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Adora's Search for Honor Pat 3! Chapter 64!

We've finally made it! The wedding of Adora and Bow is just a click away and it promises to all go down in a chapter you won't forget! The next few chapters are the final pieces of Part 3, and this is the part I have been dying to tell. So enjoy!

Previously: All of Adora and Bow's friends and family gathered around to celebrate the couple's upcoming wedding on Etheria... Hordak enlisted the help of two more members for his growing Horde: Vampra and Batros... Perfuma helped to decorate the courtyard in Bright Moon for the wedding. Everyone was ready to celebrate the night before the wedding, some harder than others. Adora's brother Adam got sloshed beyond belief. He also ended up in bed with someone, could it have been the two women that are vying for his affections? Sweet Bee and Frosta both want him for different reasons... Catra met up with her would-be love Huntara in the Valley of the Lost. Huntara did her best to dissuade Catra from her plans of killing Adora. Catra stood her ground and insisted on acting out her devious plan. Saying goodbye to Huntara with one last kiss, Catra nearly changed her mind, until it was too late. Huntara was gone and Catra was left to possibly think of a different plan for the fate of Adora...

And now...
Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 64

Adam winces from the bright morning light shining brilliantly into his guest room inside of Castle Bright Moon. The day is new and calling for his sister's wedding. He can hear people moving items around. Preparations are being made for the eventual arrival of guests for the wedding. Jumping up from his bed, and regretting the action, as his head throbs terribly. Adam quickly worries that the wedding will be starting soon. He soon realizes it is still too early, there is plenty of time yet before the celebration continues.

Rubbing his head while trying to recall just how much he had to drink the night before, Adam feels the smooth skin of flesh by his side. His leg is next to another leg that is not his own. Glancing to his side, Adam nearly falls out of his bed. Sweet Bee is lying next to him, her golden curls brightly enhanced by the shimmery sun. She looks stunning. The moment quickly passes though as Adam realizes he is in bed with Sweet Bee.

Slightly grabbing hold of her shoulder and motioning ever so slightly, Adam whispers, "Sweet Bee? Are you awake?" The honey of a guide slowly opens her eyes and nods her answer. Adam is caught off guard. Beckoning for some sort of answer, the Eternian prince tries to recall what happened the night before, "How did we end up like this?" Sitting up on her elbows with a sheet strategically draped over parts of her body, Sweet Bee breathlessly sighs, "You don't remember?"

"No. Last night was... hazy..." Adam focuses with all his might, but not even the powerful He-Man can remember how he ended up in this predicament. Sweet Bee taps a finger to her lips, "I guess we could begin with the party at the bar. You were having a grand time. At one point in the evening we started dancing, and you kept telling me how you wanted to kiss me, to prove to me that you could kiss better than before. I wasn't sure what that meant, but we kissed." Adam listens, horrified that he might have told her about his secret identity as He-Man, "Did I say or do anything else?"

Sweet Bee tilts her head, trying to remember the nights events, "After we kissed you said you weren't feeling well. I gave you a special drop of honey to clear your mind. You felt better and said you wanted to be alone with me and to meet you in your room later on." Adam's eyes open wide, "I said that?!"

Sitting back in surprise, Sweet Bee adds, "You did. Were you not wanting to see me?" Trying to be cool and refrain from mucking things up, Adam sighs, "I just don't remember any of this." He listens to her words and slowly begins trying to piece together the last things he remembers from the night. He remembers dancing with Frosta, followed by a dance with Sweet Bee. All of a sudden his memories trickle in one by one, the night playing out on a loop. He did kiss Sweet Bee and they did meet up in the middle of the night, making love. Adam can only hang his head though. He thinks of Frosta and wonders if she knows of anything. Sweet Bee sits up in bed kissing Adam on the cheek, "Last night was fun." Adam can only smile realizing that he may not be exactly ready to date. He has no idea what he has gotten himself into...

Outside the castle and in the courtyard, Perfuma, Glimmer and Adora work on some last minute things for the wedding. The women are decorating a lovely looking carriage. "Adora, you really shouldn't be dong anything. This is your day!" Perfuma exasperates while tying some flowers onto the large pink crystal wheels of the carriage. A clear dome of special glass rests on top of an ivory white chassis. Behind the dome is a large pink device with a bowl of water and bubbles in it. Adora marvels at the carriage and informs Perfuma that she is perfectly fine with helping.

Queen Angella walks into the courtyard and marvels at the vehicle in front of her, "Oh my, the Bubble Carriage! I have not seen this in ages!" The winged queen travels her hands over the sleek carriage, "How were you able to find this?" Perfuma dances around the bubble carriage, grinning, "Oh I have my ways Angella. It was a little old and dusty, but Mermista helped me wash it up really nice!"

The women look at how lovely everything is. Angella reaches out to her daughter, hoping to bond some since they have been fighting as of late, "Glimmer, when your father and I became King and Queen of Bright Moon we traveled throughout the Whispering Woods and some of the outside villages to meet the masses. The release of so many bubbles would announce our arrival, it was such a sight to behold! I can't believe I am looking at this right now." Glimmer looks over at her mom and wonders what it must have looked like to see her parents happy and in love, before everything changed. "That is nice mother." Glimmer says nothing else. Angella looks for another way to bond, however there have just been too many hurt feelings between them both.

Perfuma looks at the bubble carriage in all its glory, "This is perfect! Adora, once the wedding is over, Bow and you will just ride off together! With bubbles! Couldn't you just die!?" Perfuma claps her hands together in excitement. Adora tries to calm her friend down, "Perfuma, if you don't calm down, I'm afraid you are going to be the one to die!" The two friends laugh and hug each other. The wedding day is just starting...

Away in his room, Bow is hard at work writing music notes on a special piece of paper. Ever since he burned the gilded piece of music he wrote for Adora, he has been trying to make up for that. With the song committed to his memory, Bow is able to finally rewrite it on a new piece of parchment. Once he is done he grabs the half sliver of arrow that was split the day the portal closed on Adora and him. Wrapping it all up nicely, Bow can't keep from smiling at his work, "She is going to love this."

Kowl flies into the archer's room, "Bow? I will be needing to take you into your dressing room soon." Bow nods, "Oh yes, it is getting close huh? Should I stop by and see Adora before I start getting ready?" The know-it-all-owl shakes his head, "No Bow. No. I'll help with your things, but you have to surprise each other. You can't see each other yet. I feel that the anticipation of it all will be the ultimate feeling once you finally do." Bow nods, "You always do know best don't you Kowl? I can't believe this is happening." Kowl nods, beyond happy for his friend. Bow holds onto his special sheet of music for Adora, it is a gift from his heart. He can't believe this day is here, spread out before him. "Kowl?" The owl looks back at the archer. "I thank you for being such a great friend. I never expected my life to be like this. Ya know, after the Horde took me from my family and I lost everything, I never thought I'd have an opportunity like this." Kowl grins, "Bow, this day will forever be remembered as one of the happiest days in the history of Etheria." The pair walk off towards the courtyard. Guests begin arriving...

Perfuma leads Adora through the special courtyard path to her makeshift dressing room. Pulling the curtains aside, Adora steps in smiling at everything. The room is spacious enough. Her eyes fall on the Heart of Gold dress that her mother Marlena once wore. Frosta and Madame Razz are inside the room too, making sure everything is set. "What do you think dearie?" Madame Razz asks looking around with Adora. "It's beautiful Madame Razz. Just beautiful." Adora thanks her friends for everything.

Frosta crosses her arms with a sly grin, "Are you sure you want to do this darling? After all, it was not that long ago that you were flying in the air with Sea Hawk." Perfuma gives Frosta a look, "Don't say something like that!" Frosta can only shrug. Adora volunteers her own thoughts on the matter, "I am marrying Bow today. I know everything feels like it is happening so fast, but I love Bow. We have always had a special relationship and nothing is going to get in the way of that." Frosta hugs her friend tightly, "Good for you Adora. I never cared for that pirate scum anyway. See you soon." Frosta waves goodbye before stepping out of the dressing room.

Perfuma wags a finger to Adora, "Now don't forget, Madame Razz will be here to let you know when it is time to walk. I'm going to check on the flowers now. You are going to look stunning Adora!" Adora thanks Perfuma and soon finds herself alone with Madame Razz. "Well Madame Razz, it's just us." The two smile at each other.

The old witchy woman helps set out some items for Adora to wear, "I wouldn't have it any other way dearie. I'm so proud, I was talking to your mother and father just now. They are so happy for you." Adora nods placing her power sword by a small makeshift vanity table. Adora is thrilled that everyone special to her are getting to know each other. This is just a special day. Adora sits at her vanity table and pulls out an important item. She marvels at a bracelet she made from her half of Bow's magic arrow that was spliced during the portal closing. Sliding the sliver of arrow around her wrist, Adora can't wait to join her heart with Bow's heart in front of everyone they love.

Across from Adora's dressing room and down the other path, Bow is getting settled into his dressing room. Mermista and Kowl are making sure everything is set. Mermista reminds Kowl, "Now don't forget. You are going to be in charge of getting Bow when it is time for the ceremony to begin." Kowl nods, "I know." Shaking her head with a laugh, Mermista sighs, "Of course you do." Mermista turns to Bow and smiles from ear to ear. She hugs her friend tightly and exclaims her joy at the day, "So many people are here Bow. You'll just be so surprised when you and Adora walk towards each other." Bow holds onto her hands, "Thank you Mermista." The mer-maiden smiles and excuses herself from the dressing room.

She makes her way towards the rest of the guests filing into the courtyard. Perfuma and Mantenna are working together with some last minute flowers. The entire area is on flower overload. Peekablue, Roboto, and Man-E-Faces help place out some more folding chairs as more guests arrive. Flutterina sits off to the side rubbing her large and ever growing stomach. She looks to be suffering in pain, but she is enjoying the company around her. Castaspella looks regal in her seat as she says her hellos to friends. Clamp Champ finds a seat next to her. Teela and Sy-Klone sit together observing all the guests. There is an exciting energy in the air.

King Randor and Queen Marlena sit in front of Queen Angella and Duncan. They are all involved in a lively conversation about having grown children. Glimmer walks into the courtyard with Romeo on her arm. They are glad that no one is paying attention to them. Off in their own world, the love birds flitter to some seats ready to witness the love between Adora and Bow. Stratos sits with other Masters: Mekaneck, Ram Man, Rio Blast, Buzz-Off, and Fisto. The Star Sisters sit around trying to fit in and enjoying a lovely conversation with Extendar. Spinnerella and Netossa find themselves deep in conversation about Sea Hawk. Netossa misses his friendship even though he hurt a lot of people. Spinnerella can't understand why Netossa feels the need to miss him, "Tossa, he got what he deserved." The captivating beauty shakes her head, "I'm not so sure. I think he deserves to have a home here. He's one of us."

Frosta strides into the crowd looking for Adam. Her eyes fall upon him approaching her with a strange look on his face. Sweet Bee is not far behind. Adam nervously smiles at Frosta, "Hi Frosta." The icy empress grins, "I've been looking for you. What happened to you last night?" Adam mentally kicks himself. He is slowly starting to recall all the events of the night before, "That's right. I'm sorry Frosta."

Raising an eyebrow, Frosta loops her arm around his, "I waited for you. You wanted to meet at my room last night, I just fell asleep though after you never showed up. What happened?" Frosta looks at him scanning for some sort of answer. Out of the corner of her eye, Frosta notices Sweet Bee approaching. Groaning loudly, Frosta whips her head around, "What do you want darling?" Sweet Bee grins, "I couldn't help but notice you talking to Adam. Did you tell her Adam?" Batting her eyelashes, Sweet Bee smiles sweetly at Frosta.

Letting go of Adam's arm, Frosta looks at them both, "Tell me what exactly?" Adam shakes his head, "Nothing. There is nothing to tell. Let's just take our seats." He reaches out wanting to escort Frosta to a chair. Brushing him away, Frosta glares at them both, "No. Something is going on, one of you better speak up. Now." Her ice blue eyes dart between them both. There is a silence between them and that is when it hits Frosta. She doesn't need confirmation, "I don't believe this."

Adam looks around hoping no one is noticing, "Frosta please, this isn't what you think..." Sweet Bee wraps her arms around Adam, "But it is what she thinks Adam. Sorry Frosta, but Adam was very busy last night." She glares at Frosta, egging her on. Expecting a full on war at the wedding, Adam prepares for the worst. Frosta can only shake her head, "Pathetic. The both of you."

The icy empress walks off, away from the two. Something causes her to stop though once she realizes just what Sweet Bee is trying to do. Feeling her fist grow cold, Frosta quickly flips around striding towards Sweet Bee. Drawing her fist back, Frosta slams her cold fist into Sweet Bee's face, "You stupid bitch!" Sweet Bee stumbles backwards as Adam looks on in shock.

Sweet Bee shakes her head and flutters quickly towards Frosta. Smacking her hard, Sweet Bee relishes any moment she has to strike back at Frosta. Slight chaos erupts as the two women start hitting each other, while Adam tries his best to break up the fight. "Stop this you two! Now!" Guests are all looking around, shocked that a fight is erupting.

Frosta points a finger at Sweet Bee, "I knew you weren't so innocent! You imbecile! You don't even know how stupid you look. You slept with him! Was it everything you hoped it'd be Sweet Bee? You have no idea how stupid you are. You don't even know who he truly is! Pathetic!" She is ready to divulge Adam's secret, to inform Sweet Bee that the man she is standing next to is the same man she lost interest in awhile ago. The shouts soon get louder as Adam tries to quiet Frosta while Sweet Bee prepares to fight.

Inside their respective dressing rooms, Adora and Bow both wonder what is occurring outside. Madame Razz and Kowl both assure the guests of honor that they will check out the commotion. Adora sits back, wondering if everything is ok. Bow does the same thing.

Adam is able to break the fight up. He takes Frosta to one row of chair and asks her to just sit down. Frosta spits out, "Leave me alone! Don't you ever speak to me again." Adam hangs his head feeling miserable. He doesn't know how everything got out of hand so quickly. Sweet Bee takes a seat next to Peekablue and Flutterina. She is angry, filled with so much hatred for Frosta. Flutterina grabs hold of her hands, "Try to calm down. Sweet Bee." The honey of a guide can only shake her head, "I am so mad at her! Who does she think she is!?" Flutterina and Peekablue can only look on at each other in confusion.

Teela observes everything shaking her head sadly, "Oh what has Adam done this time?" Sy-Klone grabs hold of her hand, "Nothing that you need to be concerned with tTela. He is not your problem anymore." Teela nods feeling sorry for her friend and former love. She only hopes he can get his life together and find happiness.

Bow sits in his dressing room making sure his clothing is attached well. A nice golden chest plate is fixed covering his chest. He looks dashing and handsome with a clean shaven face. He finds himself wondering what Adora will look like. Already beyond ready for the wedding to start, Bow sits at a table waiting and looking over the gilded sheet of music containing Adora's song. He can't wait to give her the gift. The curtain to the dressing room opens behind him and Bow calls out, "Everything alright out there?" Bow turns expecting to see Kowl in front of him. Kowl is not there, but someone else is. "What are you doing here?" Bow asks standing up in surprise...

Adora sits in her dressing room looking at her reflection in the mirror. She looks stunning in the lilac and gold gown. This is the moment, it is finally here. Twirling just once in the dressing room, Adora feels a lightness in her heart. She is so excited. Everything is coming together, her life has never felt more complete. She is surrounded by nothing but love and happiness. And in just mere moments she is going to share that all with her friends, family, and Bow. After all the sadness and darkness in her past, Adora's life is ready to change forever.

The curtains part as Madame Razz peeks her head in, "Ready dearie? It's time, they're all ready." Adora grins, holding out her arms for Madame Razz. "What was the loud noise outside?" Madame Razz brushes her hands in the air, "Don't worry about that dearie, now you get to walkin. Bow is going to make it to the altar first!" Adora hugs Madame Razz tight and steps out from the dressing room, making her way to the altar.

Adora turns back one last time to look at Madame Razz. The old witchy woman stands behind watching Adora walk to the center of the courtyard. As Adora walks she can't help but recall her past and the first time she met Bow. So many memories flood her mind from the times that they would sit together in class to the free moments they'd share during their breaks in the Horde Academy. Not all memories are filled with happiness for her though, she does think about the moment he made the choice to leave the Horde and join the Great Rebellion. That day nearly killed her, she never thought she'd see him or her other friends ever again. Here they are though, she is ready to begin a new journey with him. Too much time has been wasted, and Adora knows this is her moment. She is ready to speak in front of everyone how her love for him and the honor it is to be starting a whole new life.

The wedding guests see Adora step out of the path decorated with flowers. Sighs, tears, and gasps can be heard as everyone watches Adora make her way to the altar. She is stunning, especially with how the sun shines upon her. As she makes it to the altar though, she looks around for Bow. There is no sign of him. Madame Razz makes her way around to the front of the courtyard to sit in with the rest of the guests. She looks up at the altar ready to be proud of Adora.

Her eyes fill with confusion as everyone notices that Bow is no where to be found. Adora looks down the path in front of her hoping to see Bow walk out from the flower decorations. A veil of flowers and limbs part ways as Kowl flies through with a concerned look on his face. Adora stands in front of everyone completely lost, "Kowl, where is Bow?"

The know-it-all-owl shakes his head, "I don't know Adora. I went to his dressing room to get him, but he wasn't there. I looked around to see if he was outside, but Adora, he is no where to be found." Adora stands there, alone at the altar with a trail of thoughts loitering in her mind. Questions mount as she realizes that Bow would never miss this, "Kowl, I'm concerned."

The guests begin to whisper as everyone starts to realize that Bow is not there. Adora stands tall, trying to think. Every one's attention is brought to the front of the courtyard though as a loud snort sound fills the air, followed by a laugh that can only come from, "Hordak?" Adora asks looking across the courtyard at the mighty leader of the Horde. She feels as if she is looking at a ghost, but Hordak is very much alive. He steps further into the courtyard, standing tall as his pet Imp rests on his shoulder. Octavia, Grizzlor, Leech, and Scorpia spread out next to him creating a wall of evil.

Adora whispers to Kowl, "Hurry. My sword is in my dressing room, retrieve it for me." Kowl nods while withdrawing quickly from the fray. Queen Angella stands up pointing a finger at Hordak, "How did you get here!?" Adora nods, "I think we'd all like to know that."

Hordak grins holding onto his Chaos Sword. The Star Sisters immediately notice this and they each give each other a look of concern. Hordak snorts, "How the mighty have fallen. After She-Ra and her friends ravaged Horde World I found myself adrift, with no place to call home. Until something funny happened. I did find my home, right here on Etheria. And I'm not going anywhere."

Adam gives his sister a look. Adora looks back at him, fear gripping her heart. Hordak continues, "I know what's going on here. Every world I have ever conquered has had some variation of what this is: the wedding. And my lovely sweet Adora, look at you up there." Hordak's eyes narrow on her as his face quickly darts to Randor and Marlena, "You know I helped raise her for most of her life. Look at her now, the face of pure beauty with the heart of a killer. I'm happy for you Adora. I also will be the first to offer you a gift." The guests are all rattled, Adora wonders if Hordak has done something to Bow.

Hordak grins while he thrusts his Chaos Sword high into the air and chants, "For all chaos and destruction, I am... HORDE PRIME!!!!" The bright sky grows dim as dark clouds begin to swirl high above. People get up from their seats. Peekablue's eyes are moving about quickly, she is not feeling well. Marlena grabs Randor's arm, "Randor, what is happening!?" Adam looks around, his eyes meeting with Teela. He nods at her, and just like that, they are able to communicate volumes. Both are going to need to fight with all they have.

The sound of thunder booms in the air as shocking bolts of lightening strike down from the skies charging the Chaos Sword and Hordak. He begins to change, his appearance growing. Sleek red and black armor twists and grows upon his existing structure. A giant terrifying mask and helmet folds around Hordak's battle ravaged face. He looks taller and more imposing than he ever has. Members from Eternia get up from their chairs as those from the Great Rebellion do the same. Flutterina doubles over in pain from her stomach. Roboto tries to help her up.

Horde Prime scans the crowd, his eyes falling on Adora. Reaching up reflexively, Horde Prime grabs his pet dragon Imp. The small Imp tries to fly away, unable to. Horde Prime tosses the pet to the ground, "I've been caring for you all this time. Now you must care for me!" Horde Prime points the Chaos Sword at Imp, a bolt of chaotic energy flashes out surrounding the pet dragon.

Everyone begins screaming as Imp transforms into a large fire breathing dragon. The dragon tears through the ground, his tail whipping across at flowers. Perfuma screams as she notices her beautiful work being destroyed. Conjuring up her spell of the ground, Perfuma tries to trap the dragon's feet into the ground. Shaking it off, Imp rattles the ground, crawling up the side of the castle wall.

Horde Prime grins at his work as his Horde members scatter around fighting off the heroic members of Eternia and Etheria. Horde Prime runs through the crowd towards Adora. She runs towards him. Two titans ready to fight. Kowl flies over head tossing Adora her sword. Horde Prime looms tall as they both collide into each other, clinging their swords. The Chaos Sword is powerful and it nearly rattles her. Trying to fight off Horde Prime, Adora shouts as she is flung across the courtyard. In a section all to herself in the courtyard, Adora raises her sword aloft and says, "For the honor of Grayskull! I am... She-Ra!!!"

The fire breathing Imp begins catching parts of Bright Moon on fire. Angella screams her worry, "His fire! It is magical!" The fire burns hot as Rio Blast and Mermista try to put the flames out. Roboto and Flutterina try to escape from the madness, her stomach is beginning to act funny. Grizzlor and Leech block their path from getting into the castle. Flutterina screams in pain as her stomach rips open. Arching backwards, Flutterina falls back as her stomach begins to bleed blood and a strange gooey substance. Something tiny with wings begins to flutter out of her stomach. Grizzlor and Leech look on in confusion. Soon thousands more of these little winged insects fly out of her stomach attacking Grizzlor and Leech. Roboto holds onto her, "Flutterina? Are you with me?" Flutterina looks at the winged warriors attacking the Horde and she silently closes her eyes...

Adam finds a moment to break away from the chaos while he manages to transform into He-Man. Charging back out into the fray, He-Man does his best to help those who are in need of help. Angella and Duncan help Randor and Marlena into the castle. Glimmer and Romeo try to save other guests as well. Horde Prime comes after them both, "Traitor. Such a traitor Romeo!" The ex-Horde member screams for Glimmer to escape as Horde Prime tries to kill them both. Swiping the Chaos Sword down, Horde Prime nearly slices into Romeo. Glimmer fires off bursts of her light energy. The pair is in trouble though as Horde Prime gets help from Scorpia.

She-Ra soon jumps into the fight, ready to end this. Horde Prime laughs, "I knew you'd show up at some point. Always ready to save the day. But not this time She-Ra. Not this time!" They begin fighting and the ground continues to tremble.

In another section of the courtyard, Mermista and Rio Blast try to take the fires down. Imp is wreaking havoc as his flames begin to burn the courtyard down. Perfuma and Castaspella work on fixing the flames as well. Octavia sneaks in with a tentacle wrapped around Mermista's foot. Flinging the mer-maiden around, Octavia grins at her actions.

Acting quickly, Netossa rushes Octavia, tossing a net over the Horde woman. Octavia howls in annoyance and drops Mermista to the ground. There is too much destruction and not enough time to fix it all.

Leech and Grizzlor are being attacked by countless winged warriors. They notice Mantenna watching off to the side. Calling out for help, the two Horde members stare in shock as Mantenna walks away trying to help those harmed by the Horde.

Horde Prime grows weary with his fight with She-Ra. Calling out for Imp, the giant Horde Prime latches onto the dragon, "Come my Horde! We leave Bright Moon at once! Let us watch the Whispering Woods burn to the ground!" She-Ra shouts for help, they can't let Horde Prime get away. Running as fast as she can, She-Ra screams in defeat as Horde Prime jumps onto Imp and like that they are high in the air.

Glimmer and Madame Razz both scream from the courtyard, "We have to stop the dragon! He'll burn the Whispering Woods down!" Everyone scatters, trying to figure out ways to help. The rest of the Horde members quickly escape. She-Ra looks at the destruction all around her and notices the Bubble Carriage. An idea sparks in her brain and she shouts for Mermista and Spinnerella, "Hurry, we need the Bubble Carriage into the woods. Mermista, can you help spray some bubbles?" Mermista nods as the women hop onto the carriage. She-Ra whistles for Swift Wind as the great flying steed zooms in. Latched up to the Bubble Carriage, Swift Wind races across the ground, quickly gaining speed through the castle, and out in the woods.

Parts of the Whispering Woods are already ablaze. Horde Prime is flying around on Imp laying waste to the entire woods. The Star Sisters and Frosta race out to help squash some of the flames. Starla looks at her sisters, "We are in trouble if he has the Chaos Sword. He must also know where Ultimera is." Things are not looking good for the Great Rebellion.

Racing through the Whispering Woods, Mermista and Spinnerella work together to unleash a flurry of bubbles in every which way. Mermista is producing the water and the power to create tons of powerful bubbles. Spinnerella is spinning around tossing the bubbles every which way, hoping the fires can be stopped. She-Ra is guiding the carriage through the woods, trying to follow the dragon.

Pointing to the sky, Mermista screams, "Horde Prime is turning around! The dragon is heading straight for us!" She-Ra isn't sure what she can do. Spinnerella shakes her head, "We can't let this monster win! She-Ra, find a way to speed this thing up!" Mermista wonders what the dizzying defender is going to do. Spinnerella begins spinning as fast as she can, "Mermista, aim the bubbles and water on me!"

She-Ra follows the trail and listens to Spinnerella, "I need you to make a sharp turn soon, I need something to launch me into the air!" Swift Wind runs faster dragging the Bubble Carriage behind him. As She-Ra holds on, a slight curve winds through the woods. Taking it sharp the carriage tilts up as Spinnerella takes off into the air, her spinning momentum enough for her to fly slightly. Mermista launches as many bubbles and water as she can as Spinnerella furiously spins the water and bubbles every which way.

Imp is flying towards her, but Spinnerella keeps spinning higher into the air, so fast that the pellets of water race across the sky like bullets at the dragon while the bubbles explode like bombs. The soaring dragon shudders in pain from the blasts. Letting out one final growl, Imp flies away with a smiling Horde Prime. The battle may be over, but the damage is done. Parts of the Whispering Woods are burnt to nothing but soil while other area struggle to survive from the flames.

Still spinning in the air, Spinnerella eventually loses her momentum. Looking down, the dizzying defender nearly faints. She is high up in the air with no where else to go but down. Twirling to the ground, Spinnerella closes her eyes tight as the ground approaches. Quick to save the day though, is She-Ra. Calling out her name, She-Ra flies to the rescue on Swift Wind. Reaching out, the princess of power grabs hold of Spinnerella.

Screaming out in joy, Spinnerella holds onto her friend. Thanking her profusely, Spinnerella feels a great relief. She-Ra calls back out as they prepare to land on the ground, "Thank you Spinnerella. You fended off Horde Prime. For now." The members of the Great Rebellion along with the Masters of the Universe all converge at the front steps of Castle Bright Moon. With fires still raging, new plans are set for the heroes to scatter about doing their best to save the rest of the magical Whispering Woods. There is a new threat. Hordak is back, stronger than before. Spirits may be dashed, but everyone works together to salvage the day. There is just one other pressing concern on every one's minds, where is Bow?

Bow is woken up by a hand squeezing his face. Looking around, Bow finds himself tied up inside a tree house. He looks around, trying to focus on who was grabbing his face. A familiar voice purrs behind him, "Welcome to your new home Bow."

"Catra! What are you doing? Why did you take me here?" Catra slinks around standing tall in front of him. Purring slightly, the fearsome female grins, "I took you here to save you Bow. Joining your heart with Adora's will only leave you with problems. You're here, safe with me. Together we are going to both work past our obsession with all things Adora." Her green eyes dazzle bright. Entrapta steps into the room next to Catra. Bow winces from the pain in his head. They both attacked him in his dressing room. He knows full well that he is in danger.

Reaching up to pet his chin, Catra smiles at Bow with a crazed look on her face, "Don't worry Bow. You're going to like it here. This is your new home. You aren't going anywhere..."

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  1. That was the perfect time for Hordak to come back! In true soapy fashion-and really, according to all classic TV rules, you can't have a wedding where everything goes smoothly.
    Are we supposed to be picturing Hordak to look like the MOTU classics Horde Prime figure at this point? That's probably the coolest thing anyone has ever done with Imp as a character-though I think Mantisaur would be cool to see him use in a scene like that too.
    I am guessing the Bubble Carriage must have been a vehicle from the original toy line or TV show. Was it related to the Bubble Power She-Ra?
    I can't believe Adam slept with Sweet Bee. Does this mean that when these characters change into their alter egos that they have different skill-sets in things like making love or making out? I mean, she didn't even enjoy kissing He-Man when he was sober but she screwed Adam-when he was wasted! I can't imagine someone as virginal as him actual being able to have better skills in the sack when he's drunk. Maybe less inhibitions and therefore willing to try more daring things but.. -I dunno, I guess..but it's funny to think that when I was a kid I never thought I'd be reading a story about He-Man getting drunk and sleeping with a She-Ra character!
    I wonder if this means Frosta will really gravitate towards Stratos now.

    1. Well I really wanted Hordak to have a very menacing and spalshy return. And yes, when he transformed into Horde Prime it was indeed based off of the look of him being the Classics Horde Prime figure. I originally had envisioned him looking like something else, but when Mattel released that figure I thought, "Oh I could pretend that the figure was a transformed Hordak!" And from the beginning, I wanted Imp to turn into a giant terrifying dragon like Spirit turns into Swift Wind or Cringor turns into Battle Cat. I do like Mantisaur though too.

      The Bubble Carriage was an unreleased vehicle. Had She-Ra continued the line was going to release the Star Sisters, Glory Bird, and the Bubble Carriage. But the line ended and those items never got made, though there was catalogue ads for them.

      So all I can say with Adam and Sweet Bee drunkenly hooking up, is that the story is far from over with what happened that night. There are three more chapters left and more things are going to be revealed. Things may not quite be as they seem. The way I view it, Adam is realizing he wants to experience dating and things like that, areas of life that he is not quite sure how to handle. Add to that the fact that a part of him is always going to love Teela, so he kinda gets out of control. Especially with wanting to kiss Sweet Bee, it was like proving that he could get it right unlike when he was He-Man. I think regardless if he is Adam or He-Man, he does find both Sweet Bee and Frosta to be attractive, and being so new at all of this, it is a lot for him to handle. His decisions might not always be the best, but also, Sweet Bee knows exactly what she is doing. She said something in the chapter that is very telling of what is to come.

  2. nice Miss m. the perfect entrance for Hordak to show he is back. and love Imp transforming into a dragon. plus also adam is going to have a lot of work trying to clear things up over having a drunk night with sweet bee. and was kind of expecting fluternia to wind up pregnant with vampre's or turn into moss man.