Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bring it Back!

Oh the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is cooking up one of my favorite topics this week!

Bring it back! What product or media property would you like to see revived, and how would you imagine it being different today?

There are many things that I have talked about that have needed a good old fashioned come back. I've wished for Poochie, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and Moondreamers to all return as well as the usual heavy hitters I talk about on a constant loop. So what to talk about this time?

Well, had this topic appeared 6 months or so ago, I would have gladly offered up my wish for All My Children and One Life to Live to be brought back. Luckily for me they are back and better than ever. So that begs the question: what the hell would I want brought back? I just recently caught up on the unaired final episodes of Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 and I already wish that show was back. It was so good! But, I didn't want to totally pick that show for this week's topic.

Then I thought about She-Ra. I mean She-Ra seems like the most obvious media property I would want brought back, but since she is kinda back already with some merchandise and a possible return to comics, I figured it would be kinda too easy to just say her. (Though in all honesty, I really do want a nice She-Ra show to be brought back.)

So with She-Ra off the list, I found myself lost. I struggled and even toyed around with the idea that maybe Dynasty needs to be brought back. With the glowing success of the Dallas reboot, it would just make sense for Dynasty to have its chance in the reboot spotlight.

But no. I'm not going to waste my week's topic on Dynasty. As much as I love a good wedding episode with a shocking cliffhanger season finale, I want to really talk about something that needs to be brought back. (After all I have some Dynasty dolls, so for now I'm good on a reboot.)

Oh goodness, what do I want to see come back!? I like so many things, it is difficult to really pin-point a specific thing, so I might give out a very broad answer.

I want to see shows come back that have given us reason to celebrate bad ass women. When I think about the nature of things in our current pop culture climate, I sometimes look around and say, "Where's the beef?" Oh I'm joking on that part. It is actually really really late as I am writing this and I am finding myself really hungry for a cheeseburger.

But the real question is, where are these cool female characters? All types of super heroes are flying into our movie theaters and blazing across our television screens, and it just so happens that they are all mostly male. Now don't get me wrong, I am totally cool with watching male super hero movies and TV shows. But I want to see Wonder Woman. And when I say Wonder Woman, I'm not talking about some skinny hot 20 year old zygote in an itty-bitty costume bouncing all over the place. I'm talking about a real kick ass Wonder Woman. Either as a television show or even a nice big Summer blockbuster movie, I want Wonder Woman back in our pop culture conscious, just like I want to see other kick ass women return as well.

Where is Buffy or Xena? Or even Ripley? Whatever happened to Red Sonja? I was kinda looking forward to that Rose McGowan movie. Who else? Freakin She-Ra. There, I said it. Again. I always say it. She-Ra should be a national treasure except she lives on another planet and I don't really know that she would qualify as a national treasure, but she is such a great character. And it isn't really just She-Ra, I mean that whole cast of characters from the She-Ra cartoon are just fascinating. Don't let those silly names fool you, there is some major story to be mined with characters like Glimmer, Castaspella, Mermista, Frosta, Sweet Bee, Perfuma, Netossa, and Spinnerella. (I know I'm missing so many more like Catra and what-not, but cut me some slack. It's like 2 in the morning and that damn cheeseburger is calling my name. I will resist though! Must. Be. Able. To. Fit. Into. Jeans.) All these names mentioned are just a bunch of really cool characters with story lines waiting patiently to be told.

So if it were up to me I would bring back all those really great characters. I especially want Wonder Woman brought back, because it just feels odd to me that after all this time and all those sequels and reboots starring those other guys, there sadly has not been a new WW show since the Linda Carter days. We need to get it together. At this rate I'm going to be 94 before I ever see a Wonder Woman movie. I refuse to be wheeled into a movie theater wondering who Wonder Woman is because I'm too old to remember. Whoever is wheeling me in will also probably refuse me the joys of eating popcorn and candy for fear my dentures will fall out or something. God I'm hungry. Anyways... someone, anyone, just bring her back.

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I am about done in for the night! It is way past my bed time and I spent a lovely evening having a game night with some friends. We played the old 80's edition of Life. Oh goodness, it was a mess. I also baked a cake; a nice white cake with bubble gum icing. Oh it turned out really well.

Anyways, be sure to stick around because Adora's Search for Honor is going to be all new this weekend with a chapter I have been sooo longing to share with you all. I have finally made it to that point and I hope it will be enjoyable. Take care everyone!!

P.S. Since I wasn't able to take some new pictures, I thought I'd post some pictures I have taken before. They always put a smile on my face!


  1. It does seem a little like "Where have all the cowgirls gone?" doesn't it? We need a kick-ass estrogen transfusion STAT!!!

    1. I know right! And I feel like I have taken it for granted some what, because the days when I could watch Buffy and Xena were pretty good. lol

  2. I could totally go for a tough and buff Wonder Woman show. There haven't been many "kick ass" women's characters on TV shows in a while. You're definitely right about that. I'm guessing Yvonne Strahovski on Chuck was the last one I recall and she didn't really look the part necessarily... Though that was sort of the design of the concept, I suppose.

    1. Well I am glad to know that you agree! I keep hoping something will change and we will see Wonder Woman and other really cool female roles pop up again soon. I had never really watched Chuck that much, but I do recall Yvonne being a tougher female role. I mean I'm not saying they have to be super tough all the time or anything, but I would like to see WW or someone like that getting a chance to shine. Thanks you for the comments by the way!

  3. I agree about AMC and OLTL. I was so sad when they were cancelled. I still miss GL and ATWT. I grew up watching all the soaps with my grandmother. I also agree that interesting, strong female characters are few and far between now. They all just seem dumbed down and lack originality.

    1. Well I am so glad you grew up watching soaps LeAnn! I am a huge soap fan too. I never watched GL or ATWT but my mom would. I would take a break because after Y&R, Loving, AMC, OLTL, and GH, I was soaped out. lol

      And I know what you mean. Like it just feels like so many female characters on a lot of these shows and movies are treated like an extra or something. Katniss is a great and all, but I want to see more females kicking butt and having big splashy movies made after them. lol

  4. Is true that tv nowadays needs a girl kick ass character. It's sad to see that the pilot for the new Wonder Woman series don't get the green light. But I read an article on a tv mag that a new Xena series will be released soon. And they talk about get back Lucy Lawless her old warrior character. What do you think about Xena ?

    1. If they bring back Xena I will be thrilled! I enjoyed the older Xena. I would watch it when I could. At that time it was so hard to record tv shows, lol that technology just wasn't there. lol I feel so old, ya know? But I would watch it when I could. I agree though, I think it is a shame that the WW series never got picked up. I was really looking forward to it.

  5. Aw I forgot to say that the Dinasty pic are so much fun! I love this kind of stuff! :D

    1. Thank you! I always try to have fun with things. The inspiration for the picture was because I seem to recall there being a fight in a closet with all these clothes and stuff in one of the episodes. lol If you are going to have Dynasty Barbie dolls, you have got to take fun pictures with them! lol

  6. Well Buffy does live on in the comics series!(went up to season 9 now in the comics)
    -and lets not forget the best ever comic heroines ever ever ever, Prime Eve, Dairy Star and Sateena DeSade!! I am in talks with a possible webmaster as we speak for my ultimate dream Moose Comics website.
    Then all three of those ladies will get constant story action! -but you might not like the fact that they are all in their 20's and skinny with perfect bodies.

    I know it's a lil' sexist maybe, but think of it this way, most guys who read comic books weigh about 20 pounds and wear glasses. When they invented Superman they invented Clark Kent for a reason. Peter Parker, Clark Kent and a bunch of other comic dorks ARE the readers. They get to become their fantasies in the books.I have a medium sort of athletic build -but I draw giant musclemen and mutants. I think I grew up into a fine lookin' fellow, but when I was in Elementary School, I was a skinny dork! And that was when I fell in love with comics. It's escapism. So, as a cartoonist-I gotta say, if we get rid of all the cleavage and tiny midriff girls-we gotta get rid of the musclemen too. And frankly, I don't want my fantasy to have all the fantasy taken out of it. Not meant to be a slam on you Miss M, because you know I heart you, and I want a Wonder Woman movie just as much as you, but I think sometimes all of us forget the fact that both She-Ra and He-Man are impossible for us mere mortals to "be".It works both ways, for girls and guys. I'm certainly not saying there shouldn't be more female heroes. I just think its OK if they are attractive. I think the guy heroes in movies are handsome. I may be a bad judge, but I think Robert Downey Jr. is a good looking guy-even if he is older and has a moustache. But he is not perfect, so you my be right that there is a double standard that girls have to be more perfect. But you gotta admit, Ellen Page is not an impossible girl to aspire to be, and hopefully she will get more of a chance to shine in the next x film.
    Anyway, great post, and I love women! I just hate that I always have to feel like a sexist pig for drawing them to be super hot!(it's just fun to draw them that way!)

    1. Hey! Well that is absolutely wonderful that you are getting a webmaster to help out with Moose Comics! That is going to be amazing! I really look forward to that, like big time. I think your stuff is so funny and good, that it is nice to read that you have even more ideas and such for your work.

      And I feel like I need to be more clear about what I typed. I tend to just type things thinking that everyone is in my brain and understanding what I mean word for word. I totally understand and agree that super heroes are going to have perfect bodies. I get it and I obviously enjoy it or I wouldn't read comics too. But with that said, I think at times with female super heroes there can be an issue of where does the line go. Like I don't want Wonder Woman or She-Ra or even Kitty Pryde to look frumpy. They are super heroes, I want them to look glamorous and attractive. I don't see anything wrong with that. And I also don't see anything wrong with cleavage. I prescribe to cleavage in my real life, so I am not anti showing off your body and celebrating how you look. But if they do come out with a Wonder Woman movie, I don't want the focus to be on "how sexy are we going to make WW?" Does that make sense? Like I have nothing wrong with 20 year old girls and perfect bodies running around. I was 20 once too, but I feel like a WW movie, if it is to be taken seriously, is going to need someone who is attractive but not in the way that we are all going to be giggling because she is dressed for Halloween and at any moment we are waiting for her outfit to pop off. Like when we see Superman or Spider Man or whatever, yes he looks good and yes he fills the suit out, but I'm not watching the movie to see his wobbly bits move around. I want to be engaged with a good story, and I want the same thing to be done for WW too.

      Now I love your work. I love that you love women, and I love that your female super heroes have a certain body type just like the men you draw have certain body types. You have drawn an aesthetic that speaks to your voice and comic stories and it works. It is just with my experience as a woman, it sometimes feels like there are times where it is just more of a focus on how to make the character eye candy. I mean yeah, Thor may be eye candy, but he is also a badass. I want the same thing for Wonder Woman. For example, I think Kate Beckinsale would make the sexiest and coolest Wonder Woman ever. Someone like Megan Fox though, I'd be rolling my eyes. And I even kinda like Megan Fox as an actress. I hope that makes sense. : )

  7. Well my certain body types are cartoonish versions of super hero types. You know my influences- Archie, Harvey, combined with golden age age and silver age super hero books. Combining that stuff together is what makes my style, but I do use exploitation techniques because I love exploitation movies. That-combined with the fact that I love the underground comics of the 60's-is why I will have sex references, swear words-and yes, on occasion, show female breasts. And when I do so it's done in a comically over the top way, but it's because I love that boundary pushing stuff, have no rules online, and yeah-I'm a guy, I love boobies. But, as you said, I also love women-as people. So some of my favorite characters are the girl ones I draw that have their own titles. I can't wait for you to read those, because the girls will be kick ass! I have loved Buffy forever-so I love the concept of a girl who is -well, girl looking, and not too mannish, but still able to kick ass.
    I feel like the worst Wonder Woman artists are the ones who draw her too butch. Yes, she is an amazon, but as I said-it's escapism! Kate is a fine wonder woman idea-I still don't know who I would pick as my dream version. (besides Kim Smith-but she is no actress, she just looks perfect.)
    Megan Fox is going to April Oneil! How do you feel about that? She doesn't look much like her.

  8. I am really looking forward to reading the comics with the female characters. I do like your style a lot, the cartoonish style with the subversive humor is fun. And I think that is why it works. I mean I enjoy a lot of the B-Movie Grindhouse type stuff from the 70s. I can appreciate what it was and what it meant during that time and how those exploitation type stories were in some ways empowering. But I also feel like some of those films weren't empowering, and in this day and age when I go to escape I want to feel empowered. I want to see things that I have never seen before. I do agree, I don't want WW to come off as a giant Arnold impersonator, but I also don't want her to look like a little young woman. That works for Buffy because that character was in highschool. But WW is a different breed, I want her to be tall and statuesque. What I really want is a wide range of different types of women with different looks and styles to fill all kinds of cool roles. I get a kick out of all of it.

    I still don't know what to think about Megan Fox as April Oneil. I mean I know she is a beautiful woman and there are some roles I have enjoyed her in, but I guess I am just going to have to reserve judgement until the movie comes out. A part of me hopes she will be given a great role in it, but it is Michael Bay, and usually the women in his movies are treated as glorified cardboard cutouts. So I would like to think that she will have a great part in the movie, but I am not going to be expecting much. She is not exactly who I would have expected for the role, I feel like April needs to be someone who has an attitude and fearlessness, but isn't snarky. Most of what I have seen Megan Fox in she always seems to be the pretty girl with snark who just seems bored. That's not April to me. I dunno, what do I know? lol