Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Countdown to Halloween courtesy of Pop Pop..! It's Trash Culture!

A few weeks ago I participated in a giveaway from Pop Pop..! It's Trash Culture. Brian always has these great monthly giveaways that are really fun. Actually take the time to stop by It's Trash Culture and look around. I enjoy his sense of humor and his tastes in trash. He knows his stuff and I have come to really enjoy catching up on his posts.

So this month the giveaway was a special "Trash 'r Treat" giveaway. The entry into the contest was simple enough, merely leave a Halloween related comment and the winner would be picked. Well dear readers, I was the lucky winner from this contest so click below and check out the items that Brian sent over. It is the perfect Halloween loot ever.

Here is the comment that I posted to enter into the contest:

What a fun contest! I love that you do this, I know I have said that before. But I like this added twist. Super fun.

So I'm going to share a Halloween memory that I have never shared with anyone on the Internet before. Back in high school I was in the 10th grade and I had a few friends that were seniors and they had to do a science project where they were assigned an element and had to do something creative with it. My friend was given the chemical Argon. So it being Halloween season, my friend wanted to make a homemade slasher movie about Argon since the gas can be deadly if you are in enclosed spaces. I had a role in this short-short film, I was the Drew Barrymore character because I died in the first few seconds. (Scream had come out a year before and we were all on a horror high.) I drew posters for it and everything. It was just a really fun thing to be a part of. My friend ended up getting an A, and I think it was because my death scene was just that believable. lol Such a mess. 

I hope you are doing well!
Trust me, I will try to find those old posters I made up.

Anyways, back to the items! On Monday I received the box of goodies!

Brian was very cool to add Halloween stickers on the box! I love these stickers. They were perfect to put me in the festive mood.

Upon opening I was blown away by all the stuff inside. I had no idea he was going to send all this stuff!

There were movies! I have already seen Monsters, which is a really great movie that I am now glad to own. But I have yet to see The Host or Trick 'r Treat, so I am really thrilled to finally watch these movies! (I've wanted to see The Host for years now.) As for Salem's Lot, I will be hunting down someone who has a VCR. I haven't seen this movie in ages, but I love this cover. Old box art on VHS tapes were always the coolest.

A cool Box O' Bones was included as well. I love this! These skeleton bones will be put to good use. My brother had a Creepy Crawler machine that came with a skeleton much like this one, and you could add the rubbery organ parts to it. It's a cute thing, and this Box O' Bones reminds me of that. This will be fun!

Up next we have a very cool Funko Werewolf plush. I just love Funko. They can't do any wrong. A rubbery bat, glow stick, and one cool mummy that grows larger also round out this picture. I love these items! They are so cute and are perfect knick knack Halloween items.

There was also a taste of the Walking Dead in this box. Minimates are always fun, but these zombie Minimates are so cool. One zombie is Guts Zombie and the other is Burned Zombie. They sound like Robot Masters from Mega Man, but like Zombie Masters instead. There was also a minifigure Merle by Funko!

I have been searching for them forever. So I was beyond thrilled to see this little guy in the box. I can't believe I am saying this, but Merle is so cute!

There was also a lovely tin. With stuff in it!

Trading cards, mini toys, and monster finger puppets!? I'm hooked!

These monster finger puppets are so cute. The little gray guys are like little zombie chess pieces. Also the Pharaoh zombie is from the S.L.U.G. Zombie line, and this is one that is perfect for my collection. As for the trading cards, I haven't opened them yet. I am unsure if I am ready to open them or not. I get so nervous about opening vintage relics like these.

Now the Garbage Pail Kids and Gremlins 2 cards I might need to open. It's Gremlins 2! I can't say no to that! I also really geeked out over the Playmobil Skeleton figure in the mummy suit. Just pure perfection, and it will go well with some things coming up.

A cool Night of the Living Dead card rests peacefully next to Bollywood Bloodbath, B-Music from Bollywood horror movies! I am so listening to this soundtrack on Halloween! I am living for this CD!

This little Dracula wind up toy is precious.

He also goes perfectly well with a wind up Frankenstein's Monster that I already had! They are also from the same company, so I am thrilled to have a pair!

I am obsessed with this vintage zine about rare cult VHS tapes. I was thumbing through it and I am just in love. It was also released in 2012! I love the creativity behind this.

I have heard about this comic, but I never read it. Now I have the chance! This is so cool. Has anyone else read it? Thoughts?

Spooky comic issues are always the best. And this one features Captain America dealing with a large assortment of his biggest foes. (I don't know for sure that this is the plot line, I have only looked at the pictures) However, I love this cover. It just screams cool and reminds me why I love comics so.

I have more cool reading on my list! I have never owned an issue of Eerie before, but I have seen some for sale at comic stores here and there. I love this magazine! It is full of comic style creepy/scary/sci-fi stories. The art looks amazing and I noticed a lot of Vamperilla in there too. I have a big secret to admit: I do think Vamperilla is pretty cool. Even though she is wearing dental floss.

The next fun read from this giveaway is an annual Fearbook! This magazine is amazing. Beyond amazing! It contains information on all the great classic monster horror movies! I am flipping out.

These two pages are enough for me to flip out, don't you see? I have so much fun spooky sized stuff to read for Halloween that it is crazy!

There's even more reading to do though! Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine! Could anything be better?

I was just commenting about Chain Letter, and now I have the option to read it! (I believe I read most of Chain Letter 2, but it never made much sense because it was a sequel) Anyways, these two covers are just amazing. The cover to Chain Letter 2 looks like it needs to be in 3D. Doesn't it?

College Weekend and First Date were also fun books. Perfect scary tales! The cover art for Fear Street books were just the best. I know I have said it before, but I don't mind repeating myself.

Ok. So things just got real. A Goosebumps book! I got rid of most of my Goosebumps books, but I fondly recall The Haunted Mask. It was truly terrifying. I don't recall the actual story line, because it has been awhile, but I remember freaking out how she was going to get the mask off. It was good!

And it still has the cut out mask! I so remember this like it was yesterday! 

Of course the next set of stuff is even better! Garbage Pail Kids stuff! I have been searching for the Minikins for awhile now and have not been able to see them anywhere. GPK itty bitty figures are genius, and I can't believe they just now came out.

These buttons are beyond cool. Is it sad that I still get creeped out by the images from GPK? They are just gross in the best way possible. 

Here's a shot of the toys to collect. I just love that they have done this! Now if they could only make them a little bit bigger.

Here are the four that came in the pack. They even come with little trading cards! I love these! I love that GPK is still around and going strong. Here's another tid bit about me. My best friend is not a dorky person by any stretch of the imagination. She always has a mani-pedi that is on point and she is just fabulous, but there is something dorky about her that I just love. We both love GPK! I remember flipping out when I found this out. It was just awesome.

The last set of coolness in the box was candy! Lots and lots of Halloween candy! I had promised myself that I was going to wait to eat the candy on Halloween, but I have given in. Bubble tape is just too good. And I have been dying to try the Starburst Candy Corns. If you have not tried Starburst Candy Corns, than you need to run out and get some. They are beyond amazing. The strawberry candy corns are delicious. Everything else looks really good too. Pumpkin shaped Peeps! Yes please! That Spooky Nerds Rope is my Halloween lunch for tomorrow too.

I can't thank Brian enough for sending me this awesome Trash 'r Treat box of goodies! I adore him and if you haven't already, please stop by his blog. Not only does he do these awesome contests and giveaways, he is also a fun writer. I love his humor and he posts about some pretty awesome things. So go to pop pop..! it's trash culture now! Do it. Do it now!

And get ready, for on Halloween it all comes down to this: April O'Neil's Halloween party! It will be full of thrills, chills, and a wedding! Don't miss it!   


  1. Happy Halloween Miss M and congrats on the win!

    1. Happy belated Halloween to you too John! I have been so behind on all my comments. I hope that you had a really nice Halloween.

  2. Wow!!! That is quite the amazing prize box!!! Congrats! Hope you have a great Halloween!

    1. I know! This was such a nice and amazing prize box. I feel very fortunate to have won all this. Brian is always so good about that, I've heard from others that he always has a great contest. He's just a really fun guy. I hope you had a great Halloween too! I was watching Halloween 4 and 5 on television and i was totally thinking of you.

  3. Wow, its a cornucopia from Hell! But in a good way.

    I hear you about VHS tape art. As an illustrator and a monster movie fan, I loved the design for the Universal Studios Monster tapes. The painted covers were just so creepy and delightfully uniform. To this day I'm still looking for a website that has all of the covers scanned in.

    Congrats and have a happy Halloween!

    1. I know! A cornucopia from Hell! lol This was truly a nice set of items. I really enjoyed this and writing about it all too. I wanted to write more on these things, but I was in such a rush to get it all out before Halloween.

      And I love the designs on the Universal Monster Tapes! Such great work. I love them. I can't believe there isn't a website that shows all the covers. That just seems wrong.

      I hope you had a Happy Halloween too Erik!

    2. After posting this comment I went to Amazon and fond some decent sized pictures of each tape. If I can set aside some time maybe I'll make a collage of all of them, theres just so many!

      Halloween was pretty good actually. I finished the big piece for Cool and Collected, re-watched "Halloween" and saw "Nightmare on Elm Street" for the first time. Got invited to a neighbor's party. Sadly no single ladies or costumes, but plenty of food and interesting chit-chat, so it was a good excuse to crawl out from under my rock and get out and about. So yeah, pretty good Halloween all things considered. Thanks for asking.

    3. Oh I am so glad you found some pictures on amazon! That is awesome!

      So what did you think of Nightmare on Elm Street? I love that movie so much. It still creeps me out and I'm old as dirt. Sounds like you had a fun Halloween, though maybe next year there will be some single ladies around! I'm glad you had a good time though. I hope you are doing well!

    4. I enjoyed "Nightmare on Elm Street". Not as much as I liked "Halloween" but I did think it was better than the first "Friday the 13th".

      I do wish I had seen it when I was younger and didn't have the pop culture image of Freddy Kruger in my head. It was surprising to compare him in this film to the personality he projected for the next decade. Here he spoke very little and didn't have a single joke or wisecrack. There also weren't too many clear shots of him in the first movie. He's either seen at a distance or an extreme close up on his mouth or eye, everything else is in shadows, making him all the more mysterious. If I had seen this as a kid I'd have probably been haunted for months by just the sight of a clawed silhouette alone.

      That was taken aback at how briskly paced it was, though I was disappointed by how little surreal elements there were and some of the edits/effects shots have aged better than others. Its probably best that they kept that to a minimum to just establish the basic elements of fear without overwhelming us with how much crazy stuff Freddy could do.

      Thinking about it some more, Nancy is probably one of the most proactive horror protagonists I can remember ever seeing. Sure shes scared, but shes also testing the boundaries of the dreamworld and learning as much about Freddy as she can in the process. During the final confrontation Freddy didn't just break into the house and she just ran away, instead she set up some pretty elaborate "Home Alone" traps and dared him to come get her. Thats pretty gutsy for a slasher flick.

      So yeah, I can go on pretty long when it comes to movies.haha.

    5. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on Nightmare on Elm Street! I feel a very similar way. The other movies in the franchise were not as scary or creepy as the first one for sure. I mean there are aspects of the other ones that are scary, but the first one just had so much cool stuff going on for it.

      I adore Nancy and wish they had made a cool action figure of her. And pretty much each death scene has a very unique feel to it that just works! I love this movie so much, but I have to agree, Halloween is pretty fantastic. I mean you just can't go wrong with that movie. That one still creeps me out too and I am so old. I should be used to it by now, but there are just some things that stick.

      I love these comments! Hope you are doing well!

    6. Freddy seems like he's the perfect predator by design. Much of his face is obscured and left to your imagination to fill in. His sweater is immediately recognizable and uses the two most clashing colors in the spectrum so that its disturbing on a subconscious level. He has a distinct silhouette with his fedora hat and bladed fingers. The knives themselves feel like a call back to primal fear that ancient man had of taloned beasts and may have been a subtle reference to classic monsters like Nosferatu. Actually, the way Freddy moves around through the shadows, had his origins in a hellish furnace and one of the first things he does is knock over a crucifix (a means of defense against the supernatural that has since fallen out of the zeitgeist) makes me certain that he was a way of putting older horror elements in a modern context. Plus he targets "children", easily the most vulnerable subjects possible, preying on their fear and anxiety before killing them.

      He makes Michael Meyers and Jason Vorhees look like amateur hobbyists by comparison. It really is a movie that gets better the more I think about it.

      I'm glad you enjoyed reading my thoughts. I love movies and their many themes and subjects and rarely get the opportunity to discuss them. Thanks for giving me the means to a mouthpiece, but what I really need to do is thank the Goodwill Geek for really pushing me to finally see this one.

      Its interesting you mention the sequels because I think "Nightmare" is the only film series I know besides "Star Trek" to have such a specific sequel recommendation list. For Trek its odd numbers suck, even numbers rock. While everyone I've talked to about the Freddy series says its the original, Dream Warriors and New Nightmare that are the best. Curiously after looking these titles up on Wikipedia, they're the only movies in the series to involve both Wes Craven and Heather Langenkamp, so that may be why they're favored higher than the rest.

      Also, I can't imagine you're that much older than me. Than again I can empathize with being slight out of touch lately as I'm starting to feel like a bit of an odd duck among my neighborhood peers who average five years my junior and seem to have all their ducks in a row; landing jobs at the local plant and getting hitched right after graduation.

      On the plus side, I've been making incredible leaps and bounds on a new project! A pity its not the for other piece I have to do thats on a deadline. Oh life, why must you be so ironic?! hahaha.

    7. I absolutely love your thoughts on Freddy. I feel a very similar way. Growing up Freddy was always the scarier one because he did seem like the ultimate predator. Michael Myers looked scary, but Freddy was smart about it. Like he was ready to toy with you a bit first. Very terrifying stuff indeed. And I love love love that you share your thoughts on movies. It is so nice to read those things.

      I'm also glad that the Goodwill Geek talked you into seeing it. That is a movie that needs to be seen. If you never see another Freddy movie again, you have at least seen the best one.

      I like all the Freddy movies, but for different reasons. I think in terms of the ones that you should have to see, it would be the first one, the third one (Dream Warriors) and the New Nightmare. They are really good movies.

      It's interesting, because the 4th and 5th sequels are tied to the third one, but the 6th one (Freddy's Dead) really delves more into Freddy's life before he became Freddy. But there is a high dose of camp in the later ones. I still enjoy them though. As for the second one, that is a rather interesting Freddy movie. In pretty much all the Freddy movies the main hero is a woman, and in the second the main character is a guy and it is just a very interesting sequel. It's not my favorite, but it has its moments.

      I am 31. I don't usually share my age because as I get older I want it to be very vague so that when I reach a certain age I can just lie and stay like 37 for 8 years or something. lol And don't worry, I always feel like the odd duck out. lol

      But I am very glad to hear that you have been making some major breakthroughs on a project! That is really awesome! I am always rooting for you. I think you are so talented and I know that you are going to be able to do wonderful things!

    8. Oh see, you're not that much older than me after all. (Though I'm not sure I'm courageous enough to say how much)

      I know it'll sound silly, but I've had some fears about my 30th birthday on the horizon. Not because of missed opportunities or morality but because once you reach that age you no longer control anything in the 18-30 media demographic, and thats where the bulk of the money goes! Then I realized that I don't haven't cared for most of what I've seen in that margin for quite some time and remember that most of a current television viewing is of cartoons aimed at ages 6-12 that still have better writing than most primetime programming. Go figure!

      My current project is going quite well actually. After a frustrating effort over the weekend, I made some progress by trying things a bit differently. However, the passion I have for this particular piece only highlights the "get it done!" attitude I've had towards my Christmas card illustration. I may need to have another brainstorming session to find something I can truly be proud of while I still have the time play and have fun with it.

    9. Yeah, it is weird when you start realizing that you are moving out of certain demographics. lol I look forward to the day when society catches up to the realities of advertising and shifts a model that is more all encompassing. As people end up living longer, the while notion of everything being focused on the youth is going to have to be rethought. At least in my opinion. lol

      I'm glad to hear that your current project is going well. I hope that there has been some brainstorming and things to help get everything completed. I look forward to this project and the others!

    10. Demographics are a tricky thing. It seems youth is the target now because of they'll often possess more of a disposable income. However I think thats been changing lately too. When I bought my new computer this time last year, the guy at the Apple store was visibly shocked to discover that I'd had my previous laptop for seven years. Similarly a friend of mine was at a lunch meeting with his fellow office interns and their boss asked "Why don't one of you young fellows check the game score on your fancy smartphones?". Well all of these "young fellows" pulled out their old no-internet access phones, only for their sixty year old boss to sheepish check the score himself as he was the only one to actually have a smartphone.

      I've since come up with a new idea that I feel is much more "sincere". If I can put as much time into it the rest of this week as I did on Saturday, and minimize the online distractions, things should be just fine.

    11. Yeah, I know for me I have had the same lap top for a very long time. I think there are a few factors that will create a possible change in the whole demographic thing. I just feel like these things change, nothing can ever truly stay the same.

      I hear ya on the online distraction thing. lol I can get so behind due to looking around on the internet. lol

  4. What an awesome prize pack!!! You really deserved it Miss M! Happy Halloween!

    1. Thank you Goodwill Geek! Happy Halloween to you too! (Even though it is now the third of November!)

  5. nice halloween haul their miss m. and glad i am not the only one who always thought chain letter 2s cover should be in 3d and that goosebumps mask sure is screaming halloween. hope you have a happy one .

    1. Thank you demoncat! I am so glad you agree with me on the cover of Chain Letter 2! That is awesome, I guess great minds do think alike! I hope you are doing well and everything to! And if you celebrate Halloween, I hope it was nice too!

  6. Miss M this was great! You deserved it! :) I wish your Halloween was amazing! :D

    1. Thank you Nastyroker! It is nice to hear from you! I hope that you had a nice Halloween as well! Talk to you soon!

  7. My opinion? As far as Topps, bad taste card series go, Garbage Pail Kids totally loses out to Mars Attacks! ( I think Dinosaurs Attack! was a lame cash in.But they still freaked me out as a kid!) But even though the Tim Burton Mar's Attacks movie was better than the awful GBK movie, I still wanted to make my own Mars Attacks film. It is just such a great concept! I wanna make a Mars Attacks ...someplace! How bout Mars attacks Cleveland!? Someone let me make that!!

    1. That would be so cool! Mars Attacks was some fun stuff. I don't think I ever collected anything like that at all. I need to go look into it, I do remember it though. I would love to see you make a Mars Attacks film. That would be awesome.