Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Countdown to Halloween 2013- Toy Chest Tuesday: Rocky Horror!

One last Toy Chest Tuesday for October, and it's just a click to the left...

Ok so technically the Rocky Horror Picture Show is not a Halloween themed movie, but there is a reason I am talking about this movie and some vintage toy goodness a few days before Halloween. A long, long, long, long time ago, Fox would broadcast Rocky Horror on television around Halloween. Now I am not entirely sure how many years they did it, but I do seem to recall at least two Halloween seasons where Fox would air a highly edited version of everyone's favorite musical.

I remember watching it and just being like, "What is this?" It was just a kooky film. It wasn't until I was in high school and I had friends who would go to live shows that I would learn just what the big deal was all about. I also got to finally see the full movie in all its unedited-ness. I was hooked. I've never really been a big fan of musicals, but I have always loved the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Forget experiencing a live show for a second; that is an experience all on its own. The actual movie is really enjoyable. The songs are amazing and fun. The characters all have their own unique charm. Tim Curry runs around in a corset with killer makeup on. I mean how could anyone not find this movie entertaining? The best is that my local grocery store used to play the Time Warp from their stereo. There is nothing like doing the Time Warp on Aisle Three.

I think out of all the characters though, Magenta was one of my favorites. If only for her Bride of Frankenstein hair at the end. Honestly, I like every character. It just has a charm about it that has never grown old or stale. I also love the message at its core, "Don't dream it, be it." I'm a fan of anything that tells you to be who you are and let your dreams soar. Life is way too short to be caught up in unhappiness or messiness.

In 2000 the defunct Vital Toys released some amazing Rocky Horror Picture Show action figures that I knew had to be in my collection. I remember pre-ordering a special set at Suncoast Video. Remember that place? I loved Suncoast. It was the perfect destination for all kinds of things I loved. The folks that worked there also liked that I was dorky, so they'd always give me hints on when cool toys were coming out so that I could either pre-order or they could hold it for me when they arrived. I was very ecstatic about the special three figure set consisting of Riff Raff, Columbia, and Frank N Furter from Vital. Let's look!

Riff Raff

He is the weakest figure from the set. His sculpt hinders the figure greatly. The top part of his body is very heavy due to the hump on his back while the over all lean of the sculpt makes it very difficult for the figure to stand on his own. There is also a severe limit of articulation.

What the figure lacks in articulation and posability, he more than makes up for in his overall appearance. He looks like Riff Raff. I was completely blown away when I first saw these, I felt like they had come to life. I do wish though that they had made Riff Raff in his golden space suit. That cowlick ponytail on his head is just the Cat's Meow. I always felt so bad for him. Riff Raff was just misunderstood, he so wanted to be liked even though he was just too cool for school. At least that's how I interpreted him.


Probably my favorite of the three figures, Vital did an amazing job on Columbia. I love the golden glittery paint on her clothing. She can also stand rather well on her own. I also like her articulation, there could be more, but there seems to be just enough.

Every time I think of Columbia I can't help but think of my close group of girl friends from high school. We all loved this movie so much and they remind me of her. Her voice and high energy made her into just a fun character. Columbia stands out as one of the most memorable characters from the movie, which is a tough thing to say because everything about that movie is so memorable.

Frank 'N Furter

What else can I say? When this set came out I was just shocked in the best way possible. I never would have guessed in a million years that Rocky Horror Picture Show toys would actually be made, and yet there they were! Frank 'N Furter was made into a collectible action figure! With removable cape! Just look at him, he is ready for the show.

Again, Vital Toys really captured the look of these characters. This looks like a good version of Tim Curry. The one thing that has always bugged me about this figure was that his arms are forever meant to be out in the air. My arms get tired looking at his arms frozen in time like this. I would have loved just a little bit more articulation.

Of course it was 2000. Collectible toys have certainly come a long way. One can only hope though that another great toy company will come along and make some new Rocky Horror Picture Show collectible figures. I'd love to have a Magenta, Brad, and Janet. Of course a Rocky in golden speedo wouldn't be bad either.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of those movies that has just stuck with me. I still enjoy singing along to the songs. It is not uncommon for my brother and I to just start singing along together. During our parent's great garage sale this past Summer we found ourselves bored waiting for customers and to pass the time we listened to the soundtrack and sang to our heart's content in the heat of the garage. It was so much fun and that is what I think of when I look at this toy line: fun.

That's it for this Toy Chest Tuesday. The Countdown to Halloween is almost here. I've got two more posts to do and they are going to be awesome! This spooky month is going to end on a high note! Take care everyone!


  1. Used to work with a girl that loved this movie and would go to the movie events all dressed up as one of the characters which for the life of me i can't remember which now lol.

    1. That's ok John! There are only a handful she could have gone as anyway. I know where I live, the popular characters to dress up as were Columbia, Magenta, and Frank 'n Furter.

  2. Rocky Horror is on my list of "Geek Confessions" of cult favorites that I have not actually seen. Its a combination of "Theres so much hype that it can't measure up to the expectations" and "It has a weird premise I'm not sure I can get into". Pretty much my own experience with it has been that clip of Tim Curry signing the line "I'm just a sweet transvestite" that everyone seems to love to play.

    I do remember a Suncoast Video at the mall when I was a kid. However they went of business when I was in high school. But I did score some Batman: The Animated Series DVDs from their closing sale.

    I can also understand wanting to see a film thats considered classic to be uncut. It was years before I saw "Die Hard" from start to finish as I knew the TV version couldn't do it justice and just about every rental copy was all banged up. Thank goodness for Netflix streaming, am I right?

    1. Rocky Horror is a one of those movies that you will either love or hate. It is certainly not for everyone. It pays tribute to older movies, mostly old sci-fi and horror movies, but there is a lot of outrageousness too, there is the whole Tim Curry Sweet Transvestite thing, but all in all it is a fun movie. At least for me.

      I was so sad when Sun Coast video went out of business. That store was always one of my favorites. I don't even know if I picked up anything from their closing sale. I hope I did. But I've seen so many stores close in my life time that I just can't keep up with things. lol

      Die Hard is certainly a movie you have to see the uncut version of. That whole broken glass scene is just terrifying. I still can't handle that scene. I haven't seen that movie in so long, I need to watch them again. And that is so true about Netflix streaming, what did we do before Netflix streaming? lol

    2. As for video store closings, I think I got a better haul when Blockbuster went out of business. Plenty of people were leaving with baskets full of movies, but I'm pretty picky when it comes to adding to my film library. Came out with both ends of the romantic comedy spectrum with Shaun of the Dead and the original Audrey Hepburn "Sabrina" for about two dollars each.

      As for uncut movies, its not the violence being cut as the language. Last month I caught the beginning of "Pulp Fiction" on TV and there is so much cussing in that film I think you hear the voice dub guy more than the actual Samuel L Jackson. Its very distracting, especially when the lips don't much the words for that much screen time that you think theres something wrong with your TV.

    3. I know! When Blockbuster and Hollywood video both went out of business it was like the best reason to get a great haul on movies and stuff. I was slow to get things, but I had a friend who picked up some nice stuff.

      And you are so right, the language being cut does make it odd. The voice dubs and the silly fake curse words they use in place of the real stuff is distracting. I mean I don't run around cussing all over the place, but if it is a part of the show, I don't want to hear a dub. lol

  3. I LOVE Rocky Horror Picture show. The songs,the references to classic B movies, -the Tim Curry! But, I think Kevin Murphy from Mystery Science Theater said it best, "Rocky Horror, for all of it's bold, ambitious beginnings, has turned into church for dumb shits,"-and he is right. If you know nothing about cult movies, you go when the Rocky Horror Picture Show is playing and throw rice at the screen, and yell, when you are supposed to.My favorite thing in the world, is that, in the original Psychotronic Encyclopedia, of Film, for the Rocky Horror entry,t he great Michael Weldon says, "If this is the first movie you are looking up,you probably know more about it than I do."
    I love that! But, I actually do love the film.I just hate most of it's fans. But the music is great, the nods to B movies are great, it's a fun experience. I think my character would be "Eddie" cuz, ya gotta luv Meatloaf! Though I don't look like him, cuz he weighs 70 more pounds than me! But he rocks! And we both wear Leather jackets!

    1. Yes! That is one of the best things about that movie is all the nods to other movies. It is really like the biggest love letter to B movies and old sci-fi movies and stuff. I love it. I mean there is something to be said for a live show, but I just love watching the movie by itself. I absolutely love it.

      And I can see Eddie being your favorite. He is pretty cool. Oh goodness, now I just want to go and watch the movie or listen to the soundtrack. It is so much fun!

  4. I just love Tim curry he is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I so wanna get a figurine of frank''n''furter.i thought this emoji was relevant to this topic���������� (lol lips get it?)

    1. That's a great emoji! Tim Curry is pretty awesome. I love this movie so much. Thank you for the comment and I hope that you are able to get a Frank n Furter figure! Someone needs to make some new ones! Thank you for the comment too. Hope all is well.