Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Toy Chest Tuesday! Toy Chest Extravaganza!

I know it has been about a few minutes since a proper Toy Chest Tuesday has been unraveled, but I figured I would more than make up for it with a Toy Chest Extravaganza! This suddenly makes me hungry for pizza, like a feasta meatza pizza or something. Anyways, click below for all the Toy Chest fun!

A little while ago fellow friend to Diary of a Dorkette, the Goodwill Geek had asked me if I had any She-Ra books. Well I responded that I had a few, and he said he was going to send me something. Well, color me intrigued! I was very excited and thankful that the Goodwill Geek had thought of me. Before I go any further, let me first start off by saying that if you have not stopped by his blog The Goodwill Geek take a moment to do so. He is a very cool guy with a kind and fun personality. But that is not the only reason why you should read his stuff. He has some of the best luck at finding the coolest stuff imaginable at Goodwill stores, flea markets, and other market places. I have learned a great deal about what can be found. I was completely clueless at what could be found in the toy section at a Goodwill. Granted I have yet to find any awesome vintage finds at my local Goodwill like the Goodwill Geek has, but I still look. And more importantly I love to see what he posts next.

Anyways, so last Wednesday I had a box waiting for me. Once I picked the box up and saw his name on it I was like, "Wait a minute. This box is really heavy for just some She-Ra books..." Once I opened the box I nearly fell to the floor. This is what I saw:

A smile the size of Texas spread across my face. If I could have hugged him I would have. I could not get over how generous and kind he was for sending me this. He had even included a nice note explaining that he had some stuff that was not for him and that he hoped I would like. First off, I don't just like it, I love it! I felt like it was freakin Christmas in August! I kept wanting to be pinched!

So are you ready to see what was in the box? Let's get this Toy Chest Tuesday started!

Up first is Thieves and Kings. Never read this story before. From the looks of it, and what I read online, this looks like a really great story full of high fantasy adventures. Stuff I enjoy. I also like the artwork found on the inside.

Here is the back. Has anyone else read this? What are your thoughts on it? I can't wait to start it.

Also included was a Noble Causes Volume One of the the comic series. I never read this series, but I do remember it. I know I have always been a Marvel girl, but this also looks like some fun reading to add to my list. I enjoy comics, but I rarely branch out and read different titles. This will get me to do that. I love the premise.

From the sound of it, the stories seem like they would be more on the soap opera side, and as many of you may know, I live for a good soapy story. Nothing is better. That's what I always say.

Freakin Punky Brewster!!!! I just about died when I saw this. At first I wasn't sure I was seeing correctly, but yep, this was Punky Brewster! Made by Galoob, this doll was a perfect representation of Punky. I loved this show growing up. I was more fond of the animated series, but I remember going through a Punky phase. Her name alone brings me back so quickly to my youth. When I was getting ready to go back to school, I remember my mom taking me shoe shopping. Obviously there were shoe stores at the mall and what-not, but we also had a local shoe store in our town. And right smack dab in the middle of the store was a shiny new pair of Punky Brewster shoes. I wanted them so badly but they were too expensive. I almost had my mom agreeing to them, but at the end we ended up with some basic slip ons. I so remember those shoes. Who didn't want to emulate Punky?

The face of the doll was actually nice looking as far as vintage dolls go. I was never really a big fan of dolls like this growing up because it all just seemed like, "What do I do with this?" But to have it now is so cool. I can really appreciate the awesomeness of this! It's freakin Punky Brewster!

This was another item that had me flipping out. Dotty from the Get Along Gang! Oh how I loved this cartoon. The characters were all cute and Dotty was one of my favorites. When I was little I wanted nothing more than to grow up and be a cheerleader. I figured it is what my life path would be when I got to higher grades like Junior High and High School. I've always been a very bubbly person full of pep. So it just seemed like a perfect union, but it just wasn't meant to be. I fell in love with Courtney Love and Hole. Screaming became a favorite past time and I would have rather died than become a cheerleader at that time. Of course none of that means that Dotty has to stop being one of my favorites. Tomy released various Get Along Gang items, and this Dotty above was a 6 inch poseable piece of joy!

Here's the back. Her clothing and shoes could be removed and swapped with other characters. I only had a few Get Along Gang items, one of them being a ceramic Lolly and a wooden tricycle. So to have this item to my collection is just really fun!

You might be asking what this is. Well it is certainly an interesting and super cool piece that will be perfect for a background environment for all my toy interviews.

It's a Super Hero Squad Danger Room! This is so cool and perfect for all kinds of things! I can just imagine the toy version of myself getting into all kinds of trouble with this thing. The construction of it is also very nice, everything just folds up so easily. There are tons of different nooks and doors with this play set too.

Here is another look. I like how this folds out to make a really cool area to display figures. There are also pegs on the walls so that certain Super Hero Squad figures can hang on them.

There's even a nice Sentinel head for safe measure. Or is that dangerous measure? Ba-dum-bum.

I am very thankful to have been sent this. I can't wait to see what kinds of things will be going on in this Danger Room! By the by, I really miss Super Hero Squad. I realize that Hasbro had basically made most every Marvel character, but I did really love collecting that line.

Up next are some super cute little space men in the same scale of green little army men. These are really cute and I have not really seen anything like them myself. I know the Goodwill Geek has a vast collection of various little figures like this, and his collection is really fun to look through. I love reading about the things that other people collect. Sometimes you learn about something new and other times you celebrate in the joy of something that was awesome. It is a very nice experience.

This is a more recent release, but it comes from a really cool movie. Monsters Vs. Aliens was a very fun movie. There was a small run toy line to the movie and of course a Happy Meal line too. Reese Witherspoon provided the voice for Susan a woman hell bent on getting married and consequently turning into a giant monster named Ginormica who ends up saving the world with a group of other monsters. It was a very fun movie. This little toy is super cute as her feet use cars as roller skates! I love this! 

One of my favorite Simpsons characters, this Marge Pez dispenser is super cool. I know they have made Pez dispensers to just about everything, but I do not recall ever seeing Simpsons Pez dispensers. I am very fond of this family. The Simpsons toy line from Playmates was one of the best toy lines ever made, it was like Star Wars. It just had everything! So this is just a really cute piece. Who was your favorite Simpsons character? I loved Marge, but I also had an affinity for numerous other characters too, but for different reasons.

Tail Spin! Oh these Happy Meal toys bring me back. My brother and I had so many of these growing up and now I don't even know where they are. I am thrilled to see these again. From left to right we have Molly, Wildcat, and Kit. I don't really recall owning Kit, but I do know my brother and I had a ton of Baloos and Wildcats. I had such a crush on Wildcat. I don't even know why. These were also diecast, which is just something you no longer see anymore.

These little gals are really cute. I say gals but I do realize they could be anything. In other words, I am not really sure where these are from, but I like them. There is something really cute and fun about them. Of course, I do realize that someone is going to comment the name of these cute lil things and I will be like, "Duh! I knew that." See this is what happens when you get old. Stuff doesn't snap, crackle, and pop like it used to.

The California Raisins!!! This is another really cool set of stuff. I used to have so many of these pvc toys as a kid, but somehow I have lost them along the way. So to have some of these again is just really cool. And the Goodwill Geek knows is California Raisins! I am really beyond thrilled that he thought of me with these. I love the girl raisin. She's just chillin at the beach in her lime green shoes. I love it!

Ok so some of you may know that I am in love with the McDonald's Changeables. The Turbo Cone is my all time favorite, you can read about her right here. The thing about these toys that was so cool was that they were McDonald's toys that were like Transformers. There were the robotic changeables and the dino changeables. There were some other changeables too, like with food that became certain characters, but the Transformers and Dino changeables were the best. Together my brother and I had so many of them, but like with most things, we lost some along the way. So when I saw these in the box, my smile just got bigger and bigger. (I also got really hungry for a Number 2 with no pickles or onions.)

Opened up, the mix is a nice offering. The dino characters had cute goofy faces while the transformer one looked menacing. I just love these so much!

The detail for such a little toy is so impressive too. I won't lie, these toys still make me hungry. This is probably why McDonald's no longer brings these items back to their Happy Meals.

Just look at the detail on the robot changeable! He looks so cool. The Happy Meal changeable is cute too. His face just looks like it is saying, "Please don't eat me. I'm a dinosaur!"

This was one of the coolest designs ever! The sides open up as wings! I mean just genius! These were just so much fun. I am so excited to have these back in my collection again. I hope to find more of the ones I own, but that does not seem likely.

Awhile back I did a Toy Chest Tuesday on Lady Death and other Chaos comics characters in figure form. The Goodwill Geek was also generous by throwing in some beautiful chrome styled Lady Death trading cards. I never collected these cards, so to see them in person now is just breathtaking. The metallic coloring is just perfection. These look so cool! I hope the camera can capture the effect.

I wanted to take a picture of every card in the stack, but I just couldn't. So I decided to take pictures of my favorite cards in the deck. These just look so stunning!

The art and coloring really pops. Trading cards are always fun, and these just have so much to look at with them.

So much movement and depth! The images just come alive thanks to that metallic coloring. I love these and will really enjoy them.

Now we get to the ultimate pieces in the whole box. The She-Ra books. This is the Crooked Crown. I have another copy of this book already (thanks to friend Paladin) but the two books are different. This version of the Crooked Crown has a matte cover and a blank back end. The story is very fun because Glimmer wears a cursed crown on her head thanks to Catra. Poor  Glimmer. Her head ends up getting bigger and bigger and bigger thanks to the crown.

Here's one of my favorite pages as it features a great deal of the characters in the book. I could look at these She-Ra books all day. The animation is similar to the cartoon, but I can just get lost in it forever.

Poor Catra. She got dumped in the water as everyone else laughs. It was a cute story and I love how the characters are drawn in it.

This other book is essentially the origin of She-Ra. I love the cover. Oh my goodness this cover is just breathtaking. She's in the air with Swiftwind and her sword is pointed towards an image of the Sorceress in the clouds. Just glorious.
Here's the back of the book. It features some other various titles. I always had She-Ra coloring books and paint books, but I don't recall owning any story books. So to have these is a real treat. The books were perfect and added so much more to the world of She-Ra.
This page and the one below are next to each other. I love the looks of both these images.

There's action and suspense. The look of Angella is stunning. I just can't get enough of these books!

Scary old Hordak. I mean Hordak is a creepy looking guy, right?

Of course this would also be another favorite image of mine. I know this is not a shock at all, but I just adore She-Ra. Her story is such a great one and I always feel like I can accomplish or survive through anything because of her.
So that is about it for the Toy Chest Extravaganza. I really can't believe that the Goodwill Geek was kind enough to send me all these wonderful items that I am going to cherish. He didn't have to do this at all, but he is just that kinda guy. He is full of heart and a lot of humor. Again, be sure to head over to the Goodwill Geek. He contributes to the Extraordinary League of Bloggers and also talks about all the various finds he comes across on his toy adventures. Thank you again. This all means a great deal.
I hope you all enjoyed this super edition of Toy Chest Tuesday. Keep it here as there will be all kinds of fun stuff as usual. Hope all is well with everyone, see ya soon!


  1. Awesome! I'm so glad you liked this stuff! I've been on the process of de-hoarding while also completely continuing to hoard stuff for the last year... so I've been sending out packages like crazy lately!

    So glad this was all up your alley and it all has a good home now!

    1. Yes this was some really cool stuff! I know what you mean about the de-hoarding, I keep trying to go through and do the same thing, but I am always so slow about it. I have to go back and forth with, "Do I still want this? What do I want to do?" lol So yeah, these items have all found another nice place to call home! : )

  2. What a great collection of stuff!

    Even though, man, that Punky Brewster doll totally freaks me out.

    1. Yeah, for me, there is always a sort of Chunky-like quality to dolls like that. At first I did kinda think it was Chucky until I was like, "Wait, it's Punky!"

      I remember the Kid Sister and things like that as a kid, and I thought that stuff was interesting, but I was always kinda creeped out by it.

  3. what a cool gift you got miss m. for can just see you using the danger room for the next attempt by the masters of evil to try and whack toy miss m. plus those happy meal toys are such a nice fine given how mcdonalds no longer puts them in the meal any more for kids. plus they actully do make simpsons pez for have seen a homer and bart a few times. goodwill geek has nice taste in gifts

    1. I know! This was such a nice surprise. I have so many ideas for that danger room! lol And I must not pay any attention to Pez items, because I really had no idea they had these. It can just be so difficult to keep up with everything! lol

  4. Wasn't there a Moose in Getalong Gang called Montgomery Moose?
    If so, then he was my favorite character.
    Unless I'm confusing them with the Shirt Tails.

    And the Punky Brewster doll is not as scary as the episode of Punky Brewster where her and her friends hallucinate being murdered by a demonic giant Spider in a cave. (Google it! It's happened!)

    1. Yes, I do believe Montgomery Moose was in the Getalong Gang, I think he was the main character? I haven't seen that show in so long I would need to double check. I just remember watching it a lot growing up.

      I do need to google that Punky bit, because I do not remember that! And it seems like something I would indeed recall. I mostly remember the animated series though.

  5. Punky Brewster ROCKS! Wow I was a huge fan when I was a kid, I watch that show with my granny. I also like the California Raisins they were soo cool.
    Amazing stuff Miss M! :)

    1. I know! I love Punky Brewster! The California Raisins were so much fun. I wish they'd make a comeback. Nice to hear from you as always! : )

  6. Right you are Miss M, someone IS gonna comment on the name of those cute lil mystery figures. They look to me like Gogo's Crazy Bones!

    1. Thank you so much for this comment Mason! I had no ideas what these were at all, and after looking them up from your comment, I feel so dumb because I have seen these. I just didn't know what they were! They are very cute and fun. I hope you are doing well, and thanks again for the comment.

    2. My daughter got some of those GOGO's from school and asked if we could google them to see pictures of others... BAD IDEA! Without thinking I typed in GOGOs and did an image search and boy were we surprised...

    3. Oh my goodness, I have never thought about looking the word up on google. I don't think I want to know what would show up! lol

      Thank you for the comment though. I am glad to know that there are others out there that have owned these things! I so did not know they existed.