Saturday, August 10, 2013

Miss M presents: Beware the Nightmare!

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers posted a new topic this week that is a sequel of sorts from last week's topic. Dreams was the order of the topic last week and this week the topic is simply:

What a nightmare!

Read on for a special story filled with terror and chills that will be sure to keep you up at night...

Miss M Presents:
Beware the Nightmare!
As the heat cools off into a quiet summer night, two dear friends have a lovely girl's night-in filled with all the debauchery that a girl's night-in entails...
Miss M: April, pass me the fries. These fries are so good.
April: I know, I have missed junk food so much. Good call on tonight. Bad cheesy horror movies and junk food is just what I needed after getting out of the hospital.
Miss M: I had a feeling this would do the trick. How are your legs?

April: Eh, they're ok. After that car wreck I was certain I'd never walk again, but here I am. Sure my legs might be a little stiff and I still have trouble bending at the knees, but I'm practically good as new.
Miss M: I'm so glad! It must have been a nightmare being cooped up in that hospital.
April: You have no idea. Enough of that though, I want to know about your own personal nightmare. Did you ever find the person who wanted you dead at the Conference of Evil?
Miss M: No, and I don't think I ever will. It's just as well though. If I can walk into a convention center filled with the universe's top minds in villainy and come out alive, I think I can handle this mysterious person out to destroy me.
April: Yes well, this has all gotten personal sweetie. Try not to forget that car wreck I was involved in should have happened to you. Now I have a ton of medical bills, and you can trust, I'm going after the person that tampered with my brakes.
Miss M: I think you should.
April: I'm planning on it. No one runs April O'Neil off the damn road and gets away with it.
Miss M: Ya know, speaking of getting ran over, I nearly died at the Conference of Evil. In fact I'm fairly certain I would have, had it not been for the help of Casey. Oh April, why can't you both get back together?  

April: (looks towards Miss M in shock) Have you lost your damn ever living mind? Why on Etheria would I ever go back to Casey freakin Jones?
Miss M: Because! He loves you, and I know you love him! Oh April, he just seemed so pitiful. Besides, he helped save your friend from near death.
April: Hardly. He sent you on your way in a Decepticon helicopter. He's an idiot.
Miss M: That is so harsh. Why won't you go back to him? Was it really that bad?
April: Oh goodness, you are so clueless in the ways of love. Casey and I just could not work, we were destined to crash and burn. He wanted more than I could give and I wanted him to understand the importance of my career.
Miss M: But April, you are so talented. Why can't you have it all?
April: Because having it all is a lie. It only works for Erica Kane. Everyone else has to choose. I chose my career and Casey chose to plow through trashy women whose only ambitions in life were to master the art of taking shots. Among other things. No thank you.
Miss M: I think you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
April: I know exactly what I'm talking about. Besides, you are the last person that needs to be talking about love. Have you made a decision yet on Michelangelo? He will not stop calling and texting me to see if you are going to go on a date with him or not.

Miss M: (gulping after placing her Big Gulp down) Oh he's been contacting you?
April: Yes. So what are you going to do?
Miss M: I don't know yet April. I just don't know! I'm not sure I can go on a date with a talking turtle. Aren't their laws against that?
April: It's not like you are picking him up from the zoo M! Michelangelo is practically human.
Miss M: I don't know. I just don't know...
April: It's all rather simple. A date is just that, a date. You don't have to give anything up, in fact, you can just say that you are waiting for marriage. That way since it is illegal for humans and talking ninja turtles to marry, you'll never have to sleep with him. It's a win-win.
Miss M: That logic makes no sense.
April: Look M, whatever you do, just don't break his heart. Michelangelo may get a bad rap for being nothing but a party turtle, but he is the sweetest out of his brothers. I don't know that he could handle your rejection. 
Miss M: Oh my goodness! This is such a nightmare!

April: No, a nightmare is eating a perfectly good sub sandwich while watching an awful scary movie. What is this we are watching?
Miss M: It's Scream.
April: It sucks.
Miss M: I really like this movie... 
April: I'm so tired of these movies with young people always having to get killed. Why aren't there more horror movies involving grown ass old people getting cut up?
Miss M: Because most old people know better than to be finding themselves in a horror movie?
April: I suppose. Ya know, I had this really bad nightmare the other night. I was being chased by this guy in a boiler room, he was wearing...
Miss M: (interrupting) Was he wearing a dingy striped sweater? I had the same dream...
April: (shaking her head) No, I was going to say that the guy was wearing a tube top. It was just terrifying.
Miss M: (looking defeated) Oh, I guess we weren't having the same dream.
April: Why would we do that? Besides, it was a nightmare M. I had a terrible nightmare. Do you ever have nightmares?

Miss M: (looking at her dog) Stop, I'm not giving you any fries! What were you asking me April?
April: I was asking if you ever have any nightmares?
Miss M: Sure, I guess so. I'm always having some strange dream.
April: Well spill. Tell me one of your scariest nightmares...
Miss M: Oh goodness, I don't know. Let me think. (pauses for a second) I guess I do have this one recurring nightmare where I have to go #1 really bad and I'm in public. So I go into the ladies room and like everything is dripping in urine. Like the stalls are covered in urine. The floor has lakes of urine. It's like the walls are bleeding pee. All the while I have to go so bad but I'm terrified of touching anything. And for some reason the restroom is very maze-like. So I basically stumble around tip toeing over all these lakes of urine while trying to find the one clean stall. It's a nightmare.
April: (looking off into the distance) I think I'm going to throw up. That is not a nightmare, that is a reason to start therapy. So gross.
Miss M: What!? I can't help what my nightmares are. What about you? Aside from some guy in a tube top chasing you, do you have any nightmares?
April: Oh lots. I have this one nightmare where I'm shopping at Bergdorf's and there is this flash sale. Only some vicious socialite keeps spreading ashes on the customers rushing to get in. I reach a point where I think I'm going to nab the perfect pair of Gucci pumps when some ash gets in my mouth and I choke.
Miss M: Oh my.
April: I also have this one nightmare that actually happened in real life. It involved you breaking the law last week.
Miss M: I didn't break any laws last week! I'm an upstanding citizen of Earth.
April: Sweetie, no one your age should be wearing a mini skirt out in public.
Miss M: There's not really a law against that April.
April: Oh yes there is, it is a law against nature.
Miss M: I'm only 31! I'm not that old. I can still totally rock a miniskirt.

April: Oh that's right, I keep forgetting, your face and number don't match up. (Miss M looks hurt) Oh don't do that M. I'm just playing around with you! Come on, I've been locked up in a hospital. I've been itching for some snark and you can't snap at a nurse or they cut off your morphine.
Miss M: Gee. What I've always wanted to be: a punching bag.
April: You can take it. So, I'm a little done with all this junk food, does your oven still work?
Miss M: Yes.
April: Oh wouldn't some cookies be great?
Miss M: Yeah, I can pop some in real quick.
April: Perfect! And be sure to get some other fun snacky things!
Miss M: You can do that.
April: I'm still healing, please?

Miss M: Sure. I'll be right back.
April: Thanks M! And when you get back I want you to really tell me something scary! I want a real legit nightmare! None of this potty humor.
Miss M walks away to begin the process of easy baking some chocolate chip cookies. April focuses on television while trying to relax and enjoy the night.

April: (looks at a scary movie on television) I mean really? This is what they call the state of horror these days? People sewn up from bum to mouth? I'm so tired of this regurgitated shit. I miss the old days when a movie really knew how to scare the living day lights out of you.

The sweet smell of cookies fill the air as April and Miss M's little dog work themselves up into a sugar rush. Miss M hopes the cookies will be good, even though it has gotten to be too late to eat chocolate chip cookies. Her acid reflux will be a bitch tonight, though she doesn't mind. Anything goes with girl's night-in.
Miss M: Careful now, these cookies are fresh and hot!

April: Now this is what I've missed. M, you are simply the best.
Miss M: Please, these came out of a tube. My oven normally collects dust.
April: There's a joke somewhere in there...
Miss M: Hardly. I'm gonna get more stuff to eat.
April: As if we needed anymore!

With Miss M gone, her little dog eyes the tray hoping for a stray cookie to find its way into his mouth.
April: I don't think so little guy. These cookies would mess you up.
The dog scampers away, hoping for just a tiny morsel to fall onto the ground. Miss M returns with extra treats to finish off any remaining traces of a sweet tooth. This night, of all nights, means that decadence rules.
April: So, are you going to finally address your most terrifying nightmare?
Miss M: Sure. I think it involves stepping on the scale tomorrow.

April: Why do you keep trying to make light of this?
Miss M: I don't really see any reason to discuss anything. It is all so silly. I happen to have more important things on my mind.
April: (looking concerned) Like what?
Miss M: Well you know I sent an expedition out to brave the far reaches of the Attic Tri-System. Well, I haven't heard anything yet and I'm a little concerned.
April: I'm sure everything is fine. Why even send out another expedition? I thought you found everything you needed from the Attic Tri-System.
Miss M: I thought so too, but the sad truth is that I'm still missing a few friends.
April: You found Glimmer though, isn't that all that matters?
Miss M: I guess. She just hasn't been the same though on account that her eyebrow just never really grew back.
April: It melted off M! There's no going back from that.
Miss M: I know, I just wish I knew what was going on.
April: There's only one way to get your mind off of that mess. Tell me about your most terrifying nightmare.
Miss M: You won't stop will you?
April: Nope, not at all.

Miss M: Ok, fine. I'll tell you about my most terrifying nightmare. Back when I was a little girl, I experienced something terrifying. My room growing up had a large window that looked into the courtyard and front door to my parent's house. I always loved this window because I could always peek in and see whenever a visitor would arrive. I felt like a spy. Like Double Trouble.
April: Oh Lord. Here we go.
Miss M: Anyways, one night while I was sleeping I had this strange dream. My hearing was superb, I could hear everything. I heard someones footsteps outside, up the sidewalk. I immediately crawled out of bed ready to peek through the shutters at this mystery guest. (Miss M shakes her head) This was a mystery guest I wanted no part of though.
April: Why, what was wrong?

Miss M: He was evil. I don't know how I knew, but I just knew. He was shrouded in shadows, but his face looked fake, like he was wearing a fake face over his real face. And he was just standing there, silently, staring at my parent's front door. In that moment it was as if we were the only two people there, and I suppose we were. It was my dream world. (Miss M pauses as a slight shiver crawls down her spine.) As if he could hear my thoughts, the strange scary man turned to my bedroom window. Not his entire body, just his scary fake face. For sure I felt like I was safe and that he couldn't see me. But that face, it just seemed so evil. And then his body turned and he began to walk towards my bedroom window, he could see me...

Miss M: (whispering in fear) He could see me... and he was going to kill me. I was so scared. I didn't know what else to do. I was looking right into his face as he stared at me through the window. My parents were in the other room and I knew they could help me, but when I opened my mouth to scream nothing could come out. My face was twisted in fear and my mouth was willing a scream to escape, but there was just silence. I could feel him reaching out to rip my heart out. And that's when I woke up. 

April: I can't take this. How am I going to drive home tonight after hearing this?
Miss M: It gets worse! Throughout my life this strange evil man has occasionally appeared in my nightmares. I have this nightmare where I climb into my parent's loft attic with a light, and as I shine the light towards the back I see him huddled in a dark corner ready to race after me. Or I have nightmares where I can feel him sleeping under my bed or even right next to me. I just lay there with my eyes closed, refusing to open them for fear that he will actually be there.
April: Who do you think this guy even is? I mean how is it that you dream about this weirdo your whole life?
Miss M: I don't know. April, I just don't know.
The two women sit there in silence, staring at each other. Both are scared. April even contemplates staying the night so as not to make her journey home at night. Suddenly a loud noise cuts through the silence...


Miss M: Who could that be at this hour?
April: Don't answer it M. There are no good phone calls this late at night. They're either drunk dials, booty calls, or psychotic killers hell bent on eating your flesh like a taco for their fourth meal.
Miss M: Those aren't the only kinds of calls that happen at night. Should I answer?

Miss M: Well, should I?
April: You should just let it ring.
Miss M: But it could be important.
April: (growing agitated) And it could also be a killer. We just saw Scream.
Miss M: Oh that's stupid. This is the 21st Century, we're more likely to receive a tweet from a crazy maniac than a phone call... I'm answering. 

As Miss M reaches for the ringing phone, April shakes her head in fear.
April: Don't do it M!
Miss M: (picking the phone up) Hello?

Miss M listens to the caller as April tries to eavesdrop.
April: Who is it, what do they want? Are we going to survive the night?
Miss M: (speaking into the phone) No, I don't believe this. Please tell me this isn't true...

Miss M drops the phone to the ground. Her eyes look sad.
April: What is it? Tell me M!
Miss M: (shaking her head) The team came back from the Attic Tri-System Expedition. They're gone. Oh April, they're all gone!

Miss M: Hurry, we have to leave.
April: Wait, stop M. You aren't making any sense. Who is gone? I don't understand...
Miss M: I can't believe this. April, I'm never going to see them again.
April can see that her friend is gravely upset about something.
April: It's going to be ok.
Miss M: It will never be ok. What I was just told... this is a nightmare come true...

With the remnants of the night still there, two brave friends leave the safety and fun of a girl's night-in behind.

What sort of diabolical event could rattle Miss M so?

What happens when the escape of a nightmare becomes more enticing than real life?

Our dear heroine of this particular story is in trouble, this much is apparently true. Her journey is one full of twists and turns that even she won't be able to foresee her fate. Miss M needs to beware the nightmare right out her window. Of course the most important question of all is...

Who ends up cleaning this mess?
The End. 
Miss M will appear again in:
Funeral For a Friend. Figures.
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That's it for now. I'm off to ice my ankle from my own personal nightmare. This weekend has been a knock down drag out garage sale at my parent's house. It's been a mess. Hope you are all well.


  1. Shit do you really have that pee dream!? That really!
    And, the dream with the guy, does that really reoccur to you?
    I don't think I've ever had dream after dream of one particular person that my mind made up. That is pretty Freddy Kruger like.
    My cousin had a dream when she was a kid of a guy in a costume that looked like the Dominos Pizza Noid except it was white, and he had a horribly deformed face, and we was running around the back yard garden of my Grandmas house. That dream always sounded scary to me.Even though I love the Noid!
    I have scary dreams about stuff but the worst dreams I have, and I think I already mentioned this before, are the ones where a girl I wished I was with WAS with me, and all is good and happy, then I wake up and she's not. That's the worst!

    1. I do have the pee dream. I have that dream about every other month or so, it is a nightmare. I hate it when I have that dream. Sometimes the restroom will be at the mall or at the college I attended, but it is always the same. The restroom is always some gross nightmare. And in the nightmares I have of the creepy man, I don't know that he is always the same man, but when I wake up, that is how I rationalize it because I usually have nightmares involving some guy coming after me. I think it was all the Friday the 13ths, Halloweens, and Nightmare on Elm Streets. lol

      A scary creepy Noid with a deformed face would be terrifying. And you have mentioned that dream of yours before, and I have to say, that would be the worst. I totally agree.