrs, "You're going to help me find my soul." Bow has no idea what she is talking about, but he gets up with her as they walk around. They are in another world, another dimension. Unsure what to do next, he takes his first steps at a new start with her as the mysteries of Despondos surround them both.


  1. For being the last story, you left it wide open to be continued, there are 4 openings for something new. Is that the plan?

    If anything, I looked at every part that I could and it was very entertaining. But, it is YOUR story, so in the end, its how you felt about it that counts.

    Pretty cool, I wonder what the next one will be if you decide to keep doing a multiple part story again.

    Oh, and you must have one hell of a soft spot for Mantenna; I'm guessing that you are excited about the figure in a few months?

    Enjoyable story, do another!

    1. Well it certainly doesn't have a clean ending, but there are aspects that ended. I did leave some parts of the story open if I ever do decide to add more to the story, but I also left it to where if I never return to it, the wide open parts are open just enough that the story can live on in people's minds. Had I ended it in a way like She-Ra gets shot, and that's it, I'd be pissed. But I couldn't give this story a clean ending. I want to imagine it going on and on and on. lol

      I do have a soft spot for Mantenna. He was my favorite male Horde character and I really am excited for his release soon.

  2. that was such a cool swan song. espically love how sweet bee called out frosta as the witch she acts as. and also admitted she drugged adam and adam still wants romance. plus cantra seems to have found peace at last even if its now looking for her soul. and the bit with skelator and the mutants is just screaming sequel.

    1. Thank you demoncat! I really had fun with Sweet Bee and Frosta. I also liked the idea of Adam still wanting his life to be filled with love and romance. And I did leave parts of it open in case I ever wanted to return to this story. I don't know that I will be doing it anytime soon, but I certainly have more ideas and a sort-of blueprint for how the rest of the story would go. In the end, this was all about Adora finding her place. I thank you for all your comments too. Hope all is well.

  3. OK-that whole part at the beginning-were those all characters from the New Adventures of He-Man? And if so, was that story about He-Man's mom a part of that show?
    I think you really need to be commended for finding time, in your last story to put in a reference to FEARLESS PHOTOG! the greatest MOTU character ever! haha
    Is it your intention that Skeletor and the Space Mutants, along with Shadow Weaver, Mosquitor, and Cy-Chop will be the new Horde? And Skeletor will essentially be the new Horde Prime? Was that the implication?
    Also since Scare-Glow is essentially the ruler of Snake Mountain now-does that mean he is kind of the leader of the Evil Warriors? I would love to see a fight between the Skeletor headed horde and the Scare Glow headed Evil Warriors!
    Actually, my only complaint about the finale is that there wasn't much Sea Hawk, but I suppose that elusiveness really does befit his character. He was probably off drinking somewhere.
    I like the fact that you made Despondos be kind of a death dimension, like how when people die in Dragon Ball z they go to another dimension. Or like the "other side" from VD. That way you can always find a way to bring them back if need be. But if Catra and Bow are in Despondos, doesn't that mean Hordak is there too? hmm? And most importantly of all STINKOR! I literally smell a sequel.
    But, all else aside, I think I speak for the entire MOTU fan community when I say thank you for pouring your heart out on the screen in the form of this wonderful fan-fic for so many months. You have truly kept the spirit of She-Ra alive and shown that it is a legacy worth celebrating. I hope you continue to write fiction, even if you don't continue on with the She-Ra stories. I think we'd all like to see some of your original Miss M brand characters serialized!

    1. The characters in the first part were from the NA He-Man cartoon, though the story was switched up from the original source material. In the NA cartoon, the characters are all from the future. He-Man goes into the future to stop Skeletor. I don't know if there has been a storyline where folks from Earth plan on searching for Marlena, but it was something I imagined a lot, like what would happen if people went to look for Marlena.

      And with Skeletor in space going to the original Horde world, it is not so much about him being the new Horde Prime or even starting a new Horde, but it is more like him taking the information that the Horde already accomplished and using it for his own gains to rule the universe. Mosquitor and Cy-Chop are tagging along not to continue the Horde, but more for preserving their own lives.

      I did have one piece of the story that was about Sea Hawk flying overhead in his ship as Adora walked through the portal, and how he just kinda flies off, but I didn't put it in because it wasn't working out. So I did leave him a little absent, but obviously if I were to one day continue this story he would have an important role.

      Scare Glow is running the Evil Warriors on Eternia, but he is doing it as Skeletor, so the big question for me would be, how long would he be able to keep up being Skeletor before someone started to notice something wrong.

      Despondos for me has always made more sense to be a limbo type place for people who have died. I have never liked or really understood the concept of Despondos from the 200X cartoon. And my thinking was totally that Catra and Bow are there, as well as quite a few other characters. (Hordak would be included with that.) But Stinkor would not be. Or maybe he would. I am still not sure. Because even though he jumpstarted an explosion, it was only closing up the dimensional gate between Eternia and the world of Serpos. So I could technically make it that Stinkor is still alive on some Snake World type place or that he did indeed die and is on Despondos. There is clearly a lot of stuff that can still be explored if I decide to continue.

      For now though I am planning on working on my own characters and my own stories! I am actually typing up a short story as we speak for submission into an Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine issue. So I hope they will be interested.

      And I really thank you for having taken the itme to read this fanfic. I am really glad that you enjoyed it! I hope I did She-Ra and all her friends proud! lol I hope you are doing well.